This Voice


Let the gentle Truth 
of Spirit,
be what you 
innately hear,
this Voice may seem
softer at first,
as ego thoughts often
boom with fear.

Ego wishes you to 
be distracted,
sending you down 
many rabbit holes,
to find an answer,
to take cover,
to not be aware 
of what you know.

This Voice of Spirit 
is always with you,
as you are ready 
to receive,
do not fret about 
the timing,
any perfect moment
appears with belief.

This voice may appear 
to be outside you,
you may not recognize 
it at first,
but it is the Voice 
of a thousand whispers
that you have heard 
within you,
since before birth.

Welcome Home to the 
Eternal You,
sit for a spell
and with Love,
Be – 
This Voice of Love
is your soul 
reminding always,
You Are Me.

Imagine Love


Imagine Love.
What will Love 
create today?

Set your imagination 
do not stay tethered 
to your brain,
you as soul are 
eternally creating,
might you free your 
thoughts from always
thinking the same?

Imagination is not 
is it not the soup 
of creative flow,
when you release your 
rules of limits,
what are the places 
you may go?

Is there not Joy 
in possibility,
yes, all the details 
will get worked out,
but in the play of 
is this not how 
inspiration comes 

Be inspired.
Be creative.
This is a State 
of Be-ing beyond
outcomes made,
follow imagination 
from inside-out,
what will You 
as Love create 



Be aware where 
constriction is.
Be open to 
All That Is.

When your stomach 
is tied in knots,
might you remember 
what you forgot?

Yes, ask for help 
with what you see,
with Love,
not fear,
might you see 

Does not the energy 
of would, could 
or should,
feel different than 
what is for the 
greater good?

Allow your heart 
to be your guide,
do not answers to 
questions arise 
from inside?

Constriction exists only 
in time and space,
remember You Are 

Spread your wings – 
you know how to 
with Courage 
and Gratitude,
enjoy the ride!



Be effortless.

It may appear 
to take some effort,
to release what 
ties you down,
the ego would have 
you struggle,
and use distraction
to spin you around.

But know Love’s flow 
is always accessible,
it is the rhythm of 
your soul,
when you sync with 
this awareness,
is not your heart 
ready to soar?

Let your soul
lead this dance,
have faith the steps
will come to you,
do you not sense 
this lighter energy,
as Love,
your Truth 
is lifting you?

Be effortless,
Be Love’s release,
allow Love’s current
to flow through you,
behold this moment,
This is Forever,
You Are This Love,
This Love is You!

Love’s Power Within


Behold Love’s power within.

You are created
as you are
Love’s power,
your Source
flows throughout,
and in,
what does your soul
wish to create 
Behold Love’s power 

Yes, there are times 
you may feel 
may help you 
re-align with 
your True Nature,
behold and sense 
Love’s power 

Soak up earth’s gifts,
nature abounding,
beloved pets,
a summer’s breeze,
music that connects 
the generations,
all flow to behold 
Love’s power within.

Love is your natural,
super power,
tap wholly into 
this current, strong,
Love lifts you up 
to share,
to experience,
behold You Are 
Love’s power 

Love, Always


Rejoice and know –
Love always finds
a way.

Faith will bring you 
to the mountain,
Strength will help you
begin to climb,
knowing is when you
truly realize,
the top is where you
have been all the time.

Yes, life experiences 
are layers,
that may be challenging 
to get through,
as your awareness 
becomes more clear,
you may see all 
as gifts for you.

Unwrap with heart 
divinely open,
with allowance of 
come what may,
may you rejoice 
in this true knowing – 
Love always finds 
a way!

Grace and Courage


It may be harder 
to believe
when circumstances
throw you off,
do you not dig 
a little deeper,
to find what
you are made of. 

When all parts 
work well together,
yes, you experience 
greater flow,
what do you need 
to be supported,
to thrive and 
believe in what 
you know?

Experience and 
may bring up 
fear for you to 
but as a fearless 
Divine Soul,
is this not reminding 
you to believe?

Let go of judgment,
look deeply,
to what it is 
you know,
live from this 
wellspring of Strength,
Grace and Courage 
reside in your soul!



Clear the air,
lighten your load,
you always reside 
in Love’s sweet flow,
accept, allow
what comes your way,
release your need 
to be in control.

Learning arises 
out of experience,
you may not know 
the why or how,
set expectation 
to the side,
as Love’s presence

Ripples of Love
sometimes take time,
you may not be aware 
of their cause, effect,
journeys do differ
some remain unseen,
perfection of timing 
may not happen yet.

Breathe in the air,
be a vessel clear,
be Love’s purpose
as a conduit,
ask what would Love
have me know today,
Love answers,
dear child,
You Are All 
of This!