One Family of Love


You belong to the 
Family of Love.

Yes, family can be 
defined in a multitude 
of ways,
friends who Light 
the way.

As Love is all-inclusive,
may Love welcome you
welcome to the 
Family of Love.

With no comparison,
differing points of 
your Family of Love
is forever Here
with you.

No matter who you
call family,
all you Love so very 
All of You 
are always a
Family of Love.

May you sense 
This Love within
your heart 
no matter 
where you are –
welcome Home,
precious child,
surrounded by 
One Family of Love.

Love’s Perfect Song


You are the perfect 
for all notes of Love 
to be played.

Is this not how 
you resonate 
with loved ones,
with infinite melodies
to be made?

And though you may 
think you are 
in this world 
or far beyond,
do not your harmonies
flow together,
always creating 
Love’s perfect song?

You may wonder 
where is here,
is there a place 
where you reside,
it is your frequency,
that takes you on 
a dimensional ride.

And as you are 
all instruments 
playing together in 
you are able to 
be Here – 
which is All places
through infinity.

So know you and 
your loved ones 
are playing together 
with perfect resonance,
You Are the note,
the chords,
the harmony
of Love’s 

Peace, Within


Peace on earth 
is Peace within.

Be the Light 
you wish to see.

Know your eyes 
may not see All,
your heart may 
feel battered 
or weary 
from life,
rest assured,
your soul 
knows Love
and the Peace 
that dwells within.

Be the Love 
that is you,
dear child.

Begin with you,
bathe your heart 
in Love’s healing 

If any problem 
ties you in knots,
release your mind,
surrender thought,
the path of least 
is your loving,
knowing heart.

The Peace you seek 
is returning 
to You.

Welcome Home,
Love says softly,
Peace is Here,
as Love,

One Mind


Are there not times
when time stands still
before you,
at other times,
does it not fly by,
is this not a
perfect example 
to show you,
time is a perception,
neither wrong 
or right.

Ideas, beliefs
build up barriers 
that make it 
hard to see clearly
with your human
within your soul,
beyond all perception,
is your knowing 
We Are All Love 

Yes, you live in a 
world that highlights
so many comparisons
but time and space 
is but a perception,
the Infinite You
is One Mind,

As human,
walking on a timeline,
may you pause 
and remember 
Who You Are,
you are connected 
to all souls 
as One Love –
awaken in your
of how
Loved You Are!

Love, Eternal


Is not the ebb and flow
of life,
much like the rhythm 
of your breath,
you draw in what 
sustains you,
letting Love transform
what you may need 
help with.

Be in this Cycle 
of Love,
it is Eternal and
so are You,
in the ritual of life you see
openings and closings,
but Love’s Eternal flame 
burns forever in 

May Love open up 
so you may see what 
your soul knows,
there is no end to 
Love’s sweet promise,
Love is forever
and You Are Loved so.

What you thought lost 
is eternally found,
you are connected always 
in this Truth,
Love is infinite, 
All you Love 
are always 
with you.


All In


Love is not a matter 
of degree,
Love is always 
all in.

When you are this 
Presence of Love,
does not the all
of you
shine within?

It is not you 
as separate Love,
it is the cumulation 
of All Above,
welcome Home,
weary traveler,
Be all in.

You may observe 
your life story,
this is true,
might you see where 
Love is woven 
through and through.

Let Love be the 
thread you use,
to outline connections 
that flow through you,
let Love fill all 
of your spaces 
in all you do.

Be all in 
with Love,
as Love is 
within you,
radiate your
beautiful light,
Glorious You!

Beyond Words


Question your thoughts.
Do they not
only know
how to talk 
“about” you?

Now, listen to You.
Is this not a feeling,
a sense,
something you breathe 
lean into,
are there usually 
no words,
but a knowing,
a feeling, 
that This Is You?

Yes as human,
you wish to 
understand You –
and words,
even thoughts 
are ways to 
define you.

But you are 
so much more 
than a definition
that can be placed 
in a box,
with a label,
a description,
yes, the human mind 
wishes for structure –
and is there not 
a beautiful structure
to the miracle 
of You?

You may love words,
the language of 
this existence,
there is much beauty 
in what they can 

But you are beyond 
or thoughts,
your Spark of Light
invites you to 
dance and play.

This freedom 
Is Love,
your Essence 
Is your heart,
your Truth,
your soul 
knows All 
of This – 
Here You Are,
magnificent You!

A Loving Cup


Show up as Love today.

Even if you feel 
your loving cup,
is not as full 
as you wish it to be,
might another not
fill you up,
is there not balance 
in humanity?

Be seen as Love today,
your brothers and
sisters are part 
of This,
does not every One
wish to know Love’s 
is this not a universal 

It takes all parts 
to make the Whole,
allow Love to show 
how far it goes,
show up as Love today,
be a Gift of Love,
share it,
feel it and 

A Loving Return


With rest,
with ease,
into the 
Arms of Love.

These arms 
are always
with you,
is it not Love 
that you are 
made of?

in your innocence,
let judgment 
fall away.

May You see you 
with the Eyes 
of Love,
knowing you are 

let go,
may you set aside
what is not Love,
my dear.

Begin with you,
with Grace,
your heart,
always lovingly 
returns you