Growing With Love


Accept Love’s growth,
yes it may mean 
but are you not ready
for thoughts to 
be rearranged?

Do not fear growth,
All That You Are 
is Here with You,
is growth not perspective 
as you open up
to You?

Here with breath
is Love’s solace,
seeing clearly the 
Whole of You,
have Faith in All 
that Love is offering,
in every breath 
and heartbeat – 
Love is You!



You look in awe at
nature flourishing,
lush green covers 
what once was bare,
though trees and bushes 
are always what they are,
with linear time seasons
cycle here.

In life your perception 
of fall or springtime,
may affect how the 
body feels,
yet your True Essence 
is beyond the seasons,
at any moment,
shift to what is Real.

In the human world you
may have preferences,
one season may feel 
more aligned with you,
yet just as tree is Tree 
bare or lush,
within your soul,
are you not always You?

Project This into the
world created,
when You Are spring 
burst with growth 
so True,
Be All of This 
no matter the season,
Love as eternal summer,
forever shines through you!

Ebb and Flow


The mind fills up
with information,
there is nothing wrong
with that,
but take some time for
your own experience,
try something new
or take a step back.

Life is an experience
of ebb and flow,
like an ocean tide
you may arrive,
ride the waves of
new information,
then assimilate what
speaks to you as Peace.

Return to your heart,
your soul,
when your mind needs
a bit of rest,
rest assured Love’s Light
finds a way
to speak to you through
your consciousness.

Here is All you need
to know,
always as close as
your breath,
Be This experience
of Love,
remembering You Are
forever blessed!

This Choice


Love chooses you.
Might you unconditionally
choose Love?

In the moments 
of life,
you may not realize 
there is choice,
as human choice abounds,
as soul you simply
are Joy.

With the chance 
to choose again,
rise above the 
ego’s voice,
Here is clarity,
Here is Love,
ego often balks at 
This Choice.

Be This Love 
as You Are Loved,
say yes to This 
that is flowing through,
Here is your natural 
State of Be-ing,
make the choice 
Love makes for you!

Love’s Respite


Keep your eyes
on Love’s spark 
of Light,
when ego’s thoughts 
are everywhere,
may your breath 
circulate Love’s flow,
You Are This and 
You Are aware.

A decision to see 
another way,
is often hard when 
in ego’s throes,
This Light knows 
what to do,
reach out and give this
to your soul.

When you need respite 
from the noise
of thoughts that 
run in circles, dear,
step off and into 
Love’s true center,
Peace is with You,
always Here!

One Path


Be You,
in your unfolding,
trust the steps 
upon your path,
you may not know 
your destination,
This Now moment 
is where it’s at. 

Life has a thousand 
ways to walk,
but is there not 
truly One,
beyond your senses 
is your navigation,
much like earth connecting
with moon and sun.

Be You Love 
upon your journey,
walk with Strength 
and Courage Here,
your path is right 
Where You Are Now,
Love as your purpose,
makes All so clear!


This Experience


Here I Am,
Love says softly,
in an instant,
I Am Here,
You are Me
and I Am You,
We exist as One
truly Everywhere.

In the world of 
time and space,
it appears that Love 
may be hard to find,
end your search using
your perception,
Love exists Wholly
in your Mind.

This One Mind 
is All of This,
as human that is 
hard to believe,
in a world of this 
or that,
there appears to be 
choices to help 
you see.

Be the Choice of Love
begin with This 
intention now,
know that Love 
has never left,
with Faith,
may knowing 
replace how.

Release the need
to understand,
Love is beyond 
explanation here,
Be you Knowing,
awakening to,
the Experience of 
You as Love 
forever Here.



Your heart is a poem
Love has written,
you sense this wholly 
in your soul,
Love invites you 
to experience,
you know this,
feel this,
in your bones.

All you Love 
are in wonder 
with you,
experience never ends
when here is done,
might you explore 
your journeys together,
are not all paths 
the experience of One?

Unwrap your Joy
that is gifted to you,
there is no need 
to apologize,
loved ones are Here
sharing, rejoicing,
forever connected to 
your beautiful Light!

With Awe


Love is like a 
cleansing rain,
washing away
what may mask
may this clear the slate
of story,
as you create and 
begin anew.

Approach each task 
today with wonder,
invite a fresh perspective 
lighten the weight 
of ego’s presence,
let Love freshen 
and clear the air.

Now invite Love to 
bring droplets
of inspiration you 
may choose,
when your mind and 
soul with body unite,
a new path may appear 
to you. 

Continue to be amazed,
Be in this moment 
of Love, of awe,
when you clear 
your mind of 
your heart and soul 
sing with Love’s call!

Love’s Network


Love is Here,
you need not
doubt it,
You Are part of
a greater Whole,
Here Love reassures
support and guidance
are helping All

You Are part of
a network,
that extends beyond
your sight,
let you heart,
your soul keep
guiding you
to bring to dark
more Light.

Share this belonging,
Love’s connection,
do not others wish
this true,
as One Family,
reach out your hands
and to another say,
I see you.

May you sense and
trust your Team of
you are part of
this mix,
what drives you,
what is your passion,
this is your soul saying,
let’s do this!

There is power in
true sharing,
may hearts connect
to what is True,
Love Is Here –
help build this bridge,
so All remember,
I Am You!