Peace and Love

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You may think Peace
is in between
the spaces when you
catch your breath,
but Peace Is
at your core,
it is in the now
and not what
happens next.

Peace may feel elusive
at times,
when time moves
two steps ahead of you,
but when you sync
with this moment
of now,
does Peace not arise
as Peace Is You?

As Love is ever-present,
is it not Peace that you
Peace communicates to
your body,
relax and take in
All of This.

You are now able to
the gifts that Love
always gives you,
when Peace and Love
are hand in hand,
is it not your soul
that you see through?

Peace is You
at your core,
letting you know
that no matter
what you do –
You Are Love
and so very Loved,
sense the Peace
of the Divine
in You.


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A story has many
twists and turns
on any page,
woven together,
you search for meaning,
looking for Love
along the way.

And while the story
has a beginning,
and you may not
want it to end,
the threads of Love
that give it meaning
are ever-present
and never end.

Does not the weaving
of a story,
paint you a picture
so you may find,
these golden threads
of Love that are present
in any space
at any time.

Might you be surprised
to discover
that the meaning
you are searching for,
is not at the end
of the story,
it is in any moment
that you open
Love’s door.

The ever-lasting story
is one created with
a Golden Thread,
you are always connected
to Love,
so why not see where
you are lead.

Let Love take center
and as the story continues
to unfold,
when Love is the Director,
is this not the
greatest story
ever told?

Weave Love throughout
your story,
know you are connected
by a golden cord,
Love is the Truth
beyond life’s meaning,
with Love is freedom,
let your soul soar!

Beautiful Light

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A single candle
burns so bright,
even in darkness
it lights up the
let the flame
inside of you,
continue glowing
and as it grows,
does Light not
find other Lights
and now how bright
does your beautiful
Light shine?

Be your Light,
let it burn,
let it glow,
does it not generate
the energy
that is always
within your soul?

What lights you up,
what help you rise,
what puts you in
the flow,
what opens your eyes –
does it not begin
when you see,
and Be,
the Beautiful Light
that shines in thee?

A single candle
or fire roar,
it matters not
the size or more,
Be You,
Beautiful Light,
Light the way,
your Light is
a beacon
shining bright,
with all your Love,
be it day or night.

Shine on,
Beautiful Light,
share your Love,
shine your Light.

Love Is Always

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Love is always Here,
it is not something
you need to find,
you may need to
you may need to
clear out your
cluttered mind.

Love is truly at
the heart of You,
so why not go to
the heart to see,
when you strip down
to your True Essence,
Love Is Here
through Eternity.

Does not this knowing
bring you to Peace,
as it really is no
there is a part of you
that knows
there is something beyond
this experience of life.

But life is how you
play out
different scenarios so
you may know,
Love is always Here,
You Are Love and
You Are Home.

Do not think that
you have left,
a part of you
always resides,
your key to Home
is in your heart,
All That you seek
is already inside.

Love is always Here,
it is not something
you need to find,
Be Love,
feel Love,
know Love is You,
You Are Love,
You Are Divine.

This Love

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Make room in your
for your heart to expand
in every space,
you need not “try”
to make this happen,
it is as normal
as your breath.

Your mind has many ways
that it wants you
to listen,
but when you quiet
do you not feel,
understanding comes
from Love,
listen and receive Truth
from your heart’s will.

So loosen your grip
on perceived control,
tap into intelligence
that is Here with you –
This Love that is your
very soul,
is holding your hand
as life you walk through.

You can decide in
any moment,
to free up this space
for you to see,
beyond all perceived
space and time,
You Are This Love
You Are Free!

Choosing Love

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There is a loving invitation
that beckons you
throughout all things,
there is Peace in this
when you consciously
choose Love.

You know this Love
when you sense comfort,
when what is constricted
begins to relax,
does not your body
let you know,
when you purposefully
choose Love.

You may fall back
to familiar patterns
that have you reacting
out of fear,
in an instant you
can shift,
when you most lovingly
choose Love.

There is no need for
comparison or judgment
on any choices you
have made,
in your now and
the next moment,
does it not feel
delicious when you
choose Love?

Let Love be the energy
that helps you know
All That You Are,
you realize All of You
is One,
when you Trust and
choose Love.