This Gift


Be grateful for your 
Strength and Courage,
have they not been 
with you through all,
they have held your hand
through darkness,
sometimes helping to 
erect a wall.

Now with eyes that 
see more clearly,
you see the Light 
was always there,
you thought you needed
some protection,
Strength and Courage 
helped with care.

You have always had 
this power,
it is within you 
Love and Joy are 
always with you,
as you now walk 
so fearlessly.

Bathe in This Light 
of pure awareness,
receive This Gift that 
blesses you,
You Are Love’s gift 
as your True Be-ing,
Love’s holy Light 
shines within you!

Wholly You


There is no need to 
force your way,
let it unfold,
what does Love say,
allow the timing 
to be what it needs,
pieces come together
beyond what you 
may see.

A challenge in life is
to think beyond time,
let your soul lead,
feel into the signs,
discern what resists,
try another way,
sometimes the answer 
is to rest today.

Be well, Be Peace,
this is your soul,
Be gentle, Be kind,
to you and know,
your Light is eternally 
seen by Love,
Divine Love is wholly
what you are made of!

Here I Am


Here I Am,
Love says with 
as you reach 
across the veil,
those you Love 
Love to see you,
and to assure that 
All is Well.

Healing is a human 
that can occur when
you see the whole,
those in spirit are 
in their wholeness,
as wholly Love is
what they know.

May the ripples 
of This Love,
lift you so that you
may see,
You Are deserving of 
All of This,
Your Love to you
will set you free.

Know the angels and
your loved ones,
part the veil to 
let you know,
you are supported 
and always with us,
we feel your Love 
and Love you so!


Eternally Together


Sense the Strength
of those before you,
this courses through
your very veins,
sense their Essence 
in your heart,
Love’s rhythm together
beats one and the same.

Know they say not
a goodbye,
they walk beside you
every day,
have faith in this 
Eternal connection,
that guides you gently,
lighting up the way.

Time gone by is 
not of This Love,
Love knows no boundaries,
it is not far,
through your eyes
does Love not see,
when you search
for them in the 

Love does not miss
a single moment,
you know this truth 
within your bones,
rejoice with All you Love
this moment,
Eternally together
and always Home!


Eloquently, Love


Do not fret when
jumbled thoughts
come up,
what interrupts 
your sleep,
what keeps you up,
you have many moments
of Peace,
what else comes forward 
to feel this ease?

What needs comforted,
what needs Love,
what else asks for what
you are made of,
you have the answer,
you know the way,
open your heart to 
All of This today.

Where there is friction,
bring to it breath,
this simple return 
takes care of what 
comes next,
Here is Peace,
Here is ease,
Love smooths your edges
so eloquently.

Be patient with
what life brings 
to you,
and do not forget 
to include you, too,
Be compassion throughout
this day,
allow Peace and Love 
to show you the way!

With Peace and Ease


It takes more energy 
to hang on,
it can be effortless 
to release,
though in the world 
of upside down,
do you not “work”
to gain more Peace?

Play with this throughout 
your day,
discern where your 
energy usually goes,
in life you may think
you need to struggle,
but Peace and ease
are You as Soul.

“Hard work” is a phrase
life looks on proudly,
and you do wish to 
get things right,
but letting go,
not holding so 
will result in a flowing,
productive life.

You have purpose,
your soul will 
lead you,
be open as you 
loosen your hold,
You Are Love’s 
Be Peace and ease
as this day unfolds.

Loving Strength


May Love cradle you,
giving comfort,
sharing Peace,
Love is Here with
All you Love,
shining Light so 
you can see.

Your soul knows 
the bigger picture,
but as your human
be loving and patient 
with your emotions,
even as you know that
All is Well.

May Love fill your heart
that sometimes breaks,
find Strength in your
wholeness, dear,
there is no-thing that
is ever broken,
You and All you Love 
are always Here.

Love’s Experience


With tools of Joy 
and Gratitude,
allowing curiosity
to lead the way,
might you ponder 
this present moment,
throughout your experience
of the day.

Yes, this world is 
but You as timeless
are ever-present Here,
may This experience
begin to merge,
may you sense All 
who are so near.

Angels, guides and 
loved ones, too
are part of your 
may the Joy of this 
bring you Peace 
and confidence.

Set expectation 
to the side,
marvel at what 
you may sense,
trust and believe 
in your soul,
who joins with Love
in each experience!

Love Sees You


You are part of 
Love’s flow,
life can hide what 
your soul knows,
trust in You,
beloved one,
Love sees you.

Ego manufactures
worry and doubt,
making you question 
what you are about,
in your breath as you
walk each step,
precious child,
Love sees you.

You may wish for 
more control,
the world is tumultuous,
this you know,
Peace is Here
within your heart,
in all moments,
Love sees you.

There is no-thing 
that you must prove,
be gentle,
embrace this 
aspect of You,
Love has never 
left you, dear one – 
Love sees you.

Remember, Beloved


Come full circle 
with realization,
you have been Home
all along,
all parts of you
that you thought 
were separate,
are complete and wholly 
where you belong.

No matter the age 
or circumstance,
You as Soul 
are always there,
you can visit these 
parts of you,
but remember Beloved,
You Are always Here.

No one is left behind 
as you cannot Be 
anywhere else, 
you see,
You as Soul are 
the master of your
and beyond the story
You Are forever free!