Rise and Shine


Rise and shine
your Light today,
let the birds sing
songs for you,
be it sun or rain
the sky reminds,
you are as loved
as the sky is blue.

Earth’s beauty may touch 
your soul today,
as your heart sings 
a song of Gratitude,
Be You in the flow 
of Love today,
receive this Love 
that reflects back to 

Rise and shine 
your Light today,
rejoice with the angels 
that sing above,
as you give and receive 
Love’s song in your 
know you are Love’s gift –
precious Child of Love!

This Peace, This Love


Love has a place 
for you.

Tucked away from 
all the chatter,
you may wonder 
what is wrong,
is this Peace part 
of the journey?
Love is This Place 
always for you.

Rest awhile in this 
get familiar with 
this You,
you need not anticipate 
what may happen,
Love is Here 
always with you.

Know whatever may 
come your way
is not an edict 
issued to you,
your soul remains 
steadfast and true,
Love is this powerful 
state as You.

You choosing Love 
as your companion,
is you believing 
in the Whole of You,
release all else 
with Gratitude,
this Peace called Love 
is Home with You.

Eternally, Forever


How long is forever?
Forever is eternally, 
Love is the barometer 
for this,
does Love not show 
you how?

Some memories may 
get fuzzy,
your physical life 
may change,
but Love shared 
within the heart,
is always Here and 
is always the same.

Soar with Love to 
the moon and back,
let infinity show you
you are always together
with those you Love,
Forever is eternally, 

Love’s Inertia


Love as inertia
moves you forward,
in linear time it 
feels like this,
Love as energy 
is ever-flowing,
as a constant creation,
change is hard to miss.

You may judge 
how fast you are
at times it may 
feel rather slow,
what may feel stagnant
is ego’s resistance,
to where your soul
would like to flow.

Let Love’s inertia 
be a source 
of energy for you 
to grow,
accept, allow,
be willing to stretch,
trust and believe 
in your knowing soul!

Trust and Surrender


You may not know 
all of the how’s 
and why’s,
might you accept 
how experience finds
hand over what outcome 
you think you need,
trust in sprit,
surrender to Love.

Your human mind 
works around the clock,
your soul is timeless 
so patience is not hard,
let situations unfold 
as they will,
trust in spirit,
surrender to Love.

Be a conduit,
let spirit flow,
you may not understand 
and may not know,
your soul is connected,
so listen well,
trust in spirit,
surrender to Love.

There is no-thing that 
you must do,
Be You as Love 
and let your Light 
shine through,
your purpose is 
your soul celebrates 
you – 
trust in spirit,
surrendering to Love.

Take My Hand


Love says softly,
take my hand,
you need not walk
life’s path alone,
give me your worries,
struggles, burdens, 
let Love clear 
this space called

My dear,
life makes it hard 
to remember,
you may feel distant 
from your Source,
but rest assured,
Home is where
We Are,
and you as soul 
are Home, too,
of course. 

We are connected,
yes, sight unseen,
but you have Vision 
within your soul,
you may not feel 
Love’s arms around you,
but at your core,
you understand and

Take Love’s hand,
We Are forever,
release beliefs 
you no longer need,
Be a beacon of Light,
reminding others, 
I see your Light,
shine on, 
Be Free!

Together, Home


Be you on a great adventure,
no matter where your feet
may roam,
there is no step you take 
without me,
We Are Love and 
Love Is Home.

In solitude your breath
reminds you,
you are breathed 
by the unseen,
We share this Life Force
that is eternal,
beyond this life – 
Love is infinity.

Embrace the Hope 
that burns eternal,
within our souls 
that dance as One,
let Love give you 
the Strength you need
to walk your journey,
be it clouds or sun.

Discover You as life unfolds,
but may you always,
eternally know,
Love beats the rhythm
of your heart singing –
We Are Home.



Seeing beyond the dream
brings you closer to 
the natural You,
as you awaken to 
this Reality,
does not more of 
Love shine through?

Do not compare your 
human experiences 
to one another or 
to your self,
in life’s experience 
of unfolding,
some things seem to
go great,
others not as well.

You as human may 
always have plans,
and like a direction 
in which to go,
but you as soul 
can see the wholeness,
from a broader perspective 
that as Love, knows.

Yes, walking in your 
makes it hard to see 
through the veil,
but when you see with 
your soul’s eyes, 
does not this perspective 
have Truth to tell?

Seek the clarity 
from your Self,
who always walks 
and shares with you,
set aside questions 
you want answered,
the answer you seek 
is found in loving 

A Peaceful Presence


Do not fear emotions
that you feel,
yes, ego may use them 
to draw judgement 
you as human know
cause and effect,
are you not familiar 
with “what may happen

Break ego’s cycle of 
you judging  you,
your foundation is Love,
this is your identity, too,
you need not carry 
what is not yours,
freely give to Love,
what you need no more.

Love transforms,
transmutes what does
not resonate,
you need not analyze 
all decisions that you make,
choose Love and let Love 
gently show you how,
to see clearly – You,
that exists eternally Now.

You need not wait 
for a future You,
in All moments
You Are Love,
Be-ing You.
Give freely to Love 
what you wish to release,
and with your open heart,
Be the Presence of Peace.

The Power of Love


Tap into your Power,
You Are the Power of

This is the Life Fore 
that moves through you,
that can move mountains 
from above.

A loving choice is
when you step into 
Love’s flowing stream,
as you awaken to your
True Nature,
does not struggle become 
only a dream?

It may get cloudy,
a bit foggy,
when ego’s grip makes 
it hard to see,
there are situations 
in the world
that are difficult,

But when given a choice,
might you choose Love 
over fear,
and quietly listen to 
Love’s Answer,
to problems solved
as Love is Here.

Be aware of your power,
you need not give 
this away,
it emanates from you,
through you,
brightening the Light
that shows the way.

May you sense your
Strength and Courage,
that remind you
what is forever True,
Love is the powerful force
that breathes you,
You Are Love
Love Is You.