True Vision

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Who do you look
what do you look
yes an image is only
for a second, it
may not last.

But as Love is
always Here,
does it not make up
what is real,
might you see
with the eyes of
the soul,
an indelible glimpse
into what you know.

Might you join in
sights unseen,
knowing Love is
you need not travel –
there is nowhere
you are not,
is not All Love
within This loving

You need not change
your human sight,
is not within
your brightest Light,
let Love’s true Vision
be how you see,
All Love is present,
in thee!

Allow Love

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Allow Love.

You need not go
to extreme measures
to weave intricate
Love is intact,
so strong,
so sure,
beyond all doubt,
allow Love.

The human story
may set up mazes,
you may think
you have lost
your way,
no matter where
you are in space,
with any question,
allow Love.

Be a conduit,
a vessel,
a beacon of Light
if it is hard to see,
you need not know
the hows or why(s),
step lovingly aside,
allow Love.

Let Love flow through
you as it touches
hearts that remember
and know This Truth,
Love is Everywhere
and All Are
of This,
in Gratitude,
allow Love.

Your Loving Heart

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Let go of assumptions
that you make up
in your mind,
is not speculation
full of roles that
you think you
must define?

Does not expectation
more obstacles
in the road,
does not any path
become easier,
when you lighten up
the load?

There is a balance
to awareness,
the more you think
the less you know,
but when you lead
with a loving heart,
does Truth not
unfold as this is

Yes, you will always
with a human brain
so full of thought,
but step aside
and meet your
your open,
loving Heart.

A Sweet Return

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Does transformation
not happen when,
caterpillar lies still
in a cocoon,
wrapped lovingly
safe as time goes by,
awaiting wings
so she may fly.

You may look at
cocoon and judge
its form,
but it keeps caterpillar
safe and warm,
and as growth is
a never-ending force,
might stillness bring forth
what is needed most?

Gather within
all parts of you,
see your perfect
come shining through,
you are caterpillar
and butterfly,
You Are transformation
be you still
or when you fly.

You Are One
as Love
in all stages
of You,
transformation is
your sweet return
to the Whole
of You.

An Awareness of Love

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Awareness is
your perception
may see
different points of view,
there is learning in
these perspectives,
with no need to judge
the human you.

Awareness is a
building block
that you may use
to see the Whole,
but as you open
your human eyes,
are you not aware
your soul already

Let your awareness
be your teacher,
to lovingly show
what you already
Love shines through
all of your
human layers,
to remind
All Is Well,
with your soul.

This Sacred Moment

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Yes, it is hard
not to look ahead,
with anticipation
or something you may
does not speculation
take up space in your
as you walk this earth
in linear time?

It is human nature
to grasp and want
to hold
all aspects of form
and then to shape
and mold,
might you breathe
in acceptance
and in this present
might you sense Peace
and not wait for
what is next?

The Whole of You
is on this lifetime
you and your soul
share this road trip
of life,
soak it up,
take what comes next
in stride,
you are resourceful,
in this life.

The Love of You
is at Peace
Where You Are,
this sacred moment
is the perfect instant
of the Love You Are.

Strength and Peace

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Sense your Strength,
with each loving step,
you need not walk
Love is your every

Your foundation is
even as You Are
in This Balance
is Truth,
Love walks with you
with every step.

Let Love show you
doors to open,
let Love shine on
different ways,
let Light illuminate
the path,
that you may take
upon this day.

You Are Peace
always deep within
trust your Self
to accept
This Truth –
Love is your touchstone,
constant and steady,
as the Strength of Love,
Peace Be with You.

A Pearl of Love

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Is not Love’s Light
always shining,
yes, sometimes doubt
can obscure,
set aside your human
might you be creating
Love’s perfect pearl?

At times you may feel
some discomfort,
as you stretch beyond
your comfort zone,
Love’s Light illuminates
the way,
with Faith you know
that Here is Home.

Your soul rejoices always
when you invite
your soul to play,
when you step aside
do you not align with
the Whole of You
in Love’s glorious way?

You may think it is
a leap of Faith,
but you are already
where you wish to
Be –
allow growth to
delight you with
Where You Are,
aligned with Love,
with Joy,
set free!

With Ease

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You wish to dot
all “i”s and cross
all “t”s,
how might you
flow with grace
and ease?

At the level of
so much detail,
it may indeed
fill up the mind,
but as your Mind
is limitless,
might you be surprised
at what you find?

May what you need
arrive effortlessly,
even beyond what
you may have thought,
may what you list
be resolved,
maybe differently
than what was

You may think you
know the answers,
given ample
time and space,
but as you are
an infinite Be-ing,
might there be another
creative way?

Play with balance,
invite Joy, explore,
allow all aspects
of You to help,
loosen your grip
on expected outcomes,
might you delight
that All Is Well?

Invite the Whole
of You to dance with
what shows up
for you today,
change your perspective
on what is “work”,
let go and let Love
show you how to