Love, Eternal, Here


Feel the Love 
in memories past,
sense the magic of
what is presently made,
laughter brings you 
to This Moment,
be it recalling or 
creating new today.

Yes, there are times 
when past and present 
as in anniversaries 
or holidays,
you remember the 
memories past,
but You as spirit 
experience another 

All you Love flow 
through you now,
You Are together and
are never apart,
you as human know 
there may be change,
but You as Soul are 
Everywhere they are.

Love blends together 
experiences made,
celebrate with All 
you Love so dear,
Love is the language 
of Eternity,
always in This Moment,
All you Love 
are Here!

Home With Love

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12/21/22   from – 12/22/19

Be Home with Love.

You may express it
in a place,
a holiday,
or song you sing,
with people gathering,
a quiet moment,
or in the Joy a
beloved pet brings.

Feel the Love that
spilleth over,
do you not wonder
from whence it comes –
this Eternal Fountain
flows across forever,
you cannot Be anywhere
Home with Love.

Rejoice in This Moment,
wherever you are,
it matters not the
space and time,
sing out Love’s Glory
within your heart,
All are with you,
Home with Love.

Together, Love


You flow with Love 
and Be-ings around you,
you do no-thing 
on your own,
you are with your guides,
angels and loved ones,
as you never have 
left Home. 

But are there not 
soul groups among
walking together in
your life,
you know,
you sense this 
eternal connection,
All of You sharing 
the same Light.

There is no-thing 
you cannot do,
no-thing can take
this Peace away,
when you look to
Fellow Lights,
do not troubled thoughts
then slip away.

This may be family,
loving partners,
friends or an instant
connection made,
truly, you are All 
follow Love to
find This, today.

Wrap your self 
with Love, dear one,
it is a sacred layer 
to wear,
no matter what may
come before you,
Love is with you,



Sacred Space


Sacred is the space 
between us,
though space is perceived
by you on earth,
with no distance or 
time constricting,
Love is Eternal,
no death,
no birth.

Awake in wonder 
from your dreaming,
what is a dream or
what is real,
where Love resides as 
your whole Presence,
This is You,
complete and healed.

You may travel through 
many rooms,
but Love’s One House 
is your Home, dear,
All you Love are
with you always,
in sacred spaces,

A Bridge of Knowing


Welcome Home,
your soul reminds
for you have never 
really left,
your Self is aware
of your whole journey,
have you not had glimpses
of this and that.

When integration reaches 
a level,
are there not switches 
that get flipped,
have you not looked back
upon your journey,
wondering how you
arrived at This.

Take your place 
at Love’s table,
your Team,
your guides are 
familiar, too,
you All have been 
working together,
are you All not aspects 
of Love’s Truth?

You walk and cross 
This Bridge of Knowing,
hand in hand and 
heart to heart,
yes, loved ones join
you on this journey,
they have been with you
from the start.

Love is the Bridge 
of sacred connection,
you help to build this 
brick by brick,
your unique combination
of human and soul,
adds its sweet harmony
to All of This!



When Peace feels 
like a stranger,
when your heart
feels scattered 
in bits,
breathe in the Love 
that always surrounds
sense your wholeness,
All of This.

You grieve your
loved one passing,
as human,
cry out with
precious tears,
your dear one 
holds you close,
reassuring they 
are with you,
always Here.

Your path may now 
look different,
but as you see with 
new-found eyes,
the Light of Love 
is never extinguished,
do not the stars never
leave the sky?

Yes, your heart 
may now be
but it also holds
this forever Truth –
your loved ones join
with you here,
dear one,
you breathe as One,
beloveds and You.

This Light


There is no stopping 
a Light of Love,
This Presence felt
is never gone,
yes, in the physical 
your heart may break,
but This Light assures 
you are not alone.

Eternal bonds stretch
but never break,
your Light of Love
is with you Here,
you sense their presence,
believe This Truth,
This Light loves you 
and is always near.

You see the signs 
that are for you,
take comfort as 
you smile and know,
your loved one’s Light
is with you now,
together, always,
This Light, 
your soul.

The Key of Love


Follow the music
in your heart,
is this not where Love
sings its song,
you are an instrument
in this orchestra,
your soul loves to
sing along.

Those you Love 
are part of This,
allow the notes to 
take you there,
you are All listening
to the same music,
the Key of Love is 

Yes, as human you 
miss their presence,
but know their presence 
is always with you,
Love finds ways to
help you sense the 
Eternal Love that 
always flows through. 

Your tender heart may
feel bruised or battered,
but Love’s eternal rhythm
beats strong and True,
you are surrounded,
Loved and nurtured,
Love plays its Love Song 
always for you!

Love’s Gathering


Welcome, welcome 
All you Love,
be it a holiday 
or anytime,
through your hands 
your loved ones 
help you,
through your heart
they intertwine.

As time unfolds
memories are 
but as Eternity
you All still create,
welcome, welcome
experiences together,
may your hearts 
bring through
Love’s sacred Strength.

Welcome Love
anytime or day,
let Gratitude remind
what you know,
sense Love eternally
surrounding, dear one,
welcome, welcome 
Love’s gathering 
of Home.


All You Love


Your prayers are heard,
your loved ones dear,
reassure that they 
are near,
you sense this, too,
you are not alone,
all you Love 
are with you,

Sense Love’s embrace,
yes, you are seen,
you know in your heart
that you believe,
when earthly struggles 
do present,
do not angels appear,
yes, heaven-sent.

Soak up the comfort 
Love sends you,
your gift,
your purpose 
is Be-ing You,
shine your bright Light
and with Love, know – 
You Are One with Source
and You Are Loved so!