As Love


Be helpful,
be of service,
you are naturally 
as Love.

Let your heart
guide you in 
your purpose 
is This,
as Love.

Be accepting 
in Love’s 
you are beautifully 
as Love.

See This Light 
in your sister 
and brother,
All are family,
as Love.

Tune into 
your soul’s 
innate rhythm,
may it accompany 
as Love.

With Humility,
with Love’s 
eternal blessing,
your Light shines
as Love!

With Wonder


See your self 
through your soul’s 
may you invite wonder
to delight, surprise!
Is this not Joy 
that circles through,
Love flows so naturally
through You.

Be your Self
each moment,
each day,
be open to Love 
showing you 
the way,
go with what feels 
so good, so right
what feels expansive,
with so much Light?

Check in with your Self,
get to know You,
beyond any paradigm
that once defined you,
Be fresh with wonder
and joyful delight,
see your self 
as Love sees your
shining Light!



Love leads the way,
believe it,
trust This,
your loved ones 
share the path 
with you,
yes memories are 
never forgotten,
but new ones appear 
each day anew.

Your eternal bond 
is that, forever,
even when you 
may not sense 
it here,
your human veil is
strong and questioning,
but your soul knows 
that Love is Here.

Grief is part of the 
human process,
but your souls understand
Love’s Gifts,
time and space 
are no match 
for True Love,
as Love continues 
beyond all of this.

Love beckons now,
as your life has 
is not your purpose 
to know This Truth?
Take Love’s hand,
hold on so dearly,
Eternal Love is 
forever with you!

Being Peace


Peace be with you –
may this be a prayer
you share today,
from your heart,
in your actions,
Be this blessing 
upon your way.

Peace is a respite 
among chaos,
where do you wish
to spend your time?
Peace is not found 
in your external,
though nature’s beauty
makes it easier to find.

Peace resides within 
your Be-ing,
your search need not 
take you away,
when you wish to 
escape the chaos,
believe and trust Peace
to show the way.

Be Peace in your allowance,
give freely this vibration
so True,
you need not do,
defend or judge,
simply say Yes 
to This Peace 
in You!


Always Home


You Are Home 
with Love.

You may ask,
how did I get 
Your body may
not seem to fit.
You may question
your surroundings,
but You Are Home
with Love.

The body temple 
is temporary,
sometimes it plays,
sometimes not so
but You Are always
your Light shining,
You Are Home 
with Love.

As you experience 
greater awareness,
look with compassion 
on ways of the world,
may you be comforted 
with Peace,
as You Are Home 
with Love.

Sense Love’s soothing arms
around you,
never lost and 
never alone,
precious child,
see what We see – 
You Are always Home
with Love.




The opening of 
a wondrous gift
that you always 
knew was there.

And in This present 
do you not realize 

In life,
yes moments unfold,
but This sweet moment 
is forever 

Is not unfolding 
the gentle awareness
that You Are 
whole and complete,
my dear.

you are constant 
beautifully opening 
to This Truth.

Unfolding is 
the miracle,
of you 


Breathing Trust


Tune into your vibration 
You Are an instrument 
of Love,
join with the joyful flow
that connects you – 
so below as you are 

There is no-thing that 
you can lose,
all you need is Here,
yes, human experiences 
may leave you wanting,
but You Are whole, 
complete, open.

Trust your connection,
breathe it with color,
let your vibrancy 
lead the way,
with Love’s support,
with your heart guiding,
may you Be as Peace 
throughout this day!

Being Helpful


Be helpful.
Be Love.

This may be the 
smallest act of 
or extending Love 
to one you do not know,
join in the web 
of Divine creation,
Be helpful,
Be Love.

Does this not remind 
you are a collective,
intertwined as 
soul to soul,
as you face earthly
Be helpful,
Be Love.

When you help another 
you help yourself,
and is not helping 
saying “I see you,”
seeing your sister and 
brother with your soul,
is Be-ing helpful,
Be-ing Love.

You ask for help 
when you feel 
you need it,
Be in this exchange 
the whole day through,
Be-ing open to Love’s 
sweet gifts,
is Be-ing helpful,
Be-ing Love.

With Love, Your Soul


When you ask your soul
what would be helpful,
to contemplate today,
might you invite a 
State of Being,
that gives permission 
for joyful play.

Might you see 
your own Light 
reminding you of 
Who You Are,
egoic threads that 
feel constrictive
cannot hide the Light
of your shining star.

You need not solve 
all of the problems
that your mind wishes 
you to believe,
take the hand your 
soul extends,
together might you 
feel lighter and free.

See your self with 
your soul’s eyes,
with gentle kindness,
compassion, too,
may Love,
your soul 
lovingly remind,
You Are so Loved,
this perfect You!

Behold, You


Behold this moment,
does not Love join you 
in This space?
Here you let go of time,
your awareness is 
beyond any place. 

This is not emptiness,
are you not filled up 
with This Love?
Any parts that think 
of lack,
are remembering now 
what you are made of.

In linear life,
there are many moments,
but as Eternal Be-ing 
You Are but One,
hold these glimpses 
in your heart,
where Love shines 
stronger than the 

Behold You as Love’s
shining star,
may This Moment 
bring Grace and ease,
This is You,
your True Nature,
receive This knowing,
Be One with Peace.