Love’s Experience


With tools of Joy 
and Gratitude,
allowing curiosity
to lead the way,
might you ponder 
this present moment,
throughout your experience
of the day.

Yes, this world is 
but You as timeless
are ever-present Here,
may This experience
begin to merge,
may you sense All 
who are so near.

Angels, guides and 
loved ones, too
are part of your 
may the Joy of this 
bring you Peace 
and confidence.

Set expectation 
to the side,
marvel at what 
you may sense,
trust and believe 
in your soul,
who joins with Love
in each experience!

With Care


You need not carry 
your past burdens,
thank them softly,
let them go,
You Are eternally 
this present moment,
sense the lightness
of your soul.

In linear terms 
your past has 
brought you 
to this place on 
earth’s timeline,
as you awaken to 
your Self,
may your Light now 
wholly shine.

Gather up all parts 
of you,
Love helps create 
this warm embrace,
as you reconnect 
with you,
may Joy bring a smile
to your face.

May Love be what 
you carry,
may This Light 
show you the way,
receive Love’s Blessings
wholly offered
with care and comfort
for you, always!

Opening to Grace


May Love soothe your
perceptions building,
each brick placed
over time,
you need not know why
walls are constructed,
maybe for protection 
or drawing lines.

Open the doors of 
your perceptions,
allow the flow of Love 
to clear,
what may appear 
to be external,
may be an opening 
for You to Love you,

What stories build
upon your perceptions,
see beyond the limits
that you place,
believe and know 
You Are Love beautifully
open and receive 
Love’s eternal Grace!

This Loving Path


Let Love help to 
transform words 
that you speak 
or write today,
may Love assist you 
with their meaning,
bringing Love fully 
to what you convey.

You communicate 
with your language,
but your energy 
speaks fully, too,
set your intuition 
to sync with Love’s 
vibration that is always 
Here for you.

As your discernment 
grows, awakens,
to what feels good 
and what does not,
a simple shift to 
your soul’s awareness,
reminds you what 
your mind forgot.

You need not seek 
a path of perfection,
in this world of 
dueling traits,
your willingness 
to share with Love
is a path of compassion
you walk every day!

Opening to Wonder


Be open to the 
wonder of the day.

Allow your heart 
and soul to 
free your mind –
giving permission 
for you to play.

And does not play
beget more wonder,
free from past thoughts 
or what is next.

Grace your self with
your true smile,
flow with your soul,
let your mind rest.

Be open to the wonder
that Love knows always
what to do.

You Are a creation 
of wonder,
Love celebrates the 
Miracle of You!

A Timeless Wonder


Eternity exists beyond 
the spaces that you
fill up with this 
or that,
you see glimpses in 
your true present,
letting go of future thoughts
or past.

Keep sinking into 
this loving presence,
it is an experience 
not of time,
it is a present 
State of Be-ing,
that you can return 
to anytime.

Time and space 
naturally separates,
yes, as human you 
know this well,
but You as soul,
divinely present,
are always aware 
of this connected Self.

Be the experience
of timeless wonder,
follow your breath 
and with Love, Be,
share this presence
by Be-ing Present,
experiencing Love’s 
wonder of Grace 
and ease!

Your Compassionate Light


Be a beacon of 
true awareness,
hand in hand with 
those you Love,
may compassion 
be your language,
speak it here as 
you know it above.

A connecting vessel,
you walk this earth,
but your knowing is
from All That Is,
as you resonate with
your soul’s passion,
your purpose flows 
from All of This.

As This Joy bubbles up 
you need not wait –
do share it now,
is not the timing 
that you wish for
Divinely led,
taking care of how.

Your Light shines
as you peel the layers,
are you not seeing You
as Love’s bright Light,
forgiveness, compassion 
are your super powers,
spread your wings of Love
and may you fly high!

A Lightness of Be-ing


May you celebrate 
your soul’s freedom,
even as your body says 
not so fast,
it may be weary from 
earthly struggles,
what may come next or
what has happened past.

May your soul infuse 
your body
with a Light that comes 
not from here,
your Eternal Self is 
Divinely connected,
your lightness of Be-ing
exists Everywhere.

Allow your soul to 
guide you gently,
to reassure and comfort 
what may hurt,
your awareness of You
as All That Is,
opens you beautifully 
in this re-birth.

You sit at the table 
with angels, guides,
sharing with loved ones 
always near,
receive This Light 
of your soul thriving,
rejoicing This Journey 
with you, my dear!

Your Limitless View


No-thing can hide 
your Vision,
are you not above 
the world you see,
you create boundaries
upon this earth,
but You Are expansive,
infinite, free.

Yes, you need your 
sight to navigate,
but are you not traveling 
through limitless realms,
on the earth,
your senses inform you,
but know your soul 
is at the helm.

Your living space indeed
reflects you,
but it is You that 
fills it with care,
your Vision needs not
a window to see 
the limitless view 
of Love Everywhere!

A Peaceful Choice


There are a thousand ways 
to chip away at 
the walls that you 
build up,
but your quest 
for Love ends 
when you say,
all else – 
that is enough!

Here is Peace,
Here is calm,
no matter the storms 
that rise and fall,
when you realize 
Love has never left,
you know You are
part of the All.

May Love melt away 
any fears or doubt 
that make you
may your only choice 
be choosing Love,
releasing with Love,
all the rest.

Your Eyes of Love 
can look through 
any barrier you 
think you see,
Love is Here
singing with Peace,
you know This Song,
You Are the Harmony!