Leave a Light On

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Leave a light on.

When light of day
fades into darkness,
it may be hard for
you to see,
feel your heart
shining its
your Light shines

When exploring in
new territory,
where every turn
feels different
and new,
may you remember
You Are Light
and the Light of
Love is
always in you.

Know Light connects
you to all Truth,
your loved ones,
angels, guides
are Here,
may you All shine
your Lights together,
One Light is all
that is needed here.

Leave a light on
for your brother,
for your sister,
yes, All of You,
with Faith and Peace
may you remember,
Love’s Light shines
eternally in You!

A Graceful Move

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What do you identify

What do you clutch
and hold tightly,
for fear of letting
but do you not marvel
at fall leaves,
their brilliant colors
dancing to and fro.

Do they not make up
the fertile ground
that nourishes All
in all cycles of life,
have you not often
re-created your self,
as your Self marvels
with loving delight?

Might you loosen your
grip on what
should be,
and even the term
of “letting go”,
might you turn
from what may
be changing
and move with Grace
into Love’s Flow.

Ride this wave
of Love’s True Essence,
this is a familiar
place to Be –
from drop to wave,
You Are the ocean,
beloved and held
always with Thee.

Identify with your
True Essence,
from seed to leaf,
you are the tree,
your roots are grounded
in this Truth,
as Divine Source,
You Are limitless
and free!

With Open Eyes

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What do you notice?

Go ahead and look
with eyes wide open
at what life wishes
you to see,
are there not countless
to see the Truth
beyond what fear
may bring?

And as fear is
a perception,
providing a window
you may look
with Faith might
you lovingly clean off
the glass,
with Love may you
open it
and climb right through?

Thank all perceptions
you may notice,
yes, you are learning
at hyper speed,
but remember –
you Know what
truly exists,
beyond perception
is Love,
your Home,

May you notice
each sacred breath
you take,
is a loving reminder
that You Are Loved,
You Are a sacred
with open eyes
and heart,
know that
You Are Love!

Love’s Blessed Flow

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When you perceive
a time of stress,
you may feel constriction
within your chest,
does not the body
draw in closer,
trying to protect
what it knows best?

But You Are so much
more than this,
while you may be aware
of your body more,
might You expand
and not contract,
is this not what Love’s
healing balm is for?

Yes, listen to your
and as you care
for it with ease,
might you see it
from this loving
the Whole of You
who knows comforting

Set an intention
to expand this Love,
no matter where
your body is,
awash your body with
Love’s blessed flow,
as you remember
You Are All
of This!

Your Leap of Faith

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Sometimes your footing
may feel unsteady,
the rocks on the road
sometimes break free,
is there not always
another layer,
another path for
you to be?

And while your attention
is drawn to looking
at how your path
may often change,
are you not the
of your journey,
you do not create
to remain the same.

Shift often your focus
to the potential
that every moment
brings with Love,
you may tighten your grip
on what you hold,
but when you let go,
might you soar above?

Your human side will
work out the details,
let them come to you
in the perfect time,
lovingly embrace
your on-going creation,
there is no limit
to the limitless Mind.

Be aware of what you
hold onto,
with a leap of faith,
step through this
creative door,
yes, you have feet
that walk this
but with Wings of Love,
you may soar!

With Your Soul

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When the external
is wearing thin,
when bristly parts
make it hard to
get in,
when you long
for Love and
comfort here,
or to understand,

Is there not a place
you can go,
for guidance and
direction for
what is so –
how do you get
to Love’s flow –
your soul knows.

Take a loving breath
and place hand
to heart,
Here You Are
beyond end
or start,
the Center of You
contains your loving
Home Is Here,
with your soul.

All Hearts, One Song

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Hear ye Love,
you know this
sing out one note,
do not others
sing along?

Let Love add sweet Harmony,
a symphony of Love
is oh so strong,
may you sing with
One Voice,
all together as
One Song?

Hear ye heart
that beats with
what is True,
when All Hearts
beat together,
is there nothing
you cannot do?

Let Love remind you
of the rhythm,
follow the beat
of what you know
is True,
Here is Love,
playing sweet music,
and the music
Is You!

Be-ing Together

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Be together –
with Love.

Love is akin to
any technology,
you need not be
face to face,
truly, your faces are
not different,
though they appear
this way in
time and space.

You embody Love’s
Strength and Power,
is not moving mountains
part of your creed –
now harness Courage
wrapped in Peace,
so you may know
beyond any belief.

Take this time to
Love your brother
and sister,
is this not beyond time
or current experience,
yes, experience may
connect the whole,
but you are always
connected with
your holiness.

Be together,
as Love –
there really is
no other way,
send sacred Love
throughout the
Be a Beacon of Light,
of Love,

Where Love Is

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Where You Are
Where Love Is.

Does not your
Strength come
from this Power,
you have the Strength
to change the world,
might it change
from your perception,
no matter the story
that unfurls.

Are there not many
people hoping
for Love to calm
their rattled nerves –
You All as One
are this spark Divine,
comfort each other,
share soothing words.

See Love, your Self
in your brothers and
yes, fear may act like
a connecting thread,
but Love is patient
for your awakening
to it,
sending out waves of
as Love connects,

Where You Are
Where Love Is,
You are All connected
beyond this time
and space,
You are the
Strength of Love,
what does Love
wish to see,
from this Loving place?


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Be aware of
but even that
you need not
yes, as human,
you may experience
openings and closings
on this earthly sphere.

Let emotion be a
bringing awareness
to what lies deep,
let Love embrace
all parts of you,
that make up
the Whole of

Let Love wash over
your earthly being,
knowing you do the
best that you can
do –
and know that you
exist beyond
all doing,
Here Is Love,
always flowing
through You!