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Open a door.

Yes, there will always
be more doors to
as long as you put
them there.

You may peek around
some doors,
unsure of what you
will see on the
other side,
some doors you throw
knowing Joy will
take you on a
magic ride.

You may see a door
as a symbol
of transition as you
step through,
but you have the power
to remove all barriers
you may perceive
in front of you.

Does not each door
you open
always lead you
directly to you?

You Are limitless,
You Are Everywhere –
there is no door
that can contain you!

A Sense of Love

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Look at your hands –
what can you do today,
to touch Love as
you work or play,
is it All not One and
the same,
as you “do” with Love?

Feel with your heart –
what can you sense today
as all hearts beat
as One,
might you join in the
chorus of this song,
as you breathe with Love?

Gaze with your eyes –
and look around today,
there are miracles
that abound,
with Gratitude for bounty
is there not clear vision
with Love?

Bless your body –
that is a window to the
beauty of You,
sense the Magnificence
in it All,
You Are One
with Love.


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There is a state
of pure Be-ing
that You Are
right now,
where burdens,
doubt or worry
get filtered out,

You may get glimpses
or spend more time,
in this peaceful
Place of Ease,
this is Who You Are,
these moments of Joy
that set you free.

Yes, You Are Glorious,
a pure Be-ing of Love
through and through,
when you share this Love
with others,
do they not notice,
they are, too?

Might you let the
magic happen,
as this real You
shows up to play,
is it not easier
in this life,
when you let Love
show you the way?

You Are Love,
You Are Glorious,
You Are Peace,
embrace this Truth –
be aware of the
Power of Joy,
as you dance with
the Joy in You.


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Love is a universal
it communicates
in many ways,
your soul is an
always sensing
what Love has
to say.

There may be static
in your story,
Love’s signal may
be hard to read
at times,
but Love is eternal,
always with you,
You Are Love
You Are Divine.

Your sisters and
your brothers
all have a heart
that speaks as well,
with some you
feel it,
see it,
know it,
with others it
may be harder to

But is that not
your perception,
that has you
thinking what is
true –
You Are All
Children of Love,
no matter what
the story is
telling you.

Love is a Universal
it communicates in
many ways,
set judgement,
to the side,
let your heart
speak the Truth
of Love, today.

Here and Now

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There is no need to wait
for transformation
to occur,
All you seek
is in
All of You,
when you quiet
the outside world.

Be aware of the
roles you play,
question beliefs
you think are true,
you may resist
stripping away,
what you think
makes up you.

Do you not find
that You Are Peace,
You Are Love
when you can Be,
you need not question
the outer world,
is it not your thoughts
that make up what
you see?

You need not make
sense of the
tune into where
Peace resides,
find your resonance,
sweet harmony,
when you sing with
your soul within,

There is no need
to wait for
You Are All
within you,
now –
Here is Peace,
Here is comfort,
All Is Well
in the Here
and Now.

A Peaceful Pause

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In the quiet,
in the pause,
in between the
spaces of your
you remember,
there is knowing,
is it not Here
that You Are Joy?

It may be morning
when day is breaking,
it may be night
as you close your eyes,
in any moment,
with intention,
might you pause
to go inside?

All That You Are
is in-between,
as well as in every
breath you take,
ask to see it,
feel it,
Be it,
who are you asking,
you may say?

This is You,
this is Me,
the Source of
All of You
this moment
of Joy,
of Love,
of Peace,
within You is
where I reside.

A Holy moment,
is Who You Are,
in this peaceful pause
and eternally,
You Are This moment
of loving Grace,
a creation of Love,
with your soul flying free!

Come Inside

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Step outside
to come inside.

Are there not times
when time stands still,
when in a moment
you look up
and feel you could
reach up to touch the

So close you are
to mother earth,
do you not feel
her in each step,
does not this
beautiful sense
of belonging,
satisfy your longing
to Be?

Step outside
to come inside,
a flower,
or blade of grass –
each one precious
as it adds
to the Whole
of what you see.

All of You
is in every seed,
every bloom
or leafy tree,
as earth is breathing,
creating life,
are you not part
of her every breath?

Step outside
to come inside,
look at life
from inside out,
Be the beautiful creation
That You Are,
Love surrounds you
as the sky surrounds
all of the shining stars!