When there are choices 
to be made,
you may assume one 
is wrong or right,
might different paths 
create experiences 
that usher in the 
same bright Light.

Do not put pressure 
on yourself,
be aware of constriction
when fear says –
what if you make the 
wrong choice,
my dear,
You Are beyond 
all of the details.

With Love as your 
with your heart 
as guiding Light,
as human you do 
your very best,
now release the judgment 
of what is “more right.”

In this world 
your future self
has all the means 
to make things work,
put your trust 
in You, my dear,
what is your Truth 
as plans unfurl?

In this moment 
find the Joy
that lights all paths 
that you may choose,
let Joy’s Light be 
your companion,
reminding all paths 
lead Home to You!



Fear is like fog,
it may distort
what is truly 
does not Light 
dissolve the mist,
so that you may see
what is true and clear.

May you discover 
what clouds your mind,
what beliefs you are ready
to let go,
you may wear these 
as familiar trappings
that once defined who 
you used to know.

Who Are You 
in your clearest Essence,
take a look with eyes 
that clearly see –
your True Light shines
ever so brightly,
illuminating You
with loving clarity.

A Return to Love


When you are in doubt,
or are not sure what 
next to do,
return to your heart
to sense your purpose
and know your Truth.

Let the details of 
the story
fall away as you 
to your Essence,
to your core,
to Who You Are
beyond this earth.

The road may split,
your path may take you 
on a detour with 
many curves,
Dear One,
you cannot be lost,
You Are always Home,
Love reassures.

Be-ing Love is your 
it may take on 
many roles,
return Home 
to your heart,
remember what 
you always know!

Love’s Tapestry


Be a weaver of 
Love’s thread,
what might you 
create today?
Do you not pull 
from what you know,
what you have experienced 
along the way.

Love’s tapestry 
is a masterpiece,
You Are a thread,
You Are the whole,
as Love you are 
connected through 
heart to heart and 
soul to soul.

As Love’s thread,
what will you create?
You have All you need
at your fingertips,
ask for Love’s guidance 
as you begin,
loved ones love to 
help with This.

You Are a weaver 
of Love’s thread,
connected always 
beyond what you 
trust and allow 
Love’s guiding hand
to help you express 
the Essence of your

As Eternity


You may look back
on your past moments,
some may bring peace,
some may bring strife,
marking time is how 
you capture
snippets of your 
earthly life.

You may gather these
around you,
now with Gratitude,
set them free,
at any moment, 
you are Here,
beyond all time,
as Eternity.

Yes, you as human
We do honor
each step you take 
upon this earth – 
We share in your 
precious moments,
We comfort when 
you may feel hurt.

Know you are never 
far away 
from This Home 
where you reside,
you may reach out 
to Us Here,
but we are always 
by your side.

As an Eternal Soul,
may you see You 
as We do,
pause to reflect 
upon This Truth – 
for Eternity,
This Love 
is You!

This Instant


Precious child,
may Love remind,
you are never lost,
you are safe and
no matter the life experience,
your True Self 
flies with angels

Your human self
has worked so hard
to find a compartment
to fit in,
my dear,
there are no edges 
to you – 
You Are infinite Light
eternally within.

Yes, consciousness 
can be deceiving,
tempting you to think
that this is it,
your soul’s essence 
knows the Truth,
as part of the Whole,
You Are All 
of This.

Yes, be grounded to
secure your footing,
but know you are free 
of any human strife,
in This Instant
of recognition, 
may you behold 
your Infinite Light!

A Perfect Pace

20181210 XPicture

12/16/21 from 12/10/18

You need not go
fast or slow,
will Love not
move at the
perfect pace?
Since there is
no finish line
in life –
might you understand,
it is not a

Yes, there are shifts
and surges
that feel like
speeding up,
but it is not
about how
fast you go –
is it not more
about the depth,
the breadth
of the Love Force,
that helps you
upon this path,
to evolve
and to grow?

So enjoy and
as your life
to unfold,
and with each
loving experience,
might it direct
you ever deeper,
to the depths
of your soul?

Let Love gently
guide you,
or push you out of
your comfort zone,
remember you
are always
is not Love
with you
anywhere you

No matter the
speed you are
it is not a
race from here
to there –
You Are perfect
in this present moment,
Love Is always
with You,

Smooth Travels


Unwind your knotted 
may Love help smooth
them out for you,
sit with Love,
with breath,
release the fears 
that may be constricting

In the world 
there are choices 
you make,
listen to your heart’s 
loving Truth,
may Love help show
you a smooth way,
upon the roads 
you travel through.

And if obstacles you 
with Gratitude ask Love
to assist,
all roads you travel
do have purpose,
leading you to 
All of This.

Pray not for outcomes 
may your prayer be
for Love to guide,
walk with Courage 
upon any road,
Love walks with you,
O Beautiful Light!

Your Strength and Courage


Be open to receive,
is this not the only
thing to know?
Trust, have Faith
in the intelligence –
that Love knows 
where to go.

May Love dissolve 
your fears,
freeing you from 
the ties that bind,
there is no-thing 
that can keep you 
from your True Essence
beyond time.

May you soak up your
Strength and Courage,
they have been with 
you all along,
my dear,
Love reminds you gently,
there is no place 
like Home!



Behold a flash of insight,
you may wonder 
where it has been,
there is unfolding,
an unseen timing,
that helps you know
when to begin.

In linear time 
there is progression,
this may move slow
or may be fast,
you may wish for 
some things to linger,
and for others to 
move on past.

When pieces of the puzzle
fall into place,
do you not see,
the whole picture 
that makes sense,
and what your soul 
sees perfectly.

These gentle nudges
or a stronger push,
help you to know 
what next to do,
receive all insights
sent with Love,
trust in the timing 
of the soul of You!