Love Finds a Way


Love finds a way.

Two hearts connected 
as one,
when on the earthly realm
you think one has “gone,”
sense the vibration 
that is ever-present –
Love finds a way.

This is not wishful thinking
upon your part,
the signs you see show
you are not apart,
be sense even closer
than your breath –
Love finds a way.

Your journey at times 
seems overwhelming,
where do you anchor 
when you feel you 
are floating,
follow the flow
where Love is leading –
Love finds a way.

Hearts beat together 
in Love’s sweet rhythm,
your harmony continues 
with no end or beginning,
your eternal purpose 
is This Awareness –
Love is showing you
the way.

A Loving Language


Your heart is the bridge
connecting you to 
beloveds above,
believe your prayers
and heartfelt words 
are wholly received 
with so much Love.

Know with no doubt 
that they in turn,
communicate their presence
to you,
your soul flutters 
with excitement – 
a feather found
or wayward bird.

With hearts always 
be reassured 
forever bonds exist,
no matter what life 
as Love,
your beloved is 
All of This.

Communication is given
and received,
Love knows no boundaries
Here as above,
let your heart 
pour out its message,
it speaks so sweetly,
this Language of Love!

Your Wholeness


There is no-thing missing.

Ego plays tricks and 
has you believe
that there are gaps 
you must fill to live,
You Are complete,
divinely whole – 
there is no-thing missing.

Yes there is grief 
with loved ones gone,
as human you will sense
this loss and mourn,
but your soul knows 
you are together Here – 
there is no-one missing.

Home is in every breath 
you take,
no one, no experience 
can take this away,
sense This Peace 
with Grace and know,
there is no-thing missing –
whole is your soul.




Fly with me,
spirit says reaching
out Love’s hand to 
hold on to yours,
let us explore 
and learn together,
I am Here when you 
open doors.

Loved ones,
angels and 
your guides,
follow your lead
when intention calls,
you need not set 
an expectation,
simply be open
to experience it all.

This is a co-creative 
and as you ask loved ones
to be near,
dear one,
they need not travel
each beat of your heart
signals they are Here.

Life is not a solitary 
yes, you meet kindred
spirits along the way,
and how precious 
is This Knowing,
all who you Love 
forever Light 
the way!

Believe and Know


May you sense the
precious moments,
when your loved one 
is by your side,
your human self 
may not quite feel it,
but your souls share 
this sacred Light.

It matters not if 
its been short or long,
Love is timeless in
its scope,
eternal Love fuels 
you at present,
your Team,
your loved ones 
help you to know.

You are never alone
upon this journey,
you need not worry 
where you belong,
Home is Here 
always beside you,
inviting you to 
play along.

See your self 
as Love sees you,
know this Truth 
that speaks from
your soul,
Love surrounds as 
Love is with you,
believe and know!

Love, Eternal


You Are Love and 
Love lasts forever,
you need not worry – 
your loved ones are 
loving bonds created 
with Love,
are eternal and 
exist Everywhere.

A part of you may seem
to be missing,
in the human life
you lead,
but You Are so much
more than human,
your souls are united 

Cherish your memories 
as you honor their lives,
but know their journey 
does not end,
they walk with you,
two worlds combining,
to support and cheer
your transformation.

Your heart may ache
with human longing,
but sense your heart
opening so wide,
is not your awareness 
as you discover This Love 

Take Love’s hand,
it beckons to you,
see your self as 
Love sees you,
you share this journey
with all you Love,
who see with Grace,
this beautiful You!

Forever, Always

20190929 XPicture

8/15/22   from: 9/29/19

As the morning dew
magically appears,
may you know Love
is always Here,
to soothe you when
the road is rough,
or when life brings to you
more than enough,
at daybreak or when
day is done,
are there still not always
the stars and the sun?

Let Love whisper to you
through the gentle breeze,
the fading of night sounds
as summer leaves,
watch the changing palette
as seasons change,
yet in every moment,
yes, Love remains.

Love is always Here
tenderly within You,
no change or transition
can obscure Love’s View,
always holding you
in its loving arms,
Love flows within you
and Love surrounds.

As sun comes up on
another day,
might you listen closely
to what Love may say:
O Child of Love,
Here You Are, today,
wrapped in Love
with Me,

The Way Home


You have asked 
and Love has 
your loved ones 
are never “gone,”
yes, as human this 
makes no sense,
but you as soul 
know you are 
never alone.

You tend to your 
broken heart in 
putting back this puzzle
that does not fit,
as you are infinite,
there are no borders
with Love like This.

Your heart may wish
for healing,
but in your heart 
is a sacred Truth,
Here is where you 
and your loved ones
continue together 
on this adventure, 

Love honors the struggle 
of human experience,
but know this is not
the only experience,
you with All you Love,
so precious,
continue to grow and 
evolve together, Here.

Invite your beloveds
into your heart,
you will find that they
are already Here,
how did you make it 
here on your journey,
your beloved has led 
the way Home,
my dear.

Your Beautiful Soul


Love helps you find 
your way, dear one,
when the path is 
steep and rough,
may angelic arms 
and loved ones
help you when you 
say, enough.

You have what you 
need within you,
though sometimes you
may have doubt,
Love reminds you of 
your Strength
and believes in you 
as you work things out.

Trust can be a slippery 
as the external has 
shifts and change,
but dear one,
Love trusts in you,
your heart and soul 
are One and the same.

Love lifts you up 
when you are weary,
go to your heart 
to embrace this hope,
bask in the Love 
of your beloveds,
believe and trust 
in your beautiful soul!

This Bridge of Love


Love is a bridge 
across forever,
yes, you so want 
to believe,
your heart beats 
with this knowing –
that your loved ones 
never leave.

Even through the 
density of this world,
spirit finds ways 
to help you see,
your humanness sees
but you as soul 
know differently.

Believe and trust 
in your perceptions,
your heart,
this bridge,
knows what is True,
your beloveds are 
with you, dear ones,
always, forever,
Love is Here 
with you.