Faith, Love and Gratitude

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Acknowledge each step
that has brought you
right here,
have Faith in your
next steps
that you walk
with Love,
in your Now
is there not Gratitude
for All That You Are –
do you not exist,
are you not Whole,
with Faith,
and Gratitude?

Can you integrate all
that speaks the
Language of Love,
is it not Faith
that opens spaces
for Humility
to Be,
when Gratitude
flows from your heart,
what else can you Be
but a Messenger of Love,
shining your Light
so brightly?

Sometimes you may lead,
sometimes you may listen,
with Love as your Guide,
do you not know
what to do –
when you feel knocked
off balance,
when you need to reset,
can you not always return
to Faith,
and Gratitude?

Be aware of the
that mark the paths
you are on,
check in with your
where your heart
beats so strong –
You Are Love
in your purpose,
is not your purpose
to Love You –
and share that expression
with Faith,
and Gratitude?

have Faith,
walk with the Love
That You Are –
let your heart
bring you Home
with loving Gratitude.


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Be open.
Show flexibility.
Things may not be
what you wish
them to be,
but is there not
a current
running behind
what you may see,
that may show you
a different path,
a different way
to get from A
to B –
in fact,
might you jump
from A
all the way
to Z,
when you are open,
when you are flexible
to all avenues
of possibility?
You have comparisons,
you have judgements
on what something
is worth
in this life,
but can you open
up your eyes
to see the value
in everything –
is it not your
own perceptions
that can block
a clearer view,
might you release
your expectations
and work with
what Love is
showing you?
Can you release
what you wish
to “get”
and be receptive,
ready to receive,
knowing that
the perfect solution
may look different
from what you think
it “should” –
and with Love
as the currency,
does Love not
fill in any gaps
of what you think
are spaces,
that need to be filled
with this or that?
Be open.
Be flexible.
Be Love
as you
Be looking for
what might be
what you think
you “need” to see.
Let Love be
a gentle guide,
nudging you
to see all with
the Eyes of Love.
Be Free
with the
Power of Love.

Shifting With Love

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Do not opportunities
show up sometimes
in disguise?
Is it not your perception
that does the framing,
often putting situations
in a box,
when you need to expand
upon your thinking,
do you not often need
a push,
or stretch –
is it not comfort
that you fall back on,
might you be resisting
the next step?

There may be discomfort
in the growing,
as you try things on
for size,
yes, there is comfort
in the knowing
how any situation
may come to be –
but as you have traveled
upon your journey,
could you have pictured
where you are now,
have not some of the
greatest gifts
been those you would not
have known to choose?

What shows up to
help you shift
a way of thinking
or a course to take,
you may pull back,
you may retract
as you gather your
innate Strength –
but any challenge
or new perspective
may pave the way
for something new –
for do not new roads,
though they may be
do they not lead you
always back to You?

Be grateful for opportunities
to shift,
to look at yourself anew –
with Love,
embrace the growing,
the ever-expanding
wonder of You!

Express Yourself

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Express yourself.
You Are Love

And can there not be
many expressions
that you have experienced
in your life,
as Love is infinite,
are there not infinite ways
to express Love?
You may not have one
“soul” purpose
in your ever-evolving
experiences on earth,
but is not your
soul’s expression
to purposely express

Might this present
in the simple expression,
the powerful “I Love You” –
might you see a different
and send Love to someone
different from you,
when you see Divine Love
in another,
does it not reflect
the Love in You –
when you express Love
are you not expressing
the deepest part of

And yes there may be
a pathway
that lights up,
that appears bright,
when passion rises,
when your heart leaps,
when something brings
you so much Joy,
when you resonate
with purpose,
when you let Love
steer the wheel,
how can you not
express yourself
when You Are
Love expressed?

Express yourself,
in the infinite
Ways of Love.
Shine Your Light,
Be the Light –
as You Are Love

No End

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You may sprint to
the finish,
you may take
your sweet time,
but is not time
only a marker,
to show how
you get
from here to there,
as You Are Eternal,
are you not
truly Everywhere?

As time gives you
a beginning,
of course you are
cognizant of an end,
but as You Are
can you not roll
up time
and begin again?

And as all you know
is time,
in your linearly
structured world,
a finish line
does give you pause,
as you cannot see
what is beyond –
does it not bring
you comfort,
to stay with what
you know
and to stay with those
who love you so?

And where does this
beautiful Love go?
There is no finish line
for Love.
As time is the great illusion,
you never run out
of time with Love.
Love exists before your
human awareness,
Love continues
after you think
you are through –
your connections,
your loved ones
are always with you,
will you not see that
this is True?

You Are Love
before any beginning.
You Are Love
after any perceived end.
No finish line
can hold you back
from the Magnificence
that already shines
so brightly
within You.

Find Joy in simple
Feel Peace when
Love is there.
No matter where
you are,
you will always Be –
for You Are always,
always Love.

A Perfect Time for Love

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Now is the perfect time.

Breathe in now.
Sit with now.
As now is
All That Is –
does not “now”
transcend time,
for is not each
moment of now,
the perfect time?

When you let
the past
predict the future,
do you not miss
the Power of Now –
when you get lost
in your story,
might you not fully see
Who You Are
in this moment?

In each moment of now,
You Are Love –
and now is the perfect time
to see,
to breathe,
to Be
Love now.

You need not arrive
at this moment,
this moment need not
be planned,
you do not need
to pass a course
with a grade to
prove you know,
is there not knowing
in each moment,
when you reflect
upon Love now –
for is now
not the perfect time
for Love?

No matter what you
are doing,
or situation
you are in,
can you honor,
can you recognize,
the Love You Are
within –
might you share it,
might you see it,
in someone or
something you
are doing now –
is this not Love
happening now,
at the perfect time?

Now is the perfect time,
for Love Is now.
See the Truth,
feel the Power,
You Are always
Love Now.

Hearts Heal

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Hearts heal.

And you may ask
does this mean
that a wounded heart
can be whole,
can heal –
or might it mean
that the Love
that pours,
radiates out
from an open
can reach across
what seems to be
a chasm of
regret and pain,
can a healing heart
help a heart to heal
and we say,

How can the space,
that can be broken
in two,
be the very space
for healing to occur,
is this not the
Miracle of Love –
what you think
is broken,
is only asking
for more Love
to surround,
to fill in
any crack
or space
that opens up
for more Love
to come in?

Do not experiences
that make you doubt
the healing Power of Love –
are they not the
very things,
that open up sacred space
for you to notice that –
the space was never
Love was already there,
when you need Love
the most,
yes, is Love not Here?

Hearts heal.
Have Faith in Love.
Your prayers light up
your shining Light,
but you need not wait
for an answer
from far away
or up above.
You Are surrounded,
You Are supported,
does Love not know
what to do?
Hearts heal
healing hearts.
Have Faith in Love.
Have Faith in You.