The Magic of Joy


Do not underestimate 
the Power of Joy.

Joy comes in all 
shapes and sizes,
it may feel big 
or be small,
Joy knows how to 
delight you,
smiling through the 
Joy of it All.

In the presence of
you do not have a 
all distractions grow 
when Joy is in the 

It may last a moment,
how to ask Joy 
to stay?
Might it be connecting 
your soul who loves 
to play?

You are wired to 
know Joy,
yes, others may 
show you how,
might you give yourself
to Be Joy 
in this Now?

Jump in with both 
Be All in and 
Be Free – 
Be the Magic of Joy,
spreading Love infinitely!

Love’s Strength and Grace


Be a Voice for Love,
a Face of Love 
for All to see.

And does it not 
begin with you,
extending Love 

Look in the mirror,
Love looks back 
at you,
receive it with 
no shame 
or doubt.

As you extend 
This Grace to you,
does not All Love 
ripple out?

You Are this 
Cycle of Love,
much like the 
seasonal changes 

Accept This Love
that nourishes you,
with Strength and Grace
you forever grow!

A Moment Blessed


Let emotions bring up 
to you,
what is asking,
where is Love?
Your human self 
likes reassurance
from your knowingness

Yes, All of This 
is All of You,
always connected,
though you may 
have doubt,
behold the Peace 
that is always 
with you,
ready to fill in 
what you think 
has run out.

There may be change 
in your surroundings,
take a moment to breathe
in what you know,
as a powerful,
creative Be-ing,
always upon your journey,
you are forever Home.

You need not quell 
your emotions,
but dig down deep 
to their roots,
is not This Moment,
with Love’s sweet blessing,
the perfect time 
to bless the All 
of You?

In this life 
there are many 
as Love is changeless,
know this Truth –
You Are blessed
in this timeless moment,
always whole and complete,
Eternal Love is You!

Love Is


Be in this moment,
there is no-thing 
you need “to be.”

Love is your 
natural state,
let all else 
fall away 
from You.

Love is your 
Guiding Light,
with no resistance,
Love is You.

Love is your 
True Purpose,
if you feel lost,
Love always 
finds you.

Love Is –
is All That Is.
You Are This,
blessed Love 
is You.

Your Superpower


As Love is your 
might you lead with 
Love in charge?
Your mind is drawn
to human drama,
but this is not truly 
Who You Are.

Love can untangle 
quick reactions,
as your awareness 
of Truth grows,
do you not sense 
familiar chaos
slip away as 
Peace unfolds?

Peace may not be 
in your external,
the world is not 
a place of calm,
but Peace is Here 
as Love’s sweet promise,
reassuring you with 
its soothing balm.

Yes, the human part 
of you
is more resilient than 
you think,
and with Love as 
your foundation,
be courageous with
each step that you take.

Love is your superpower,
Love can transmute 
every thing,
may your thoughts hear
Love’s sweet music,
and with Joy may 
your soul sing!

Anchored With Love


Let Love be your anchor,
when you feel yourself
wherever you are 
upon the ocean,
you belong as 
All of This.

You do not need 
a map to guide you,
your destination 
is always near,
look no further
than your heart,
all that you need 
resides right Here.

You may relish 
quiet moments,
you may wish at times
to pause ashore,
but deeper waters may 
invite you
to find your flow 
so you may soar. 

Let Love be your anchor,
you are You
no matter where,
You Are whole 
as Love’s sweet promise –
eternally with you
and Everywhere!



Love is forgiveness.
Forgiveness is Love.

Move beyond the 
human story,
Here is Love
already here,
when you resonate 
with this vibration,
forgiveness is Love.

You need not work 
out specific outcomes
of what has been 
or might be now,
beyond time,
beyond place,
forgiveness is Love.

Is not your soul 
already of This,
inviting you,
beloved human,
Here – 
be awash in this 
healing Light,
forgiveness is Love.

Love is forgiveness,
it matters not 
what words you 
You, dear,
create this 
sacred space,
knowing forgiveness 
is Love.

No-thing can harm 
your True Essence,
You Are the Love 
you give and receive,
bask in this infinite 
flow of Love,
is eternally, You.

A Beautiful Find


Find something beautiful 

Perception may judge 
without merit,
beliefs may get in 
the way,
take another look 
around you,
find something beautiful

What comes alive in
your sweet gaze,
what is waiting 
to be seen,
a different angle 
may help you find
something beautiful

Be aware of your power,
to see the beauty that 
emanates from you,
allow Love to find 
you, too,
Be all that is beautiful 

On your journey as 
a seeker,
delight in this exercise 
of Faith, 
behold the Love that 
surrounds you,
All is beautiful 

How Loved


Do you know how
Loved you are?
We hear your wishes 
on every star,
yes, your journey in 
life goes up and down,
but through it all
we are always around.

You cannot separate 
from Love,
it is Who We Are,
what We Are All 
made of,
there is no place 
where Love may end,
we bless and honor 
the body,
but our souls are
free again.

You physically miss 
our presence by 
your side,
but we travel together 
on Love’s eternal ride,
take my hand,
Love is always Here,
we honor your journey
and we are always

Do you know how 
Loved you are?
Let us all rejoice 
as the Love We Are!


Always, Home


Honor your feelings 
on this path you walk,
Be the observer from 
your perspective above,
you as human are
a perfect blend,
is this not your experience 
as a Be-ing of Love?

Yes, welcome change 
even as you grieve,
what may feel like loss
may be what you believe,
as you are a Creator 
with the Power of One,
no-thing Real you 
have created
can truly be undone.

Share All you Love
as a Gift of You,
extend this freely,
Love flows right back
to you,
there is no-thing temporary 
when it is infused with Love,
You Are This Truth 
of All That Is, above.

Love walks with you
wherever you may 
dear Child of Love,
You Are always Home!