The Language of Love

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Connect with Love.

You speak this language
of connection,
it is native to
your soul,
when you wish to learn
about it,
do you not realize
it is what you

All are made up
of Love’s vibration,
you and everyone
you know,
be they here upon
the planet,
or vibrating elsewhere
with their soul.

You cannot help but
be connected,
even as a human
you may not know,
but rest assured
you are connecting –
with the Language of
within your soul.

You are connected
with Love,
there can be no other
your Higher Self
speaks this language,
are you not aware
of guidance
that has a lot
to say?

Know that your loved ones
you cannot see,
are fluent as well
in the Language of Love,
connect with Love
to draw them close,
your hearts sing
as One,
with Love.

A Bridge of Love

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Let Love be
the bridge.

When you sense there
is a chasm
that feels difficult
to cross,
what can show you
the way –
let Love be
the bridge.

When your mind tires
from trying
to figure things out
within your head,
let go and move
to your heart,
let Love be
the bridge.

You wish for clarity
in your purpose,
one that is fearless
in its Truth,
know Love always
finds a way –
let Love be
the bridge.

Let Love be your
constant companion,
lifting you up
when you need
a boost,
does Love not connect you
to Who You Are –
let Love be
the bridge.

You are always connected
to Love
and to All that you
hold dear,
always together within
your Heart of Love –
yes, Love Is
the bridge.

Remember, You

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You may remember
many memories,
that you have created
along the way,
but you may not
have a memory in
your mind,
as you

Beyond a memory,
is it not a feeling,
a knowing you are
more than meets
the eye,
instead of seeing,
might you sense it,
as you

You exist before
your beginning,
you live on after
your story is through,
it is not in the
it is in this
moment –
that you,

Everyone you have memories of
are also present,
with Love there can
truly be no end,
All those you Love
are with you
in this moment,
as you

Remember with Gratitude
Who You Are,
remind yourself with Love
when you forget Who,
throughout the day
might you check in
as you

Love’s Present

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Be present
with Love.

Are there not many
that Love can take
you to,
with Love,
through emotion,
are all not available
to you?

You are part of
a greater web,
that connects you
to those you
are they not with
you in any
when you are
with Love?

Yes, you can
go back to
moments in time,
to remind you
what you were
thinking of,
but does your heart
not remind you now,
that All are present
with Love?

Let Love
take you now
to All you Love
Here and
Everywhere –
your hearts together
form the bond
and the present
Is Love.

*On a personal note, I first experienced presence sitting in a boat on a lake with my Dad. On this Father’s Day, I know he is always with me.

Trust Love

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You are conditioned
to be wary,
in the linear world
you live,
but there is one thing
that never wavers –
you can
Trust Love.

You may question all
around you,
that is part of the
here or there,
but beneath what
may look different,
you can
Trust Love.

When your heart
feels this connection,
be it within you
or with someone else,
even when you no longer
can see them,
you can
Trust Love.

Begin with you
to sense this presence,
Love is in your
every breath,
might you believe
you are always
with it,
you can
Trust Love.

Trust your heart
in its innate
tune into
what moves you,
what gives you
the sense
that You Are Loved –
You Are,

Listen, Feel, Know

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You may be aware
or you may be not,
but have you not
been guided
all along,
awareness helps,
but are you not
always a harmonic note
in a greater song?

You may look back
with open eyes
to see what has dropped
into your lap,
the choice is yours,
you may then proceed
or set aside
any of this
or that.

But is it not a comfort
that you are not alone,
when challenges you face,
yes, you may “phone Home”,
Love awaits to lift,
to help you to see,
it is not only You,
there is a supporting case
of We.


If you are not sure,
know that your
soul knows,
you cannot separate
what is always together,
this is the Flow,
your loved ones
are Here always,
You Are Loved,
You Are supported,
in every way.

with your heart
and know –
You Are Love,
and You always
Are Loved, so!

Forever Bridge

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Is not your heart
a bridge,
to those you hold
with emotion,
with Love,
do you not draw
them near,
there is truly
no separation,
though in your life
you sense this
might you build
a bridge
with your loving heart,
letting love lead
you across?

With Love you are
always connected,
yet your five senses
may question this,
life around you looks
oh so different,
and there is so much
that you miss –
but your heart
knows the Love
that has no beginning
and thus no end –
is it not Love
that draws you close,
and with Love
do you not meet

Love is the bridge
that connects your
precious ones
to you,
there is no need
to cross any chasm,
that you think may
separate you,
you are always together,
feel with your heart
that this is True,
through emotion
and with Love,
are they not One
with You?

Once you are aware
of this Forever Bridge,
do you not delight
to see –
the bridge is always
in your heart,
together, yes,
you will always