Forever Bridge

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Is not your heart
a bridge,
to those you hold
with emotion,
with Love,
do you not draw
them near,
there is truly
no separation,
though in your life
you sense this
might you build
a bridge
with your loving heart,
letting love lead
you across?

With Love you are
always connected,
yet your five senses
may question this,
life around you looks
oh so different,
and there is so much
that you miss –
but your heart
knows the Love
that has no beginning
and thus no end –
is it not Love
that draws you close,
and with Love
do you not meet

Love is the bridge
that connects your
precious ones
to you,
there is no need
to cross any chasm,
that you think may
separate you,
you are always together,
feel with your heart
that this is True,
through emotion
and with Love,
are they not One
with You?

Once you are aware
of this Forever Bridge,
do you not delight
to see –
the bridge is always
in your heart,
together, yes,
you will always

A Peaceful Place

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With balance
is there not

You need not be so
quick to judge,
when out of balance
is what you feel,
is this not the
perfect feedback
that you may be
spinning your
human wheels?

There will always
be a push and pull,
and ebb and flow
in this life
you live –
you are at once
both human
and soul,
always in movement
as you receive
and give.

You cannot let go
of all your human
are they not the
your guide along
this road –
but balanced with
the Truth of
Who You Are,
is this not a
Peaceful Place
to rest a heavy

You sense this Peace
centered at your
as You Are Love,
you will find it
let Love help balance
when you are out
of sorts,
let Love help you
let go
and clear.

With balance
is there not
Peace –
and is there not
Peace when
is in the Heart
of Everything.


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Let your Light
shine bright,
let your heart
sing its song,
it matters not
if sometimes it
is dark,
or if no one else
sings along.

When you stand
in your Truth,
does not your Light
light your way,
and do not other
recognize their own
in their own way?

Let Love shine
through you,
look for Love
in others, too –
it may look different
or the same,
there are myriad
of Love’s Refrain.

Look beyond
the human story
and see how your
connect in Truth,
There You Are,
your soul sings
I Am Love
so Are You!

The Gift

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Gift yourself
the Truth
of Love,
let it permeate
your thoughts,
let it be
a part of
what you say –
Love Is
Who You Are,
so why not
share it with
All of You,
might you expand
your beautiful heart,
letting your loving
come shining through?

Do not your human
give you opportunities
to find,
where Love is needed
or when Love appears
at the perfect time,
do you not have
a sensor
that alerts you when
you know,
Here Is Love,
your heart is telling you,
Be that Love
wherever you go.

Gift yourself
the Truth
of You –
in the peaceful,
quiet moments,
is it not apparent
to you –
any minute of
any day,
might you step into
this moment
Be Love,
Be You,
You Are
the Gift,

All of This

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Does not accepting
all of you,
mean accepting
it All?

And when you move
into acceptance
with the Love
of All That Is,
do you not bridge
the gap with
as they, too, are
All of This?

And with Love
as your compass,
seeing Love in
every direction
you face,
when you accept
Love is at your
do you not move
beyond time
or space –
to the Home
that lies within
always available
within your heart,
when you accept
as your true nature,
is this not also
True for All?

Accept the Truth
it is Source that
flows through You
and through it All –
All Are expressions
of Love,
be it you,
or be it you –
see the Love
in it All,
that This is True,
You Are a Miracle
of Love,
for You Are Love
and Love Is You!



In any space,

at any place,

do you not shine?

And when your Light

touches another,

when you see past

any point of view,

is not your reference

point the same,

when you connect

with the Heart of You?

Each set of eyes

may tell a story

and look a different

shade or hue,

but when you look

with the Eyes of Love,

are you not looking

right at You?

Do you not sense

a familiar connection,

when you look for

this loving Light,

it may be hidden

behind some armor,

you understand this

need for flight,

but ground yourself

in Mother Earth

and reach for the

endless sky,

You Are All of This

that always

supports you,

as You Are a

Shining Light.

In any space,

at any place,

and though you

experience linear


the Love in You

is limitless –

embrace your

loving Light

and let it shine!

Love’s Glow


A beam of Light

finds its way

through a window –

it may be Sun,

it may be Moon,

it matters not

what lights a room,

when there is One,

are there not more,

can Light not open

any door?

And cannot One

Beam of Light,

brighten up the

darkest sky,

when Light refracts,

do you not see,

all of the colors

that Light can be –

you may choose your


but do you not know,

it is All colors combined,

that make Light’s glow?

You Are the beam,

You Are the sun,

You Are every color

that makes up One

bright shining Light

that is Love’s glow

and in your heart,

yes, this you know.

So shine on,

fellow Lights,

shine your Beam

of Love,

with your starlight,

a Beam of Light

always finds its way,

shine your loving Light,

Be Love today.