Home With Love

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12/21/22   from – 12/22/19

Be Home with Love.

You may express it
in a place,
a holiday,
or song you sing,
with people gathering,
a quiet moment,
or in the Joy a
beloved pet brings.

Feel the Love that
spilleth over,
do you not wonder
from whence it comes –
this Eternal Fountain
flows across forever,
you cannot Be anywhere
Home with Love.

Rejoice in This Moment,
wherever you are,
it matters not the
space and time,
sing out Love’s Glory
within your heart,
All are with you,
Home with Love.

Together, Love


You flow with Love 
and Be-ings around you,
you do no-thing 
on your own,
you are with your guides,
angels and loved ones,
as you never have 
left Home. 

But are there not 
soul groups among
walking together in
your life,
you know,
you sense this 
eternal connection,
All of You sharing 
the same Light.

There is no-thing 
you cannot do,
no-thing can take
this Peace away,
when you look to
Fellow Lights,
do not troubled thoughts
then slip away.

This may be family,
loving partners,
friends or an instant
connection made,
truly, you are All 
follow Love to
find This, today.

Wrap your self 
with Love, dear one,
it is a sacred layer 
to wear,
no matter what may
come before you,
Love is with you,



Driving With Love


You may wonder 
how to complete
what you had hoped for
upon the earth,
my dear,
you continually are
throughout all realms
even before your 

Time has a way 
of setting your focus
on what is next upon 
your list to check,
is there not Love 
throughout these 
might flowing with 
Be your intent?

On earth the drive 
to control
is ego’s way of 
being in charge,
could you not navigate
more peacefully,
when your Higher Self
is driving the car?

Take a breath,
release the tension
of timelines made
or goals to achieve,
You Are Love’s Purpose,
Here and present,
sense This Knowing
and in you, believe!

Sacred Space


Sacred is the space 
between us,
though space is perceived
by you on earth,
with no distance or 
time constricting,
Love is Eternal,
no death,
no birth.

Awake in wonder 
from your dreaming,
what is a dream or
what is real,
where Love resides as 
your whole Presence,
This is You,
complete and healed.

You may travel through 
many rooms,
but Love’s One House 
is your Home, dear,
All you Love are
with you always,
in sacred spaces,

A Bridge of Knowing


Welcome Home,
your soul reminds
for you have never 
really left,
your Self is aware
of your whole journey,
have you not had glimpses
of this and that.

When integration reaches 
a level,
are there not switches 
that get flipped,
have you not looked back
upon your journey,
wondering how you
arrived at This.

Take your place 
at Love’s table,
your Team,
your guides are 
familiar, too,
you All have been 
working together,
are you All not aspects 
of Love’s Truth?

You walk and cross 
This Bridge of Knowing,
hand in hand and 
heart to heart,
yes, loved ones join
you on this journey,
they have been with you
from the start.

Love is the Bridge 
of sacred connection,
you help to build this 
brick by brick,
your unique combination
of human and soul,
adds its sweet harmony
to All of This!

Love’s Infinite Sea


Breathe in Peace,
it is within you,
sense Love here,
Here is your
angels, guides, 
loved ones 
are with you,
may you never 
feel alone.

You have always 
the help of others,
yes, it may be 
hard to see,
but Love’s ripples
flow vast and wide,
All Drops of Love
fill an infinite sea.

Sense Love’s Presence,
let Love reassure,
You Are Here with 
Love Divine,
breathe in Peace,
be filled with Light,
as wholly Love,
you forever shine!

Conflict Resolution


May Love be a balm 
when you are hurting,
when another strikes
with their own pain,
conflict is ego stirring
the pot,
to direct away,
to find someone
to blame.

When you find yourself 
might you ask spirit to 
help you see,
another strikes out 
from their own hurt,
not knowing they 
are loved,

Different scenarios may 
pop up daily,
does ego not love 
the chance to fight,
might you let emotion
bring up defenses
that are asking for 
more Light.

Be Love’s balm
to another,
it is up to them 
to receive,
but in the giving 
of This Love,
you are released,
peaceful and free!

All of This


Do you not flow
with Love,
much like the sun 
and its sun rays,
a drop of sun warms
you in winter,
though sun itself
seems far away.

You may live near 
the ocean,
or far inland to 
not see it,
but its tides are 
tied to the moon
and earth and you
are part of This.

You cannot help 
but be connected,
All is moving,
flowing through,
a drop of water from
another hemisphere
falls as rain,
hydrating you.

The Flow of Love 
is vast, eternal,
it exists beyond 
earth and sky,
your human self 
tries to see this,
but your soul knows,
never asking why.

Love is This Web,
see with the Eyes 
of your soul,
expand your view 
to include All,
see Light in Everything
and know!

Momentum of Love


Let Love be your 
momentum of motion,
this flow of Love 
is Who You Are,
You Are Love’s Purpose 
in your Be-ing,
return to This 
when things feel 

May Love’s flow
help you align
to All You Are
and what you know,
your ego sometimes 
has you spinning,
keeping you in place,
afraid of your growth.

Take the hand of you
as your story,
with Love,
with compassion
help you to see,
no part of you 
is left behind,
your Wholeness grows

Rejoice in this forward
each step is made 
with Love’s sweet 
Truth –
You Are All of This,
trust in Love,
Love believes 
in you!



Be flexible.

Will this state
of mind not help
you to flow 
with Love so 
well –
be like a tree 
in a strong wind,
Be flexible.

Things in life 
may need to 
you wish to prepare
for come what 
yes, make a plan 
then carry this note – 
Be flexible.

Could you have 
chartered your
adventure Here,
in the past this 
was not clear,
All possibility you 
may not yet know –
Be flexible.

Is this not a question
of trust,
you can go ahead 
and list what you
but savor the journey,
bend with the winds
of change –
Be-ing fearless
and flexible!