Let Love help you Believe.

You wish to know 
without a doubt,
that your loved ones 
are all about –
let Love 
help you

They will send signs
your way,
or be a presence felt
while children play – 
let Love 
help you 

They have not missed 
a single thing,
milestones celebrated,
what Joy they bring – 
let Love 
help you 

Trust your connections,
sense with your heart,
there is no-thing that 
can keep you apart –
let Love
help you 

Love is Eternal,
believe this, too,
always together are
loved ones and you –
yes, Love
knows you 

A Natural Perspective


Be aware of your 
Love can help you 
make a shift,
you may need to 
change your thinking,
for beyond thought is 
All of This.

Lower the volume of 
ego drowning out
what it thinks you 
must do,
in the spaces between
these words,
Here always within,
is Love,
is You.

You need not learn 
from ego’s perspective,
that is a rocky road
release the judgment,
listen with your heart,
you will remember 
what you need. 

It is a challenge 
in this life to 
look beyond to 
what is Real,
bring in Love’s 
natural perspective,
and with This Vision
see All is healed!

An Open Heart


Share your heart,
may it seek others,
as Love connects you 
soul to soul,
walls to protect 
may offer resistance,
but Love creates 
safe spaces to flow.

Seeing and listening 
to another,
is as important 
as what is said,
when you flow in 
this connection,
does it not feel 
quite spirit-led?

See This Light 
in another,
it shines in everyone 
you meet,
This Light is Source,
is You,
open your heart 
to truly see!

Simple and True


In the midst of 
egoic chaos,
Love is simple,
Love is True.

Be it a person,
place or thing,
Love’s connection 
to it shines right

Be a barometer 
for Love,
may your Light grow
ever bright.

May Love provide 
a greater focus,
helping you with 
loving Sight.

Along with Fellow Lights
may you hold This Presence,
Be-ing You.

In the midst of This
eternal moment,
Love is simple,
Love is True.

Here I Am


Here I Am,
Love says with 
as you reach 
across the veil,
those you Love 
Love to see you,
and to assure that 
All is Well.

Healing is a human 
that can occur when
you see the whole,
those in spirit are 
in their wholeness,
as wholly Love is
what they know.

May the ripples 
of This Love,
lift you so that you
may see,
You Are deserving of 
All of This,
Your Love to you
will set you free.

Know the angels and
your loved ones,
part the veil to 
let you know,
you are supported 
and always with us,
we feel your Love 
and Love you so!


This Loving Path


Let Love help to 
transform words 
that you speak 
or write today,
may Love assist you 
with their meaning,
bringing Love fully 
to what you convey.

You communicate 
with your language,
but your energy 
speaks fully, too,
set your intuition 
to sync with Love’s 
vibration that is always 
Here for you.

As your discernment 
grows, awakens,
to what feels good 
and what does not,
a simple shift to 
your soul’s awareness,
reminds you what 
your mind forgot.

You need not seek 
a path of perfection,
in this world of 
dueling traits,
your willingness 
to share with Love
is a path of compassion
you walk every day!

A Journey of Love


May you receive 
Love’s eternal blessings,
may this help you 
throughout this day,
you are surrounded 
by the angels,
lovingly supported,
come what may.

May you feel buoyed
by loving hearts,
feel this connection 
as Love lifts you,
a journey you walk
is not solitary,
Love is Here
to assist you.

As you help another’s
yes, you lovingly 
make it your own,
hand in hand,
heart to heart,
you All are walking 
each other Home.

With Gratitude


Love says thank you
for what you give
and for receiving
Love’s blessings
during this life you

Look around,
over and under,
Love is in Everything,
and when you see Love 
at your center,
your heart,
with Love sings.

This eternal dance 
may change a bit as 
you grow,
you will always recognize
the rhythm of your

Be at Peace 
with your knowing,
believe, accept 
This Truth – 
Love is Here
with Gratitude,
dancing and flowing
with You!

Good Company


Rest in the company 
of angels,
do they not surround you
at all times?
Here is Peace,
Here is Love,
soak up This Flow
of the Divine.

Claim your innocence
precious child,
Love forever flows
through you,
the world may appear 
as turmoil, struggle,
but Here at Home,
the Peace of Love 
breathes You.

See your self 
as the angels 
see you,
Be your Self,
Love’s perfection,
you are safe 
in the arms of 
You Are Love,
and Loved eternally.



What might you extend 

It need not be fancy 
or something to do,
we are talking about
an extension of you,
as an authentic 
creation of Love,
what might you extend

Be a listener, observer,
in This moment,
when you speak may 
love provide the content,
as Love’s vessel in 
space and time,
what might you 
extend today?

May you look to add,
not take away,
ask Love what might 
you do, see or say,
working as One,
is This not Love’s 
Be Love,
extending Light