Love Received


Receive Love.

You may be more 
comfortable with 
you may do this 
with greater ease,
what is the resistance 
that puts a wall up,
what makes it harder 
to receive?

You need not place 
cultural aspects 
on what is a natural,
loving flow,
as giving and receiving 
are one,
you are a conduit for Love
that knows where 
to go.

As You Are holy,
wholly Love,
let Love recharge you
and rejuvenate,
when your loving tank 
is full,
what mystic miracles 
may you make?

Receive the Love 
that you are,
allow this to 
be True – 
open all gates 
so Love may express
fully the Miracle 
of You!

Without Judgment


When judgment drops. . . 

Are you not able 
to sense all Love,
flow as freely as the 

Do not beloved pets
model the freedom
that no judgment 
in this instant,
the next moment,
Love for you is 
All they see.

When judgment drops,
the stories propped up 
begin to fall 
as what remains,
is it not easier 
to find common ground,
when the Love You Are 
is One and the same?

There is no judgment 
as the sun,
gently rises 
upon every morn,
the moon shares all 
of its phases,
the Light of full
or new moon reborn.

Leaves return to 
earth’s soil,
to replenish what trees
may need,
you need not judge
is it not needed 
for rebirth
of spring?

Let judgment slip 
through your 
fingers, today – 
let your open heart 
be free,
to Be the Love You Are,

Presently You


Let the day unfold –
the hour,
the minute,
this moment.

Yes, unfolding 
may feel linear,
but is it not 
the allowance 
of what Is?

The expansion of
this awareness 
is the experience 
of All of This.

You are You 
in any situation,
this Present You
does not change.

As human you experience 
but the Essence of You
stays the same.

Let the day unfold,
be assured
You Are Whole 
and complete.

Your Soul,
Love As You 
is present,
always Here,

A Balance of Love


Is there not a balance
to be found,
between standing up
or backing down,
might you discern
from which eyes you see,
ego’s power struggle 
or soul’s neutrality?

A situation may come 
your way,
to shed light on 
a role you play,
ego wants you to
jump into the fray,
are there not plots
to stories 
that get in your way?

Might you ask spirit 
to see beyond this 
what is deep within,
wishing to be seen,
on the surface you 
may feel defensive,
but might this be a request
to know Love inside?

Yes, you may need to 
heed actions of this 
but your reactions 
need not cause you 
allowance need not 
add to any blame,
let Love and Peace 
transform any judgment 
that remains.

Stand firm and grounded 
in the Truth of You,
this balance is always within
the soul of You,
you need not balance 
the external view – 
This Peace,
All Love is always 
in the Heart of You!

One Family of Love


You belong to the 
Family of Love.

Yes, family can be 
defined in a multitude 
of ways,
friends who Light 
the way.

As Love is all-inclusive,
may Love welcome you
welcome to the 
Family of Love.

With no comparison,
differing points of 
your Family of Love
is forever Here
with you.

No matter who you
call family,
all you Love so very 
All of You 
are always a
Family of Love.

May you sense 
This Love within
your heart 
no matter 
where you are –
welcome Home,
precious child,
surrounded by 
One Family of Love.

A Time of Growth


Believe in possibility.

Your mind may want 
to tie you down,
keeping you tethered 
to the ground,
but do not soulful 
wings wish you to 
to open your imaginary 

In time and space 
you look at dates,
thinking this year has 
you misplaced,
my dear,
may not this
Time of Growth,
be what you need 
as you unfold?

Believe in possibility,
Love does not pause
it continues to Be,
might you entertain 
the thought –
no-thing can stop you,
You Are Free!

Be Love’s potential 
in this now,
let go of why 
or what 
or how,
as Love’s untethered 
soul be free,
You Are Love’s


A Beautiful Light


Your Light exists
for you to shine,
clear Vision helps 
you to see,
no matter the world 
around you,
Love is Here
inviting you
to Be.

Might you let go 
of expectation,
of what you think 
needs to happen here,
is there not Peace 
in the surrender of 
knowing Love always 
is Everywhere.

Yes, you may stand up 
for what you believe in,
but always seek the 
Truth in your soul,
be anchored in deeper 
not tossed about 
by waves crashing 
on the shore.

Look for the Light 
in your sisters and 
You Are One Light 
that forever shines,
Here Is Love 
that passes all 
shine on with Grace,
Love’s Beautiful Light!

Strength, Courage and Gratitude


Believe in Strength.

Yes, you may need Strength 
to overcome,
to see hope rise 
on the horizon,
there is no-thing 
you cannot do –
as you believe 
in Strength.

Yes, you have Courage
to see clearly,
what is an obstacle
may be a path 
that leads
you to sense your 
Courage within –
as you believe 
in You.

Does Gratitude not 
help you Be,
to accept this moment
as Love flows 
imbuing you with 
all you need –
with Strength,
Courage and 

Believe in Love,
That is You,
your super-powers 
are Home in You,
welcome Home 
to Strength,
always Love 
and Gratitude.



Your mind may wish
to jump ahead,
to picture “what ifs”
that haven’t happened 
yes, there is planning 
in the human world,
but does not your soul
naturally unfurl?

Is there not power 
in this beautiful 
when you let go of 
past or future tense,
as Love, what do 
you wish to generate,
as One with Source,
you cannot help 
but create.

Start fresh,
start new
in this moment now,
Be at Peace 
in the unfolding –
yes, you will 
know how,
as you regenerate,
outsource what is
a sacred creation –
with no beginning 
or end.

In this moment,
may Love help you
to see,
your creation as Love
happens quite 
and as Love Is You,
may you create 
from this loving 
and healing Truth!



Take a break,
surround with comfort,
let your body
rest with ease,
there are times 
when you extend,
now take time 
to simply Be.

You may do this 
with your body,
but does not ease 
correspond with flow,
might you accept,
what gently emanates
from your soul.

You may have a 
million questions,
you may wish to 
know it all,
my dear,
knowing is internal,
more is revealed
when you let go.

Take a break,
a breath,
let Peace
trickle down 
like soothing tea,
let Peace and Love 
be your comfort,
cradled by Love,