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Make an intention
to try on compassion,
not only for others,
but also for yourself,
it may be easier
to share with another,
do you not resist
showing this to
the self?

Compassion is powerful
in its purpose,
does it not allow
you to truly see –
there are many aspects
to a circle,
but back to You
does All not always

So when you extend
compassion to another,
know that you surround
yourself with this
as well,
You Are One
with your sister and
your brother,
let the healing of
remind you
All Is Well.

Make an intention
to Be compassion,
it may have lessons
for you to see,
be aware of openings
created with compassion,
let Love flow freely
through every loving

You Are Loved

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You Are Loved,
and in this Truth,
Be reassured.

When you feel separate,
when you feel small,
when comparisons made
put you on a slippery slope,
You Are Love, now –
there is no need
to wish or hope.

Take a step back
from your journey,
that has you learning
every day,
with Gratitude
in your heart,
might you ask Joy
to step in to play?

You Are Loved,
and in this Truth,
Be reassured,
You Are blessed,
You Are Divine,
welcome, Peace,
as the Love in You.


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You cannot set limits
on Love.

So, as You Are Love,
why set limits
on You?

As Love is the Creative
behind everything
you are,
does Love not have a
limitless reach,
far beyond the farthest

Might you let go
of “what” to create
and let Love bring
limitless possibilities
to you,
when Love is what
you freely give,
do not Gifts of Love
come back to you?

Do not box Love
into a form,
Love’s shape encompasses
beyond what you see,
when you follow Love
down any path,
are you not letting Love
show you how to Be?

There are no limits
to Love,
thus, no limits are
in place for you –
Be a loving, Creative
and see what Love
has in store
for you!

Thread of Love

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Follow the Thread
of Love.

You may see it,
feel it,
know it,
it weaves throughout
the tapestry of You,
connecting All to
One magnificent web,
follow the Thread
of Love.

Your path may have
twists or turns,
you may not remember
how you arrived
but be assured that
All Is Well,
as you follow the
Thread of Love.

And as You Are Love
do you not add to this
glorious Web,
shine your Light
for others to see,
keep weaving your
magical Thread of Love.

Being Love

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Is not choosing Love,
finding Love
that is already

And as you grow
in your vibration,
that reminds you
of Who You Are,
might choosing then
expand to Be-ing
and knowing that
Love is always
finding you?

Yes, in the world
of duality,
there are many choices
that can be made,
but at the core
of your existence,
only Love exists
in infinite ways.

Choose Love,
Know Love,
Be Love,
Be You.
Awaken to
this Truth,
You Are Love
Love Is You.

Walk With Love

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“Walk with Love”,
Love whispers, gently,
walk with Love
so you may know –
each step you take
in this incarnation,
is always with Love
as Love walks you Home.

It matters not
the speed or distance,
each step you take
is One with Love,
if you could see You
in Love’s bright glory,
you would never doubt
what you are made of.

Love walks with you,
One with your footsteps,
for you never walk alone,
walk with Love,
your constant companion,
Here with Love,
You Are always,

A Table of Love

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Set the table
for Love,
welcome all who come
to sit,
you may have unexpected
you may need more room
for All to fit.

Who does not Love
to partake of a feast,
filled with comforting
food for the soul,
come sit,
feel blessed,
at your Table of Love,
let the connections be felt,
as you let Love flow.

Gather around,
come One,
come All,
as Love is served
with tender, loving care,
All are welcome
at the Table of Love,
may you find
Peace and Harmony,
and loving comfort


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When you release
what you hold
be it an object
or belief,
you may question Trust
within this process,
feeling like an autumn
falling leaf.

You may not see
a bigger picture
than the one
before your eyes,
but letting go
to Love’s sweet
is surrendering to
All Love inside.

Like leaf,
you are part of
an eternal cycle,
you may think it
has a beginning
and an end,
but beyond your
human perspective,
leaf goes to the earth
to rise again.

The leaf, the trees,
the earth are
your roots are deeper
than you know,
the sky above you
has you hoping,
when your autumn
that is where you will

But you as Eternal Be-ing,
has no here nor there
to Be,
for You are Always You,
connected with Love

Release what you hold
Love Is Everywhere
You Are,
You Are expansive,
You Are forever,
from magnificent earth
to shining star!


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You Are seen,
You Are cherished,
You Are blessed,
You Are Loved.

You Are
All of This,
as you exist,
You Are Love.

You may walk
upon the earth,
but you are beyond
what you can see,
as Love is
Who You Are,
You Are Loved

You Are amazing,
You Are beautiful,
truly magnificent
in every way,
this Source of Love
is what breathes you,
Be You,
Be the Face
of Love, today.

Breath of Life

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When there is something
you wish to resolve,
or when your mind
tries to figure out,
take a deep breath
and hold it there,
then surrender
as you exhale out.

When you are able
to let go,
creating space in
your mind Divine,
do not options,
clarity flow in,
has this not happened
time after time?

At any moment
throughout the day,
might you ask to
see another way,
and when you put forth
the Love in you,
do you not open doors
for Love to flow through?

Take a breath and hold
it in,
be aware as you
slowly let it out –
Here You Are,
with this Breath of Life,
reminding you,
Love is what it is
all about.