Your Loving Choice


Make a shift,
Here your Light 
it is not so far
the veil you think 
keeps you from This,
is ego getting in 
the way.

Yes you are here,
with body, human,
You, your Self 
exists always,
with awareness 
of This miracle,
ask Love to flow 
through you,

Make a choice 
for Love each
does this not quiet 
ego’s voice,
ego may rear its
head at times,
fighting you making
a loving choice.

Bring ego into 
This loving fold,
your inner child wishes
for Love, too,
Love with no strings,
with no exceptions,
comes with This Peace
as wholly You!



Experience today.

Set aside your 
your fears,
let worry 
take a break

Let the senses
of your body
take in the beauty
of the earth.

Be warmed by sun,
feel breath of wind,
soak up the wonder 
of spring’s rich growth.

Use the splendor 
of Nature’s Oneness
to embrace This Moment

This is your return
to Home,
You exist in 
This Everywhere.

Here is your Home
where you belong,
This is Peace,
sense it flow through.

You Are This,
beloved child,
This moment 
is Love,
as You!

Rest and Release


Peel off the layers
one by one,
with Gratitude,
thank every one,
it matters not why 
they are there,
look upon them now 
with loving care.

What defenses do you 
think you need,
protection goes with 
the ego’s creed,
release the armor
you built when young,
has it not obscured 
your view of You 
as One?

Be gentle,
Be kind,
with you my dear,
you need do no-thing – 
Love is always Here,
rest and release into 
Love’s sweet arms,
dear child,
see You as 
the Love You Are!

This Awareness


Each breath is 
new life,
what might you 
create anew,
release your judgments
and your grievances,
experiencing the 
Eternal You.

This Real You is 
not so hidden,
it is the perspective 
that observes your
This Awareness 
is connected to 
All That Is,
Here Is Love’s 
beautiful Light.

With Peace,
knowing and 
This Perspective 
understands This Truth,
ego acts out all of 
its stories,
but You remain 
the expansive You.

From This Source,
breathe in Love’s Flow,
release what is not
truly You,
direct your focus,
your attention
to This Love
that forever  
breathes You!



Breathe in comfort
from Love now,
Love sits with you and
holds your hand,
may you sense
your Truth, Beloved,
your heart,
your soul says 
yes I can.

Look at beliefs that
stir and grate,
ego knows how to 
distract you,
watch with Love,
see your own story,
the One who is watching 
is the Eternal You.

Ask Love not to 
solve the ego,
join with Love that
is wholly You,
your Faith builds 
a bridge to knowing
Love is Here 
at Home
with You!



You are empowered,
You Are Strength,
old wounds need not 
hurt you anymore,
with Gratitude for 
life’s journey,
set victimhood 
outside the door.

Life goes up and 
then back down,
this rollercoaster ride
can make you doubt,
but inherent within
your soul,
is a deep knowing of 
what You Are about.

Thank your angels, 
loved ones too,
you have always been 
part of a Team,
you delight when 
paths you cross 
are so much more 
than what they seem.

You may have thought 
you were alone,
but is it not now 
so clear to you –
you are needed 
in Love’s web,
your heart,
your Strength,
your Team
and You!


A Perfect Pace


Life can shift and 
leave you breathless,
as you wonder where 
next to go,
you may long for 
the familiar,
as your path may 
feel unknown.

Turn your focus 
ever inward,
do not all journeys 
begin in your heart,
have faith and trust 
in your navigation,
your soul is eternally 
your North Star.

Be patient with you 
upon your journey,
sometimes divine timing 
needs time to gel,
Be at Peace in 
any moment,
as your soul assures
All is Well.

Draw in breath,
this well-spring of Love
is Here always,
there is no-where 
you need to hurry,
Love walks with you
at a perfect pace.

With acceptance 
in your heart,
with allowance 
for what unfolds,
sense the comforting
arms of Love
surrounding you and 
loving you so!



Be grateful,
Be amazed,
Love is a gift
that shows you 
the way.

Be loving,
Be kind,
begin with you,
what gems you
will find!

Be acceptance,
Be trust,
break down your 
look at “me”
as “us.”

Be awareness,
Be wholly You,
Love answers your
your soul knows
this Truth.

Be Love,
Be gentle 
with you,
with each small step
you take,
Love forever walks
with you!

A Gentle Smile


Be Love today.

Smile at the trees,
whether it be cloudy
or sunny skies with 
add your vibration 
to the Whole –
and Be Love today.

Set aside your list 
of what to do,
yes do them but 
smile inwardly 
at you,
ask gentleness 
to show the way – 
and Be Love today.

Shine your Light,
help another to see,
as you do This 
you see differently,
what you give 
do you not receive,
as Love’s sweet smile,
Be Love today.

The trees,
the sky 
smile back 
at you,
reminding you 
to Be,
not only do,
with a gentle smile,
you know what 
to “do,”
Be You,
Be kind,
Be Love,

This Voice


Listen for the 
still, small voice,
it resides always
ego’s voice is 
louder, yes,
it can be hard 
to hear beyond
its din.

Ego builds resistive 
thinking it is you it 
must protect,
smooth out friction 
built by fear,
these walls tumble with
a cleansing breath.

Love’s voice is 
your very own,
the One that flows 
with Grace and ease,
trust This Voice 
as you discover,
within you Now 
is eternal Peace!