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See with your soul,
feel with your heart,
you are more than
your five senses,
so instead of experiencing
as separate parts,
might you Be
your complete self
as the Whole of
Who You Are –
no need for comparing
or contrasting,
You Are One
bright shining

Listen with your
that inner voice
that speaks to you,
pay attention when
a thought
drops in,
that you never
thought you knew,
you may think that
you create
all that forms within
your mind,
but you have constant
with you now and
all the time.

It is a lot to juggle,
in a world of
this and that,
keep moving toward
that shows itself
when you relax,
quiet your mind,
tap into the
expanded Sense of
might the Whole
of Who You Are,
embrace all
these parts
of you?

See with your soul,
feel with your heart,
let Love be the glue
that connects
All of your
beautiful parts.

Table of Life

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What can you bring
to the table
of Life?

What would add to
the presentation,
what would compliment
each dish,
what would be there
if something was
what would balance
out the flavors,
be not too hot
or too cold,
might you bring Love
to the table
of Life as it

Is not Love something
that every person
might taste,
the delivery may be
depending on the time
and place,
but you need not worry,
that what you bring
will be wrong,
when you bring Love
to the table,
might it help all
get along?

There are surprises
that may show up
at the table of Life,
but no matter what
is served,
can you not add
Love and Light,
you may think it
will not matter,
but might you give
it a try –
might you bring
your best dish of Love,
to the table of Life?

The Love That You Are
is the best gift of all,
come and Be
Who You Are –
welcome to the
Table of Love.

Love’s Celebration

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Be your Valentine,
Be true to You,
surround yourself
with Love,
the whole day through,
give yourself a hug,
on this day of Love –
repeat on each day after,
do you not embody
the Source of Love?

Love is Everywhere,
not only in chocolates
or flowers fresh,
share these gifts of
Love as well,
but Love resides
beyond that,
do not the connections
of Love light up
on any day that you
celebrate Love,
loved ones who you
physically miss,
are with you always,
with Love.

Be your Valentine,
make sure you give
yourself a hug,
and share Love each day
with others,
keep sending out
the Ripples of Love –
there may be a day
that celebrates
a special someone
with love you share,
but everyday are you
not able,
to share Love with
fellow souls,

Be a Valentine,
Be someone who
believes in
Love –
sprinkle freely,
share it daily,
is not every day a
Celebration of Love!

A Dash of Gratitude

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Might you season life,
much like a stew,
does it not taste better
with Gratitude?

There are many things
in life
that are thrown into
a pot,
there may be surprises
you did not see coming,
some things you would
not have a lot,
but does life not
let combinations
as separate flavors
are you not surprised
what goes together,
when you add Gratitude
to your plate?

When you sprinkle Gratitude
throughout your day,
for things big or even
does not your heart
open up,
changing your perspective
about it all,
does not your soul
begin to sing,
bringing Light to what
was dark,
with Gratitude do you
not ignite
Hope and inspiration
with its spark?

Let Gratitude lift
you up,
let it lighten and expand
your view,
sprinkle it freely
throughout your day,
breathe in the magic
of Gratitude!

Echoes of Love

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Can you feel the
Echoes of Love?

Is Love not a palpable
that you are wired
to pick up,
is there not a familiar
that you cannot get
you may see it
in a painting,
it may move you
through a song,
but do not the
Echoes of Love
call out to you
to sing along?

Life is like an echo
bouncing information
back to you,
what frequency do
you tune in,
that most resonates
with you,
there is Love on every
can you pick out
where it is,
can you sense the
Echoes of Love,
with your heart,
it is not hard to miss!

You all communicate
through the
Echoes of Love,
Love is an infinite
that never stops
what it is made of,
your Loved Ones always
be they in physical
or beyond,
always resonate with
harmonizing with your
eternal heart song.

Are you not surrounded
by the Echoes of Love?
Soak it up,
send it out –
You Are a magnificent
Instrument of Love.

A Loving Moment

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Might you Be Love
in any moment

And when you meet Love
in its flow,
it is not a give
and take,
Love is with you
wherever you go,
Love is in every
choice you make,
when you pull away
the layers,
of what may make
Love hard to see,
Love has been there
all along,
always with you
in your heartbeat.

Might you spread
the ripples
of Love,

Sometimes it takes
a mirror
for another to see
their Light,
might you be a
loving spark,
like a bright star
in the night,
once a loving vibration
is felt within
the heart,
does it not sing
on its own,
needing only a nudge,
a loving start?

Might you Be Love
in any moment,
be a part of Love’s
that connects You All
in every way,
with your Eyes of Love
and with the heart
of your soul,
Be Love,
see Love,
help it spread
and watch Love

All One

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Share with your
brothers and sisters,
Be there with Love,
a helping hand,
do not these interactions
help each other know,
you are there to listen
and to understand –
you see yourself
in another,
there is Love
when you connect,
so share the Love
in your heart,
as you open to
in any moment.

You may feel vulnerable
in your humanness,
but is this not
the perfect place –
to experience how
Love prevails,
beyond expectation,
beyond time or space,
and when loving miracles
are they not meant to
be shared,
so that All can know that
Love exists,
through Eternity
and Everywhere?

Loving support
comes in many ways,
from a trusted friend,
or a loved one dear,
some may be on
this earth,
some will let you know
They are always near,
you never walk alone,
so reach out with the
heart of Who You Are –
share with your
brothers and sisters –
You Are One constellation
full of bright shining stars!