This Loving Flow


Let Love smooth away
the edges
that ruffle up 
or at times feel 
let Love be the 
flowing water 
that cleanses 
and clears away 
deposits formed.

When you wish 
to be uplifted,
know Love is only 
a breath away,
in an instant,
when you surrender,
is Love not Here 
with you in 
All Ways?

You Are this Love,
This Love is You,
yes, you may feel 
out of sync or
out of sorts,
allow the Flow of Love 
to flow through you,
precious child,
One with All 
of Source!

Love Is Strength


Love is Strength.

Yes, your mettle 
has been tested,
but do not always 
you rise?
Has not your Courage 
at times surprised you – 
Love is Strength.

At this precipice 
of possibility,
yes, the unknown 
may bring up fear,
you always have 
another choice – 
Love is Strength.

Let Love be the 
foundation you 
build on,
you are rooted 
in mother earth,
your eternal branches 
are nourished by 
the stars – 
Love is Strength.

expand your mind,
say yes to you,
Love’s Eternal Child,
Love is Peace 
and with Gratitude –
know Love is Strength
so are You!

Love’s Healing Grace


The world may seem
to be a ball of confusion,
your human eyes strive 
to make sense,
are your ears not pounding
from many cries for
are you not looking for 
when it will end?

You may scoff at the
simple solution,
the ruby slippers 
had it right all 
release your judgments,
see the Heart of Love,
that beats in Everyone,
beyond any place –
yes, Home.

The Home where Love 
dwells has no
windows or doors,
it matters not the
time of day 
or year,
Home exists always in 
your heart and soul,
beyond ego’s reign,
do you not meet Me

Shine your Light 
to all brothers and 
yes, today may be a 
good time to start,
but do not let time
dictate what is so 
beautifully time-less,
you being a Beacon 
of Light that pours 
from your heart.

Judge not what rises 
to your sight for 
healing grace,
extend your eternal, 
loving hands of Love,
hold yourself,
your brothers and sisters
in Love’s embrace,
behold the Amazing Grace 
and power of Love!

This Loving Hug


Might you feel
this loving hug,
held so gently 
in the Arms of Love.

You may miss holding,
feeling close,
let Love surround 
as forever arms enfold.

Might you extend 
what you experience 
Love is to be shared 
be it far or near.

No matter the distance 
you think may 
separate you,
Love knows no 
and is always 
with you.

Pass on today 
this loving hug,
Here is always

Love Is Always


Love is with you 
where you are.

Traditions past 
may remind you,
that change is 
always in the air,
you may worry 
memories may fade,
but loved ones remain 
with you,

Together always 
are you not exploring,
your soul is not 
tethered to the earth,
the mind may find 
it hard to grasp,
but adventures beyond
continue to unfurl.

And when prayers
from your loving heart 
are sent as packages 
of Love,
are they not received 
as the gifts they are,
delighting All
you know are close,

No matter where 
you are this day,
yes, you may wish 
upon a star,
loved ones are Here 
with you forever,
Love is always 
with You,
where you are!

Illuminating Hope


As human,
is Hope not like 
a Light
that illuminates
which way to go,
hoping that your 
next step,
may show you 
what you wish 
to know.

Yes Hope may nudge 
you forward,
but might you step 
boldly as the Light,
you are aligned 
with your Source,
bright as sun by day
and stars at night.

Might your heart 
beat out a rhythm
that ripples out 
with the pulse of 
might you join in 
with sacred vibrations,
as a collective call
for Peace is heard.

Might Hope be met
with your soul’s 
what you wish to see 
rests within your Self,
Be a Beacon for 
eternal Peace,
Love reassures Hope – 
dear, All is Well.

So Loved


You Are Loved.

When steel gray clouds
block out the 
you may forget
that Light is 
may fellow Lights
help you remember –
You Are Loved.

The body may at times 
feel foreign to you,
my dear, this is not 
your True Home,
is not its purpose 
to help you discover –
You Are Loved.

Dive deep beyond 
your thinking thoughts,
your heart beats 
as This Truth,
have Faith in You,
a Divine Being –
You Are Loved.

what Love has 
for you,
fellow Lights as One
help show the way,
you are precious 
and beloved,
You Are One 
with Light,
as You Are Love!

An Invitation


You Are Courage,
You Are Light,
you may be used 
to putting up a 

Yes, ego’s reaction 
is to keep you safe,
but is there not 
another way,
to get through the day?

As a seed through 
is buried deep in 
the snow,
does it not trust 
that sun and rain 
will invite it to grow?

Your soul carries 
this invitation,
beckoning you at this
present time –
come play with me,
beloved child,
your purpose is Love,
the same as mine.

Your Light is the sun,
your tears are rain,
your soul is the 
for you to bloom 
once again.

Precious Child,
you are watched over 
by the stars,
the Universe sees 
this Truth,
of the Love You Are!

Who You Are


Be Who You Are,

You need not wait 
for stars aligning,
you are always 
aligned with Love,
your human perception 
may beg to differ,
but are you not below 
as you are above?

You need not convince 
your ego,
ego knows only how 
to push back,
as an expression of 
Eternal Love,
how could there be 
anything that you 

You need not wait 
for a miracle coming,
You Are Love’s miracle 
right now,
within you are Peace,
Truth and understanding,
may a Touch of Grace 
be an answer to how.

One day at at time 
is a good suggestion,
does not your body 
respond to this release,
be Who You Are 
in this perfect moment,
aligned with Love 
and with eternal Peace!

A Time of Growth


Believe in possibility.

Your mind may want 
to tie you down,
keeping you tethered 
to the ground,
but do not soulful 
wings wish you to 
to open your imaginary 

In time and space 
you look at dates,
thinking this year has 
you misplaced,
my dear,
may not this
Time of Growth,
be what you need 
as you unfold?

Believe in possibility,
Love does not pause
it continues to Be,
might you entertain 
the thought –
no-thing can stop you,
You Are Free!

Be Love’s potential 
in this now,
let go of why 
or what 
or how,
as Love’s untethered 
soul be free,
You Are Love’s