What would you do 
if you knew 
how much
you are loved?

This is how your 
loved ones see you,
so very near,
not “up above.”

Would you sing,
maybe dance,
feeling so light 
throughout your

Would you smile 
as you feel them 
nudging you to
let go and play?

You may hear them 
in a melody,
that comes to you 
out of the blue.

You may know 
they are behind 
the bird that appears 
to be watching you.

Go to your heart
and sense – 
here is where 
you can feel them

Your loved ones 
cherish you,
receive and know,
yes, they are 



May the knowing 
of your completeness
be a Light even 
when dark,
Here is Peace,
Here is Strength,
Love is the fuel of
your eternal spark.

Does not this
permeate your 
every cell,
with awareness
do you not realize,
You as soul 
All is Well.

Your soul sits 
with your Team,
your angels,
and loved ones,
All of Love 
is All of This,
listen to This Truth,
All of This 
is You.

You are your
yes, as minutes 
throughout the day,
but as soul 
You Are
This Moment,
experiencing wholeness
in every way!

A Loving Way


Bring to Love 
all of your 
when you are not
sure of what next
to do,
when plans change,
may you rise above,
transforming from 
victim to Gratitude.

You are flexible,
it is your nature,
knowing there are so
many different ways,
every journey has 
its setbacks,
may this be a gift 
to find another 

Love as your Source 
is infinite in Strength,
Here Peace helps you 
get back on track,
are not all possibilities 
Here for you,
move forward knowing 
Love always has 
your back!



May you sense 
your loved ones 
you need not wait,
allow your soul,
to show you there 
is no distance,
there is no place 
you need to go.

Yes as human 
you know loss,
but simultaneously
in you dear,
your soul is with 
your beloveds,
connected always 
and oh so near.

Your human heart
may feel broken,
but it is resilient
and so strong,
may you go here
with your intention,
is it not Here where 
Love belongs?

Let your soul 
there are no apologies 
to make,
this loving bond 
is eternal,
connected to you,

May you sense 
your loved ones 
and as human know
This is True – 
Love is Here 
within your heart,
where your Beloveds
are loving you!

A Dance With Peace


Look inward now,
precious child,
all you think you 
need is Here,
yes, you gather 
but your True Knowing 
is oh so near.

As time is of this world
may you spend some 
of it now within,
with Peace,
this is a state
you can access,
by shifting perspective 
in any place.

May you integrate This 
throughout your day,
not setting aside 
the time to still,
invite the Peace that
dwells within,
to join you throughout
your day at will. 

Your ego mind has 
not the answers,
it need not be the 
one in charge,
You as Spirit
are Everywhere,
shift your intention
to the Love You Are.

Enjoy this dance with 
your True Partner,
move gently with spirit 
throughout your day,
Be amazed,
Be at ease,
Be the Peace that 
guides you in 
every way!

Rest, Relax


Take a breath,
rest, relax,
you may feel
you have worked
so hard,
letting go is sometimes
to be aware and 
with Love, 

May you honor your
earthly journey,
even as you let some 
programs go,
the Love remains,
It is eternal,
and now you see 
Love even more.

Memories may shift
to bring you
the True Essence 
of Love’s Flow,
with forgiveness,
with compassion,
may you accept You
as the Love you know.

Yes, in this world 
you work,
but Love reminds 
you, dear, to play,
Be authentic,
Be You,
Be the Love You Are,

With Grace and Ease


There is an infinite 
Flow of Love 
that moves within you 
and lovingly surrounds,
it is as close as 
your breath,
reminding you 
Love is always

You may at times 
feel it is hard
to get the body 
to move with ease,
shift your focus
to Love’s smooth 
let it lift you up
so that you may 
fly free.

Let Love remove 
all obstacles
that have you convinced
you may be stuck,
my dear,
you cannot be 
held back,
let go of thoughts 
that you are not

Let Love flow through 
you and sense
This Peace that will 
always remind you – 
grace and ease is 
Love’s sweet blessing,
step with Courage into 
the Flow of You!

Here You Are


You Are Beloved,
precious child,
you need not carry 
a mantle of guilt,
your True Nature 
knows this fully,
you need not hide 
behind walls 
you’ve built.

You as spirit 
are flowing,
your soul rejoices 
on this journey,
your human self
may dig in deeper,
afraid of changes 
that are changing 

May you see 
your Self 
as We do,
your loved ones,
angels and guides,
in your heart 
you know you 
hear Truth,
yet your ego wishes 
to ask why.

Receive Love’s Light
that sparkles around
may Love lift you 
when you need
some reassurance 
Love is within You,
there is no place
Love cannot Be.

May your breath 
remind you of 
Here You Are
flowing and free,
Love is You,
beloved dear one,
may you trust,
and believe!