Love’s Blessed Flow

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When you perceive
a time of stress,
you may feel constriction
within your chest,
does not the body
draw in closer,
trying to protect
what it knows best?

But You Are so much
more than this,
while you may be aware
of your body more,
might You expand
and not contract,
is this not what Love’s
healing balm is for?

Yes, listen to your
and as you care
for it with ease,
might you see it
from this loving
the Whole of You
who knows comforting

Set an intention
to expand this Love,
no matter where
your body is,
awash your body with
Love’s blessed flow,
as you remember
You Are All
of This!

Your Leap of Faith

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Sometimes your footing
may feel unsteady,
the rocks on the road
sometimes break free,
is there not always
another layer,
another path for
you to be?

And while your attention
is drawn to looking
at how your path
may often change,
are you not the
of your journey,
you do not create
to remain the same.

Shift often your focus
to the potential
that every moment
brings with Love,
you may tighten your grip
on what you hold,
but when you let go,
might you soar above?

Your human side will
work out the details,
let them come to you
in the perfect time,
lovingly embrace
your on-going creation,
there is no limit
to the limitless Mind.

Be aware of what you
hold onto,
with a leap of faith,
step through this
creative door,
yes, you have feet
that walk this
but with Wings of Love,
you may soar!

With Your Soul

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When the external
is wearing thin,
when bristly parts
make it hard to
get in,
when you long
for Love and
comfort here,
or to understand,

Is there not a place
you can go,
for guidance and
direction for
what is so –
how do you get
to Love’s flow –
your soul knows.

Take a loving breath
and place hand
to heart,
Here You Are
beyond end
or start,
the Center of You
contains your loving
Home Is Here,
with your soul.


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Wake up from
your slumber,
rise up to this
moment now,
be aware,
what are you
holding onto,
what is running
in the background
of you there?

Shake off
what is patterned,
what is programmed,
what the clock
tries to tell you,
return to your
the rhythm of you
helps you remember
Who Are You.

Rise and shine
your Light
when drama,
seeks to pull your
eyes away,
with clear Vision
do you not see,
Love is always
to Light your way.

Does Love not help
you as you
ask Love to show
you how,
let Love wake you
from your slumber,
rising with Love
in This Moment,


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Is not desire
a nudge,
a pull –
your awareness
of an intention
that stirs within
your soul?

And as your soul
is a creator,
also led upon
its path,
does not your soul
bring the Power of
to set in motion
what next to

And as You
create from
This Love,
Be-ing this moment
and the moment
do not moments
flow TO you,
not you waiting
for the next,
do you see now
that Love is
the creator of
it All?

Is not Love
the perfect moment,
where desire says
This Is So –
I Am Here,
Here Is Love,
All Is Well.


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Listen to the body,
what is it trying
to tell you,
is it not one
aspect of the
human condition,
letting communication
come flowing through.

Keep diving to the
depths of your
does your awareness
not give you clues –
it may feel ungrounding
to question beliefs,
but how do beliefs
work to influence you?

Love is the Center
of Who You Are,
all earthly steps
walk with Love,
you are grounded
in This Truth,
wherever you are,
Love flows through

Listen to your earthly
body with
compassionate ears
to what it has to say –
then reassure your
earthly presence,
as Source,
always Love
shows you
the way.

Love’s Answer

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Does not looking
for what you need
indicate you know
not want you have?

Blessed One,
Blessed You,
do not let your
eyes deceive,
as you See with
the Eyes of Love,
does Love not
reflect back

Let your knowing
be your anchor
as you sail on
life’s rocky seas,
you are Love’s vessel
upon the water,
you are the waves
that meet the
sandy beach.

Love is the touchstone
of your soul,
in any experience
you may seek,
you need not look
outside to find This,
knowing resides always
in thee.

When words or actions
into a puzzle
that you cannot
beyond language,
Here is knowing –
Love is the answer
to it All.