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What excites you?
What makes you
want to run out
and play?
As a child,
were there not many
that made you feel
this way?
It may be something
that is significant,
or snow falling on
a peaceful morn,
but do you not
know what brings
you Joy –
on this journey
since you were

Make sure there
is play
in everything
you do,
Do not let your
serious side
fill up the space
that Joy carves
out for you –
let laughter bubble
it is an elixir
that heals all
delight in what
feels playful,
are you not You
when Joy prevails?

When Love and Joy
fill your heart,
you need not
want for anything
more –
This Is Love,
This Is You,
and You Are
so very, very

Remember, Love

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Remember, Love.

Do not think
that you can
lose it,
or forget what
Love is about,
this is for you
to integrate it –
as you

You may think
you have only memories,
when a loved one
has left your view,
but are they not
always with you
as you

Do you not meet
when the heart
is full,
yes, sometimes it
feels like it is
breaking in
but Love gently
and lovingly
reminds you,
to remember,

And can you not
sense this
Loving Essence,
that stirs
deep inside of
might you reacquaint
yourself with
as you

Love is of your
heart and soul,
it is what breathes
life into you,
be aware of
Who You Are –
Love Is You,
as you remember,

A Loving Gift

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Be open to Love.

You need not flash
a neon sign,
but might your heart
open to imply,
as you give
may you receive –
being open to Love.

You may not think
that you deserve,
you may push back
when Love is served,
but is not part
of Love’s healing
Flow –
being open to Love?

You can practice
at any time,
Yes, sending Love
to you
might you receive
this loving Gift –
being open to Love.

You are strong
and you are wise,
no need to keep
all of this inside,
but share also
with you,
might you be surprised –
Be-ing open to Love.

Hello, Love

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In celebration
or holiday,
you miss them
so dear,
but your loved ones
are not missing,
they are always
with you,

Yes, you wish
for their presence,
to sit at the table
with all,
partaking in their
favorite dishes,
that you cook
with such love,
but is there not
eternal Love,
woven into
this scene,
and since you never
are apart,
might you be still
and listen again?

They are with you
in thought,
in memories
that you share,
but they are closer
than thinking,
your dear ones
are with you
do you not sense
their sweet presence,
it may be subtle
to start,
but is not their Love
always present,
always resonating
in your heart?

Your loved ones are
with you in real-time,
even as the memories
you hold,
your hearts are
always together,
feel them there
and with Love,

Breathing Gratitude

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With a heart
full of Love,
as full as
the moon above,
are you not
filled with Gratitude,
yes, counting blessings
may help get
you there,
yet Gratitude
need not a
number be,
are you not Gratitude
any day of
the year,
Be-ing thankful
for the Love
that You Are

May your full heart
shine as brightly
as the moon,
might you extend
as you enter
any room,
let the rays of Love
melt through differences
you may have,
might you make
the main course
of any day,
one made with Love?

With a heart
full of Love,
might you share
the Love
that fills the air,
breathe in Gratitude,
it is Who You Are,
exhale Love so it
may reach the
farthest star –
You All Are Love
and in-between,
let Gratitude
and Love
help you to see
and to Believe.


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Twinkling stars,
a glowing moon,
does not the sky
have plenty of
for one more Light
to shine so
as you unfold
your beautiful
bloom –
You Are this
that you see day
and night –
might you add
yours to this
Glow of Love?

You see this
when you drive
at night,
when city’s lights
make the dark
grow bright,
with a collective
O shining Light,
can you combine
your hearts,
to bring day
to night?

Let your star twinkle,
let your Light shine,
some may not be
for this much
day time,
but Be the Light
that you are
meant to Be,
your Light is perfect
for you to see,
when you need more
simply look above –
you shine like
the sun,
the moon,
the stars,
You Are the
Glow of Love.

Shining Star

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Nothing can dim
your shining Light,
even when the days
grow short,
do not moon
and stars
fill in?

Is not your Light
always burning,
always there,
within you now,
might you not
tap into this
and find ways
to share it

Do you not share
in Love’s Light,
can you not see it
in one who shines,
when you reflect
off one another,
does not the energy
build and climb,
lifting everyone up,
you can do this
as All or
is not the presence
of Joy,
reminding you of
Who You Are –
Love’s shining Light,
as bright as
any shining star?

Shine your Light,
it can reach to
You Are Light,
shine it bright
so all can see,
their own reflections
reflecting back
for All to know –
You All Are
bright Lights,
You Are Love
and You Are Loved so.