Together, Always

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You are surrounded,
you wish this
to be true,
with Love,
wishes are
Love is always
with You.

These bonds
can never be
your loved ones
forever share
This Light
with you,
it is safe
to open your
let Love’s Light
come shining

Accept Love,
believe Love,
You Are
This Love,
together, always,
Love assures,
sink into Love’s
This Love
for You.

Love’s Miracle

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Is Love not
part of circulation,
helping you filter
for clarity,
Love is your
your eternal
helping you let go
of what you
do not need.

Your willingness
sets this in
as Love is always
Here with you,
Love is the miracle
when you remember,
all aspects of you
has Love shining

Let Love transform,
allow this sacred
to lovingly show
you how,
be kind,
be gentle,
believe –
You Are This Love,
the Miracle of Love,

Constant and Eternal

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Here is Love always
to hold and support
may you let Love
lift you up?

You need not do
but ask Love,
Love always refills
your continuous
loving cup.

You are part of
this eternal
you cannot separate
from the Whole
of You.

May you set aside
thoughts of
only you doing,
and allow Love
to flow directly
through you.

Here is Love,
constant and
Here is Peace
within the heart
of You.

With Grace,
may you open
in sweet surrender,
to the Truth
of Love,
eternally flowing
through You!

No Place, Know Home

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How can you look beyond
where you are now?
My dear, because
You Are Everywhere.

And as you perceive
as another construct
of time,
you may think of it
as fleeting,
or something to save
for a better time.

Yes, it may be hard
to sense the Truth
of Love,
without time or space,
but you, as Love,
are timeless,
never confined to
a particular place.

As many ways as there
are to seek the
does it not always come
back to Here,
let go,
let Love
help you remember
what you know –
you are never
any place,
but Home.

True Colors

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What are your true colors?

As life may take you
on the spectrum,
you may be a different
on a different day,
do not all colors
with Love shine
so bright,
as at your core
you shine with
One white Light.

Are you not true
as the Authentic
experience may have
colored the filters
you look through,
but your True Self
shines brightly
and does not change,
even as your surroundings
appear to not
stay the same.

Know there is One Light
that eternally shines
through you,
yes, life’s prism
may create all
different hues,
sense the balance
of what your foundation
is made of,
your True Colors
express the perfection
of You as Love!


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A sunny day,
a rainy day,
a clear day,
a foggy day,
no matter how
a day appears,
is it not part of
what you create?

Is not a day
one of rebirth,
following the slumber
of your mind,
do you not arise
as pure potential,
in this dream
of space and time?

You need not
or walk,
or run very fast –
it is not a place
that is the goal,
a day awaits
for you to embrace,
your experience
as an eternal soul.

A day,
an hour,
this moment
now –
are you not a
creative spark?
In this place,
this time,
expanding beyond
your mind,
arise as the
Love You Are!


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Open up all of the
open doors to let
air in,
let the outside
be the inside,
project the beauty
you are within.

At times you may
close up,
as you reflect,
ponder and mull,
but as a part of
are you not a vibration
of the Whole?

The sliver of the moon
has the perfect light
for you to see,
you are the dawning
from the night,
you are the sun
before the beams
you see.

Be present in
This Life,
meet the morning
air – it breathes
through you,
You Are Love’s
precious gift,
step into this day
as the dawning
of You!


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In a world that may
seem senseless,
it is with your senses
much filters through,
you may taste
the richest flavors,
you may turn away
from what repels

You may look for
but all may change
in an instant now,
what may be a
an anchor,
for you to sense
comfort somehow.

Let Love lift you
from the boat,
that may be tossed
about by waves,
allow Love to
remind you,
You Are this Love
and Peace always.

Yes, use your senses
to take in,
the experiences
that you have here,
but you are anchored
in the depths of Love,
that is limitless

Let your breath
realign you
to what is constant
and True,
your touchstone
of Love
is alway present,
the Presence of Love
is wholly You!