Believing Trust


When you find your 
self in another’s story,
what comes up for 
you to see,
relationship is 
life’s experience,
providing you with 

In a world that 
is contrasting,
add in time that goes
from here to there,
you may sense what
churns so deeply,
emotions, feelings 
that are hard to 

Rise above details 
of the story,
what core beliefs 
are you thinking 
with no judgment,
see these clearly,
are they not asking –
where is the Love?

From the perspective 
of the story,
yes it is hard to sense
a greater Truth,
might you go to 
your heart and open
to the Power of Gratitude.

Ego’s food is guilt 
and shame,
these get passed on
in the human realm,
cleanse your palette 
with Gratitude,
Love’s super power helps
you to be strong.

Take back your power,
it is innately Here,
as you surrender 
perceived control,
trust your soul to guide
you in This Moment,
Love has your back and 
You Are Loved so!



Rise up with Love.

You look up to the 
you look up at 
the stars,
the moon and sun 
shine for you,
though at times Light 
seems so far.

You have this pull 
within you,
it cannot be 
Love is the essence of 
your True Nature,
say yes to This
and rise.

As human you are 
not perfect,
perfection is a 
as a Whole, complete
celebrate this wondrous 

For every thought 
that bubbles up,
trying to keep you
as Love, there is 
no stopping you,
Love comforts 
and surrounds.

Look up in prayer 
and wonder,
what might you see 
beyond the sky,
Here You Are  –
Love’s invitation,
say yes and 
forever rise!

A Spark of Trust


Let go of expectation,
there is plenty for you 
are you not guided
your higher self 
and angels near.

You are part of 
This process,
you sit at the table 
side by side,
yes, in life you have
but as soul eyes 
are opened wide.

Trust in Love’s now
see This Spark at 
any time,
Here You Are,
your soul rejoices,
forever Loved
and as Love,

No Doubt


Never doubt your Light,
you are the moon,
the sun, 
you are needed,
the Light of One
shines through you,

Be you as human,
embrace it all,
and know that Love 
and Peace flow
when you need a 
different perspective,
turn your mind over 
to the Whole of You.

Say yes to receiving,
lifting, flying,
this is your soul 
wishing to rejoice,
your Light is needed,
sense your expansion,
as you share 
your Love,
your Voice.

You know This Truth,
your place in 
This Web,
see you as Love 
sees You always,
with trust in Self
and knowing in 
your heart,
Be You as Light,
shining Love today!

This Day


Be Love this day,
let it flow freely,
release all worry about
what comes next,
Be You,
in your wholeness,
your soul rejoices,
there is no test.

Each day in time 
is a new beginning,
but You as timeless
are forever Here,
your Light shines in
This Now Moment,
connecting with loved ones,
always near.

Be You this day,
as Love’s experience,
yes, this beginning of 
a new year,
each moment is Love
not wholly creating
This Moment of Love 
for you,
always, dear!

Eternally Home


Here I Am,
Love says 
I am always 
with you, 
you can imagine 
One or many,
One Love,
are always near.

Love may show up
as a stranger,
helping another 
who is lost,
Love is the generosity
of family,
who help no matter 
what the cost.

As human you may 
question your
but never worry 
about this, dear,
you cannot spend time 
away from Love,
as timeless, 
Love is forever 

Here We Are,
with you always,
know your purpose 
as Love is True,
breathe in Love,
welcome Home,
sense Love’s
eternal Home
in You!

Love’s Place of Comfort


Listen to your heart
beat softly,
you are where you 
need to be,
your breath grounds you
to your Source,
peeling back ego’s layers,
Love helps you see.

Ego likes to make 
you doubt,
keeping you off-center
as you second-guess,
drop to your center,
Love resides Here,
as human,
you are beautifully 
doing your best. 

In the world of 
people walk their 
journeys that are 
theirs to see,
there are many 
where you share
a path,
then let another 
fly free.

May Love guide you 
with reassurance,
there is no-thing you 
can get wrong,
you may not know 
the bigger picture,
but know that no one
is ever alone. 

Return to this place 
of comfort,
breathe easily,
let Love be Here 
for you,
in Love’s hands 
you are held and 
All you Love 
are Home with Love,


Love, Eternal, Here


Feel the Love 
in memories past,
sense the magic of
what is presently made,
laughter brings you 
to This Moment,
be it recalling or 
creating new today.

Yes, there are times 
when past and present 
as in anniversaries 
or holidays,
you remember the 
memories past,
but You as spirit 
experience another 

All you Love flow 
through you now,
You Are together and
are never apart,
you as human know 
there may be change,
but You as Soul are 
Everywhere they are.

Love blends together 
experiences made,
celebrate with All 
you Love so dear,
Love is the language 
of Eternity,
always in This Moment,
All you Love 
are Here!

Driving With Love


You may wonder 
how to complete
what you had hoped for
upon the earth,
my dear,
you continually are
throughout all realms
even before your 

Time has a way 
of setting your focus
on what is next upon 
your list to check,
is there not Love 
throughout these 
might flowing with 
Be your intent?

On earth the drive 
to control
is ego’s way of 
being in charge,
could you not navigate
more peacefully,
when your Higher Self
is driving the car?

Take a breath,
release the tension
of timelines made
or goals to achieve,
You Are Love’s Purpose,
Here and present,
sense This Knowing
and in you, believe!

Sacred Space


Sacred is the space 
between us,
though space is perceived
by you on earth,
with no distance or 
time constricting,
Love is Eternal,
no death,
no birth.

Awake in wonder 
from your dreaming,
what is a dream or
what is real,
where Love resides as 
your whole Presence,
This is You,
complete and healed.

You may travel through 
many rooms,
but Love’s One House 
is your Home, dear,
All you Love are
with you always,
in sacred spaces,