Wholly One

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We are all in This
are “You” not part
of this “We”?
Holy sisters and brothers,
Wholly One,
not separately.

Embrace yourself wholly,
dear one,
there is nothing that
you lack,
experiences come and
but you are Eternal,
and Love has your back.

When you reach out
your hand to another,
are you not also
ready to receive –
this infinite Flow of
Love is always
with you,
whether you know it
or do not believe.

We are All in This
You are Me
and We Are This –
Eternal Love flowing
through Us always,
We Are Whole
We Are Bliss.


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Open a door.

Yes, there will always
be more doors to
as long as you put
them there.

You may peek around
some doors,
unsure of what you
will see on the
other side,
some doors you throw
knowing Joy will
take you on a
magic ride.

You may see a door
as a symbol
of transition as you
step through,
but you have the power
to remove all barriers
you may perceive
in front of you.

Does not each door
you open
always lead you
directly to you?

You Are limitless,
You Are Everywhere –
there is no door
that can contain you!

You Are

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Where You Are,
Love Is.

Do not let space
and time fool you,
there can be no
other way,
at any moment,
in any space –
You Are and
Love Is.

Love breathes you
in this moment,
Love Is You
when breath is
on either side
and in-between,
You Are and
Love Is.

You need not go
somewhere to meet
no matter if you are
early or you are
now is the perfect time
and space to Be –
You Are and
Love Is.

So Be present in
this moment,
Be amazing as
you see,
Who You Are
All of This –
Where You Are,
Love Is.


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A swimmer cuts
through the water,
it may look streamline
and smooth,
but legs propel
by kicking,
hands are reaching,
pushing through.

A skater glides across
the ice,
appearing effortlessly
to flow,
but there is friction
where the blades
meet the ice
to make them go.

Where your ego
meets your soul,
as human, resistance
you may feel,
but does not the
let you know,
what has come up
for you to heal?

And like the swimmer
or the skater,
do you not become
smoother as you
as one with what
surrounds you,
with the Force of Love
always inside?

As human,
you propel,
as life stretches out
in its linear way,
receive these gifts
of friction,
as they flow through you
along your way.

And as always,
Here You Are,
the one that is
gliding above –
the One who sees
All of You,
flowing effortlessly
with Love.


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A story has many
twists and turns
on any page,
woven together,
you search for meaning,
looking for Love
along the way.

And while the story
has a beginning,
and you may not
want it to end,
the threads of Love
that give it meaning
are ever-present
and never end.

Does not the weaving
of a story,
paint you a picture
so you may find,
these golden threads
of Love that are present
in any space
at any time.

Might you be surprised
to discover
that the meaning
you are searching for,
is not at the end
of the story,
it is in any moment
that you open
Love’s door.

The ever-lasting story
is one created with
a Golden Thread,
you are always connected
to Love,
so why not see where
you are lead.

Let Love take center
and as the story continues
to unfold,
when Love is the Director,
is this not the
greatest story
ever told?

Weave Love throughout
your story,
know you are connected
by a golden cord,
Love is the Truth
beyond life’s meaning,
with Love is freedom,
let your soul soar!

Beautiful Light

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A single candle
burns so bright,
even in darkness
it lights up the
let the flame
inside of you,
continue glowing
and as it grows,
does Light not
find other Lights
and now how bright
does your beautiful
Light shine?

Be your Light,
let it burn,
let it glow,
does it not generate
the energy
that is always
within your soul?

What lights you up,
what help you rise,
what puts you in
the flow,
what opens your eyes –
does it not begin
when you see,
and Be,
the Beautiful Light
that shines in thee?

A single candle
or fire roar,
it matters not
the size or more,
Be You,
Beautiful Light,
Light the way,
your Light is
a beacon
shining bright,
with all your Love,
be it day or night.

Shine on,
Beautiful Light,
share your Love,
shine your Light.


20190802 XPicture


know that Love
is in the still,
when you stop
to catch your breath,
is this not when
you sense
your loving will?

Yes, you love
the forward momentum
when you see what
Love creates,
now also relax
into Love’s rhythm,
and let your vessel

Like water flowing
in a river,
there are sections
that build up speed,
then a pool begins
to form,
allowing the water
to gather and be.

As you are fluid
like the water,
might you be aware
of what you need,
and know Love always
flows within you,
it is not about the
time or speed.

So relax,
when your body
tells you to –
enjoy a time of
as your soul
aligns perfectly
with you.