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Receive the Love
That Is You.

You may have habits
hiding from it,
thinking it is not
something you wear,
you may be more comfortable
when you give it,
showering Love upon others
because you care.

Might you be open
to receiving
Love from many sources
it may come,
but don’t forget
the endless wellspring
that bubbles up
from the One.

And as you are part
of the Eternal Love Story,
you need not wait
the whole day through,
open your heart
to feel the magic –
receive the Love
That Is You.

And as you let this
flow continue,
with no beginning
and with no end,
might you see how
easy it is to
Be Love,
receiving as giving,
then repeat,

When Love flows
with no conditions,
but also inside,
giving and receiving
are truly
the same thing –
Be-ing the Love
That Is You.


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Play with thoughts.

You may give much
to the thoughts
that fill your mind,
with your curious,
questioning self,
might you question
these thoughts
that take up
much of your time?

Yes, your thoughts
and mind may direct
to experiences that
you seek,
but as your heart
is your True Power,
might you let
your soul lead quietly?

And if you know
your thoughts
are malleable,
are you not able
to change and question
might you then lead with
your heart,
allowing your True Self
to step boldly in.

Thank your thoughts,
they fulfill many of
your needs,
bring them along upon
your journey,
your human and soul
are quite a Team –
keep the play in the
and though you are a
questioning, curious
You Are as expansive
as All thought,
encompassing All Love,
as One.


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Find the stillness,
quiet the story,
Peace is never
far away.

Shift your intention,
adjust your focus,
with Love as your
what does Peace

Beyond the chatter,
yet within you always,
let the beat of
your heart,
remind you of this

Breathe in Peace,
let Love remind you,
all you seek,
is always within

Find the stillness,
quiet the story,
You Are Peace
Love Is You.

Love, Peace and Joy

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Is busy not only
a state of mind?

Yes, there may be
when your time
is filled,
but you need not
have your mind
focus on how
busy you are.

Might you expand
your awareness
of the space
in between,
are there not pockets
of time
that remain to be
might you shift
your focus
on not what you
need to do,
but to find Peace in
the space that
is always You?


You see it is easy
to switch your
for Peace always
resides within you,
let Joy sprinkle
its magic
on whatever comes
your way,
are Peace and Joy
not always with you,
throughout your day?


In all you do
and the space
is there not always
Love flowing
within whatever you
do today,
Love is always
with you,
around you,
Love Is You –
invite Love,
Peace and Joy,
to walk beside you,


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And does not purpose
take you to
meaning –
as you seek
purpose and meaning
in your life?

Yes, you can find
you feel what is
but purpose need
not be as
elusive as
you think.

Is not purpose
the integration,
the balancing
of body,
and soul –
is there not purpose
in an instant,
an hour,
or lifetime goal?

Is not Love
the purposeful

What gives purpose
and meaning
to your life?

With your loving heart,
might you Be
Love’s Purpose,
might you Be
a vessel of Love
that brings meaning
to an instant,
a moment,
or stretched across

Let Love be your
bringing meaning
to All of You –
You Are This,
You Are purposeful,
You Are Love.

The Message

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When Love is the message,
does Love not speak
for itself?
It may be simple
in its delivery,
but a no more
powerful thing
can be felt.

The Message of Love
is a Universal gift,
it is delivered
by One and All,
might you receive
All of It.

Love’s message
may arrive
in so many
different ways,
but is that not
what is so delicious,
knowing Love
has come to play!

It matters not
who is the
a bird
or child
or angelic one,
does Love not
speak for itself,
with a message
for Everyone?

You may listen
with your ears,
you may interpret
what you hear,
but is it not in
your heart,
that you understand
what is clear:

You Are Loved
beyond measure,
you and you
and you and you –
All Are One,
Love says,
the Message of Love
is that You Are,

This Love

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Be the Love
that you wish
is True –
and come to know
that This Love
Is You.

No matter where
you look
Love Is Here,
sometimes it may
be hard to see,
but find the spark
that is Here, always,
yes, all are your
sisters and your
in this Life.

You cannot “fix”
another’s journey
that they walk,
but can you not Be
the Face of Love
when one’s forgot,
let them see themselves
in you,
they may have forgotten
this Truth,
that the Love of
All That Is,
is within them, too.

sweet child,
that All Are Love,
no one more
or less,
it is All Are One,
and when you
know this to be
are you not free
to Be You,
You Are Loved
beyond measure,
for being You.

Be the Love
that you know
is True,
feel the Peace,
as you know
This Love
Is You.