The Resonance of Love


Your energy is like 
a chord,
notes that together 
are full and rich,
at times there may
be some vibrations
that sound discordant
or a note that’s missed.

You are a natural 
tuning fork,
you need no technology
to re-align,
at your center is 
your pure tone,
begin right Here,
harmony falls 
in line.

Some days your experience 
will be upbeat,
another time you may
be pensive, yet calm,
no matter how the
chords may change,
are they not all part 
of your Love Song?

The vibration of Love 
is constantly creating,
what song do you wish
to play today?
Tune into your Essence,
Love resonates Here,
in perfect harmony,
You Are Love, always!

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Hi, my name is Sandy. Welcome to You Are Love Now! On my journey of Awakening, in meditation, I was nudged to begin writing what was coming through my consciousness, from my Higher Self and beyond. This happens almost daily and I have been encouraged by those who read these inspired messages to share them with a wider audience. These messages come through me, but they are received from a Higher Source than what my mind could create on its own. I present these Poems of Awakening to you, dear soul, as we travel this spiritual journey together. And the message that I always feel from these writings? You Are Love Now. Perfect. Whole. And always so very loved. If these messages speak to you, I invite you to follow this blog so you may receive the ongoing messages as they are posted.

6 thoughts on “The Resonance of Love”

  1. How very beautiful this poem truly is, Sandy. We are always perfectly attuned within our Soul. We just need to get out of our own way in order to resonate with that Cord and Its wonderful vibration. Let us rest in each present-moment where we can tap into that harmonious Vibe, that radiant Light which each of us IS … invariably … perpetually … eternally … Tuning into Love Itself.

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