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Be flexible.

Let your field
of vision
also see what
is on the periphery.

Imagine you,
as water,
that on a creek bed

Be at ease.
Be at Peace.
Be open to
what is
not yet

You Are Everywhere
You Are,
your soul can
help you to see.

Be at One
with All of This,
Be creative,
but mostly,


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It may happen fast,
it may happen slow,
is change not part
of Love’s creative flow?
You may think things
have come to a halt,
but is this not often
when transformation starts?

You may change your mind,
you may change your life,
what does not change
is Who You Are, inside,
is transformation not
returning Home,
a recalibration back
to what You have
always known?

Yet along the way,
yes, you do evolve,
your human side
thinks there is much
to resolve,
your soul knows the
answer to all of
the above –
yes, transformation
is your return to

Love’s Palette

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Is not every day,
any moment,
an opportunity
for re-birth?

As You Are a
creative force,
what will you create

With Love as your
brush stroke
and this moment
a canvas blank,
what are the colors
that you wish
to immerse yourself
in today?

Your Palette of Love
is limitless in its
you arise from
what you wish
to create with


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With no conditions
or provisions,
is Love not truly
your thoughts may
have difficulty believing
Everywhere You Are,
Love is already There.

Your mind may put up
thoughtful barriers,
but you need no
as This you know –
You Are always safe
in the Arms of Love,
Love Is Here to hold you
when you let go.

As you surrender to
This Love,
do you not find
Trust and Faith
in You,
how can Love not Be
Everywhere you are –
when you Believe
that Love Is You.

Eternal and Divine

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Yes, as human you
may have fears,
of the unknown
or what may happen
as you experience
life in space and time,
might we remind you
that You Are Eternal
and Divine?

With Strength and Courage
may you open any door,
shining your Light
where there may have
been darkness before,
does not sweet freedom
greet you when you
see the Truth –
believe your soul
that always knows,
Love Is You.

Sense the Power that
Love has for you,
feel fear release
its false grip on you,
stand in your Truth
that you always have
what you need –
Love’s Eternal promise
is always Here
and in Everything!


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Shine bright your
it shines for You,
it shines for Me,
is it not One Light
that showers Love
so brilliantly?

Is it not One Love
that lifts you up that
feels so nice,
is it not a wonder
that All can feel it,
is this not the Essence
of All Shining Lights?

See your reflection
in another,
let your Light show you
where Love is,
with your One Light,
see All of One Love –
a connected aspect
of All of This.


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When time appears to
race ahead of you
or pull you back
to the past,
yes, your perception
sees a timeline,
but you exist in
neither slow or fast.

At any moment
are you not able
to perceive Home
within your heart,
when you return from
your time travel,
is it not true –
you were never apart?

When your mind wishes
to travel
far beyond where
You Are Now,
remember All of You
resides within this
beautiful moment now.

All You Are
is Here within you,
All You Love
are always with you,
You Are timeless,
and this moment now
is the Love
That Is You.

Holy Love


All is possible
as You Are
wholly Love,
You Are whole,
You Are complete,
your soul is what
Love is made of.

No matter the paths
that you have walked
is it not true,
Love is with you
every step,
You Are Loved
Love Is You.

Love heals all,
let Love show
you the way,
your spark of Love
is ever-growing,
your Light of Love
will Light the way.

You are always held
in the Arms of Love,
with Strength and
may you believe,
Holy Love is
Who You Are.


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What is your purpose?
To Be Love.
Yes, Love may shine
a Light in many directions,
lighting up what you
dream of,
but Here is purpose
in a sacred moment –
Here Are You,
Be-ing Love.

There is no need to find
your purpose,
has it not found you?
You may not know it,
see it,
hear it,
but it beats in the
heart of You.

Here is purpose
in every breath,
in every thought
you are grateful for –
when your purpose is
Be-ing Love,
do you not find wings
upon which to soar?

Embrace your purpose,
let Love show you
Who You Are –
your Light is seen
upon the earth,
your Light is reflected
in every star!