A Peaceful Rest


Does not the body show
what it needs,
do you sometimes push
beyond this line,
your mind thinks 
it has control,
but is there not 
a wiser and knowing

Might you check in 
with what feels right,
this is not a perception
of right or wrong,
but tune into where Love
is playing all the notes
you need to sing 
Love’s song.

Know when to push
and when to rest,
this ebb and flow 
is part of life,
there is less resistance
when you integrate
your body and mind 
with your soul’s Light.

Sense the sacredness 
in each moment,
pause now and then
to sense This Peace,
with Gratitude,
breathe in This Love,
ask what you need
and then receive.

Your body and mind 
will be grateful,
as you let go of 
control not real,
Love in its infinite
wisdom knows 
where to go and 
what to heal.

Rest and relax 
when this is 
Peace and ease will
let you know,
you need not struggle 
to walk through life,
surrender to Love 
and as This,

Discovering Trust

3/01/23 from  3/01/22

As you trust Love,
trust in your soul,
are you not building 
trust in you?
Your ego mind 
may put up 
but is not the journey
discovering Trust
as you?

Trust is not fulfilling 
all expectations,
it is the flow 
that helps you to 
You Are purpose 
and with Love,
are you not open 
to all possibility?

Trust is authentically 
in This Moment
as Love that is you,
be confident in 
This belief – 
Trust is knowing 
Love believes in 

Your trust evolves 
in this human space,
but You as soul 
knows what is True,
accept, receive 
Love’s eternal promise – 
Behold, dear child,
All Love is You!

This Sacred Body


lean into where 
your body thinks
that it needs to
ego constantly is 
preparing always 
for fight or flight.

Does not your body 
then brace itself,
calling in other parts
to help,
send Love to All parts 
of the body,
changing its belief 
to All is Well.

Love fosters integration,
moving together as
One Whole,
there is no part 
that is separate,
unity is what Love

lean into 
Love’s One Truth,
This is You,
complete and whole,
address the needs 
of this sacred body,
knowing always Here,
You Are Home!

Be-ing Responsible


Your responsibility 
is to Love.

In life you seek 
many outcomes,
knowing you cannot 
control them all,
find Love’s Peace,
accepting dear one,
your responsibility 
is to Love.

Love is your map,
your GPS,
when you stumble 
or feel lost,
Here You Are,
forever connected,
Be-ing responsible 
to Love.

Yes, as human
you have preferences,
some things may not 
seem fair,
but as Love’s gift,
your Love shines to reveal
your responsibility 
is to Love.

Follow your guidance,
your soul speaks gently
to you as you 
align with Truth,
your responsibility 
is Here,
Home always,
accept Love’s responsibility 
to you!



Come back to This 
present moment,
return from what 
you think may be,
future unfolds in 
sequenced moments,
your presence there 
will presently Be.

Have Faith in your 
presence, Be-ing,
Here is where your
power Is,
for in This present moment
are the ripples that 
create All of This.

There is knowing 
in This Presence,
you need not know 
all details here,
with Faith in You,
wholly connected,
All Peace,
All Love,
is with you, dear!

Authentic and True


Be brave of heart,
what no longer 
serves you,
what are you ready 
to let go,
you may feel stuck 
within a cycle,
with core beliefs 
blocking your road.

With Courage and Strength 
at your disposal,
with your soul ready 
to navigate,
what might you do 
a little differently,
what fresh decisions
may you make.

Ego presses for the 
even if these clothes 
no longer fit,
step into your power
as soul,
from This Perspective,
see All of This.

You may feel like 
an imposter,
but This is You
authentic and True,
tell ego to take a 
deserved break,
for there is much 
for You to do.

Grace is your soul 
stepping forward,
ease is allowing 
This for you,
believe and trust 
in your True Self,
a magnificent soul 
Love’s Truth!

A Freeing Allowance


Sometimes you need 
a little help,
it need not be hard 
to simply ask,
reach out to friends,
family, to spirit,
when you are perplexed
by any task.

Asking is opening 
to receiving,
imagine a door being
opened wide,
when you accept 
sometimes not knowing,
All that You know 
appears from inside.

Letting go of expected
is a first step in 
releasing control,
there may be a 
resolution greater
than the one that 
ego thinks it knows. 

Much angst or worry 
comes from not knowing,
try reframing this with
excitement, glee,
when you let go of 
and flow with Love,
are you not free?

Be at Peace with open
let Love unfold what 
may come next,
You as soul are part 
of this process,
Trust in Love,
in You, 
and say yes!

A Peaceful Ease


Return to You,
yes Peace awaits,
tap into the stillness 
when you want respite
from the noise,
your breath draws
in Love,
always near.

Peace is not a thinking 
resist the urge to 
seek and find,
no matter the earthly
Peace is Home 
beyond the mind.

Return to This,
your natural Be-ing,
may you flow with 
Grace and ease,
draw in each breath,
Love reassures,
Here is always,
eternal Peace!

A Stillness Calling


Sync with Love,
hear stillness 
you can connect 
in any space,
when you say yes
to Love do you not 
flow with This
in any space.

You Are Awareness,
sense Love’s presence,
it is the natural flow
of You,
yes as human you do
have questions,
but does not Love’s answer
bubble up in you?

You need not know 
the how or why,
listen to your soul 
and not your mind,
Trust your Self 
who has been on 
this road 
an infinite number
of times.

Flow with Love,
align with This,
quiet the static 
of all else,
Here is Peace,
your natural 
your soul reminds
Here All is Well!