You are not an island of one
on your own,
you are surrounded by
an ocean of Love,
your mind thinks you
are separated,
with no way to swim
to get back home.

My dear you are 
no different from 
the ocean,
you are the drops
that fill it up,
This Love is You 
beyond your body,
you already flow 
as this Ocean of Love.

The stars in the sky 
may in life look distant,
but is not This Light 
shared eternally with you,
there may be rockets that 
pierce the sky,
but does not All Light 
shine forever through You?

This Love, your heart 
is a Bridge of Forever,
you may perceive 
a journey on your 
way to know – 
You Are Everything 
on this path of awareness,
awaken and know 
you are beloved 
and Home!

A Team of Love


You are part of a 
Team of Love
that surrounds you,
yes, you never walk
you experience,
evolve and learn 
in life,
even as your soul 
is always Home.

There are questions 
you may have,
but do not answers 
come with faith,
sometimes experiences 
unfold with timing 
that may not be apparent 
on any given day.

You are a greater 
experience unfolding,
you need not earn 
your place with Love,
you are This Team
of Love uniting,
you collaborate below 
with loved ones above.

Let Love’s healing 
as forgiveness,
be what you share 
to dispel fear,
this Team of One 
walks with you always,
Be at Peace,
your Home is Here.

This Light of You


How bright the moon 
lights up to see
the Light of You,
shining brightly,
you are seen,
you are loved,
you reflect All Truth 
that shines above.

As Love is the bridge 
between earth and sky,
you feel the sun by day,
you honor moon at night,
you may search and long
for this Bridge of Truth,
but does it not exist 
as the Truth of You?

Embrace your power,
Love flows through You,
here you see day and night,
but All Light shines through
as awareness grows
there is no need to bridge –
do not all sides collapse,
as You Are All of This?

Shine bright your Light,
yes, All Light is One,
bask in moon’s loving glow,
be grateful for the sun,
know every step 
is where Love walks 
with you,
You Are Home with Love,
Love is truly, You!



When you are looking 
for what to do,
might you release 
to what you know.

As your attention 
is pulled away,
might you become
aware of your 
Eternal Seat,

Breathe in to draw
upon Love’s power,
breathe out
what you have held.

Here is Freedom,
You Are Peace 
All Is Well.

Love’s Master Garden


Let Love cultivate 
the growth in you.

Like a master gardener 
who knows the soil
is the foundation for 
what may grow,
what do you surround 
your roots with,
what other seeds 
do you wish to sow?

Let Love surround you
with the rich nourishment
that creates all possibility,
let Peace provide you
with sweet patience,
that you may need 
for perfect timing.

Let Love cultivate 
the growth in you,
you are quite more 
than a single bloom,
you are continually 
through every season,
with every phase of 
the moon.

Love is a co-creative 
you, angels, guides
and loved ones, too,
beloved gardeners
are you not all,
with Love and Compassion
as most important tools.

Let Love cultivate 
the growth in you,
in Love’s Master Garden
you are never alone,
behold the beauty 
infinitely unfolding,
in Love’s eternal garden,
you are always Home!

Love’s Reality


You are connected, 
you are loved,
you hear “within”,
you wonder “above”,
there is no place 
you cannot Be –
You Are One 
with All,
You Are 
as Me.

Human experiences 
may have you confused,
where is the Love 
in some of what 
you do,
beyond choices made,
what is Real and True,
you walk this journey,
but always return to You.

From your human thought
you of course ask why,
searching within your soul,
to the heavens and sky,
beyond what you may see,
Here is You and Me,
We Are One Love,
as Love’s Reality.

You are connected,
You Are so Loved,
you are within
what you seek above,
this unbreakable bond 
is strong enough to hold,
lighting the way to show,
that You Are always

A Quiet Peace


Let winter’s snow 
fall gently
and remind you 
of quiet Peace.

Yes, each snowflake 
is unique,
are they not a marvel
close to see?

But snowflakes 
gather together,
creating a sparkling 
blanket that 
absorbing noise,
covering sharp edges,
reminding you to 
take things slow.

Let the magic of 
winter’s snow,
bring you to the 
wonder of Joy,
you each bring your
to the Whole of 

Home, Always


Let Love carry 
you Home.

Home may feel like 
where you were born,
where you have lived.
Addresses, pictures,
memories remind you
where physically you
have been.

These are familiar roads
that you have traveled 
time and again,
are there not indelible 
paths formed,
where experiences began
or came to an end.

You may long for 
a long-lost home,
or you may attempt 
to run far away,
might you welcome 
all experience with 
accepting, allowing 
what returns home 
to stay.

Let Love carry you
Love’s arms are able 
to hold all for you,
does Love not transform
what you need 
to Light the way 
back Home to You?

At times you may need
to adjust and calibrate 
to your North Star –
You Are eternally at Home
in the Universe,
Home always 
as the Love 
You Are!

Love’s Healing Grace


The world may seem
to be a ball of confusion,
your human eyes strive 
to make sense,
are your ears not pounding
from many cries for
are you not looking for 
when it will end?

You may scoff at the
simple solution,
the ruby slippers 
had it right all 
release your judgments,
see the Heart of Love,
that beats in Everyone,
beyond any place –
yes, Home.

The Home where Love 
dwells has no
windows or doors,
it matters not the
time of day 
or year,
Home exists always in 
your heart and soul,
beyond ego’s reign,
do you not meet Me

Shine your Light 
to all brothers and 
yes, today may be a 
good time to start,
but do not let time
dictate what is so 
beautifully time-less,
you being a Beacon 
of Light that pours 
from your heart.

Judge not what rises 
to your sight for 
healing grace,
extend your eternal, 
loving hands of Love,
hold yourself,
your brothers and sisters
in Love’s embrace,
behold the Amazing Grace 
and power of Love!

The Truth of Love


You need not look 
too hard for Love,
Love is in Everything 
You Are.

Love is in the 
rather than the 
though yes, you 
do many loving 
but always within 
and beyond the 
Love is omnipresent 
and Everything.

Love has no opposite,
thus in this world,
do words not struggle
to capture This Light,
as you are Love’s antennae,
do you not experience
though it may appear 
out of sight?

You need not seek 
for Who You Are,
You Are Love’s 
how can this not 
be True –
Love is Everything 
You Are,
the Truth of Love 
resides in You!