Message of Love

20170630 XPicture


There is a message
always for you –
do you not
look around
where is Love?
You look to
see it,
you yearn
to feel it –
you know when you
sense it –
There Is Love.

A Message of Love
can be anywhere
at anytime –
it may be
on the smile
of another
you see,
it may be
in a sign
when a loved one
says “hi” –
it may be
in a picture
that takes
your breath away –
when something
touches your
you know
That Is Love.

Can you initiate
Messages of Love?
In a world of
and strife –
when a loving
message is sent
your way –
do you not
stop and remember –
There Is Love.

Send a thought,
a Message of Love
in some way –
hear another,
affirm someone’s day,
there are many
that have forgotten
what Love
feels like –
can you remind
That Is Love?

Might you Be
a Messenger of Love,
as you connect
with the Love
that flows
within You –
for a short time
or a whole day
through –
can you embody
the Love
That You Are –
you may
not need
to find it,
or wonder
where it is –
when you realize
That You Are
There Is Love.

Hello, Love

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There are many ways
to say hello –
a wave,
a nod,
a smile –
is it not
a greeting,
a way to acknowledge,
that “I see you”
and “you see me?”

Is not a hello
an invitation
to make a connection,
to say “I am here”
and “how are you?”

Does not this
reach beyond
who you can see
in front of you –
are you not
do not your
loved ones
who no longer
share this
physical space –
do they not
wish to say,

Might it be
a thought
that flashes in,
that makes you
that warms
your heart –
you may not
have been
thinking of them
a minute before –
but then
are they not

Might a greeting
from the other side
come from an
a picture you see,
through a chain
of events
that leaves you
shaking your head –
is not the
message received?

Your loved ones
may use nature –
a bird,
a feather,
or butterfly –
what do you see
that makes your
heart Know –
your loved one
is saying –

Wherever you are,
wherever you go –
inside or outside,
do they not
find a way –
be it “pennies from heaven”
or lights that
turn on –

Yes, you may
at times what
you see –
you wish to
be connected,
you send messages, too –
but is there
not a knowing,
when you smile
and receive
the “hello”
and “I love you?”

Will Love not find
its way always
to you,
as You Are Love,
can you not
feel it, too?
Is there not Love
in every “hello?”

Is your loved one
not saying,
“I am here
with you”
and “yes, I feel
your love, too!”

with Love,

A Father’s Love

20170618 XPicture


There are many
faces to a father –
it is a complicated

Might it be
the face of a lion,
watching over
his pride,
defending all
with the fierceness
of a warrior
bred to protect?

Might his role
include the antics
of a monkey,
who loves
to play and joke –
keeping everyone
when laughter
is what is
needed most?

Does his role
not include
being a teacher –
passing down
traditions learned,
he may be patient,
he may be hurried –
it is not
in the delivery,
is it not
in what he shares –
does not a
father show
who he is
with those
he loves?

You have expectations
of a father
that are as varied
as there are dads –
but at its very core,
does not a father’s love
shape who you are –
you may feel close,
you may wish
for more,
but does not
a father’s love
touch you deep
within your heart?

There are many
faces to a father –
it is a complicated
role –
but is there not
the Face of Love
when a father
sees his child –
when the child
sees the Love –
there is father,
there is dad.
There Is Love.

A Love Song

20170616 XPicture


What makes
your heart
play a 
love song
for you?

What lifts
your heart,
what makes
it sing
when the world
with all
of the shouting
seems so
at times –
can you
listen to
the Love Song
in your heart?

Does it not
sing out
when there
are others
that hold
the space
for Love –
can you
a loving chorus
to play a
Love Song
for all?

You may think
a Song of Love
may not resonate
with some
who cannot hear –
but listening ears
are not where
a Song of Love
is understood –
do you not
listen to
a Love Song
in your heart?

What moves
what lifts
the heart –
is there not
a loving song
that is playing
in all hearts –
might it be
getting blocked
by so much

It is not
how loud
that you
can sing
to feel
the song
that plays
for you –
does a Song of Love
not fill
your heart
when you
vibrate with
each loving note –
when you become
your Song of Love,
are you not
living and singing
from your heart?

How can
your heart
not sing
a Love Song
for You?

There is a song
in everyone
that the heart
wishes to sing –
it is there
the noise,
can you tune
your ear
to hear –
the Song of Love
that plays
in every heart,
within every soul?

And as the
loving vibration builds
with Love Songs
of the heart,
will not this
Chorus of Love
lift hearts
that sing along –
as you let
your heart
play a Love Song
for You?

Your song
Is Love,
let it play
for You.

Feel it.
Sing it.
You Are
a Song of Love.

Meeting You

20170613 XPicture


Can you meet you
where you are?

Are there not many
aspects of you –
from memories past,
from where you started
this day,
do you not have
a perception of you
in the future
near or far?

Yes, with growth,
with change,
with the
ever-evolving nature
of your be-ing –
it is tempting,
you are drawn,
to contrast
and compare,
to see what
has changed –
to speculate
what happens next –
where do you
wish to go?

But can you
meet you
where you are?

If you live
slightly in the past,
do you not then
what may happen next,
based on where
you have been
and what you
have done before?

Yes, there is learning
that you glean
as you evolve –
but are you not
where you are
right now?

And as you project
into the future,
do you not place
in the sand,
to follow –
instead of
blazing your
own new trail?

You may find
in what has been,
to help you to see
what might become –
but can you have
Faith and Trust
that All Is Well,
as you meet you –
where you are?

Where You Are
is the perfect place –
it is the only place
You Are
in this space and time –
there is much less
and greater Peace,
when you meet You
Where You Are.

Take a look.
Feel the Love.
It is not hard
to find
Where You Are –
when you open
your heart
to the Love
That You Are.

Give yourself
a hug
where you are
right now.
There You Are!

Love You –
Where You Are.

Web of Love

20170606 XPicture


When you gather,
when you share,
when you touch
each other’s hearts –
is there not healing,
is there not Love,
do you not feel
it in your heart?
This can be with family,
with friends,
some of each
or all the same –
do you not
feel the connections
within your soul?

You may gather
over dinner,
a celebration,
a festive day –
is the reason
not secondary
to the connections
in your heart –
do you not
when you share
with another,
with your heart –
when you feel
you are connected
with your soul?

There are connections
that you make,
it is an
endless web –
there may be learning,
there is experiencing,
there is always
a give and take –
but when you
get an opportunity
to be yourself
in this Web of Love,
that holds you
and supports you –
can you not
always count
on Love –
when you are
with others
that you feel
with your soul?

with the heart.
Touch Love.
Be Love.
Connect with Love.

Song of Love

Cardinal singing


A new day,
a new light,
first Cardinal
sings his
morning song –
is it not
the perfect time
to clear away
what may be
lingering from
another day,
can you start fresh
and see this
day as the
perfect chance
to Love?

It does not matter
what is planned –
a day may be full,
it may be clear,
can you not
infuse Love
into each moment
as you
go about this day?

Can you wipe
the slate clean
of what you think
“should” happen,
is not each day
an opportunity for you –
yes, there are things
you will accomplish,
lists that need
tending to –
but as you “do”
what you need,
can you add Love
to it, too –
is it not a
perfect chance
to Love?

Does not the
Energy of Love
open many doors,
does it not help
to grease any wheel
that turns –
will you not
have more enjoyment,
will there not be
ease as you work –
when you play
in Love?

The new day is dawning,
the birds all sing
on cue –
is not Mother Earth
giving her blessing –
here is another day
for You –
can you sing
your Song of Love
as the Cardinal
loves to do –
is now not a
perfect chance
to Love?

New day.
New light.
You Are Light.
You Are Love.
Perfect Love.
Perfect You.

Is not this
the perfect chance?
Sing your
Song of Love.