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When you open up
a window,
do you not feel
the air that flows –
circulating all around
you could not feel it
with window closed.

Are you not continually
opening windows,
yes, to your mind
but also your soul,
Love flows within and
all around you,
but there are times
you do not know.

Build your awareness
and acknowledge,
that you are the very
air you breathe,
you are all things
that you see,
you are the spaces
in between.

You may need to
begin with your human
to crack the window
of your soul,
but do not limit
what you sense,
you are truly limitless
with what you know.

The air you feel
with window cracked
is only a reminder
of the Truth,
You Are Everywhere
at once,
All Is Love
Love Is You.

Love’s Present

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Be present
with Love.

Are there not many
that Love can take
you to,
with Love,
through emotion,
are all not available
to you?

You are part of
a greater web,
that connects you
to those you
are they not with
you in any
when you are
with Love?

Yes, you can
go back to
moments in time,
to remind you
what you were
thinking of,
but does your heart
not remind you now,
that All are present
with Love?

Let Love
take you now
to All you Love
Here and
Everywhere –
your hearts together
form the bond
and the present
Is Love.

*On a personal note, I first experienced presence sitting in a boat on a lake with my Dad. On this Father’s Day, I know he is always with me.

The Magic of One

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There is magic
in a moment
when you realize
You Are One,
yet as human,
you are challenged,
by forgetting this

Have Faith that
is always with you,
it is not a
fleeting thing,
in your heart
you know this
Love Is around
and in Everything.

When you are in
the midst of a
yes, your human
side takes charge,
feel it all,
let every emotion
flow through you
like shuffling cards.

Then take a breath,
shift your awareness,
know this is one
part of All of You –
when you balance,
can you not see
with the eyes
of the Soul of You?

You need not judge
yourself as human,
surround yourself
with so much Love,
life is challenging,
fraught with drama,
yes, you often
need a hug.

You Are magic
in any moment,
as you know
and realize the
Truth –
You Are Love
at your center,
You Are One
One Is You.

Your Beautiful Voice

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When you quiet
the noise and
does not a stronger
come through,
this voice will sound
is this not the voice
at the center
of You?

You may hear it,
feel it,
know it –
in myriad ways
does it not
with free will you
can always
ignore it,
even if the Truth
it tells
does resonate.

This Voice never
leaves your side,
even as you may
sometimes not heed
its call,
you can always depend
and count on
this connection to
the Source of All.

The beautiful Voice
of your soul
will speak to you
in a thousand ways,
with no conditions,
strings or ties,
is this not showing you
how Love Is,

You have this loving
playing background music
through the Life of You –
Be still,
Be quiet,
soak up this Love Song,
every note celebrates
the beautiful
Symphony of You.

Love’s Wonder

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See nature’s beauty
that surrounds you,
even if you live
near city streets,
a tree,
or leaf,
or flower remind you,
nature’s wonder grows

You need only to
look above you
to see a blank canvas,
the amazing sky,
what masterpiece
will you see upon it,
each painting unique
to your wondering eye.

Are you not made
of this same wonder,
with the same
Vibration of Love –
you and everything
around you,
the ground below and
beautiful sky above.

You seek the beauty
that inspires you,
that touches your heart,
to make it sing,
are you not able
to find Love’s wonder
within you as
You Are Everything?

You Are Love’s
You Are Love’s
soak up the wonder
of it All –
feel Love’s Vibration
within your heart,
You Are a masterpiece
of Love.

Know Peace

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When you wish to center,
take a breath –
and within each breath
are you not Home?

Be the breath,
know Love breathes
does Peace not arise,
when you realize
each breath Is Love?

Love Is Here,
with you,
always –
find your center,
welcome Home,
Be the breath,
Know Peace.

Bright Light

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When you see a
bright Light
in others,
is this not because
of your own Light
as well,
does not your soul navigate
you to many mirrors
that will tell
the Truth of what
is your very Essence,
are you not shining
for all to see,
you are a Bright Light
believe this Truth
and shine brightly.

Your human story
may throw you curves,
you may feel you
you have lost your shine,
but your soul
burns ever brightly,
not constrained by
space or time –
so dust off what
no longer serves you,
and as you tap
into the Truth,
you need not see
the Light outside,
all of your brightness
shines in You.

Be the Light
that burns so
see what Light
attracts to you,
You Are a Beautiful Light,
shine brightly with
the Love
That is You!