A Promise


Let the promise 
of spirit remind 
you are not alone.

May this Joy 
within your heart,
help you remember 
You Are Home.

Feel this comfort,
sense This Peace,
be reassured 
each and every day.

Love is with you,
in you,
as you – 
exploring with you
in all ways.

May Love lift you
when you need it,
trust Love is always
so near.

Joy is
Who You Are,
Love’s sweet promise 
is forever Here!


20180510 XPicture

5/10/22 – from 5/10/18


Yes, these words
may seem conflicted
when you think
of shoes
that cannot be filled,
but Love can not
run out
or empty,
Love is always
by your side –
you mourn,
you grieve
the changing of
what your human eyes
can see,
but can you not
help but smile
when you think of
who is dancing in
the Light,
is there not rejoicing,
is there not a party,
when loved ones there

So you need not
throw confetti,
even as happy tears
you may shed,
is this not a lesson
of separation,
that is not true,
there is no death –
so pull up a chair,
o student,
in the School of
Light and Love.
Be assured,
Be at Peace –
it is All that
we have dreamed of!

Let your heart
be the bridge
when loved ones
you do miss,
even when you are sleeping,
you may feel a
tender kiss,
can you not sense us
around you,
do you not clap
your hands in glee,
when the signs
that we are sending
remind you that
We Are Here
and We Are Free!

Feel your sadness
turn to Joy,
yes, you may honor
the sadness
that you feel
within your human heart,
but the Love that
connects you here,
connects you to All That Is
and All you Love –
hear the music,
know there is dancing
on these Beams of
Love and Light –
if you could see
what we see now,
you would know that
everything is alright.

in the knowing that
that All Is Well.
Be at Peace
in the believing
that You Are
so very, very Loved.

Safely Home


When life’s road 
becomes so rocky,
that you cannot stand 
upon your feet,
may angel wings 
envelop you,
helping you to cross 
a chasm deep.

Your prayers of Love 
are always heard,
many roads in life 
may feel so hard,
does not your heart
wish to lead,
so you may know 
you are never apart.

Reach out and know Love
honors your journey,
as you never walk alone,
this road is shared by
who all are finding 
their way Home.

May Love surround you
with compassion,
may the kindness 
of others give you 
safe in the softness 
of angel wings,
may you remember 
that You Are Home!

I Am, We Are


Invite Me to your 
indeed I Am 
already Here,
awareness brings 
This Truth 
to knowing,
Love is with you,
always near.

Your mind separates 
and makes you think
you need to struggle 
I Am always Here 
with you,
We Are together
and forever Home.

I Am your I Am 
We Are All Love 
that flows throughout,
words struggle to 
give meaning,
to what your heart 
knows within,

It matters not the
that you choose 
to express This –
welcome Home,
Love sees you,
dear one,
We Are One 
All of This.

To Spirit


Give of your heart 
to spirit,
this is a natural state
to Be,
does not This Love 
flow back and forth,
a perfect dance 
performed elegantly.

You think you meet 
between two worlds,
but boundaries do not
exist, my dear,
spirit is Everywhere 
at once,
you need not search 
as Love is Here.

Simply open up 
your heart,
to hear the angels 
that sing to you,
give of your heart 
to spirit,
and return Home 
to the Truth 
of You!

A Loving Return


Love as You.

as Love,
is eternally 
Be still,
let Love 
flow through.

Love softens 
the chatter 
that rattles
your mind,
yes, you have 
things to do.

But Love 
and Peace 
make up your
return to Love’s
Essence of You.

No matter what 
is swirling around,
may Love be your
anchor, dear.

Return and
Who You Are,
You Are Home,
and Love is 
always Here!

This Is You


The path is simple –
Be Love,
This is You.

Be inclusive,
Be connection,
to every One,
yes, All of You.

Bring your uniqueness
to Love’s party,
but know One Love 
flows through you.

Experiences here 
compare, contrast,
marvel at the 
sights and sounds.

Beyond the differences 
is Wholeness,
no One excluded,
Love surrounds.

Feel it all, 
drink it in,
and when you wish 
for Peace to come?

Return to simple,
in This Moment,
you, dear Love
are always Home.

Beyond Description


Come sit beside me,
Love says gently,
come and rest
your weary head,
when you tire of 
looking, seeking,
return to Here,
your Home, 

Even in this world 
that struggles,
All of You are
All of Me,
We Are One,
beyond description,
words fail to grasp
the beauty of this

You sense Love 
in nature Be-ing,
Here it is in music 
that moves,
in the stillness
your heart beats 
the Truth that 
returns you 
back to You.

You know surrender 
is a pathway,
think of release as
when you let go of
cumbersome armor,
might you now see
your soul’s embodiment?

Here You Are,
Love reminds,
rest a moment,
remember Peace,
now with the Light 
of a thousand stars,
shine brightly, 
dear One,
Home and free!

Being Peace


Is Peace not a 
that lifts you 

When in This State
of Be-ing,
is not every moment 

Whatever is happening 
in the external,
does Peace not help
you to see.

See with Love 
in your wholeness,
All of You resonates 
with Peace.

Be at Home 
with this feeling,
brush off the ego
that feels bored.

Peace is You in 
Love’s vibration,
spread your wings 
and with Love, 

Be-ing Peace 
is your birthright,
Be at Home 
as Peace flows 

With Gratitude
within each 
Peace is the 
True Essence 
of You!