Remember This


Refresh, replenish,
you can do this 
with each breath,
release, let go
of what you hold 
and let Love 
do the rest.

Say hello to this 
moment of you,
with Gratitude
look around,
centered Here,
always with you,
is where Peace
can be found.

Remember This,
Love Is You now,
there is no-thing 
you must do,
refresh, replenish,
remember always,
Love is Here and 
so loved are you!

With Comfort


Comfort your self today.

Let Love smooth your
weary edges,
when seasonal changes
affect you,
be gentle with you,
dear one,
comfort your self today.

What feels heavy that 
you hold,
Love helps you to 
carry this,
you comfort others now
take a breath and 
comfort your self today.

With compassion for all
the very best that 
they can,
know you, too, need
comfort your self today. 

See your Self in 
the Light of others,
All Are Here to 
experience Truth,
with the gentleness 
of Love, so tender,
comfort your self today.

Perfect Vision


May your grateful heart 
there is Love in All
you see,
when you look with 
Eyes of Love,
is there not wonder
and clarity?

As you take Love’s 
helping hand,
you know fully you 
are not alone,
you need no words 
to explain this – 
your grateful heart
knows You Are Home.

Upon This Journey,
with twists and turns,
return to Gratitude
so you may see –
Love is Everywhere 
You Are,
your loving eyes 
see perfectly.

Love’s Embrace

10/18/22  from 10/18/20

Spread your wings,
you will not falter,
Love is Here 
with open arms,
to lift you up
when you feel 
to believe in you
and cheer you 

Here are angels 
with you always,
your loved ones 
see the steps 
you take,
your journey may 
be yours to walk,
but help is Here 
with decisions 
you make.

Never alone,
Love is always 
with you,
you sense and know 
that this is True,
be held,
be cradled in 
Love’s embrace,
forever connected
is This Love 
to You!

This Blessing


Be aware of tension
those times you sense 
yourself constrict,
ask for help to see
your Truth,
to loosen bonds that 
may restrict.

In this flow of 
Grace and ease,
riding comfortably 
with your breath,
no matter what may
come before you,
you will know how
to handle this.

Let go of fear or 
Here is Love that 
flows with ease,
receive this blessing 
of angelic comfort,
imbuing you with 
Love’s eternal Peace.

An Open Heart


Share your heart,
may it seek others,
as Love connects you 
soul to soul,
walls to protect 
may offer resistance,
but Love creates 
safe spaces to flow.

Seeing and listening 
to another,
is as important 
as what is said,
when you flow in 
this connection,
does it not feel 
quite spirit-led?

See This Light 
in another,
it shines in everyone 
you meet,
This Light is Source,
is You,
open your heart 
to truly see!

Love Cascading


What do you tell 
yourself daily,
in the self-talk 
ego says to you,
what emotions,
uneasy feelings
come up that are 
so familiar to you.

Now embrace This Moment,
This Truth of You,
in your eternal presence 
do not give past 
any more power,
that is ego’s way 
to keep you tied up

You are a creator,
as You Are created,
This Moment is a 
fresh slate for you 
to see,
in This Moment of 
Love cascading,
what do you shape 
from Love’s True

Let go of perceived 
past transgressions,
You Are Here with 
Love showering you,
this Source of Love 
is You this moment,
receive Love’s gift – 
This Gift of You!



Be fearless today.

Lean into your power 
your soul knows 
what to do,
with this trust
in you, believing – 
Be fearless today.

This is not tied in
to outcomes,
this is seeing you 
as Whole,
feel the lightness 
of this perspective – 
Be fearless today.

This is a natural 
State of Be-ing,
your soul knows
this very well,
set old beliefs off
to the side –
Be fearless today.

What do you carry 
that is not yours,
You Are One 
with All That Is,
identify with 
Who You Are –
as You Are fearless,

You know This Truth
in This now moment,
Be This with every 
step you take,
light and free,
are you not dancing –
with your fearless Self

Simple and True


In the midst of 
egoic chaos,
Love is simple,
Love is True.

Be it a person,
place or thing,
Love’s connection 
to it shines right

Be a barometer 
for Love,
may your Light grow
ever bright.

May Love provide 
a greater focus,
helping you with 
loving Sight.

Along with Fellow Lights
may you hold This Presence,
Be-ing You.

In the midst of This
eternal moment,
Love is simple,
Love is True.

Naturally, Peace


Be calm with breath,
take a moment,
insights may filter in
for you,
yes it may be a 
deep reflection, 
or it may be something 
this day to do.

There is no hierarchy 
with spirit,
you need not compare 
or contrast,
Be in the flow with 
your Team always,
they are with you,
whether or not you

It helps to quiet some 
of the chatter,
when you check in
to receive,
the more you flow 
with this vibration,
do you not naturally 
sense your Peace?

May you listen
with your heart,
go beyond questions
asked, my dear,
tap into your 
inner knowing, 
Your Team,
yes, You – 
are always