Here With Love

20171222 XPicture

Another travel day! Here is one from 2017 as well.


Be here.

In the quiet,
in the noise,
Be the Love.
Be the Light.
Be grateful
for what comes today,
be it a single smile,
or the gift of
a magical day,
what brings Magic
to any moment
in so many ways –
is it not
when You Are Here
with Love?

Be here.
Be Love.
Be with You
as daylight dawns,
be a listening ear
to one who needs
to be heard,
be one who sees
the Love,
the magic
in the eyes of everyone,
can you see You
looking back at you,
when You Are Here
with Love?

Be here.
Is there not Love
anywhere you go,
when you look
with the Eyes of Love,
are you not shown
that Love Is Love
in all shapes
and forms –
it is the glow of
the stars,
it is the Light
of day,
it is what radiates
from you
in a magical way,
when You Are Here
with Love.

Be here.
Be You.
You Are Here
with Love.
In the quiet.
In the noise.
Be Light.
Be Love.

The Strength Within

20171220 XPicture

Traveling today – this is from 2017. . .


Wherein lies your inner Strength?

Do you not see strength
in the physical world,
in how strong a person is,
based upon might
or physical force,
and does not “being strong”
often mean to be quiet,
holding emotions in,
being stoic,
keeping a distance
from feelings that may
burst from a dam?

But is it not inner Strength
that helps you to rise
every morning,
is it not Strength
that brings you hope,
in the dark
or light of day,
do you not touch
your inner Strength
when you carry on,
when you persevere –
does not your Strength
keep you going,
as is this not
an expression of Love?

Does not Strength
come with energy,
when you need it most,
it is not tied
to earthly needs
of sleep,
or food,
or rest –
when Love fills your
when you sense
that You Are Love –
can you not feel Strength
begin to rise,
do you not believe
in the Strength of Love –
can you believe
You Are That, too,
is that not your
inner Strength?

Embrace every emotion.
Accept your human-ness.
There is a driving force
within your heart,
that pulls you up,
that is your Strength,
feel your power,
sense your Love –
are you not a fierce
Warrior of Love,
standing in the Truth
of Who You Are?

Be Strength.
Be Courage.
Be the strong Love
That You Are.
Let your inner Strength
shine on the outer you.

Light Divine

20191219 XPicture


Surrender to this
loving moment,
might you notice
this bright
and shining Light,
you may ask for
it to come closer,
but is it not radiating
from inside?

The Light Divine
shines always through
This Light is what
you are made of,
dispel the myths,
the stories,
You Are a perfect
Child of Love.

See with vision
and understanding,
from your heart,
with Eyes of the
your bond with Love
is Ever-lasting,
You Are This Love
You Are Loved so!

One With Love

20191218 XPicture


You may not think
Peace and Strength
are so connected,
but is there not Strength
in the quiet,
when You Are Peace?

And yes, you can turn
this around
in another direction –
is there not Peace
when you realize
your inherent Strength?

And might Humility
help you become aware
and to realize,
all Essences of Love
work together
always as One.

And as you expand
your awareness,
dancing on these edges,
do you not find yourself
in perfect balance
as One with Love?

Explore and experience
your True Essence,
You Are woven together
so perfectly,
find each One
that overlaps
with another –
rejoice in knowing that
All Are One
You Are Free!

Eternal Light

20191217 XPicture


Look beyond the fog,
the clouds,
the shortness of the
does not the sun remain,
still shining,
helping to lovingly
Light the way?

There may be times
when Love feels obscured,
by the denseness
that life can sometimes
but Love is always
never gone
and part of

See with the vision
of your heart,
does Light not illuminate
the view?
Do not colors appear
more vibrant,
as you open up
to the Greater You?

All Love you have
ever felt,
will feel,
is in This Moment
All who you Love
are with you,
this is what Love
is all about.

With Faith and Trust,
let the Light of Love
show you what is
True –
All are part of this
Eternal Light,
the Light of Love
always shines
in You.

This Light

20191216 XPicture


You Are the Light.

Do you not shine
in dark of winter,
are you not dawn’s rays
as the sun comes
do you not warm a
seed in the promise
of spring,
are you not a candle glowing,
that reminds
All Are Home?

Yes, You Are
This Light –
burning by day,
ever-glowing at night,
join sun,
the moon,
and all the stars –
Be seen,
Be You,
Divine Light,
You Are.


20191215 XPicture


Swim in the depths
of your emotion,
experience the wholly
flow of You,
at times you may feel
lost within this ocean,
but is not each wave
supporting you?

You may float on top
or dive below,
to be with the quiet
of your soul,
are you not always able
to take a breath,
to center and return
to this moment’s flow?

There is healing
in these waters,
what may arise
within you to heal?
You are always supported
in the Ocean of Love,
one drop,
one wave,
You Are All
you see.

Be at Peace
in the depths
of your emotion,
see the Light that
filters from above,
with Strength
and Gratitude,
do you not see
that you are
always cradled
in the Arms of Love.

The Power of Yes

20191214 XPicture


Say yes to Love,
say yes to You,
do you not feel
the energy flow
as your Light
comes shining through?

There may always be
from your human perspective
looking out,
but look upon
All That You Are,
knowing Love always helps
to work things out.

The road may be bumpy
or smooth,
but is there not always
When you can sense
the Vibration of Love,
is this not a map
to find Love’s Flow?

As Love pushes you
with Love,
oftentimes outside your
comfort zone,
say yes to Love,
say yes to You –
in this loving space,
Love says, Welcome Home!


20191212 XPicture


Love is full,
indeed You Are
no matter where
the Light is
are you not
to behold?

There is no dark side
of the moon,
as your Light shines
eternally inside,
You Are Light,
like sun by day
and moon at

Sense the Wholeness
of You,
does Peace not reside
with you Here,
Whole and Complete
You always are –
Beautiful Light that
and loved so dear.