Be You


Be You.

You may ask,
what might that 
are you not full
of possibility,
make your mark,
be seen and heard,
Be Love’s creation,
Be You.

You may color 
within the lines,
you may resist 
what others define,
look with compassion
in the mirror,
see with acceptance,
Be You.

You may run and dance
upon your path,
some days quiet reflection
is where you are at,
step to the beat of 
your soul’s music,
always in tune,
Be You.

Reframe the thoughts 
within your mind,
thank them for helping 
in space and time,
follow where your passion
leads you – 
upon this ride,
Be You.

Loved ones and angels
see you Here,
your Light,
your spark shines bright,
my dear,
arise, align to your
own Truth,
Be your magnificence,
Be You!



When Peace feels 
like a stranger,
when your heart
feels scattered 
in bits,
breathe in the Love 
that always surrounds
sense your wholeness,
All of This.

You grieve your
loved one passing,
as human,
cry out with
precious tears,
your dear one 
holds you close,
reassuring they 
are with you,
always Here.

Your path may now 
look different,
but as you see with 
new-found eyes,
the Light of Love 
is never extinguished,
do not the stars never
leave the sky?

Yes, your heart 
may now be
but it also holds
this forever Truth –
your loved ones join
with you here,
dear one,
you breathe as One,
beloveds and You.

A Gathering


Gather around,
Love says, smiling,
You All are celebrated 
in This Eternal Moment
sense This Peace,
it is Here for you,
any day.

May you Be a vessel,
giving, receiving so 
Love is shared,
Be This Purpose,
surrender wholly,
extend this Light of Love

Be a Gatherer of Love,
invite Love in to 
any place,
as a Teammate
you are cherished,
as One, You extend 
beyond time and space.

Gather Love,
you promise daily,
share your heart,
Be your Truth,
We Are Here,
Love says, smiling,
wherever You Are,
We Are with you!



Breathe into your 
eternal spring,
your Peace and comfort
reside Here,
when you are knocked 
off your center,
with ease,
with care.

From the bustle 
of holidays,
to transitions or
changes made,
Here with you
is eternal calm,
return to breath,
it knows the way.

Angels, loved ones,
and your guides,
join with your soul 
to see you through,
thank ego for the 
detailed thoughts,
but there is help 
surrounding you.

Breathe with Love,
welcome Home,
Here is All that 
you may need,
Here with Love is 
your True Center,
return, remember,
know and breathe.

The Breath of One


Be the help where 
help is needed,
Be the hope when 
Light is dim,
Love works through 
all expressions,
see This Love,
in others,

What you give,
do you not receive,
this care begins
always with you,
as Love flows freely
within, throughout,
Be This Expression
of Love,
This You.

Trust that what 
is needed,
is given,
a bigger picture 
you may not 
yet see,
the world itself 
may not make 
but You know 
a Greater Reality.

May Love help bring you
greater ease,
share this lovingly 
with All you see,
when you unite 
with fellow Lights,
may the Breath of One
help All Be Peace.

This Light


There is no stopping 
a Light of Love,
This Presence felt
is never gone,
yes, in the physical 
your heart may break,
but This Light assures 
you are not alone.

Eternal bonds stretch
but never break,
your Light of Love
is with you Here,
you sense their presence,
believe This Truth,
This Light loves you 
and is always near.

You see the signs 
that are for you,
take comfort as 
you smile and know,
your loved one’s Light
is with you now,
together, always,
This Light, 
your soul.

Sacred Ground


May Love be the ground
upon which you walk.

You as soul knows 
the greater You,
but you on earth 
may wonder what 
to do – 
may Love be the ground
upon which you walk.

You sense Love’s Peace
connected to your
but in this world,
you may feel apart –
may Love be the ground
upon which you walk.

You wish to integrate,
not feel so torn,
sometimes this path
may feel long and worn,
but Love is the sacred
ground upon which
you walk.

You walk with Love
be it here or there,
whatever step you take,
Love is always Here,
yes, Love is the ground
upon which you walk.

Breathe deeply,
Here You Are,
forever with Love,
be you near or far,
Love is the ground,
your foundation,
Everywhere You Are!

Love’s Sweet Team


You are part of 
Love’s sweet Team,
gentle arms surround 
you now,
together, always,
Here is Peace,
answers will come 
as you ask how.

Let Love’s flow
help you unfold,
see Love’s possibility
you need not hide 
behind walls,
with wings to fly, 
rise and Be Here.

With compassion
to self and others,
with patience in 
what timing needs,
know right Here 
You Are Love’s purpose,
radiating Light so 
you and All may see.

May Love’s smile 
warm your heart,
know Here is your 
eternal Home,
All is Well,
precious child,
part of Love’s Team,
You Are Loved so!

A Journey Home


You may not know 
where a journey 
but as Love is 
the only thing 
you need,
Love is in every step
upon your journey 

You may pack a 
check on your 
but the journey within
is what Love 
is about,
Love is with you
every step 
upon your journey 

Your heart already has 
beat you there,
Love is with 
you now,
always Everywhere,
Love honors your 
every step
upon your journey

You cannot be
Love is Where You Are,
Love illuminates 
the way through
every star,
Love lifts your 
every step upon 
your journey

You need not know 
what next may 
but as each morning
is blessed by the 
Love walks with you,
blessing every step
upon your journey 

An Amazing Grace


Hello friend,
Love says gently,
do we not travel 
together Here,
You Are part of 
the Web of Love,
Light is You
and We Are You,

Let us All 
share hearts
connected as the 
sky to star,
as tree roots need
its rich soil,
relationship is 
Who We Are.

We Are All 
teachers and 
evolving as We 
sense Our Strength,
there is learning
in this sacred dance,
may We move 
as One today.

Hello Love,
your heart knows 
This Presence,
ask for Love 
to gently surround,
allow amazing Grace
to remind, dear one,
you are never lost,
only forever found!