A Sacred Being


Let your Be-ing
replace your 
it is the quiet 
you may not hear,
your doing-ness
looks at lists,
at time,
your Being-ness
draws what you need

You may have flashes 
of insights sudden,
you may experience 
knowing as 
unfolding Truth,
be it a deluge 
or subtle miracle,
the Miracle of You 
is always Here 
as You.

Yes, you have options 
in this world a-plenty,
but tune into 
your simple Truth,
as Love’s precious,
sacred Be-ing,
Be the Presence of Love 
that shines so brightly
in You!

Be The Light


Be the Light 
you wish to see.

You need not wait 
or depend on 
what may be 
external to your 
Here You Are,
shining brightly,
Be the Light 
you wish to see.

Hope may rely
on future outcomes,
past and future 
are not Here,
Here You Are 
as Love’s presence,
Be the Light 
you wish to see.

As Creator 
in this moment,
strip away 
what dims your
that is only a 
see the Light 
you cannot help
but Be.

Shine your Light 
for All to see.

Be the Light,
Who You Are,

A Sign of Love


It may be a repeating number,
what is it that snags
your view,
something you read,
or a memory
that pops in suddenly 
to you.

It matters not if your
is aware of signs or
misses some,
you are as connected 
as the morning that 
always knows,
here comes the sun!

Rest assured your loved ones 
know and sense these 
connections to you,
Love may be quiet 
or may be loud,
the mind is sometimes 
hard to get through.

Let your heart be 
the instrument
that knows each note
of every loving chord,
let your hearts sing
together as One,
Love exists beyond 
any spoken word.

Yes, look for signs 
to delight,
in the magic 
that is displayed,
but know You Are 
a Sign of Love,
eternally connected,




Be curious,
be open,
believe with 
the eyes of 
the soul.

Yes, trust in the universe,
but remember,
dear one, 
All of the Universe 
is in You.

do you hear 
the still, small
that speaks so 
within you?

This is You,
This is Love,
all you search,
will always lead 
you gently,
back to You.

Be Love,
Be You,
in this Truth 
of Who You Are,
believe the Love 
of All That Is – 
is Home with You.

Home With You


Here is Peace,
precious child,
even when far 
do you roam,
where is Peace,
you ask gently,
my dear,
always with you,

Home is Here,
with you child,
you are held 
always so close,
you may yearn 
for this awareness,
though your soul 
already knows.

Allow the nudging 
and the tugging 
of your heart 
so you may see,
Here is kindness, 
may you give 
as you receive.

Here is Love,
sacred child,
release all judgments 
that cloud your view,
in your eternal 
the Peace of Love 
is Home 
with you.

Over the Rainbow


Somewhere over the rainbow 
is Here.

Meet Here where your
loved ones dear
are as excited as you 
to find,
they see you 
as you are aware,
of this rainbow bridge 
beyond time.

A bit of willingness,
an open heart knows 
this is True,
your soul is familiar 
with this journey,
it is a journey 
back to You.

You need no fairy dust,
but please let your 
have some fun,
it is Here that 
two worlds meet,
for in Reality,
are they not One?

Somewhere is 
you are eternally 
with loved ones dear,
when you long for 
over the rainbow,
know that Love 
is always 
with You,



Find your balance,
but tip the scales 
toward Love.

As Love has no 
opposite and 
can never weigh 
you down,
when you are feeling
lighten your steps
walk with Love.

Your balance point 
is not precarious,
Love’s sweet spot 
is larger still,
know with confidence,
You Are This,
follow your heart 
move with Love.

You may infinitely 
any point that 
may feel stuck,
there is no-thing 
that stands between
perfectly aligned,
You Are Love!

The Whole of You


Be the Whole of You.

Yes, your mind 
is able to break 
down and analyze 
disparate parts of 
but in alignment,
working together,
does not your 
life force come
flowing through?

You are greater 
than the sum 
of your parts,
yes, you have heard 
of this truth,
place your intention 
on your Wholeness,
let your true nature 
come shining through.

Yes, fear and doubt 
may pick apart
what has come up 
to be seen,
invite All of You 
to this chorus,
with a Voice of One,
may you sing.

Be the Whole 
of You,
your soul is ready 
for this dance,
you are wholly,
Holy One,
singing in your 

Beyond Trust


Trust to know You.

Trust and Faith 
are human constructs,
as your soul already 
sense the Peace of
your soul’s knowing,
as you surrender to 
Love’s flow.

You need not talk 
yourself into 
all understanding
or to make things fit,
your soul knows 
the bigger picture 
and you belong to 
All of This.

Trust to know 
Love is the answer,
have Faith in You 
as a sacred soul,
believe in You  
as Love Eternal,
Love is All 
there is 
to know!