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Be weightless.

Why do you enjoy
swimming underwater
or floating on a raft
on top of the waves,
do you not have dreams
of flying unencumbered,
do you not envy the kite
aloft in the breeze,
can you not in an instant
have a birds-eye view,
when visualizing soaring
over it all,
can you not transcend
your earthly existence –
be weightless.

Yes, gravity is a force
you incorporate daily,
laws of physics keep you
anchored on the earth,
but moments in the water
or in your meditative mind,
do they not free you
from any burdens
that may be weighing you down,
when you wish to break away,
to be free of the chatter,
are you not in the spaces,
that are light and in between –
be weightless.

You know you are so much
more than your body,
you have felt the expansive space
where Love is always there –
as you integrate
your awareness
into your body,
your be-ing,
is not Love able to permeate
any object,
any thing –
are not the Ripples of Love
like the ripples of water,
do they not spread,
do they not flow,
unencumbered by anything –
does Love not find a way
through any resistance
it may encounter,
is not Love,

Love is in the spaces.
Love is in the cracks.
Love is in between
Here and There.

Be Everywhere
and Nowhere.
Be Love.
Be Free.
Be where you wish
to flow –
Be weightless.

Trust Love

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Trust Love.

You may have disappointments,
life may go up and down,
your scenery may change
all around you,
or it may stay the same –
one day all falls into place,
the next it scatters once again,
what can you always go back to,
what is constant and is there –
trust Love.

An observer can look at all
with an objective eye,
when you are in the midst
of a drama,
is it not hard to feel the flow,
what anchors you,
what grounds you
and what lets you fly high –
do you not sense
Who You Are,
when you are able to
trust Love?

You may need to shift
your perspective,
yes, there are many tools
for this,
but Love is ever-present,
always ready,
at your fingertips –
when you wish to witness
the Truth
of Who You Are
at any time –
take a moment,
take a break,
be still and
trust Love.

You need not ride
the rollercoaster of life,
with its ups and downs,
when you are down,
is it not Love
that helps you
to get back up,
can you observe,
shaking your head,
by what life can bring
your way
and know that all
roads you are on,
are leading you to
trust Love?

Take a step back,
turn up your Light.
See the Truth of
Who You Are.
Love is within You,
Love is around You,
Believe in You
and Trust Love.

An Origin of Love

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“Where do you come from?”
You may ask
to find out an
a place to start,
to categorize,
to label,
to make sense
of where a story

And yes, the body
has its roots
in the elements
of the earth –
Mother Earth
gives you what
you need to be
and of all the
wonders of the world –
are you not a wonder, too?

“Where do you come from?”
you may ask
to the You who
looks back,
who knows there is more
than meets the eye,
do you not sense
the connections
with the earth,
in nature,
with people
who see You,
as they see
themselves, too –
is there not common ground
when it is the
connection to Love,
that begins without
a sound,
do you not sense
the Flow of Love
when you know Love
as your origin?

“Where do you come from”
and “where are you going,”
may make sense
in a timeline
that has a beginning
and an end,
but as Love is Eternal,
as Love Always Is –
Is Love not before the
with no limit
and with no end?

“Where do you come from?”
Do you not create You
in every moment,
with every breath –
for is it not Love
that breathes
this life
into you –
and even when the breath
is over
on this earth,
there is nowhere
that you go,
for Everywhere You Are.

Still You Are –
Here With Love.
Always present.
Always Love.
You Are Home,
You come from Love.


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Awareness is observing
from the seat of the soul.

You can still the
constant chatter
of your thoughts,
of your mind,
but are You
not always present,
be it loud
or be it still?
When you feel
most human,
experiencing situations
in your life,
is it not You
that is watching,
that is always aware?

When you shift
to this perspective –
aware of your
awareness Here,
does not the unhooking
of your story
bring you freedom,
bring relief –
but you need not
leave your story,
has not your story
brought you here –
do not your experiences
bring to your awareness
of what is coming up
for Love?

Is not awareness
the perspective
that knows All Is Well,
there is pain in
the human experience,
but your heart knows
what to do –
is it not awareness
that gives the heart
the leading role
in the story of You?

As human you may wish
to protect your heart
and close,
but the heart is so much
it is the link to
All That Is –
may you open up
your heart
and Be Aware
of Who You Are –
You as the observer,
are you not always,
always Love?

Your heart is the window
to All That You Are.
Keep it open,
keep Love flowing.
Be Aware.
You Are Love.

Asking Love

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Just ask.

You spend time alone
within your mind,
following thoughts around
that go here and there –
are thoughts not like
a dog
taking you for a walk,
darting here,
“no, I need to go there” –
when you wish for
a little help
with the thoughts that circle
around and around –
just ask.

There are patterns
that you follow,
programs you are
used to,
when you bump into
that makes you
see what you do,
can you let go
of old behavior
and create a pathway
that is new,
you may wonder how
to do this,
if you have not been
on this road before –
just ask.

There is support
whenever you need it –
does not Love
light your way?
This need not be
a solitary experience,
is there not help
that wishes to play,
yes, you call upon
friends and family,
but is there not help
from “up above” –
do not your guides,
your angels,
your loved ones
know a thing or two
about Love?
Just ask.

Does not receiving begin
when you open up
your heart,
does not surrender
place you in a space
to see what is next,
the answer may be
what you know,
but might it be
what you do not expect,
are you not open
to all possibility,
when you
simply ask?

“Show me,
lead me,
guide me.”
You have heard
these words before –
is not what you are asking
is to sense and Be
more Love?
There is nothing
that needs to be added –
only strip away
what clouds your view,
does not the Light of Love
bring you the answers
as it illuminates You –
just ask.

When you ask
are you not open
to what may filter
in to you –
you have all of the answers
and with Love,
know what to do.
Let the Light of Love
guide you,
you are never separate
from Love.
Ask and then receive
the perfect answer –
it is always,
always Love.

Take Time for Love

Sunset along the north shore of Lake Superior at Stoney Point.


Take some time
to rise above.
You may need
to unhook
to remember that Love
is in the quiet,
in this moment,
in the breath
that you just took.

Love is always by
your side,
in your heart,
wherever you look –
when you see with the eyes
of the soul,
you need not go
far away,
a shift in perspective
can make the denseness
fade away,
is there not greater clarity
when you take time
to rise above,
even when you are in
your story,
are you still not
always Love?

Take some time,
rise above,
give yourself
a loving hug,
sometimes the story
brings up things
you would rather
do without,
but is not Love
the healing medicine
that allows you
to let go,
do you then not
make more space
to let Love come in
and Flow?

Take some time,
to remember
that You Are Love –
can you keep
your heart open
to feel what you
are made of?
The You that is watching
how the story unfolds
knows Love,
Is Love,
is always present,
always near.

Love is never far away –
You Are Love
Love Is Here.

A Space of Love

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In the space
between here
and there,
do you not fill
the space,
are you not everywhere?
You may leave a locale,
you may have not yet
you have made more
you look ahead at
what will come –
does not this
“in-between” space
give you a chance
to simply Be,
do you not realize in-between
is always Where You Are?

In the space
between here
and there,
is it not Love
that is Everywhere –
do you not squeeze out
as you fill it with
so much thought,
might you sometimes
be afraid
to see what lies

But as Love Is Everywhere,
in this moment
and the next,
can you make a space
for Love,
can you sit with it
a bit –
can you welcome Love
to Be
with you now
within this space,
as you become aware
Love is always

You place a space
as where you are
or where you have been –
Love is Who You Are,
love is always within,
might you expand
the space
in your heart
to remind you –
You Are Love here,
You Are Love Everywhere.

No matter where you have been,
where you are going
or in-between –
Be You.
Be Aware.
Be Love.