Connected Still

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How do you
connect with
friends, loved ones,
when they are not
by your side –
do you not
talk on the phone,
send messages
across the web,
even write
or send a card –
when you receive
a message
in various ways,
do you not
feel it in your heart –
are you not
connected still?

And as you
virtually connect
with others
using technology
that sends waves
to other spaces
where you are not,
are you not able
to send and receive
that connect you
to them?

Are you not together
in a space,
sharing a frequency
that you cannot see –
but you feel
as connected,
almost as if
you are in
the same room?

Do you not use
the Frequency of Love
to stay connected
to the ones
you love,
that no longer
share your physical space
in this world?

And yes,
they make up memories
in your heart
and in your mind –
but even if you
no longer see them,
as they feel in a
different space –
does not the
Frequency of Love
that you share
always connect you –
do you not send
Messages of Love
from your heart
out to them?

Might you listen
with your heart,
believing they
are by your side –
are there not messages
that travel
back and forth
on the ever-connected
Web of Love?

You are always connected
to the ones you love –
there are Messages of Love
that are always there
for You –
they may be in
a different form,
needing an open
point of view,
but have you not
learned how to
navigate new
in this world?

And as you resonate
with the Love
that flows through you –
might you already
have all you need
to receive these
Messages of Love –
as you tune in to
the Frequency of Love?

How do you connect
with loved ones
not by your side –
might you start
by knowing they
are right here with you?

Talk to your Loved Ones.
Believe that they
are here.
Know you are surrounded
with their Love
and All That Is.
Can you feel it
in your heart –
are you not
connected still?

Always Connected.
Always There.
Always Together.
Always Love.

Tune in and experience
the Frequency of Love.

Trust Love

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holding back –
is that not
ego casting doubt –
“Are you sure?”
“Do you know?”
“Is it right?” –
Does not hesitation
happen when
you call into
what you think,
what you wish
to say,
what you wish
to do?

And is confidence
the antidote
to hesitation –
does not confidence
get stronger
when you believe
in You?

You do not
when you are sure,
when you know,
but as there
are no absolute truths
in this world,
will there not
be many who may
not agree –
so might you
focus on what
you believe
is your truth?

Might you find
in your be-ing,
the center of
your “knowing” –
have you not often
been told to
“trust your gut?”

Your ego will
always question,
but can you not
balance this with
what feels “right” –
yes, you look for signs,
that help you
believe what you feel
in your heart to be true –
but what does it take
to believe
in You?

You may not
get validation
on certain things,
from other’s views –
but can you step
beyond doubt
and past fear –
no longer hesitating,
no longer needing
to be told
“this is right”
or “this is wrong” –
can you move forward
with what feels “right”
to You?

And if you need
to adjust,
change a view,
change your mind –
are you not
always learning,
always adapting
as you evolve?

You Are where
you need
to Be.
in You.
in Love.

You find your Truth
when you know
That You Are Love.

Be Surprised



Do you not sometimes
surprise yourself?
And is thisĀ 
not usually
a pleasant surprise?

Does a surprise not
happen when
you are expecting
a different outcome,
but does not
something happen
in spite of yourself
that surprises
even you?

And which “you”
is the one
who is surprised?
Is it not the ego,
who sets the guidelines,
the rules to follow,
the procedure to take
to insure things
will happen
how they are “supposed”
to be?

Is it not ego
that will be surprised
when you do things
in a different way,
or an outcome happens
when you least
expect it,
getting “surprising” results –
is not ego surprised
that you did not
follow the usual
or typical way?

There is an
that ego feels
when you enter a state
of not knowing
all of the “hows”,
for is not ego
an expert planner –
and does not
ego resist
when you wish to let go
to let things happen
and fall into place?

Does ego not
grudgingly acknowledge
that some things happen
for a greater good –
somehow an outcome
that you did not expect
makes you pleasantly

Can you get
more comfortable
in the place
of not setting limits,
not holding yourself back –
let ego manage
what ego is good at,
as you expand
your possibilities
beyond the horizon
of what you can see –
can you accept
what will happen,
can you let yourself
be surprised?

Can you play
with imagination,
can you enter into
a state of allowance,
do not some surprises
exceed your expectations,
is it not Humility
that you feel
when you are part
of a greater flow?

No surprise –
That You Are Love.

Motion of Love

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When you set
things in motion,
is it sometimes
not like
gears on a machine
that have not
been used
in a long, long time –
might there be
some groaning sounds
as the parts
that have not been used
begin to move –
if there is friction,
from being stuck
in one place,
might the gears
need oil to move –
but do not gears
know what to do
when given the opportunity
to move again?

And as gears,
like cogs,
begin to turn,
is there not
cause and effect –
for every movement,
is there not always
another turn,
another part
that is moving?

Like gears in a machine,
like cogs in a wheel –
does it notĀ take
an initial push,
some oil to loosen the parts,
to set something
in motion –
is there not
an intricate beauty
to a well-oiled machine
that works together
even as you may not
completely understand
or know how
it works?

You may need
some scheduled maintenance,
you may need to address
any problems that arise,
but can you not
set the wheels
in motion –
to take you places
you wish to go –
even if you not know
all of the
hows and whys
on how you get
from here to there?

But if you make
the initial push,
setting gears in motion –
and if you lubricate
the path with Love,
and as you have Faith
that things are
working together,
yes, you can make
at any time,
for once you are moving,
is it not easier
to keep things flowing
than when you are
standing still?

Will not Love
show you the way –
can you step
into the flow
of the Motion of Love –
do you not set
in motion
as you begin to move,
a domino effect –
when you do this,
then that can happen –
then that . . .
and then . . .

And Know
that Love
is with you
every step,
through every change,
always ready to help
smooth the way –
as you step
into the Flow,
the Motion of Love.