Something New

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Give something new
a try.

Try it on,
take it out for a spin,
wear something new
even if you don’t
wear it again,
step out of your
stretch yourself
to see You,
might you still
recognize yourself,
even if you step
into something new?

No matter the identities
that you try on
for size,
and yes, you all
have had a few,
as you think back
over your life –
you will always
Be You,
no matter the story
that is told,
do you not feel
the same at 12,
no matter what age
you are old?

So discover more of
as you let yourself
out to play,
it need not be too
to try something new
you will always be
a magnificent expression
of the Divine,
so stretch yourself,
step out,
give something new
a try.

See You at your core,
no matter what you
put on,
each moment is new,
and Love is always
where you belong,
the yin and the yang,
is the Balance of You –
You Are Love
in all expressions
of You.


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Do not the answers
to your questions
rest within this
silent space,
if you can think
to pose the question,
might you not know
the answer,
be it from analyzing
or through Grace?
You can think
and plan
and work out
what your human side
will “do”,
but does it not make
to get quiet
and listen to the
soft voice
within You?

It matters not where
answers come from,
are you not part of a
connected web,
once you open up
a gateway,
your quest for knowledge
will be fed –
be guided,
be led,
by the
still, small voice
it will sound even
when you tune in
and then

Will you not hear
and feel connection
when you open up
this door,
once you ask your
can you be still
and wait for more –
the answer may come
to you quickly,
or may be in
when you feel
in the flow,
is this not how Guidance
can help you

in the stillness.
within your heart.
Listen to the beat
of the rhythm
that guides you
from the start.
Listen between
the words
that cannot begin
to tell the Truth.
and let Love
play its Song
of Love
to You.

The Rhythm of Love

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Be flexible,
Be adaptable –
does not energy
move in waves,
much like the ocean tide
with its ebb and flow,
is there not motion
in the rhythm,
that it creates?

You may move forward,
step back to pause,
as inspiration pulls
you forward again,
yes, your footprints
that you left
may have been erased
by moving sand,
but you are
constantly creating
with every step
that you take,
let your steps
carry you forward,
being present with
each footprint
that you make.

You make a difference
Be-ing You,
a magnificent expression
of Who You Are,
each step you take
with Love
honors you
as it honors All,
life is not about
what you leave
or what you wish
you could do –
life is about
Who You Are
right now,
in every moment –
Love Is, too.

Keep flowing like
the waves
that remind you
of the power of –
each drop in the ocean
is like everyone
of You
combined in Love,
some days you need
to crash upon
the shore
to be heard,
some days are you not
content being quiet
and reserved?

Be flexible,
Be adaptable –
like the sand
and ocean’s waves,
working together,
creating beauty,
both the same
and changing

As Love is
your constant rhythm,
celebrate the Love
You Are today.

Living Truth

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Live your Truth,
in the moment
of any day,
you can announce it
to the world,
or you can honor it
in your own way,
is not your Truth
an innate compass,
that points you in
a direction to serve –
serving Love,
serving Truth,
and thus serving You?

Is it not a magical
when you step in
line with your soul,
is there not Peace
in the alignment,
when parts of You
make up the Whole,
yes, you search
for the bigger picture,
but do not leave behind
the human you,
surround you
with Love and kindness,
are You not an explorer
in this search for Truth?

Live your Truth,
it may look different
in the day to day,
when you serve
a Greater Good,
do not the ripples of Love
go about their way?
Build up your inner knowing
that Love is the
answer to All things,
let Love guide you
as you live your Truth
in the moments
of any day.

You can live it loud –
or be soft like
a cloud,
that floats across a
summer sky,
honor every moment
as the Love You Are,
and night.

A Moment of Love

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What is the hurry?
Where is the rush?
Might your self-imposed
of time suggest
there is not enough –
in a finite, linear world,
time feels as precious
as gold,
but can you live in
each precious moment,
to see the miracles

What might you miss,
looking ahead,
looking back,
not be-ing totally
might you miss
savoring a taste
of summer’s fruit,
blackberries that grow
so very near,
might you miss
when first birdsong begins,
or when wood thrush
sings its last note,
throughout this day,
can you tune in –
savoring how a moment

Returning to now,
returns you to You –
as you go within
are you not there,
when you feel lost
or stretched too thin,
can you not find You
Pull up this moment,
see yourself,
in this Reflection of Love –
and in return,
are you not shining,
in this beautiful
Moment of Love?

Pick any minute,
to find this moment,
it is a gift for you
Behold this gift
and brightly shine
this loving Moment
of Love.

A Loving Connection

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As constant as
the shining sun,
rays shining down
on everyone,
it matters not
where you come from,
are All not

Does Light not find
a way
to filter through
a cloudy sky
or night-time, too,
can not sun’s Light
light up the moon,
no matter the phase,
does it not flow
through you,
the sun,
the moon,
the stars
and You –
are All not

Is not your Light within
what connects you to
anything you see,
any experience you
if you feel disconnect,
can you tune into You
and find common ground
in the Light you sense
around you?

You can connect with
or beloved pet,
or the flowers that bloom,
the birds feeding their
are you not a part
of that, too –
from the air that you
to the morning sun
that breaks through,
you are connected
to All
and All connects
through you, too.

As constant as
the shining sun,
rays shining down
on All as One,
does not the Light
of Love abound,
are you not All
and All Is You,
connected in Love,
in Light,
as One –
You Are
always connected.

Leading With Love

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What would you do
in this Play of Life,
if fear and doubt
left the stage,
if you gave them
lesser roles
and not the leading
part to play,
as they demand
some attention,
can you acknowledge
and respect their
role to play,
then can you lead
with Peace and Love,
allowing Strength
and Gratitude
to show the way?

What role,
what voice
is the director,
what belief,
what script
do you wish to play –
all roles have many
choices to make
along the way,
beneath the many beliefs
that you have gathered,
can you find the One
that builds you up,
what believes in You
when you are doubtful,
is it not always

Let Love lead the way,
can you adjust to how
Love feels,
the ego may like chaos,
building drama
to distract your view,
there are roles for
all of the players
that vie for your
attention here,
but with Love as
your Director,
can you lead with Love

Love inspires.
Love includes.
Love has a place
for all of You –
Love loves you
when you are worried,
or do not know what
to do,
give Love the leading role
and experience how the
play unfolds.
With Love,
Be Peace,
Be fearless,
Be You,
Be Bold.

A Loving Gift

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From the human perspective,
there may be things
that you think
“should” happen,
or want them
to be,
but can you not
experience ease
and Grace,
even when lIfe
is not easy?

Yes, you may wish
to change the world,
reduce the friction,
have all agree,
but is there not learning
in relationship,
even if the experience
brings out difficulties?

When something rocks
you to your core,
is this not where
your Truth resides –
at your core,
can you not sense
what is important,
and stripped of layers
does Love not rise –
you are surrounded
by Love,
it runs through you,
it is Who You Are –
tap into your magnificence,
the Shining You
is neither near
or far.

One part of you
may sense a veil,
as you try to open
up your eyes,
but the You
that is All-seeing
wishes to share
this delightful Prize –
this gift that you
may seek
is already wrapped up
with a bow,
and You Are That,
Eternally Love –
and with Love,

Welcome You,
welcome Home,
be that wherever
you think
is here or there.
Here Is Home.
Home Is Here,
and Love Is

Dance of Life

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There is a rhythm
in life,
know when to push,
when to be still,
there is movement,
there is quiet,
interactions that may
test your will,
life is a dance,
you learn the steps,
you create anew,
you change the tune,
and do you not learn
with every move
across the room?

Some moves are choreographed,
others are impromptu,
you may have many
different partners,
you may dance a solo, too,
what is the music that
you follow,
to feel the rhythm
in your soul,
what moves you to
take a chance,
what can lead you
to let go?

Listen to your inner music
that plays a song
that sets you free,
some tunes make
you feel like dancing,
sometimes still is what
you wish to Be,
your rhythm may some days
beat loudly,
some days you only need
to sense the pulse,
but your soul is always
with the song you need
to hear the most.

Let Love lead your dance,
even as you know
the dance may change,
you are partners in
this life,
but through Eternity
you dance again,
do not be afraid to learn
a new move
or try a different song,
the rhythm is always Love,
the beat is where your
soul belongs.

Let your heart
beat the rhythm
of your Dance with
full of Grace,
You Are beautiful,
You Are Love and
You Are Light.

You Are . . .

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You want an answer
to a question,
but what if an answer
doesn’t come,
maybe the question
you are asking
is to be answered in a
different form,
might questions come from
might the answer
that you seek,
be one that is open
to possibility,
one that lights up
for you to see?

Can you move beyond
that are a result
of the human mind,
problem solving,
wanting puzzle pieces
to fall in line,
some pieces of the puzzle
are to encourage you
to learn –
and when the puzzle is
finally solved,
are you not ready for more
to discern?

The process of earth living
has rules and hoops
you do jump through,
but is not the driving force
behind this wonder –
is it not the Love that
shines in You?

Let your humanness
bring up,
what you wish to experience
or to feel,
once it bubbles to
the surface,
might you see Love
begin to heal
any fears,
any doubts
that you are limiting
yourself to –
Love is Everlasting,
You Are the answer,
You Are Love
and Love Is You.