This Body Dear

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You search to find
the missing piece,
the puzzle of you
you wish to complete,
does life not give
you much to try,
experiences that often
have you asking “why”.

For each new puzzle
you think you see,
is it not leading you
always back to thee,
you may look beyond
or go within,
might you understand
these are the same

You Are Everywhere
beyond what you see,
yes, also within the body,
but only temporarily,
your heart is the Bridge
connecting You to
All You Love –
All Love Is You,
there is no puzzle
to solve.

Be Love,
Be compassion
in this body dear,
the Love you seek
is always Home
and Home is

The Peace Within

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Might you let go
of what you try,
letting Love help
to truly Be,
might you open to
a different approach,
a change in perspective
to help you see.

Peace is an innate
you know it when
your heart says “yes”,
might you give your
mind a break
and let your heart
take care of the rest.

Be aware of point of
but can you shift
your focus to see,
when you truly see
with your heart,
is not your purpose
to simply Be?

Ask Source,
ask Love,
to help you
sense your Peace
You Are Peace,
You Are Love,
every moment is
a gift
to remember This.


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When an end
is a beginning,
is this not a
Circle of Love –
no matter where
you are as
you travel,
are you not learning
what you are made of?

And is this circle
not a spiral,
uncovering more
for you to see,
and as you change
your perspective,
do you not see Love
more clearly?

Hearts and Love
make up this
it can never ever
life an endless
eternal fountain,
Love flows up
again and again.

Life can change,
you may be different,
but what is always
the same,
Love is constant,
always surrounding,
forever glowing
is Love’s Eternal Flame.


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Be a spark of Light,
see the Light
when it is dark,
see Love that dwells
in another,
even when this may
be hard.

Be like star,
the sun,
the moon,
always there
even when day
is through,
do you not
emanate Love,
when you shine
the Light in You?

Do not think
you are not
or that your Light
is not enough –
one spark of Light
is all that is needed
for someone when
life feels very rough.

You may not know
who you may touch,
or you may know
who you choose
to see,
when the choice is
made with Love,
does Love,
does Light
not set you free?

Shine your Light
for you,
shine your Light
for Me
and when Lights
gather together,
is this not a
sight to see?

A Spark of Light
is all that is needed
to pierce the darkness
with its glow,
sun, stars and
are your companions,
You Are a beautiful Light
to behold!

Peace and Love

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You may think Peace
is in between
the spaces when you
catch your breath,
but Peace Is
at your core,
it is in the now
and not what
happens next.

Peace may feel elusive
at times,
when time moves
two steps ahead of you,
but when you sync
with this moment
of now,
does Peace not arise
as Peace Is You?

As Love is ever-present,
is it not Peace that you
Peace communicates to
your body,
relax and take in
All of This.

You are now able to
the gifts that Love
always gives you,
when Peace and Love
are hand in hand,
is it not your soul
that you see through?

Peace is You
at your core,
letting you know
that no matter
what you do –
You Are Love
and so very Loved,
sense the Peace
of the Divine
in You.


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A story has many
twists and turns
on any page,
woven together,
you search for meaning,
looking for Love
along the way.

And while the story
has a beginning,
and you may not
want it to end,
the threads of Love
that give it meaning
are ever-present
and never end.

Does not the weaving
of a story,
paint you a picture
so you may find,
these golden threads
of Love that are present
in any space
at any time.

Might you be surprised
to discover
that the meaning
you are searching for,
is not at the end
of the story,
it is in any moment
that you open
Love’s door.

The ever-lasting story
is one created with
a Golden Thread,
you are always connected
to Love,
so why not see where
you are lead.

Let Love take center
and as the story continues
to unfold,
when Love is the Director,
is this not the
greatest story
ever told?

Weave Love throughout
your story,
know you are connected
by a golden cord,
Love is the Truth
beyond life’s meaning,
with Love is freedom,
let your soul soar!