With Faith, As Grace


O Precious One 
release your struggle,
you need not fight 
for what you are
worthy of,
your internal spark 
is forever glowing
with the Light of
Eternal Love.

Yes, life’s experiences 
may bring up conflict,
but know this is 
not the complete 
story of you,
the body is wired to 
get your attention,
it makes demands 
upon what to do.

At the core of this 
strange life,
is it not fear that 
wishes to be seen,
what cries out 
for reassurance,
that Love is for All 
and for Everything?

Yes it is easier to 
push away 
what is not wanted 
but as all wishes 
to be held in Love,
might Love provide 
what it is asking for?

Build your spark 
into a flame,
let your heart be 
the one to lead,
with Faith, 
see you with the 
Eyes of Love,
as Grace,
Love is Here with you,

Wholly You


Allow what comes up 
for observation,
defense and judgment 
are not hard to see,
human behavior 
reflects years of 
but might you 
see this play 

When you allow Love 
to be the director,
might you try on 
another role,
observe and see 
the actors who are 
are not separate 
but part of the 

Souls are working 
always together,
to create scenerios
for you to see,
yes, your judgment 
may cloud your vision,
allow Love to clear 
what you wish to 

From this perspective,
sense the depth of 
that reminds what is 
always True,
yes, you are all playing
out the story,
and every actor is 
Wholly You!

Your Intention


A new day,
a new breath,
a new thought 
not judged as 
might you set 
your intention
to Love.

Check your routine,
old habits made,
what do you accept 
that you now may 
create – 
might you Be 
your intention 
of Love.

What thoughts recycle
to keep you small,
your soul has knowledge 
and is open to All – 
You Are your
soul’s intention 
as Love.

In this moment,
there is choice,
do you stay quiet 
or find your Voice –
with each breath,
Be Love’s creation,
always Love.

All Is Possible


Let Love lift you 
with its Strength,
Love is the wind 
beneath your wings,
potentiality becomes 
All is Possible 
is what Love 

Ask and yes,
ye shall receive,
but are you not 
discovering you 
already have,
peeling the heavier 
layers off 
allows you to step 
joyfully upon
your path. 

Ask Love to help you
see This Truth,
in asking,
do you not surrender 
where Love is dancing
with Peace and Joy,
and always dear one,
dancing with You!

Being Light


Is there not Peace 
in your surrender,
when you let go 
and fully trust,
do not wonder and 
feel lighter than 
being so serious?

There is lightness in 
your true Be-ing,
this is not frivolous 
or trite,
is it not acknowledgment,
that beyond what you 
see is Eternal Light.

Take a breath,
let go,
trust and allow 
spirit to lead 
the way,
you are integral 
to this flow,
what does your soul 
wish to say?

Prayers of Grace 
are already 
step into Love’s 
welcoming flow,
Here is Home,
your soul reminds 
You Are Love 
You Are Loved so!



Your past need not 
foretell your future,
you are a present,
creative Be-ing,
the past may bring up 
old perceptions,
that are ready to 
be released.

Do not miss this 
present moment,
jumping from past 
to future you,
ego wishes for status
opting for sameness,
instead of creating 

As you Love the 
Whole of You,
in linear time
All of You receives
Love’s blessing and 
assuring you – 
you have all 
you need.

Step lightly on your 
present path,
you need not struggle 
as past may say,
your future You 
is eternally patient,
Love rejoices in 
the miracle of You,



Is not music 
the coming together 
of seemingly 
separate notes?

Even as a note,
a tone,
sounds singular,
does it not also 
expand as an 
eternal wave?

Is there not 
coherence and 
a wholeness,
when harmonic sounds 
combine together 
as one.

Is this not a 
Symphony of Love,
when two or more 
gather to create 
as One?

As an instrument 
of Love,
explore and create 
your loving song.

Be a Symphony 
of Love,
Love invites All 
to play along!



Opening to the 
“I don’t know,”
is a path to 
letting go.

Is there not
and flow,
when you allow 
things to unfold?

Big or small,
it matters not,
set free,
release your 
usual thoughts.

This is how You 
as spirit create,
Be present now,
not past or future 

You and your 
soul are like 
hand in glove,
this moment
of Love!

A Natural State


Set aside your 
Love can take on 
many forms,
an exchange of 
pure connection,
Love exists
you are.

Love is Gratitude 
when you see, 
acknowledge and 
touch another’s 
Love is Strength 
when you are 
in saying,
“I don’t know.”

Do not miss the 
thousand moments 
that offer exchanges 
of Love today,
Love exists in the 
Love walks with you 
every step of the 

Love need not be a
formal banner,
to remind you 
what is True,
Be Love’s choice 
in any moment,
Be Love’s natural 
state of You!

Peace, Love and Grace


Be One with You 
in any moment,
your soul is Here 
always with you,
any friction you you feel 
is from your ego,
who may think you need 
something to contrast to.

Here does ease and Grace
yet your human story 
may not want to give up,
the familiar struggle,
earning peace,
though You Are always 
with what You Are 
made of.

Be One with Love 
in this now moment,
with awareness know 
this Authentic You –
and Grace
are with you,
quiet the chatter,
know This Truth 
of You!