Home, Always


Let Love carry 
you Home.

Home may feel like 
where you were born,
where you have lived.
Addresses, pictures,
memories remind you
where physically you
have been.

These are familiar roads
that you have traveled 
time and again,
are there not indelible 
paths formed,
where experiences began
or came to an end.

You may long for 
a long-lost home,
or you may attempt 
to run far away,
might you welcome 
all experience with 
accepting, allowing 
what returns home 
to stay.

Let Love carry you
Love’s arms are able 
to hold all for you,
does Love not transform
what you need 
to Light the way 
back Home to You?

At times you may need
to adjust and calibrate 
to your North Star –
You Are eternally at Home
in the Universe,
Home always 
as the Love 
You Are!

Dear Child, With Love


Look at things 
in a different way,
with fresh new eyes,
what may go 
or stay?

It is good to question 
pre-programmed thoughts,
they do not define you,
though they may tie you 
in knots.

Accept opportunities
though your ego 
pushes back,
in fear of judgment 
or showing you 
where you lack.

“I keep you safe!”
ego cries with 
great alarm,
“I am the only thing 
that keeps you safe
from harm!”

Tenderly show ego,
this inner self who 
asks for Love,
You know the Truth 
is within,
not only above.

Dear child,
You Are Loved 
beyond the words 
that you wish to hear,
All of Love 
supports you 
and is always Here.

Thank you, 
for working so hard 
on our behalf,
come take My hand,
see Our Wholeness, 
with no lack.

There is no need 
to fight or struggle 
to Be This Truth,
Love is Who We Are,
You Are Loved 
I Love You!

Celebrate You!


Celebrate You, today.

It need not be a 
particular date 
that announces you
or when you found 
your mate,
though this may be
take time any moment,
and celebrate You.

Give yourself a 
pat on the back,
surround yourself 
with loving arms
so vast,
see the Light 
in You,
the brilliance of 
with meaning,
celebrate You.

Let go of accomplishments
or when you came up 
all of these live only 
in a human report,
shred all that wishes 
to keep score,
see your Essence 
so True 
and celebrate You.

And while you are in
a celebratory mood,
why not include 
your sisters and 
brothers, too,
are they not part 
of Love’s Family 
of One,
when you celebrate 
you celebrate You!

Divine Alignment


Love knows what 
is needed.

And in this life
your needs may 
they change in place 
and time,
you have outcomes,
for everything to 
turn out right.

Yes you invest 
in the future,
with what you have 
learned from the past,
might you evolve 
from forever student 
and step into your 
Divine present tense?

Let Love line up 
what comes forth,
what unfolds on
intention sent,
but also realize 
Love sees All –
what delivers may not
be what you meant.

Align intention 
and desire
from the perspective 
of your soul,
let Love and Grace
fill in the details,
as you keep opening
up new doors.

Set your intention 
to let Love,
keep your mind open 
to this flow,
delight in the magic
of this vibration –
mind, heart in alignment
with your soul.

So Loved


You Are Loved.

When steel gray clouds
block out the 
you may forget
that Light is 
may fellow Lights
help you remember –
You Are Loved.

The body may at times 
feel foreign to you,
my dear, this is not 
your True Home,
is not its purpose 
to help you discover –
You Are Loved.

Dive deep beyond 
your thinking thoughts,
your heart beats 
as This Truth,
have Faith in You,
a Divine Being –
You Are Loved.

what Love has 
for you,
fellow Lights as One
help show the way,
you are precious 
and beloved,
You Are One 
with Light,
as You Are Love!

Forever Grace


Love is your 
healing Grace.

Surrender to this 
healing prospect,
You Are This
This Is You,
Love fills in 
all painful cracks,
Love is your 
healing Grace.

When you sense
unstable footing,
know Love holds 
you up with ease,
no matter the path 
you walk on,
Love is your 
healing Grace.

In your lifetime
there may be 
this world is 
not meant to 
make sense,
your Peace 
dwells deeper 
than earthly layers,
is not Love your
eternal Grace?

In forgiveness is 
there not freedom,
is not forgiveness 
Love pure and strong,
You Are Love’s 
whole and eternal,
Love is You – 
forever Grace.

Knowing Flow


With trust,
strengthen your
beyond belief, 
knowing waits 

Trust in the flow 
that sees new paths
when you are able 
to let go,
when you allow
what may unfold, 
as you surrender 
your control.

Yes a tiny bit 
of trust,
is all your human 
self may need,
to open doors to 
your soul’s knowing
and Divine guidance
Here to help lead.

There is no need to 
swim upstream,
when Love’s strong 
current will help 
you go,
let go of your 
and glide with Love’s 
eternal flow.

Get comfortable with 
“I don’t know”,
be willing to release 
all of the “how”s,
let your connection 
to All That Is 
show you each step 
in your present Now.

Let Love’s energy draw
to you 
what will serve the 
greater good,
be flexible,
go with this flow,
with Love,
release all of
the “should”s.

You can sense 
Divine alignment,
it is beyond what 
you think or dream,
beyond belief,
your internal knowing 
is Who You Are
as a Divine Being!

As Love


You need not use 
to change your 
but as the 
Essence of Love,
what miracles 
may you find!

You misunderstand 
that is the ego’s 
clutching grip,
when you loosen 
and let go,
is there not allowance
to what Is?

In an instant,
with no thought,
are you not One 
with All That Is,
this is the miracle 
you pray for,
and You Are always 
All of This.

It is murky,
hard to see 
with Vision 
through thinking 
is there not a clearer 
within your core,
that is You,

Be aware of thoughts 
that run from programs 
long since made,
create fresh,
begin anew,
your soul’s purpose 
is As Love,

A New Adventure


Be flexible.

As comfortable as you are 
with your surroundings,
might you loosen up
your grip,
as you relax your 
do not new ideas 
flow into it?

You may sometimes 
balk at new adventures,
you may take comfort 
in your routine,
life – with time,
is ever-changing,
what is the next phase
wishing you to bring?

All You Are 
is ever-present,
all that you have 
stays with you still –
it may feel hard 
to leave what you 
but what is the next cup
of Love to fill?

When all you need 
is deep within You,
when Love can 
never go away,
no-matter what comes 
in and out of life,
be assured that Love 
is always Here to 

Be flexible,
you are resilient
believe this Truth,
as a powerful creation 
of Source,
out-source the Love 
that flows through