Eternally, You

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Accept you,
Love without end,
you –
as You Are Light
from Love’s pure
how can you be
but You?

Your Light shines
and is glowing,
Light beams beyond
what your human eyes
may see,
are you not seen
in all of Love’s
I See You,
as You Are

Allow you,
feel Love embrace
All of You –
embrace the Truth
of Who You Are,
shining brightly as
the stars,
is All of This
not Who You Are,
immensely Loved,

Love’s Reality

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Take a step
outside of time,
do not All Moments
turn into Now?
No more fleeting minutes
rushing by,
are you not beyond
time somehow?

Do not think of
a present moment
as part of this –
one that appears
and disappears into
an abyss –
as Eternal,
You Are beyond
as Love,
you are not measured
by time or place.

Indeed, throughout
any experience
you may find,
that Love is the Reality
in your mind,
believe This
and in each experience
with your soul,
might you create
a Place of Love
for you to go?

Sensing beyond,
returning Home
are the same
Love permeates
Everywhere and in
do not let
space or time
obscure your view,
You cannot Be
any thing,
but the Love
in You!


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Do you not hear the gentle
as you listen to the
is this not the Sound
of Love,
that also emanates
from the trees,
indeed, you are surrounded,
is Love not in the very
air you breathe,
for Love is always present,
always Here,
Love never leaves.

You may miss
Love with your eyes
that are focused
on the seen,
does not this space
allow an opening,
an understanding of
what Love means?

Honor your emotions,
feel them all,
Love encompasses
every part of You,
and in This Truth,
knowing All as One,
your loved ones
never leave you.

Yes, listen closely
to the whispers
that find their loving
way to you,
softly sharing,
All Is Well,
Love Is Forever,
and always with You.

A Walk With Love

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You may think
something is
but are you not
already at the top,
are there not seen
and unseen helpers
who nudge and help
to pull you up?

There are many different
that you could choose
on where to go,
but is not Here
where you are now,
always part of Love’s
Eternal Flow?

Return your power
to your heart,
that knows the beat
you wish to keep,
do not focus
on past or future
that may be obscuring
your view to see.

In This moment,
with This Love,
might you perceive
perfection Here,
make each step you
be a Walk with Love,
You Are always guided
and Loved so dear!

Peace Be With You

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Peace is within
your very Be-ing,
welcome Home
dear Child of Love,
yes, in your breath
and your heart
but are you not
beyond your body,

With awareness
or not,
Love is always
you are part
of this conscious
that flows through
in each glorious
Love Is Here
and in

Peace be with You,
precious Child,
let All of Love
surround you Here,
you are so loved
as You Are This,
Love is beyond
your breath
and Everywhere.


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Look beyond any
or vessel you reside
let go of time or space
you think defines,
the lines you
have drawn in.

You are fluid,
all space and
in between,
you are the very
air you breathe,
no-thing can ever
contain you –
You Are Love
You Are Free!

Set your intentions,
be a creative force,
but do not limit
what you can do,
All of This
is your playground,
All of Love
joyfully flows
through You.

This cannot be measured
as big or small,
a beginning or end
need not matter, too,
You Are All
You Are One,
celebrate the
Eternal Love
of You!

Flow Into You

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Flow into You.

Like a creek gently
or the current in a river
rolling through,
with no beginning
and no ending,
much like All Love
that flows through You.

Oceans need not search
for water droplets,
is it not water
that makes the
is water not in every
ripple created,
like All of Love that
flows through You.

Return dear child
to where you come
you need not go
somewhere to know,
yes, Love is always
to Be with Love,
flow into You.