The Resonance of Love


Your energy is like 
a chord,
notes that together 
are full and rich,
at times there may
be some vibrations
that sound discordant
or a note that’s missed.

You are a natural 
tuning fork,
you need no technology
to re-align,
at your center is 
your pure tone,
begin right Here,
harmony falls 
in line.

Some days your experience 
will be upbeat,
another time you may
be pensive, yet calm,
no matter how the
chords may change,
are they not all part 
of your Love Song?

The vibration of Love 
is constantly creating,
what song do you wish
to play today?
Tune into your Essence,
Love resonates Here,
in perfect harmony,
You Are Love, always!

Loving Compassion


Give support to your
brothers and sisters,
in Truth,
do not disagreements 
there are many ways 
to ask for Love,
the world provides 
limitless ways 
to evolve.

Let compassion be 
your guide,
what feels right,
what ties you in 
let Love co-create 
with you,
breaking chains of 
past stories driven
by “not.”

Might you be open 
to say yes to Love,
Love is inclusive 
and not on its own,
your soul knows this
infinite web,
even when you as human
sometimes feel alone.

What you give do you 
not receive,
what sharing of Love 
might you experience 
reach out your hand 
with loving compassion,
your grateful heart 
will show you 
the way!

True Peace


Behold the force of 
mother nature,
at times quite bold 
and then at peace,
this ebb and flow 
is of the world,
the human journey is 
both struggle and ease.

At the center,
at your core,
your soul is the
balance that 
you seek,
yes, it may help 
with external shifts,
but its still waters run 
oh so deep.

No matter what the world
or weather may toss 
about your way,
always flowing deep 
within you,
your eternal soul is 
True Peace, always.

Behold the force 
of Love, incarnate,
tap into the Strength 
of what breathes you,
Here is Peace,
Here is Home,
All is Well,
This Love is You!

Sharing Kindness


Share kindness.
Let Love show 
you how.

Let loving eyes 
help you to look
beyond a story
that you see,
you may only 
see a portion
of a script
and not the 
whole story.

It is easy to judge,
you do it often 
to yourself,
what if you were 
to extend kindess,
beginning with you,
then to someone 

Does not kindness
help to soften
prickly edges that 
you may feel,
the parts of you 
that bristle defensively,
do these edges
not wish to heal?

Sharing kindness
is meeting others
wherever they are 
with your heart full,
embrace this kindness,
let it wrap its 
loving arms around
the Whole of You!

A Prayer of Peace


Serve with care
your prayers 
of Peace, 
prayers of healing,
prayers of Love,
does not One Prayer 
service the All,
as Love is what 
All are made of?

You may wish for 
certain outcomes,
struggles to end,
disasters to cease,
meet your brothers
and sisters in prayer,
holding space,
souls knowing Peace.

Be of service 
to Love now,
pause a moment,
join with Me,
Love’s True Reality
are these sacred 
souls uniting,
Be-ing Peace.



Be aware where 
constriction is.
Be open to 
All That Is.

When your stomach 
is tied in knots,
might you remember 
what you forgot?

Yes, ask for help 
with what you see,
with Love,
not fear,
might you see 

Does not the energy 
of would, could 
or should,
feel different than 
what is for the 
greater good?

Allow your heart 
to be your guide,
do not answers to 
questions arise 
from inside?

Constriction exists only 
in time and space,
remember You Are 

Spread your wings – 
you know how to 
with Courage 
and Gratitude,
enjoy the ride!



Connect and sense 
the vibration of 

Love permeates 
all experience,
as You Are Love,
is this not True?
With awakened eyes,
see Love’s blessings,
that continually 
surround you.

A miracle rock that
is heaven-sent,
rainbows that bridge 
the earth and sky,
is Love not seen in 
messenger clouds,
you do not even 
have to try.

As Love’s True blessing 
is You, created,
you are tuned to 
receive Love’s gifts,
sharing the Joy
is exponential,
You Are a wave 
in All of This.

Healing of One 
is healing for All,
this journey cannot
be experienced alone,
You All are wholly 
Love’s vibration,
dear precious children,
You All are Home!



Reacquaint you
with You.

You may think an
introduction is 
but is this not a 
remembrance of 
what you know,
set aside what you 
no longer need,
tune into your
eternal and patient 

Your perspective 
draws your attention,
might you view now 
from inside out,
external static can 
distort the signal,
tune into the quiet 
to release what is 

Yes, reacquaint you
with You,
at times you forget 
what you are made 
remembering is 
returning Home,
welcome to your 
Light of 
Eternal Love!

Be Forgiveness


Be forgiveness,
Be Love’s song,
join the first 
rays of sun
that welcome in
the dawn,
with no judgment 
of who receives,
do not sun’s rays
shine unconditionally?

Be forgiveness,
Be Love’s hope,
Be a messenger of 
for one who may 
not know,
join birdsong as 
they sing for all,
what tugs at your
as you answer 
Love’s call?

Be forgiveness,
Be Love to you,
join in as Love 
celebrates All 
of You,
create this moment 
with no strings 
You as Love 
are a perfect 

Be forgiveness,
simple and True,
release the bonds
that keep You 
from you,
with clarity,
with heart open wide,
You Are a Ray of Love,
expressing Love’s 
pure Light!