Love’s Healing Balm


No matter what 
the body goes through,
Love is with you 
always, dear,
breathe in This 
and sense Love 
filling in any 
cracks or crevices

May Love remind you
of your wholeness,
there is no-thing 
missing from you,
fill yourself with 
Love’s compassion,
Love always knows 
what to do.

Breathe in Love’s 
healing balm,
take a break,
what do you need,
let Love’s presence
create a loving space
for You, with Love,
to Be!

Love’s Sacred Call


You have all the tools
you need,
are you not discovering them
one by one,
there is time,
a greater purpose,
the journey can be 
and also so much fun.

All of This 
is to find 
All of You,
your egoic self 
chases what is 
ego wants you 
seeking constantly,
though what you seek 
is always within You.

Your story is woven 
from many tapestries 
that you may have 
worn to hide,
now is the time 
to emerge,
the Universe is calling 
for your Light.

Yes the richness of 
your experiences
adds to the
Greater Whole,
you need not disseminate 
your story,
but rise from within it,
Strong and Bold.

Bring the fabric
you have been weaving,
add it to the 
Tapestry of All,
stronger together,
growing, evolving,
souls are answering 
Love’s sacred call. 

One Voice


Believe in Love 
always Here 
with you,
might you also 
believe in you,
your soul connects 
to your greater 
your Team supports
you through and

Love speaks with 
One Voice – you are 
and does not Love 
also speak through
voices shared 
share Love together,
this sacredness 
powers All you do.

Believe, yes know
that Love is listening,
experience the Power
of Love today,
it flows through 
your soul excited
to guide you and 
Light the way!

A Simple Return


Say yes to a path
of ease,
in its simplicity – 
Here is Peace,
you need not struggle,
you need not work,
to know your Truth,
what you are worth.

Life can set up ways
to make things hard,
you may give and give 
until you are tired,
say yes to Love 
holding you so close,
rest in This Truth –
You Are Loved so.

What do you wish 
to release,
begin anew with 
Grace and ease,
open the window 
to your soul,
Here is Everything 
you need to know.

Return to Home,
return to You,
there is no-thing 
that you must do,
your path has led you 
to This Truth,
breathe in This Peace,
say hello to You!



Be Here in the everyday,
your feet firmly 
on the ground,
the human experience 
may cause you worry,
but return Here 
with Love all around.

You need not tell 
yourself more stories,
simply return to 
where Love Is,
this is You confident
and purposeful,
Be-ing present in 
each moment 
like This.

Say hello to your Self
who is forever Here
by your side,
your search is over,
Here You Are –
Love fully expressed
as your unique Light!

Your Strength and Courage


Be patient with 
old feelings stirring,
do they not come up 
to be seen,
you have all you need
within you,
to recalibrate past 
core beliefs.

Stand in your power 
are you not fearless,
you need not ever
run and hide,
Love is Here with 
Courage and Strength,
supporting you wholly
upon this earthly ride.

Ask for help,
make your connections,
here in this life and
with angels above,
relationship is acknowledging 
there are myriad expressions
of This One Love.

With compassion for 
your journey,
accept Love’s Grace
as you are not alone,
walk with purpose 
on Love’s foundation,
steady, strong and 
forever at Home!

Eternally, Light


May Love wrap you 
in its Light,
when there is one light
less on earth,
this is the view 
of human eyes,
your heart and soul 
know what is 

Might you sense 
this Light expanding,
dancing with the fairies
to create and play,
is not the Light 
you miss so dearly,
already playing music
in an angelic way.

Love surrounds and is 
This Light,
there is no separation
this bond connects you
in This Eternal,
were you not meant to
experience This Light, 
so dear?

Hear Love’s sweet music 
in the trees,
see Love smile upon you
from a crescent moon,
beloveds find infinite ways
to reach you,
listen with your heart 
to Love’s eternal tune.

Your Light


Share your compassion,
let another know 
they are seen,
when you see Love 
in another,
does This not blend
I, you and we.

Yes, you look within 
for Light,
but does not sharing 
feel so good,
life is a complex grid,
but connections made 
are what light up 
the world.

Be open, 
Be kind,
Be willing to 
reach out to
share your Light,
see You,
see Love in those
you see today,
say hello to your 
Fellow Lights!

This Presence of Peace


Breathe in This Moment,
Love’s gift to you,
may Love help in all
that you may do,
is there not a sweet spot
you wish to find,
where Peace helps time
to gracefully unwind.

May Grace be your 
companion today,
may you delight 
in Love guiding 
your way,
in This receiving,
does not the soul
of You,
get to play with wonder,
flowing effortlessly 

Love’s Peace is Here 
in your every breath,
Be comfortable with 
not knowing what 
comes next,
You Are empowered 
with All that you need,
with Love’s Grace,
soak up this 
Presence of Peace!

Home With Love


Let Love lift you 
from your troubles,
open your heart,
let Love cleanse you,
like gentle ripples
in the water,
Love forever flows
through you.

Here is a place 
for you to 
come home,
a chair to rest
by fireside,
or if your love 
is by the water,
Love is the waves
that calm inside.

Let Love remind 
you so gently,
Here with Love 
you will always Be,
release, receive
All blessings
Love brings,
Home with Love 
is you, as Peace.