Remember, You

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You may wish
to sort things
to work on problems
you perceive,
but do not all
fade away –
when you remember,

Is it not a familiar
when you reacquaint
with this loving space,
better yet,
spend more time
Here –
as you remember,

With quiet reflection,
a walk outside,
or any way to Be
in this familiar place
where you always
reside –
do you remember,

It matters naught
how much time
is spent,
when you touch
your soul,
are you not the
perfect instrument,
to play your song
that is heaven-sent,
are you not
Divine –
when you remember,

Be in the familiar
space of You,
might you realize
this is not new,
Love is always Here,
yes, believe this
to Be True –
Here Is Love
as you remember,

A Knowing Place

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Find your
knowing place.

Dwell there in
is there not Love
surrounding you
with comfort
and Grace?

In your knowing,
you cannot doubt
what you know
to be True –
your True Self
You Are Love,
breathe in this
that Love Is You.

You Are Home
in your
knowing place.

Here is Love.
Here is Peace.
Welcome Home
with Love and

Love’s Light

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Does Love not
Light you up?
From where do you think
energy comes?
Is Love not the
the drive,
that helps you
get things done –
you need not ever
that Love from Source
will ever end,
for Love is everlasting
and always available

But Love is not manufactured,
it is light,
so bright
and clear –
it is simple in its
yet it creates All
that is Here,
there is no greater feeling,
than Be-ing One
with Who You are,
let your loving Light
shine the way,
let Love be your
guiding star.

Let Love lighten
the load,
of any burdens
that you bear,
do you not find
your way,
when you know
that Love is There,
always with you,
even in moments
when you may feel
all alone,
remember Love
is your birthright,
you are always,
always Home.

Let Love light
you up,
feel Love’s warm,
reassuring embrace –
let Love remind you
Who You Are –
so very Loved,
in every way!


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Do you not discover
in any moment,
in every day?
Like when the rain
seems never-ending
and then a ray of Light
shines through,
when variations of the
make shadows dance
and play,
in each moment
is there not wonder,
when you discover You
in many ways?

Might rediscovery
be remembering,
that at your basic
You Are Love,
You Are a bright
even though some days
you may shine more –
at any moment
such as this one,
might you connect
with the Essence of
and see your bright
Light shining,
as you rediscover

let yourself be delighted
in playful ways,
try a new flavor,
wear something new,
or put on something
you have long put
sit in the quiet,
listen closely,
will you not hear
and feel the Love,
is rediscovery
not remembering,
that the discovery
is always Love?

The greatest treasure
can be found,
it exists always
within you –
feel the bountiful
Love of Spirit,
as you remember
and discover You.


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Tap into your power –
it is the Power of Love,
manifest this mighty
it is what you are
made of,
you cannot give away
your power,
that is a false belief,
not true,
as Love is your mighty
you have the power
always within You.

As you have seen
the ruby slippers,
tapping together
to send her Home,
like Dorothy,
do you not know,
that no matter where
you roam,
you may sometimes
lose your way,
but is that not so
you might be found,
your Strength is in
your power,
the Power of Love
fuels you every day.

If you think you
have lost your
Strength and Courage,
they may be clouded
from your view,
step into your
Light of Love,
to find they are
always Here with you –
you have resources
within your Be-ing,
as you let Love
be your guide,
let your Power of Love
smooth out any
bumpy ride.

Tap into your Power,
it is the Power of Love.
Believe it is True.
Believe in You.
Manifest what you
are dreaming of!

Remember, Love

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Remember Who You Are,
you are a bright Light
that shines,
when your focus
gets pulled away,
you can reset
at any time,
it takes a blink
of an eye,
to remind yourself
it is true –
reconnect with

You wonder how
you could forget,
as Love is what
breathes you through
the day,
but do not opportunities
await you,
to see Love in
a thousand ways,
you may forget temporarily,
so that you can be in
wonder when it does –
do you not remember You,
when you remember,

It may be small,
it may be large,
the perfect cup
of tea,
or being with a friend,
when Love is what
they need,
is Love not what keeps
you going,
even when life sometimes
frightens you –
Love is always
loving You.

Love is Who
and What You Are,
relish each moment
you create,
You Are a bright
and shining star!


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Align with You,
align with Love.

And as you are
an individual aspect
of All That Is,
can you not align
with You,
as you align
with Love?

And it may not matter
which may happen first,
for as you are never
truly separate
from your loving Source,
when you align with
your true nature,
do you not align
with Love?

And during times of
growth or change,
when you may miss
the status quo,
might you welcome
the opportunity
to re-align
with You?

Align with You,
align with Love.

Always back to your
true center,
which is a constant
your whole life through –
you are always aligned
with Love,
now with awareness,
know this is true,
you always work together,
synchronizing with Love’s
constant flow –
when you align with Love –
There You Are,
and welcome Home!