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Be with,
sit with,
connect with

Is there not Peace
when you open
to it,
it is always
a breath away,
when you need
to simplify it,
breathe into

If it is balance
that you wish for,
when the scales
are tipping you,
is there not
instant centering,
when you remember

In this moment
do you not know –
your heart will
always remind you,
You Are always,
always Love.

One of You

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There is fluidity
with your soul,
you may be aware,
you may not know,
but as you trust
your intuition,
are you not communicating
with All of You,
as you are part
of the Greater Whole,
might it not matter
how you “know” –
what feels right,
what does not fit,
yes, you can question some
or all of it,
but as you open
even more,
do you not find
it is You
who is opening doors –
to You,
to Truth,
to Love?

As human you want
to know why,
you wish for answers
to come down
from the sky,
but does not understanding
come from within,
you are connected
so much more
than you think,
might you step back,
be ready to receive,
what your human side
finds hard to perceive,
find the common theme
that life is made of –
do you not Light up
when you know
and sense Love?

Body, mind
and soul
work together
as One,
sometimes you feel
missing All,
feeling one,
let the One
of You
let you know
what you are
made of –
You Are integrated,
fully Whole,
and always Love.


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When you wash
and wax a car,
do you not clean it
to take off the grime,
when wax applied
and then removed,
are you not restoring
its original shine,
no matter what
mud puddles
you may drive through,
can you not be restored
to the original You?

Yes, there is maintenance
as you take care
of you,
safety is important, too,
you shower or bathe
to wash the body clean,
what spiritual tools
might help to restore
your bright sheen,
your soul is always
shiny and new,
when you clean off
life’s dust,
does not your Essence
come shining through?

Make spiritual practice
a part of your day,
say hello to You –
in the silence
or throughout your day,
set a timer
or reminder
to help you see,
you and your soul
are in this together,
bound inextricably –
when you need to
ask your soul
to shine brightly
evermore –
clear a path,
make a bridge,
You Are There –
ready to shine
Love’s glowing Light

Your soul
is an eternal Light
that shines.
Clear it off,
turn it up,
shine your Light!

A Perfect Balance

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There is a balance
on the shore,
where water meets land,
no less,
no more,
is there not a connection
between elements,
a place for experiencing
perfect balance?

Is this not why people
love the beach,
to stand on sand
and see water’s reach,
the rhythmic waves
always coming home,
the interchange
between sand
and foam,
each smoothing out
where the other
has gone –
is this not where
perfect balance
comes from?

When you get out
of tune,
feel out of sync,
find where your
peaceful state
be it a wave
that returns to shore,
a short summer rain,
then sun’s warming
the twilight time
when night greets
the day,
let nature show
you a thousand
ways –
to return
to perfect balance,
to Home.


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Is there not a rhythm
when you move,
then pause,
step forward,

There is an
ebb and flow
human and soul,
the yin and yang,
in the Balance of Life.

And beyond duality,
that helps you
to see,
to experience,
to reflect
on All That You
can Be –
There Is Love,
with its rhythm,
its beat,
no opposite
to find
only Love
that you can see
and feel
and sense
Is That Not You –
always –
Always Love.

Lost and Found

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When you are
lost in thought,
can you be found
with Love?

The mind loves to
go on a journey,
filling in with
what ifs,
is it no wonder
you may feel lost
at times,
what do you do
when you realize
you are adrift –
when you need to
remember Who You Are,
amidst daily experiences
or strife,
keep in mind (smile)
You Are You
at your heart,
your core –
even as you
walk through
this life.

Any time you need
to feel centered,
to remember the
Love That Is You –
let the thoughts go,
to carry on without you,
and step into this
present moment
That Is You.

And now does not Love
fill all of the spaces,
that your thoughts
tried to stuff
with this or that,
when you keep Love
flowing through you,
the vessel,
does not this moment
help find where
you are at?

You find You
in the Love
that shows you,
You Are Love,
and fully Whole,
your thoughts may
make you think,
you have lost
your way,
but Love always
brings you back


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With intention,
are you not able
to shift your
like perspective,
can you not take
an elevator
up or down
to see more,
in the three dimensional
there are layers
and many floors,
do you not see
a different scene
be it at street level
or on a higher floor?

Now shift your perspective,
your awareness,
beyond the world
that you live in,
you need not travel,
you do not leave,
you remain with the
roots that you stand in,
the expanded You
is always Here,
it is not a “place”
you need to go,
it is your awareness
that makes the shift,
to welcome all of You

You may need practice,
some quiet at first,
to explore All That
You Are,
as you have experiences
in life,
does not your awareness
what you thought
was from afar,
but Who You Are
encompasses more
that your view
from the street –
You Are the city,
You Are the earth,
You Are the stars above
that you see.

Expand your awareness,
so you may sense
Who You Are,
the Loving Force
that you seek,
resides in you,
it is not apart,
you need not leave
you behind,
when you expand,
do you not know –
Love is always
Here with You,
You Are One
with the Loving Whole.

Expand with Love,
become aware
that Love Is You –
shift your awareness,
to see the Truth,
Love Is the
Authentic You.