A Promise of Love

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There Is Love.

Is not the promise
of Love
never broken,
as Love is Eternal,
always with you,
can you not
open your heart
and find –
There Is Love.

No matter your story,
or beliefs that support
your view,
is it not Love
that rings most True,
is it not Love
that makes up You,
what resonates
at your core,
when you search
the depths of You,
no matter the wrapping –
There Is Love.

Love is everywhere
you look,
even when you think
you cannot see it,
when you look
with loving eyes
and a heart that
sings of Love,
might that stir
where Love may hide –
There Is Love.

Love is omnipresent,
for when you think
that Love has gone,
though you miss
the physical presence
of Loved ones
no longer “here”,
as Love is Eternal,
always with you,
as your heart
is One with them –
There Is Love.

Is not the promise
of Love
never broken,
is Love not a circle,
Are You not
Eternally Love –
Here Is Love.

Here, There
and Everywhere –
There Is
and You Are
always, always

The Way of Love

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There is Love with you now.
There is always a way.
Does Love not move you,
can Love not guide you
through any door,
or any maze –
at any time,
can you not see All
when you raise your
when you see with
the Eyes of Love?

And might you use
all of your senses
and the ones that
are able
to sense beyond,
you know that your heart
and your gut
are rarely wrong –
it may be fear
that makes you question,
the unknown can
bring in doubt –
but there is Love
with you now,
there is always a way.

You may think you
“should” do this,
you may be sure
you “must” do that,
might there be
a way to experience
that you haven’t thought
of yet?
Do not close every door
when you open the next,
there is Love with you now,
showing you the way.

Your path need not
be “perfect”,
does that not change as well,
is not every moment
of Love,
the one perfect for you –
can you stop running
from fear
and walk into the
Arms of Love,
does Love not always
surround you,
is not Love with you now?

Love is gentle.
Love is kind.
Love is patient.
Love Is You.
Be Love in this moment,
Love is always the way.

An Expression of Love

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Are there not limitless
Expressions of Love?

As Love is infinite,
are there not limitless ways
to express Love,
to Be an Expression of Love,
do you not marvel
at the unique aspects
of Love,
that look so familiar,
even on the faces
of those you
just met,
is there not familiarity,
a reunion of sorts,
when kindred spirits share
their Expressions of Love?

And as Expressions of Love
never cease to exist,
as Love is infinite,
do not loved ones
find ways,
be they here
or There,
to demonstrate that Love
always makes the connection,
do hearts not open
to the communication of Love,
do not hearts leap with Joy
at Expressions of Love?

And as there are limitless
Expressions of Love,
may you remain open
to all the aspects of Love
that you sense in
your heart –
the kindness of a stranger,
a call from a friend,
a passage in a favorite book
that you read again
and again,
the sharing of nature
that makes you stand
in awe,
can you share,
can you send out,
your Expressions of Love?

You know Love
by its vibration,
you know Love
by its Truth.
Experience life,
as an Expression of Love.

The Light of Hope

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The Light of Hope.

Does it not take
one Light,
one spark
of Hope to ignite
more Light,
to shine in places
that once seemed dark,
can it not be
the flick of a switch,
a change in perspective,
do not possibilities exist
when One Light,
the Light of Hope,
beams the way
for more Light to shine?

And does not Hope
also have a voice,
one that you
may strain to hear,
but when voices carry
and build in Strength,
when voices resonate
with the Power of Love,
is not the Voice of Hope
heard loud and clear,
does it not speak with
the Strength and Courage
of Love?

Does Hope not travel
on the Vibration of Love,
does Hope not open
your heart,
so you may believe
what your dreams are
made of,
when All imagine the
Light of Love
leading the way,
can you also shine
your Light today,
may your voice carry
what you believe
in your heart,
does not the Light of
shine the Light of

Turn on the switch.
Let your Light shine.
Be a beacon of Hope,
a spark of Light
for All to find.
Turn up the Light.
Speak the Truth of Love.
Believe in Hope.
Believe in Love.

Beyond Belief

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When you feel the urge
to defend
or to persuade someone
to agree,
might you look
beyond beliefs,
see the Love
and simply Be?

In the human world
of duality,
do not conflicting views
help you to find
what feels right,
what feels good,
do you not ponder,
do you not analyze,
so much in your mind –
you know the answer
is in your heart,
what speaks to you
as Truth,
but may not another
have their own beliefs
that may look like
a different Truth?

What do you have in common,
as your mind waits
to compare,
can you get to a
common denominator,
yes, you breath the
same air,
but beyond the human
that you see so you
may learn,
you need not agree
on anything,
you need not change
their mind or turn –
instead of convincing
on how to see the
might you turn up yours,
might you shine bright,
can you Be what you
wish to see in All –
simply Be-ing Love?

You may need to look
you may need to look
beyond beliefs,
you may not see
Love looking back
at you,
if fear is what
they speak –
but with Love in
your heart,
as you look with
the Eyes of Love,
will you not see Love,
Being Love,
when you connect
soul to soul?

Send Love.
Be Love.
Let someone
see Love.
Be True to Love.
Be a Reflection of Love.
Shine your Light
of Love.

A Gift of Grace

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Is Grace
not a gift
of Love?

Yes, Grace appears
in your language,
your books,
your songs,
does it not seem
when will you
be blessed
by Grace –
is it not as if
you are waiting
for a showering
of Grace,
to be bestowed
upon you –
or that only
the “worthy”
may see Grace

But as Grace is
a Gift of Love,
can you see Grace
as the magic
that appears,
that helps you
make sense
of Divine Love
that flows throughout
that you sometimes resist,
is it not Grace
that keeps leading you back,
to believe,
to look at the Truth
of Who You Are –
is it not Grace
that lets you know
that All Is Well,
that as You Are
a Gift of Love,
are You not also
an amazing expression
of the Grace of Love?

Is it not Grace –
much like a magician’s wand –
that touches you deeply
within your heart,
so that you may know
that You Are Loved,
that You Are Love,
yes, let that
Amazing Grace
shower down upon
you now.
With Grace,
with Love,
sense the Magnificence
of All That Is,
of All That You Are –
allowing Grace
to lead you Home.

Sing Your Song

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Are there not sometimes
a chorus of voices
that you may hear
throughout the day,
some supportive,
some impatient,
some say this way,
some say that –
would it not help
if they were in harmony,
synchronized by a
common thread,
instead of pushing,
sometimes pulling
as they seek to
get your attention
in your head?

Can your heart be
the Conductor,
providing the initial
might that give guidance,
maybe some structure,
for your thoughts
to sing along –
might the power of
gather the resourcefulness
of You,
when you are singing
from the same page,
is there nothing
you cannot do?

Your points of view,
your perceptions,
will want you to listen,
will want to be heard,
but sometimes when
given direction,
with intention,
will they not all
then get on board?

When your heart leads
with its Song of Love,
does not All of you
sing along,
each note as important
as the other,
all parts are needed
to sing as One –
does not each note
add to the harmony,
bringing a richness
to what you hear,
set the tone,
play the first note,
what is music
to your ears?

As you look for direction,
can you look to the
Conductor within your heart?
You may need to try
a few songs,
you may need to stop
and start,
but when the music
starts flowing,
when All parts of You
can sing as One,
is there not Joy,
do you not feel Peace –
when your Song of Love
is being sung?

With intention,
with direction,
may you sing together
as One?
Hear your song,
join in,
sing your magnificent
Song of Love.

Fellow Lights

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Shine your Light.

There are infinite ways
you can shine brightly,
can you choose one today,
what opens your heart,
what connects you with another –
shine your Light.

You do not need
to change the world,
but do not shining Lights
lead any change,
can you be the brightest Light
that you can Be –
shine your Light.

Can you see the Light
in another,
can you join in
to see Light grow –
does not every Light you shine,
spread out in loving waves,
can you imagine
how far Light goes,
the Light of Love
travels forever –
shine your Light.

Yes, there is Light
in every being,
though it may be
hard to find,
the exterior may
not be conducive
to letting Light out
or letting it in,
your human eyes
may not see it,
but can you look
with your heart,
your soul –
when Light touches
another Light,
does not a part of
you know –
I see You, Fellow Light,
shine your Light.

A connection may be
some connections seem
or that may be
what it feels like
on this earth
where you belong,
but as Light is your Essence,
when this Journey
is through,
do you not return
to Love and Light,
do you still not return
to You?

Shine your Light.
Be the Truth of
Who You Are.
Pick a moment
or throughout the day,
shine your Light
of Love today.
Shine on,
Fellow Light,
shine on.

Honor You

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Honor you.

Give yourself a hand,
a pat on the back,
with a genuine intent,
with the utmost of caring
from your heart –
might you look in
the mirror
with a loving,
steady gaze
and acknowledge the One
who looks back at you –
do you not honor Love,
when you honor you?

Honor you.
Treat yourself,
be nice –
this is not an easy
this sometimes bumpy,
twisting path,
life can be a rollercoaster,
it can be a peaceful ride,
no matter the adventure
you find yourself on,
can you send Love to yourself
for being here
and honor you?

Honor you
with acknowledgment
and Love,
honor every accomplishment,
honor the times you think
you fall,
there is no need for
in what you wish to “do”,
can you not honor the
that already Is You,
are you not learning,
are you not growing,
what can help you
enjoy this life –
can you give yourself
a hug
and honor you?

There is no earning
that is needed,
You Are All
that you wish to Be –
now show you
some of the Love
that you lovingly
give freely –
what do you wish
to receive,
can you not count on
you to give –
surprise yourself,
give you a hand –
honor Love
and Honor You.

A Song of Love

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There is a current
running through you,
that resonates with
All That Is,
is there not a sensing,
is there not knowing,
when a string is out
of tune,
do you not wish
to strike a chord,
to hear harmonious
music play,
does not your heart
open up,
when you are in sync
with the Sounds of Love?

You may connect
with others who
sing a similar
Song of Love –
do you not tune in
to frequencies
that are felt,
but maybe not seen –
what if many
tune in
to the Song of Love
they hear,
would not the heavens
as Waves of Love
fill the air?

You need not sing
the same song,
to resonate with
the Love That Is,
when you yourself
are in tune,
is that not when the magic
can be heard?
If all are vibrating
with a loving frequency,
with each Song of Love
that plays,
might you add the harmony,
might you all sing along?

Tune in to your
Love Song
that resonates
within your heart.
If you feel
out of sync,
stop and tune in
to your heart.
There is a song
that is playing –
a Love Song
just for you.

Tune in.
Sing along.
You Are Love
and Love Is You.