Love’s Forever Journey


The journey you travel 
with your loved ones
is much longer than 
you think,
as eternity is beyond
are you not always,
forever linked?

As miles or distance 
could not come 
between you,
Love is as close 
as your breath,
is not your heart
reminding you
that those you love 
have never left.

Love eternally walks 
beside you,
supporting, helping 
you upon your path,
the Love you send is 
fully received,
know a thousand times 
Love is sent right back.

The journey continues 
as this you know
within your soul 
that knows This Truth –
the Love you share
with your loved ones
is forever Here
at Home with You!

Love Sees Love


Loves sees Love 
through the heart.

There may be missteps
in the human drama,
a path so clear then 
takes a turn,
no matter the obstacles 
that cloud your vision,
Love sees Love 
through the heart.

You may extend help 
to another,
you may wonder what 
else could you do?
Be a Beacon of Hope
as you shine brightly, 
Love sees Love 
through the heart.

No matter what role 
is taken on,
it may be the script 
you wish to change,
beyond this stage 
there is no doubt –
Love sees Love 
through the heart.

Do you not experience miracles
when you believe,
do you not rejoice 
when you know,
loved ones both here
and Everywhere
know Love sees Love
forever through the heart!

Divinely Connected


Journey with those 
who have passed 
before you,
though beyond time 
they are never gone,
your loved ones and
Team are right beside
always together,
working as 

You delight when 
connections are 
do you not feel 
your spirit lift,
the soul of You 
is always Here
at Home,
this evolving awareness
is one of Love’s 
sweet gifts.

Yes, you seek all 
tools to use,
but You as Soul
have all you need,
may you be guided 
for the greater good,
your prayer to help 
is all that Spirit needs.

With Trust that you 
are divinely connected,
how could you Be 
anything but This,
your loved ones and
Team join with you,
so grateful,
rejoicing that together
You Are All of This!



Where two worlds meet
can be amazing,
as loved ones part 
the so-called veil,
you ask and receive 
the signs that they 
are able to show you
oh so well.

And though the veil
may be a barrier
to the human side 
of you,
remember You Are Spirit,
always with loved ones
beside you.

You will look and seek 
of course,
in a world that is
so dense,
what you learn upon 
this journey at first
may not make any

But your heart knows 
the Eternal Truth
that you remember 
as you see,
the two worlds that 
seem so separate
reside as One in 
your Eternal Be-ing.

Look no farther
than your heart
that beats as One with 
those you cherish,
you need not search 
beyond to find them,
they are so close,
answering your wish.

Yes, rejoice when you 
see signs that let you
know the veil is thin,
yet know there is 
no distance between
those who you Love,
forever with no end!

A Heart Song


May you hear Love’s 
sweet melody,
playing forever 
in your heart,
may you join in with 
Love’s harmony,
always together and 
never apart.

You cannot separate 
Love’s resonant notes,
they expand with beauty 
sing Love’s sweet song,
know you are joined
by All you Love,

May Love’s music 
remind you are 
in This Moment 
may you know,
Love accompanies 
your heart song
hear loved ones singing,
You Are Loved so!


Love, Eternal


You Are Love’s 
precious experience,
in this life,
you hold it in
your hands,
but as You Are 
an expanded 
to know This Love 
means there is 
no end.

There is no barrier 
that can stop Love,
as Love Eternal,
Love is always 
in this life your 
loved ones send
but in Reality,
You Are with them

Love is closer 
than your breath,
there is no beginning,
there is no end,
as You Are Love 
and Love is You,
there is no doubt,
you are together,

Love’s infinite circle
cannot be broken,
yes, you miss them
being physically here,
precious One,
as Love’s experience,
you experience together,
truly Everywhere.



As you awaken 
upon your journey,
you may feel you 
are split in two,
your human heart 
aches for your 
loved ones,
your heart as soul 
knows they are 
with you.

You are a multi-layered 
eternally connected 
to your Home,
Here is where Love 
has never left,
Beloveds assure 
you are not 

It is human to 
travel with grief,
it may create a path
for you to find,
Love has never 
Love’s web stretches 
beyond all space 
and time.

Encircle your human 
heart with Love,
loving your self 
frees you to see,
you and your 
are traveling this 

Forever Loved


May you extend 
this Day of Love,
to reach beyond
any time or place.

Might you know 
how Loved You Are,
Here in This Moment,
in any space.

The Light of Love 
forever burns,
connected always 
beyond this life.

If a beloved 
is not “here,”
know you share 
cherished Love 
and Light.

Might you open up
your heart,
receiving All Love 
sent to you.

You Are wholly,
completely Loved,
Love is forever 
loving you!



What would you do 
if you knew 
how much
you are loved?

This is how your 
loved ones see you,
so very near,
not “up above.”

Would you sing,
maybe dance,
feeling so light 
throughout your

Would you smile 
as you feel them 
nudging you to
let go and play?

You may hear them 
in a melody,
that comes to you 
out of the blue.

You may know 
they are behind 
the bird that appears 
to be watching you.

Go to your heart
and sense – 
here is where 
you can feel them

Your loved ones 
cherish you,
receive and know,
yes, they are 



May you sense 
your loved ones 
you need not wait,
allow your soul,
to show you there 
is no distance,
there is no place 
you need to go.

Yes as human 
you know loss,
but simultaneously
in you dear,
your soul is with 
your beloveds,
connected always 
and oh so near.

Your human heart
may feel broken,
but it is resilient
and so strong,
may you go here
with your intention,
is it not Here where 
Love belongs?

Let your soul 
there are no apologies 
to make,
this loving bond 
is eternal,
connected to you,

May you sense 
your loved ones 
and as human know
This is True – 
Love is Here 
within your heart,
where your Beloveds
are loving you!