A Willing Journey


Seeing Love in 
is this not a reflection
of You?
You may travel 
many roads,
but do they not 
lead right back 
to you?

You may dismiss 
or not believe
that All Love 
is Who You Are,
as Love you see it
when you know it,
shining brightly as
Love’s star.

This Love is You
Precious One,
You Are wholly 
All of This,
the separateness 
that has you 
is not your Truth,
it is a myth.

Though whilst experiencing
human form,
may you open and
in this being-ness,
Be of service,
a demonstration 
of knowing-ness 
beyond belief.

You need do 
let Love lead,
seeing with your
heart and soul,
journey with your
with Joy step through 
Love’s open doors!

Echoes of Love


May you sense 
Echoes of Love,
do they not exist
in All Eternity,
do you not give 
and thus receive,
is this not a 
cycle through 

Yes, in the time 
and space of life,
vibrations appear 
to move in and out,
but might you awaken 
to Love’s vibration – 
your Home,
your constant,

You Are an 
Echo of Love,
You Are your 
of All This Is,
align and know 
Who You Are,
as Love,
as Source,
You Are All 
of This!

Being Peace


Is Peace not a 
that lifts you 

When in This State
of Be-ing,
is not every moment 

Whatever is happening 
in the external,
does Peace not help
you to see.

See with Love 
in your wholeness,
All of You resonates 
with Peace.

Be at Home 
with this feeling,
brush off the ego
that feels bored.

Peace is You in 
Love’s vibration,
spread your wings 
and with Love, 

Be-ing Peace 
is your birthright,
Be at Home 
as Peace flows 

With Gratitude
within each 
Peace is the 
True Essence 
of You!

All You Need


With awareness comes 
a fresh look,
at first you might 
not like what you
old programming,
core beliefs,
paint a picture 
of what you believe. 

Resist the urge 
to judge or justify,
Here You Are 
ready to see at 
you have choices,
better insights
into what is Real,
not made from 
what is past.

Life rewards struggle,
paired with survival,
you overcome obstacles 
that come up,
dear one,
you need not climb 
every mountain,
let angel wings 
help you to rise 

You will always need 
to figure and 
analyze while here
on earth,
but be aware of 
these calculations,
and are they tied 
to what you are

May you embrace 
your Eternal Truth,
lightening your load 
as old stories clear,
your soul is ready 
to create,
with Love’s perspective,
All you need 
is Here.

Forever Loved


May you extend 
this Day of Love,
to reach beyond
any time or place.

Might you know 
how Loved You Are,
Here in This Moment,
in any space.

The Light of Love 
forever burns,
connected always 
beyond this life.

If a beloved 
is not “here,”
know you share 
cherished Love 
and Light.

Might you open up
your heart,
receiving All Love 
sent to you.

You Are wholly,
completely Loved,
Love is forever 
loving you!

Behold, You!


Behold this day.
Might you see Love 
in every space?

In the world of
time and place,
there my be times 
when life constricts,
you need an opening,
to find what flows 
or does not fit.

Love is Everywhere 
You Are,
though sometimes it 
is hard to see,
you may need to 
find some space,
to release so you 
may breathe.

Be open to what 
asks to shift,
you need not fear
what seems unknown,
stretch yourself,
try something new,
as Love you never 
are alone.

Behold this day,
may the power of Love
help you release,
Love is with you,
Precious One,
embrace your Courage,
remember Peace.

A Peaceful Release


to your heart,
to your soul.

Here is where 
Peace resides,
within Love’s 

When you tire 
of solving,
resolving, dear,
breathe in and 
truly release.

Open to Love,
Here always 
with you,
join Love
and remember 

You need not resolve
anything on your 
You Are Love,
Love Is You.

Have Faith,
with Trust,
let go,
Peace as Love 
flows always 
through You!



Do not judge 
your emotions,
observe with Love 
as they move 
might they bring 
up to Light,
feelings that dwell 
deep within you.

Surround with care,
invite them in,
might you with Love 
let them know,
they may feel like
broken pieces,
but rest assured 
All are part of 
the Whole.

In this holy state 
of Love,
may your Wholeness 
help you to see,
All of You are
One with Love,
held with sacred
care, eternally!

Answer With Love


Answer Love’s call,
what would Love 
have you do today?
Start with yourself,
fill your tank up,
what possibilities 
may come your 

You need not plan,
when answering yes,
be open to what 
opens up for you,
set aside your 
behold what you 
with Love may 

Answer your heart,
it speaks to you,
listen with openness 
and Faith,
answer with Love,
it is Who You Are,
Be the Essence of Love,
as You,

Reset With Love


Hand over your struggle,
Love can help to 
ease the way,
when ego buttons
get pushed,
what might help you 
throughout this day?

When there are things
out of your control,
this may bring fear
bubbling up for 
remember and remind
your self,
your Self is always
Here for you.

Instead of trying 
to swim upstream,
release and set 
your intention clear,
ask what forgiveness 
wishes for you to 
draw it near?

Yes in life your 
initial response 
is to look outside
of you,
but is not your power,
your True Essence,
wholly within 
This Self 
of You?

In this peaceful 
State of Being,
may what you need 
be able to flow,
what you require
is but a reset,
as Love reminds you 
what you know.

Step off this path 
of struggle,
walk with ease with
what you know,
All Love within is 
always Here,
dear precious One,
you are never alone!