Love’s Answer


Love is the wish 
that you ask for,
Love is the answer 
you already received,
it may not look like
what you expected,
Love is omnipresent,
not temporary.

Place your Faith 
in the eternal,
This is You,
through and through,
you need not detach 
from this world
to be aware of Love’s
miracle as You.

Let Love open up 
your heart,
Be bold,
Be fearless 
with This Strength,
with no expectation 
about the outcome,
Be Love’s purpose 
throughout the day.

Fellow souls sense 
your vibration,
your Light joins with 
all fellow Lights,
in This Season of 
growth and promise,
Be Love’s answer,
beautiful Light!


A Single Step


Be gentle in your 
the human path 
unfolds in many ways,
intersections in relationships
help you to grow along
the way.

Might you allow 
what needs to bubble up,
what aspect of you 
wishes to be seen,
and as you look 
at another, mirrored,
extend Love to them,
to you,
the same.

Love is the balm
that helps to ease
be it within or 
what appears 
you are All of 
your intersections,
loving You is what
Love’s all about.

Set aside the reading
of your story,
with your Heart of Love
begin a brand new page,
your journey begins with 
this single step,
overflowing with forgiveness
and compassion today!


A Promise


Here You Are,
Love says,
We Are never
far apart,
I Am Everywhere
that you are,
forever connected
at the heart.

I Am in the sunlight
greeting each new day
with you,
I am One with 
All of nature,
listen, look for what
Love sends you.

May Love soothe 
your human heart,
that journeys on 
its path of grief,
life may feel so different,
dear one,
but souls have promises
that We keep.

May We continue 
our great adventure,
together, always,
seeing All things new,
Love keeps its promise
of Eternity,
always in the heart
and soul of You!



Loved ones hold you
close and dear,
forever in their 
Love eternal never 
even when physically
you are apart.

Yes, you miss the 
hugs and kisses,
the knowing smile,
the twinkling eyes,
but the very Essence
of those you Love
is forever vibrant 
and never dies.

Love ensures you 
are connected,
they too, Love this 
eternal bond,
do you not sense 
their loving presence,
or see the signs that
they are around.

Forever, always 
your hearts are 
know This Love 
expands in all ways,
your loved ones 
know This forever,
joined at the heart,
You Are, always!

A Song of Love


Sense the Song of Love –
it is the music
of your soul,
with infinite ways 
to express it,
find your groove,
be brave,
let go.

Share the music 
of your heart,
know you are 
always, dear,
your loved ones
so love This beat,
angels listen,
drawing near.

This Harmony of Love
weaves an intricate
web so strong,
delight in Love’s elegance,
inviting you to play along.

Hear always your 
Song of Love,
it is the frequency 
of Truth,
Love rejoices in 
your expression,
create and share
this Song of You!

Arising Hope


Believe in Light,
yes longer days,
invite a clearing
of winter’s haze,
release the layers 
you no longer need,
with hope and wonder,
yes, in You believe.

It lifts you up 
to hear bird song,
your heart,
your soul joins
to sing along,
in this emergence,
may you feel light,
you rise as the sun
kissing stars goodnight.

Embrace Love’s flow
clearing out the old,
bless every moment
as your path unfolds,
as newfound green
always gives you hope,
You Are Love’s spring,
a wonder of infinite

Your True Voice


Hear your True Voice,
what does it say 
to you,
when you listen 
with your heart,
all that you need,
flows to you.

Your path may be 
smooth or rocky,
but oh what tools 
are at your side,
Grace and Strength 
mixed with Compassion
help you experience 
this earthly ride.

You know you are 
but do not forget 
this wondrous Truth –
yes, your angels and
guides are helping
you to see 
They All are You!

Eternally, Light


May Love wrap you 
in its Light,
when there is one light
less on earth,
this is the view 
of human eyes,
your heart and soul 
know what is 

Might you sense 
this Light expanding,
dancing with the fairies
to create and play,
is not the Light 
you miss so dearly,
already playing music
in an angelic way.

Love surrounds and is 
This Light,
there is no separation
this bond connects you
in This Eternal,
were you not meant to
experience This Light, 
so dear?

Hear Love’s sweet music 
in the trees,
see Love smile upon you
from a crescent moon,
beloveds find infinite ways
to reach you,
listen with your heart 
to Love’s eternal tune.

Your Light


Share your compassion,
let another know 
they are seen,
when you see Love 
in another,
does This not blend
I, you and we.

Yes, you look within 
for Light,
but does not sharing 
feel so good,
life is a complex grid,
but connections made 
are what light up 
the world.

Be open, 
Be kind,
Be willing to 
reach out to
share your Light,
see You,
see Love in those
you see today,
say hello to your 
Fellow Lights!

Love’s Tender Comfort


Feel Love’s softness
flowing through you,
sense the opening of 
your heart,
in this tender,
safe experience,
might you know 
the Love You Are.

May strings of music
play Love’s vibration,
reminding you of 
family past,
these bonds continue 
to sing Love’s song,
Love of generations
forever lasts.

May you feel cradled 
in Love’s sweet hands,
nestled in this 
Simple Truth – 
in All Ways,
always are you 
Be well and know 
This Love is You!