This Web of Love



Do you not marvel
at how connections
to others
spread and grow,
like the ripples
on a pond
that reach out
to the other side,
wider and wider
do waves of Love
not bring to you
who might you need
to meet,
do you not cast
a Net of Love
to see what you may
experience next –
is it not Love
that has guided you
to Where You Are
right now?

This Web of Love
can be a whisper,
or it can be a
stronger pull,
what snags your attention,
what do you wish
to experience and learn,
if every person
is a teacher,
in this Curriculum of Love,
are there not infinite
to Be the Love
That You Are?

Open your heart,
feel the connections,
are you not All
connected by Love?
Some you think
that you know better,
but is it not the story
that you know,
dive deeper into the
Waves of Love
that surround each
one of You,
can you not sense,
do you not know
that They Are Me
and I Am You?

Are we not All One
even connections
you need not make,
this Web of Love
is always together,
always connected
and will forever grow.
Yes, you All
will keep evolving,
but is that so
All will Know –
Love Is
All There Is.
Love Is All
and All Is Love.

There Is Love

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There Is Love.

When you search upon
your Journey,
what gets revealed
in all you see,
what is the message
in every teaching –
There Is Love.

Even as you peer
into the darkness,
do you not always find
a Spark of Light,
what illuminates
your presence –
There Is Love.

What is the meaning
behind philosophy,
classic works you
may have read,
throughout time,
throughout history,
through eternity –
There Is Love.

What does Source
see in You,
only beauty,
only Love,
there is nothing
you need do –
There Is Love.

Can you see Love
in others, too,
looking beyond
the storied past,
do not others
help you to see –
There Is Love.

Can you look for
in every person
place or thing,
when you Know
that All Is Love –
There Is Love.

You Are,
All Is
There Is Love.

Sharing Love

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Is not a shared experience
one that helps you to connect,
you may bond over
brutal weather,
or a challenging event
you would rather forget,
do you not come together
with a sporting team you cheer,
do not years of history
help you feel close
to friends so dear?

But are there not connections
that are much harder to see,
when you share a sense,
a feeling,
that something binds you
close to All,
do you not begin to share
that help open up
your hearts –
and when they do,
do you not Know
that you are All
connected by Love?

You need not share proximity,
does not Love exist Everywhere?
You may connect with kindred spirits
or with those no longer here –
can you be in the company
of strangers,
but do you not know
does not their heart
beat with yours,
as you beat with the
Love of One?

When Love is what is shared,
do not experiences help to enforce,
that you may walk a different path,
but do not all roads
lead you back to Source?

You may wave to some
upon your Journey,
you may share the steps
you take,
some may take a road
less traveled,
or one you may not wish
to make,
but do you not share Love
with every soul
that you meet along the way,
is not a shared experience
one that lets You
experience Love?

Do you not feel the connection
when those around you
turn up the Love,
turn up your Light
even brighter,
Light and Love are
what you are made of –
add your Light to all
Bright Lights
and may this Light
be seen above,
is not the Expression
of One
Light enough to
shine for All?

Share Love.
Share Light.
Give freely of
Who You Are.
See it reflected
back to You –
One Light,
One Love.


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Be weightless.

Why do you enjoy
swimming underwater
or floating on a raft
on top of the waves,
do you not have dreams
of flying unencumbered,
do you not envy the kite
aloft in the breeze,
can you not in an instant
have a birds-eye view,
when visualizing soaring
over it all,
can you not transcend
your earthly existence –
be weightless.

Yes, gravity is a force
you incorporate daily,
laws of physics keep you
anchored on the earth,
but moments in the water
or in your meditative mind,
do they not free you
from any burdens
that may be weighing you down,
when you wish to break away,
to be free of the chatter,
are you not in the spaces,
that are light and in between –
be weightless.

You know you are so much
more than your body,
you have felt the expansive space
where Love is always there –
as you integrate
your awareness
into your body,
your be-ing,
is not Love able to permeate
any object,
any thing –
are not the Ripples of Love
like the ripples of water,
do they not spread,
do they not flow,
unencumbered by anything –
does Love not find a way
through any resistance
it may encounter,
is not Love,

Love is in the spaces.
Love is in the cracks.
Love is in between
Here and There.

Be Everywhere
and Nowhere.
Be Love.
Be Free.
Be where you wish
to flow –
Be weightless.

An Origin of Love

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“Where do you come from?”
You may ask
to find out an
a place to start,
to categorize,
to label,
to make sense
of where a story

And yes, the body
has its roots
in the elements
of the earth –
Mother Earth
gives you what
you need to be
and of all the
wonders of the world –
are you not a wonder, too?

“Where do you come from?”
you may ask
to the You who
looks back,
who knows there is more
than meets the eye,
do you not sense
the connections
with the earth,
in nature,
with people
who see You,
as they see
themselves, too –
is there not common ground
when it is the
connection to Love,
that begins without
a sound,
do you not sense
the Flow of Love
when you know Love
as your origin?

“Where do you come from”
and “where are you going,”
may make sense
in a timeline
that has a beginning
and an end,
but as Love is Eternal,
as Love Always Is –
Is Love not before the
with no limit
and with no end?

“Where do you come from?”
Do you not create You
in every moment,
with every breath –
for is it not Love
that breathes
this life
into you –
and even when the breath
is over
on this earth,
there is nowhere
that you go,
for Everywhere You Are.

Still You Are –
Here With Love.
Always present.
Always Love.
You Are Home,
You come from Love.

Be As You Are

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Be As You Are.

You may wish to change
a thing or two,
you may have intentions
that are ready to go
through one door
and out another,
but are you not before
and ever-after,
You, evermore?
Be As You Are.

If there is more
that you want,
can it be more Love
that you wish for –
there is no limit
to Love Divine,
Love Is You
on every day of
a year,
might you celebrate You –
is it not You that
creates something new?
Be As You Are.

Let Love inspire you,
let Love remind you,
that you are always
in the Flow of Love –
when you find yourself
searching for
and Strength,
you need not wait
for a new year
to come your way –
there are limitless ways
to shine your Light.
Be As You Are.

Light up
the way
for You to shine.
Love every step
as you walk with Love.
As you close one door
and walk though another –
Be Love.
Be Light.
Be As You Are.

Diving Into Love

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When you wish
to dive deeper,
into the vast
Sea of Knowledge,
is it not as extraordinary
as if you were diving
down deep into the ocean –
are you not amazed
and delighted
by what you see
and find upon
this journey,
some parts are familiar,
some entirely new
from your perspective
as an observer
of this Journey of Life.

And when it gets
too dark to see,
do you not turn on
your Light,
do not colors appear brighter
when you shine your Light
against the darkness,
on your Journey
in this Sea of Life,
do not some things
come forward
for you to see?

And do you not find
that you are the same
whether diving deep
down into this sea,
or rising to the surface
to catch a glimpse
of the blue sky,
the clouds,
the sun that shines
down upon you,
are you not aware
that You exist
in the deep, vast ocean,
are You not the
ray of sunshine
that you feel
upon your face?

You Are You,
no matter your Journey.
You Are a part of everything
of All that you see.
And as You Are a part
of All That Is,
do you not transcend any
person, place or thing?

Continue to explore
upon your Journey.
You see that all roads
lead you back to You.
When you see You
in every drop
of the ocean,
when You Are
the sunbeam
that Lights the way,
do you not catch up
to your exploration
and find the answer
has always been –

And as You Are Love
and the Light That Shines –
Welcome Love,
Welcome You,
Welcome Home.