Forever, Peace


You may struggle 
to make sense of 
the unsensible,
there are many things 
in this world that 
do not add up,
do what you will,
but know you have
another perspective,
the You that knows 
the peaceful presence 
that is Love.

Once you begin to 
look beneath layers 
so heavy,
is there not a lightness 
that may feel a bit
dear one,
this is your True Nature
we assure you,
You as Love is this 
experience that feels
so real.

You may be used to 
looking for what may 
scare or frighten,
ego wishes for you 
to be on your guard,
beloved child,
You Are eternally 
This Love forever,
your Strength and 
as Love,
is Who You Are.

There is no need 
to make sense 
of the unsensible,
return to your 
loving Truth as a 
choice you make,
in This Moment,
cast aside what 
is not Love, dear,
You Are Peace,
connected to One,


A Natural State


Set aside your 
Love can take on 
many forms,
an exchange of 
pure connection,
Love exists
you are.

Love is Gratitude 
when you see, 
acknowledge and 
touch another’s 
Love is Strength 
when you are 
in saying,
“I don’t know.”

Do not miss the 
thousand moments 
that offer exchanges 
of Love today,
Love exists in the 
Love walks with you 
every step of the 

Love need not be a
formal banner,
to remind you 
what is True,
Be Love’s choice 
in any moment,
Be Love’s natural 
state of You!

Peace, Love and Grace


Be One with You 
in any moment,
your soul is Here 
always with you,
any friction you you feel 
is from your ego,
who may think you need 
something to contrast to.

Here does ease and Grace
yet your human story 
may not want to give up,
the familiar struggle,
earning peace,
though You Are always 
with what You Are 
made of.

Be One with Love 
in this now moment,
with awareness know 
this Authentic You –
and Grace
are with you,
quiet the chatter,
know This Truth 
of You!



Is Love not the 
of your soul?

Food for the body 
is needed here,
Love is part of this 
as you prepare,
there is much Love 
baked and stirred,
as you create dishes
with care.

And beyond food
what do you create,
for nourishment of 
your soul’s palate 
Any moment or 
can be simmered in 
the soup of Love 
you make.

Allow your soul to 
show you how,
to create, 
to nourish,
with Love now,
it may be a solitary 
or connecting with 
one or more,

Love is the nourishment 
of You,
mind, body, soul is 
where Love flows 
may you be nourished 
with loving care,
receiving all gifts 
Love has for You!



Strength exudes from 
your true Be-ing,
you are stronger 
than you know,
Strength is the Courage
to dig deeply,
to let feelings 
and emotions flow.

Your heart may feel 
sometimes battered,
overwhelmed by what 
this world brings,
hand All to Love 
to be reminded,
remembering Love 
survives everything.

Strength is not to overlook
or leave the parts of you 
that feel vulnerable,
let Strength invite what 
comes up to be honored,
reassuring that you 
are part of the Whole.

With Strength may you 
find your Courage,
to love completely 
all parts of you,
with Strength,
is this not where 
Peace lives,
Love connects,
Love weaves the 
Whole of You!

The Miracle of Love


Let Love Be 
the Miracle.

You wish for outcomes,
of how you think that
things should be,
but is it not the simple,
pure connections,
that allow the Miracle 
of Love to Be.

It matters not the 
teacher, master,
the message of Love 
is in your soul,
do you not light up
when you hear
what your Eternal Self 
already knows?

Is not the Miracle 
of Love 
in any moment 
that you live,
is there not Grace 
and Compassion 
when you receive 
the Love you give?

The Miracle of Love 
is beyond language,
its essence is simple 
and is True,
each experience of 
Love’s connection,
celebrates the 
Miracle of You!

With Love


Relax the story,
release the past,
where are you Now,
Here is Love.

With tangled web,
loosen the knots,
with willingness,
Here is Love.

With no confusion,
heart speaks with 
receive its blessing,
Here is Love.

With eyes that mirror 
your soul to you,
create new pathways,
Here is Love.

Embrace this moment,
You Are this Now,
always, eternal,
Here is Love.

Love, Strength and Peace


Be you Peace,
is it your 
or are you not 
Peace at your
Peace is always 
at the ready,
you need not do 
anything more.

Be you Strength,
you need not 
find it,
Strength resides 
always with you,
you stand firmly on
Love’s foundation,
Strength is the Flow 
of Love through you.

Be you Love,
you are connected,
unified with All 
you see,
embrace All parts 
of you to know –
the Whole of You 
knows Love,
and Peace.

A Service to Love


Like hand in glove,
Be of service
to Love.

What flows,
what fits,
what chooses you
or you drawn to it,
Be of service 
to Love.

It may be a 
full career,
or a single experience 
that draws you 
Be of service 
to Love.

Answer the call,
your soul to you,
together what might 
you and your Team
Be of service 
to Love.

With Grace and ease,
Love is this flow,
bringing to you
what you need to 
your soul rejoices
with Spirit above –
in Gratitude 
of your service 
to Love.

Fellow Hearts


You need not judge 
another’s journey,
are these not fingers 
pointing back at you?
Include yourself 
in Love’s forgiveness,
Love is always 
Here with You.

Resist the urge 
to take a side,
defensiveness is but 
a clue,
when you feel you 
are justified,
ask Love to clear 
a path for you.

with your fellow 
they beat as One 
with Love’s eternal 
with compassion,
Love’s healing Light,
may you remember 
All Are One 
with You!