This Grateful Flow


Be in Love’s flow today.

Welcome in,
listen with your heart,
to what Love may 
have to say,
awaken to the 
Whole of You,
Be in Love’s flow 

This is not a new
do you not sense this
some each day,
is not Love as close
as breath,
Be in Love’s flow 

Yes, you may work 
at shedding layers
that make Love feel 
so far away,
Love is Here,
always with you,
Be in Love’s flow

Your gifts of Gratitude
connect All Lights,
from your souls to 
the moon and stars,
this Web of Love 
supports you All,
Be-ing in Love’s flow

Welcome Light,
your smile shines,
your heart is heard 
and amplified,
your Light adds 
to One so grateful,
You Are Love’s flow,

A Sweet Return


Breathe in your balance,
sense your roots,
your Foundation of Love 
is sturdy and true,
when you feel a bit
re-align with the 
Whole of You.

This steadiness is 
even as life may toss
you about,
you need no special 
complicated instruction,
tune in to Love within 
as you are never without.

Realign as you realize,
the Peace you seek 
is Here with You,
in This Moment 
of remembering,
with your loving heart,
you return to You.

You Are Home


You Are Home 
with the Love 
that You Are.

You may feel lost 
when one you love,
feels far away,
back Home,
above –
but You Are Home 
with the Love 
that You Are.

There may be spaces
that were filled,
with experiences,
Love that wholly
fulfilled –
know You Are Home
with the Love 
that You Are.

You ask this question –
who are you now,
you wish to discover this,
to find out how – 
remember You Are Home
with the Love
that You Are.

This is not selfish,
this yearning to Be,
discovering the You 
Love wishes you to see –
always You Are Home
with the Love
that You Are.

Loved ones and guides 
delight with you,
as you take This Path 
that leads you to You –
dear one,
You Are Home always
with the Love
that You Are.

A Loving Reflection


Help each other, 
be your brother’s Light,
your extended hand 
lifts your sister upright,
You All are Here –
life moves through You,
you are linear time 
and wholly infinite, too.

You need each other 
in this time and place,
though you may have 
experienced this in
another place,
as you awaken 
and remember more,
is Love not the Force 
that you are living for?

See the bigger picture,
a cosmic view,
you are both individual 
and One Light shining 
with your heart that 
beats as One,
might you remember 
your Home,
where You come from.

In the rip and tears
that life can bring,
your Love song heals 
when your heart sings,
may your Light shine 
for humanity to see,
All are reflecting 
One Love,

Beloved, Connected


Is Love not the path 
of least resistance,
though ego likes 
to push back,
as you discern these 
differing perspectives,
here is the choice 
of this or that.

Move to your heart,
seek out your center,
Here in its simplicity 
is your Truth,
when you drop your 
judgments, Here Love
lights the way 
always for you.

You are not lacking,
you have not failed,
ego has stories to keep
you small,
You Are One Love 
within your heart,
beloved, connected
to it All.

Sit with Love,
breathe in this 
your angels and 
loved ones 
do agree,
rejoice with us,
step lightly as 
the Truth of Love 
always sets you free!

Here You Are


Here You Are.

Love sees you 
and honors 
your sacred core 
that is your Truth,
sense your Strength,
your innate power – 
Here You Are.

You are weary of 
feeling the burdens
that your human self
may bear,
ask Love to help to
transform them,
Love says – 
Here You Are.

Does not friction create 
such beauty,
as the oyster with 
its pearl,
with the blessings of
all those before you,
precious One –
Here You Are.

You shine with 
your spark,
your willingness helps 
you believe and know,
you are connected,
needed, cherished,
Love is grateful – 
Here You Are.

Here Is Love


And always,
Here is Love.

In the struggle,
when there is pain,
you may wonder 
what to do,
take a breath,
rest in this moment,
remember always,
Here is Love.

Life is full of obstacles
that trip you up
as you seek 
where to walk,
on any journey
that you find yourself,
forever, always,
Here is Love.

When you tire of the 
steep climb that ego
creates to distract you,
when you pause 
in Love’s sweet breath,
your soul whispers gently,
Here is Love.

Be you tender 
in your heart,
letting compassion
wash over you,
know Love’s blessing
always, forever,
Here is Love.

Love’s Elegant System


Give Gratitude 
to cells in your
they are working 
on your behalf,
as a “cell” in the 
what might you give
then sense it coming back.

Yes, your biology 
can teach you 
where does anything
begin or end,
as life is cyclical 
in its nature,
systems work together 

You see your Light 
as separate in 
this world,
but your Light 
cannot Be alone,
it is the life-force 
of All That Is,
you as one expression 
are always part of 
the Whole.

Give Gratitude to All 
expressions of One Love,
You are All manifesting
as One,
explore, rejoice 
in your own 
and know your Light 
forever shines 
at Home.

A Marvelous Mystery


You marvel at the 
mystery of nature 
as it shows,
what acceptance, allowance 
looks like,
moving deeper into 
its flow.

Be amazed at all 
the color autumn 
turned up for all
to see,
now the branches 
show each twist
and bend,
the core of elegant

Now that you can see
more clearly the 
ancient mountains 
that you love,
when the leaves obscured
your view,
were they still not present 
from sights above?

You are nature,
you are mystery,
may you marvel 
at Who You Are,
You Are creation 
of Source expressing 
from dust to stars!

Say Yes


Say yes to Love.

Your heart may break,
you wonder how
to fill a space that has 
emptied out,
sense your wholeness,
complete You Are – 
say yes to You,
say yes to Love.

This may be a new 
sensation to feel,
who might you be 
if not climbing uphill,
you are the peak 
you have been
searching for – 
say yes to You,
say yes to Love.

Loved ones, 
your angels and 
your guides,
remind they are 
with you upon 
this ride,
open a door,
prop windows wide –
say yes to You,
say yes to Love.

Why not throw caution 
to the wind,
step into This Flow,
begin again,
your connected spark 
always Lights the way,
say yes to You,
say yes to Love.

May you remember 
Joy and Peace,
Here with you always 
is Grace and ease,
let Love remind you,
beloved one,
Love says yes to You,
precious child of Love.