A Peaceful Pause

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In the quiet,
in the pause,
in between the
spaces of your
you remember,
there is knowing,
is it not Here
that You Are Joy?

It may be morning
when day is breaking,
it may be night
as you close your eyes,
in any moment,
with intention,
might you pause
to go inside?

All That You Are
is in-between,
as well as in every
breath you take,
ask to see it,
feel it,
Be it,
who are you asking,
you may say?

This is You,
this is Me,
the Source of
All of You
this moment
of Joy,
of Love,
of Peace,
within You is
where I reside.

A Holy moment,
is Who You Are,
in this peaceful pause
and eternally,
You Are This moment
of loving Grace,
a creation of Love,
with your soul flying free!


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Love Is
You Are That.

And as you
truly Know this,
you understand that
You Are This.


Can you sense
the difference Here?

As ego you see
with perspective,
there will always
be a point of view.

As Love Is a
State of Being,
you need not ask
what, where
or who.

Love Is,
You Are,
I Am

unveil the Truth
of Who You Are.

Love always Is
You Are This.

Humanity of One

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Look beyond the lens
that may limit the
scope of what
you see,
when you sense
with the beat of
your heart,
is it not the
Rhythm of Love?

When you take your
mind out of the
and get back to
the root where
All comes from,
the common denominator
shows you how –
it is the
Power of One.

You may sing alone
to celebrate you,
you may sing together
this shared Love song,
your hearts are truly
joined together,
You All Are the
Humanity of One.

Look beyond what
may seem different,
do not forget where
You come from,
beyond your lens
of separation,
your hearts beat
the Rhythm
of the Power
of One.


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A story has many
twists and turns
on any page,
woven together,
you search for meaning,
looking for Love
along the way.

And while the story
has a beginning,
and you may not
want it to end,
the threads of Love
that give it meaning
are ever-present
and never end.

Does not the weaving
of a story,
paint you a picture
so you may find,
these golden threads
of Love that are present
in any space
at any time.

Might you be surprised
to discover
that the meaning
you are searching for,
is not at the end
of the story,
it is in any moment
that you open
Love’s door.

The ever-lasting story
is one created with
a Golden Thread,
you are always connected
to Love,
so why not see where
you are lead.

Let Love take center
and as the story continues
to unfold,
when Love is the Director,
is this not the
greatest story
ever told?

Weave Love throughout
your story,
know you are connected
by a golden cord,
Love is the Truth
beyond life’s meaning,
with Love is freedom,
let your soul soar!

Love Is Always

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Love is always Here,
it is not something
you need to find,
you may need to
you may need to
clear out your
cluttered mind.

Love is truly at
the heart of You,
so why not go to
the heart to see,
when you strip down
to your True Essence,
Love Is Here
through Eternity.

Does not this knowing
bring you to Peace,
as it really is no
there is a part of you
that knows
there is something beyond
this experience of life.

But life is how you
play out
different scenarios so
you may know,
Love is always Here,
You Are Love and
You Are Home.

Do not think that
you have left,
a part of you
always resides,
your key to Home
is in your heart,
All That you seek
is already inside.

Love is always Here,
it is not something
you need to find,
Be Love,
feel Love,
know Love is You,
You Are Love,
You Are Divine.

I See You

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I See You.

Here is Love,
Here is Light.
Bright as the sun,
as far as the

You Are beautiful,
You Are Love.
Be All of You –
the Love That You

I See You,
beautiful soul,
shining Light
and twinkling star.

You Are precious,
You Are Loved.
I see Me
in You,
You Are All
of Us.

Your Shining Light

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Your mind may tell you
to move slowly,
but does not your heart
know the way,
let your Light give
you direction,
lead with Love,

In each moment
there is guidance,
when you do not look
ahead too far,
the past knows nothing
about your present,
lead with Love,

There is Peace in this
questions, answers
become moot,
let your Light shine
upon this moment,
lead with Love,

Your human senses
may bring doubt,
not understanding
Who You Are,
but All of You
is shining brightly,
leading with Love,

Step into your True Light
see this Light in
others, too –
All Bright Lights,
Being Love,