Embrace the creative you.

This may cause you pause,
ego drags its feet,
if it cannot be seen,
how do you complete?

How many leaps of faith
have you completed 
so far,
put your faith 
in You,
you need not make 
it so hard!

Yes, you wish to control 
what appears to come 
to you,
my dear,
create, expand,
project what flows 
through you.

Embrace with your 
whole heart,
this creative You,
it may ask you to 
a new road to 
find you.

But will you not find 
no matter where 
you go,
Love embraces you 
completely dear,
You Are Loved so!

Breathe As Is


Breathe as is.

When frustration 
is the emotion,
when you feel you
pushing back,
ask for release 
from the struggle – 
breathe as is.

When you experience 
deja vu,
when a situation 
is on repeat,
might Love show you
a different way – 
breathe as is.

Might you play the hand 
you are dealt,
you are creative and
imaginative, too,
is Love not a Wild Card
you hold – 
breathe as is.

You are aligned with
your True Nature
as you return to the 
present This,
follow the path 
of your sacred breath,
as Love – 
breathe as is.



Is not hope an 
opening to
possibility that has 
not happened yet,
in the human form 
it is difficult to 
let go of outcomes 
you wish to be met.

But there is energy to
the feeling of hope,
might you tap in 
to this uplifting view,
no matter what the
future brings,
might you embrace 
all possibility of You?

You need not tie hope
to something specific,
the Universe is limitless 
in its scope,
infinite paths may lie 
before you – overwhelming,
embrace the energy of
each step filled with hope.

May hope lift you up 
when you are weary,
may hope enhance 
the Spark of Life 
that dwells in you,
your Light,
your life shares hope 
with others,
may collective Hope 
reflect the Light
that shines in You!

Song of the Heart


hand All over 
to the Force 
of Love.

May you release
old patterns, 
that wish to sync 
and sing with 

Your resistance is 
but ego,
doubting you cannot
carry this tune.

Let your soul sing 
all notes in harmony,
is not the Song of Love 
in You?

there are a 
thousand ways 
to sing this song.

You need not 
sing this on
your own – 
do not loving angels
sing along?

Surrender your 
thoughts of time 
and space,
meet Love where 
Love endures.

This Song of Love 
is the song of
your heart,
strong and steady,
simple and pure!


A Simple Message


The message is Love.
And is this not a 
message for All?

What you hear,
what you perceive,
may arise from 
what you believe,
but when you get 
down to the root,
the message is Love.

Trust what you know,
though you may doubt,
what your soul is 
bringing about,
when you wonder 
why or how – 
know the message is Love.

Yes, your mind is 
a questioning sort,
it wishes to be briefed
in daily reports,
allow Us to give you 
the nuts and bolts – 
the message is Love.

This may make you smile 
or pull out your hair,
what a simple message
transcending time
and Everywhere,
in your heart you 
know below is as above –
and the message 
for You,
for All,
is always, Love!

Love’s Sweet Reunion


Is not re-union
simply a remembrance
of Love’s bond 
that forever is?

Do not glimpses 
across the veil,
demonstrate this union
with All That Is?

And as you delight 
in the wonder 
that there is more 
than this earthly life,
do not loved ones
share in this Joy,
as they share 
how they see 
your Light?

You may have thought 
that one door opens
when another door
is closed,
my dear,
there are no doors 
at all,
simply Truth you 
have not seen 

Believe in Love’s reunion,
for Love has never 
been lost,
your soul knows 
of these connections,
follow the nudges,
the breadcrumbs tossed.

With awareness,
Love’s sweet reunion
is a promise that is 
always kept,
forever together,
you always are,
Love is Here with you,
Love has never left.

Love’s Inertia


When forward movement 
appears to slow,
might you check into 
what lies within,
might your perspective 
be askew,
as you wait for something external
to begin?

Sense Love’s inertia
that moves within 
you may not be aware 
of timing, dear,
have Faith your soul 
has a creative plan
and will lead you through
be it far or near.

Continue following in 
Love’s sweet flow,
be at Peace with your mind
asking what is this –
there is surrender 
in “I don’t know,”
as you boldly walk 
in your courageousness.

Sometimes there is the 
greatest movement,
that happens beyond 
what you may see,
as you align to 
your true nature,
do you not then open 
all doors to thee?

You are creation,
you are movement,
energy cannot help 
but move through you,
yes, your body will 
get this message,
as you connect 
to the Whole of You!

Love’s Light


Around each corner
Here is Love’s Light,
reminding gently,
everything is alright.

You may not know 
what you wish to see,
you may be praying 
for an outcome to be.

With each step,
my dear,
Love walks with you,
your heart is Courage,
Strength flows through

Do you not arise 
with Gratitude,
this super-power 
finds its Home 
in You.

Above all else,
may you feel loved,
angels surround you, 
beloved Child of Love.

Do you see it –
Love’s Light is You,
Here is Peace,
forever Home
in You!

Love’s Sweet Flow


Life can be like 
a roller-coaster,
you may go up then
come back down,
you may try all 
the rides available,
you may prefer 
feet on the ground.

You may feel 
or you may wish 
to further stretch
your wings,
is it not a wonder 
you may experience
with so many 

But there is a 
constant flow 
a steady stream 
of Love and Peace,
this flow is present 
in All moments,
showing a way 
with Grace and Ease.

No matter the ride 
you take,
in the human story
experiences abound,
allow your soul to
find the sweet spot,
where Love and Peace 
sing the sweetest sound.

Some experiences you
would do again,
some arise that you 
would not prefer,
Love and Peace are with
you always, dear one,
your eternal soul 
will help you 

In Love’s Presence


Do not let time
or timing 
roll you into a 
ball that then 
surrender to 
the timeless 
that flows eternally
amidst all of “this.”

Details and minutia 
can set your mind
seeking attention,
saying, “look at me,”
yes you may cross 
things off your list,
but check in often 
with your energy.

There is doing and 
there is creation,
you know which parts 
of you does what,
might you blend all
parts of you together,
allowing what you create
to lead all subsequent 

When fear arises 
or worries of lack,
become the driver 
of what you do,
might you ask 
your soul to 
lead the way,
as Love’s infinite 
possibilities find 
their way to you.

Be grateful for the 
body that gives 
you feedback,
what wishes to be seen,
what do you feel,
in Love’s presence 
may you be reminded,
as Love’s Reality
you are already healed.