Discover a new way.

There are infinite roads 
that lead you,
upon your path back
Home to You,
you may find comfort 
in the familiar route
that you have grown
accustomed to.

As Love is infinite 
as malleable as 
molding clay,
are there not opportunities
to try something new,
yes, to discover another 

This need not mean 
you are in error,
or that you have 
done something wrong,
new doors are waiting 
to be opened,
they beckon to you, 
dear, come along!

A fresh perspective 
is sometimes needed,
a door may close 
so you may see –
what might your soul 
wish to create,
is there not excitement
in possibility?

You are a flexible 
your soul is with you
all the way,
you may need nudged 
in different directions,
to gently show you 
a new way.

Discovery and exploration,
invite Joy along for 
this ride,
you have Love’s tools 
at your disposal,
the Love You Are

Forever Held


Give yourself
to sink into the 
Arms of Love.

It need not be a 
or something you 
have earned along
the way,
relax, release 
your self into the
Arms of Love.

Ego thinks you need 
to work hard,
to be worthy of 
who you are,
my dear,
your Home 
is always Here 
in the Arms of Love.

Your beliefs may 
mightily resist,
how do I deserve 
Love and All of This?
Might you remember 
you have never left 
the Arms of Love.

Soak up the comfort,
let Love reassure,
Love with no strings 
remains simple 
and pure,
awaken to where 
you always belong –
forever held in 
the Arms of Love.

Your True Self


Returning your self
to Love,
is a remembering 
of Who You Are.

You may think that
struggle is external,
but might you question 
what is hiding in 
plain sight?

Even as ego tries to 
hide your magnificence,
you sense your True Self 
as complete,
already Whole.

Your future Self 
Who is You now
whispers softly,
take my hand,
together We Are 
One as Love.

In linear time,
yes, you may look 
behind and forward,
but Love as You 
is your Self now
creating anew. 

There is no need 
to fit into a space 
that hides you –
release the ties 
you have imagined,
with Joy, fly free!


Wholly, Holy


Return to the heart,
it holds a place
for you to come back
Home to You,
you have traveled,
you may be weary,
your heart reminds 
that Love is You.

Yes, ego wishes to 
sometimes shake you
into believing you 
are not enough,
my dear you have 
no-thing to prove,
you as wholly Love 
is what You Are made of.

There are many programs,
patterns, playing out
in the world of Life,
relationships can be 
the friction
that helps you dive deeper
and to shine more Light.

At times you may wish 
to withdrawal
into protective cover 
and hide,
but as a magnificent 
creation of Love,
is not Love’s Strength
always by your side?

Expand, extend 
This Love to include 
All of You,
seeing All of This,
when you are lifted,
others rise up, too
do you not All share 
in this loving wish?

Accept, receive 
Love’s wish for you,
to see yourself 
as All do from above,
wholly and holy 
You Are Love’s
forever Home 
in the Heart of Love!



You may wrap yourself 
in worry,
in life this is a 
common theme,
do you not wear this 
like a blanket,
a protective layer 
from everything?

Anticipation is the 
that may spark fear 
of what may come,
outcomes add on
to this dream 
where dread comes

Precious child,
You Are so Loved,
in This moment of time
and the next,
yes, in linear form 
life’s journey may 
have you reeling
from cause, effect.

Take Love’s hand
even if for a moment,
sense the caress of
angel wings,
You Are Loved,
and supported,
no matter what 
this life may 

Your soul walks 
with you every step,
may you know 
without a doubt,
You Are Love’s Light,
eternally shining,
and Loved
in All moments, 

Allowing Resistance


Allow resistance 
to help you navigate 
the flow.

You need not struggle 
against resistance,
might you allow it
so it may show,
another layer of 
another belief you
can let go.

As ever-changing 
and evolving,
do you not check in 
at times to see,
recalibration may be 
might you need a moment
to adjust accordingly.

Be patient through 
this process,
this is not something 
that you “do”,
invite Love to gently 
how to care for this
precious you.

Thank resistance 
for its message,
as you dive deeper 
to this eternal Truth,
at your core Peace 
is ever-flowing,
All is Well,
Love flows always 
through You!



Begin a new page.
Be the canvas Love 
paints upon.

Yes, you may feel 
like restoration
or remodeling is 
but do you not 
feel shiny and new, 
when you truly 
feel inspired?

You need not always 
start over,
you may weave through
the fabric of you,
All of creation 
is original,
is it not Love 
that always shines 

Focus not on the 
perceived outcomes,
surprise yourself with 
what Love may show,
Be the vessel for 
Be the expression 
of Love’s eternal flow.

And in this Flow of Love,
may you rejoice in 
what you see,
Love expresses itself
everywhere you look,
Love invites as Joy,
come create with Me!



Yes, We are Here,
Love says with care,
our hearts are connected,
no matter where.

Surrounded always,
You Are with Love,
Love is what endures,
all else slips off.

You upon your path,
of time and space,
you create your own map,
go at your own pace.

No matter the journey,
or where you may roam,
We rejoice in our connection,
together, always,
and Home.

May We remind you,
as you lovingly wake up,
together, always,
We Are One heart 
and One Love.

A Chorus of Love


Gratitude is your 
heart singing,
can you hear its
simple song?
It requires no formal
at any point 
you can sing along.

Here is Joy, 
do you remember –
sometimes you need 
a gentle nudge,
Gratitude and Joy can 
transform anything 
that may feel like 
too much.

At times you may feel
you have lost your 
but your heart always 
carries this tune,
let Gratitude pick up
the beat,
inviting Joy to 
join in, too. 

Here is Peace as 
your soul singing,
grateful for All 
that you do,
with angels adding 
sweet harmony,
sing with the chorus 
of Love as You!



Spring reminds that 
life returns,
in each branch of 
new growth green,
buds are bursting,
ready to bloom,
is this not Love 
unfolding in everything?

This is life’s timing upon 
the earth,
but as your soul is an
eternal Be-ing,
does not quiet reflection 
like winter’s stillness,
bring forth inspiration 
like the bursting spring?

Life may look different 
each and every day,
beloveds you miss,
when they feel far away,
but might you behold
as spring lovingly reminds,
Life is Eternal,
beyond place and time.

Your soul rejoices with you
this time of year,
possibilities are endless
with spring in the air,
let the seasons remind you,
what your soul always knows –
Love is with you,
together, always,
behold Love’s beauty 
as you grow!