Welcome Love

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Open arms.

When you visualize
open arms,
is this not a symbol
of inviting in,
of welcoming –
please come in
and sit down,
you are welcomed
with open arms.

And is not an
open door
another way to say,
“I am here”,
does not an open door
let others know
you are available,
come in,
sit down,
welcome in.

Is there not comfort
in welcoming,
with open arms,
with hearts
full of Love,
do open arms
not symbolize
does not this symbol
of coming together,
of a connection made,
help to reverse
the feeling of
separation –
do open arms
not welcome you

And does not this feeling
of Coming Home,
happen when Love arrives
with open arms –
this familiar place,
this loving space,
where you feel welcome,
where There Is Love,
when open hearts
connect as One,
when you open doors
with open arms?

Welcome Love
with open arms.
You make the connection
when you give or receive.
Invite Love in,
sprinkle Love throughout.
Welcome Love.
Welcome You.
Welcome Home.

A Love Note

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Take care.

Can you take care
of you,
can you take
a moment or two
to relax,
to breathe,
to check in
with you?

Can you not learn
a thing or two
from your pets,
the animal world –
who follow their instincts –
when tired,
do they not lie down,
when sick,
do they not conserve,
when they want to play,
do they not engage,
do they not take care
of their needs
in every moment
of their day?
Take care.

Yes, there are tasks
you wish to do,
work or a job
takes time from you,
unless you are present
in those moments, too –
take care.

Can not any moment
be a loving space
that fills you up
instead of taking away –
does it not begin
when you are ready
to say,
“I will take care
of me today!”
Take care.

You are programmed
to give,
you may think that
taking is “bad”,
but does not the
battery pack in you
need a chance to recharge,
regenerate –
as You take care
of you?
Take care.

“Care” is a loving way
to say,
what might feel good
to you today –
what might you pamper yourself
with some loving care?
An extra cup
of a favorite drink,
some extra time
of quietness,
turning up your favorite
as you sing joyfully
to close your eyes
when sleepiness comes –
take care.

Is not taking care
an intention,
does it not begin
with a loving thought –
does it not occur
when you look
in the mirror,
sending unconditional Love
to you –
is not taking care
a love note
to be opened
by you,
can you read
it out loud –
“I Love You”
“Take Care!”


Dance of Love



New and familiar
both at once,
do you not marvel
when you feel
you have been
somewhere before,
or when someone
you just meet,
feels like greeting
a treasured friend,
do not connections
go beyond
what you can see,
what you think
you know –
as energy moves
beyond space
and time,
can you not be
any place,
any time?

And the You
who You Always Are,
vibrating with the
Frequency of Love,
does this not mean
you always are
together with
the ones you Love?

Whether physically
here or there,
or unseen
across the veil,
are you not all
part of a spiritual soup,
do you not swim
in this Sea of Love –
are you not aware
of the ripples of Love
that you create
and that you feel?

There is an energy,
a hum,
that you can feel
with your heart,
does not your soul
when you are
connected to Love,
might you feel
that spark
when you realize,
“I know you,”
“I Am Home!”

New and familiar
both at once
even when different
are you not the same –
always connected,
always together
in the Eternal
Dance of Love.

Listen to
the tune of Love,
that plays
in your heart,
as you sing together
and dance
your way Home.

A Comfort Place

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Where is your comfort place?
You may find it
where you lie
on a bed so firm
yet soft,
pillows, blankets
add to the comfort
when you are lovingly
tucked in.

There is comfort
in the food
that helps you
feel safe,
makes you feel warm –
bringing up
treasured memories
of food that was
made with Love.

You find comfort
in the presence
of friends or family
who love you so,
there are those
who you trust,
when you can be You
and can let go.

Is it not the giving
and receiving
of love that takes you
to your comfort place,
it can be a physical experience,
but is not Love
in your heart,
not just your mind –
can you bathe
in the Love
that wraps you up
and keeps you warm –
is there not comfort
in Love,
can you let Love
comfort you?

There is Love
all around you,
you are wrapped in
the arms of Love –
as it is Love
that breathes You,
when you open up
your heart –
can you feel the warmth
spread over you
like a favorite
bowl of soup,
as You Are Love,
can you accept comfort
from You?

Let Love be your comfort,
may you find comfort
in Love –
you may need physical
to help soothe
the body that
works so hard,
but does not Love
soothe the soul
and as it resonates
with Love –
is Love not your comfort place,
as you trust, allow
and then let go?

Find the comfort
in the space
where Love finds you –
There You Are!

Always wrapped
in the loving
Arms of Love.

Kaleidoscope of Love

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Take a chance.
Try it on.
You can always
choose again.
At the beginning
or throughout the day,
can you try
something new,
or look at the same thing
in a different way,
can you set the intention
to see all with
the Eyes of Love?

Might your perspective
of what you see
change like a
when you set your filter
to look upon all
with the Eyes of Love?

What patterns will emerge,
what amazing colors
will appear,
will not Love
rise to the surface,
when you look with
the Eyes of Love?

What may have seemed
now infused with
Light and Love,
is it not an opportunity
for you to see
its Light
reflected back to you –
does not all
appear as new,
when you look with
the Eyes of Love?

In the present,
in this moment,
can you turn up
your Light,
your Love –
do you not see
with your heart,
when you look with
the Eyes of Love?

Is not any moment magical,
when Love lights the way –
might you bring color
to all that you see,
set your filter to experience,
may Love show you the way –
is there not clarity
in what you see,
looking with
the Eyes of Love?

May you see so
clearly now
as you look through
the Eyes of Love.

Recharging With Love

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You wish to “capture”
a loving experience.
And what is it
that you wish
to freeze in time
with pictures,
or notes –
what comes to you
when you re-create
the experience
in your mind,
yes, your body responds –
you smile,
you remember,
but is there not
an activation,
an opening
of your heart –
was not the Love
that was felt “before”
created from this
heart-felt space?

And yes, any gathering
of loving souls
can boost the batteries,
as you turn up the Love
in your heart –
now that you know
the power that Love
can generate,
can you be
a generator of Love,
turning up your
Love and Light,
to be a Source of Love
for All to see?

You may need
to recharge,
replenish –
but as Love Is
your creative Source,
as you are fueled
by All That Is –
is there not a
limitless supply
of power,
ready to refuel
the battery pack of You –
can you plug in,
turn on,
burn brightly
as the Love
That You Are?

To Be the Presence of Love
That You Are –
you need not go
or “do” anything special.
Can you find the dial
to your Source of Love
and turn it up
to recharge with Love
and as a Bright Light,
can you shine your Light,
your Love
for All to see?

Love is the fuel
that generates
the Power of Love,
the Power of Light.

Keep it flowing –

A Healing Heart



Hearts heal.

Yes, a heart
can heal,
if it feels broken,
or bruised,
but is that not
a human heart,
does not the heart
of your soul,
the heart that
carries your
beat of Love –
is it not
your Heart of Love
that spreads the
Healing Balm
of Love,
to soothe,
to mend
whatever is
for Love?

Hearts heal.
Does not this
phrase give
you hope –
that if carrying
a burden
that weighs
on your heart –
can Love not heal
and lift it up,
is it not
your own
healing heart
that leads you to
your Place of Love,
that beats
inside of You?

Hearts heal.
And your Heart of Love
is never broken,
needs no repair,
is strong,
is Whole –
as human, yes,
experiences may challenge
the human heart –
but do you
not turn to
Hearts of Love
to remember
that you, too,
are Strong
as You Are Whole?

Shine with your
Heart of Love.
Be lifted with
the Beat of Love.
When you give,
when you receive –
hearts heal All.