A Cycle of Love


Love is a flow 
like an endless
an eternal Source 
with no beginning, 
no end,
at any point 
in time
you have access 
to it,
though your eternal Self
bathes in this flow 
again and again.

River runs through
the earth as
part of a cycle,
rain pours from the sky 
to refill, refresh,
water then returns 
as its form changes,
to its Source to 
repeat again.

You need not wait 
for your form 
to change,
You Are This Source
it is what breathes you,
dip your toes,
your fingers,
all of you in it,
Love is ever-present 
and always available 
in you.

Bring your self 
to this loving river,
as your Self 
is wholly of this 
you are All aspects 
of this Love, eternal,
an infinite Cycle 
of Love,
complete and Holy 

Imagine, Love


Imagine Love.

And in This moment – 
are you not 

You may think 
Love is but 
a dream,
but as all 
is not as
it seems,
sense the power,
Strength and 
as you imagine 
your Self to Be.

Yes, you may walk
in a world of 
if you do this 
then this comes 
why not expand 
this loving moment
and imagine Love 
in its limitlessness.

You have made up 
many stories,
your mind is powerful 
in its grasp,
let imagination 
free your mind 
and help you 
embrace this 
loving task.

Imagine Love –
yes, you can 
do this,
as You Are Love,
it flows through you,
awaken and see 
all That You Are,
imagine and know
This Love 
is You!



What you change 
is what you see,
so you may know 
as Eternity.

It may seem like 
pieces of a puzzle 
to solve,
or that life is 
testing your resolve,
but as a whole 
and sacred soul,
in this wholeness,
what could you 
not know?

This Love breathes 
life into you,
and Love continues 
when this you 
is through,
but You as Love 
simply still exists,
This Love as You 
is present Now –
Is This.

Clear off the window 
that makes it hard
to see,
in your reflection,
might you see 
that You are Me?

Sweet Child of Love,
this is what your 
heart knows,
whole and complete,
Precious One,
You Are Loved, so!

Forever Light


See the Light,
it beckons softly,
becoming brighter 
as the fog lifts,
is not Light’s purpose
to remind you,
you shine,
you sparkle as 
All of This.

There may be noise,
that try to dampen,
your own Light 
that shines always 
in you,
protective walls no longer 
need to hide you,
as you awaken,
Love says, 
I See You.

You Are a Spark 
of Light 
that glows eternal,
it shines always in 
the heart of You,
your Light is forever 
fueled by All Lights Shining,
the Light of One 
forever shines 
in You!

Love’s Voice

20200905 XPicture


You may hear me
whisper softly,
much like a breeze
rustling the leaves,
does not your heart
know what I speak of,
you wish to know
and to believe.

Is Love not able to
part the curtains,
I cannot be separate
from you,
Love is what keeps
us together,
Love is what connects
me to you.

You cannot help but
hear Love’s voice,
Love is Eternal
and Everywhere,
yes on earth it
may look different,
but are we not All
together Here.

Believe what you are
let your heart relay
this Truth,
always together
is Love’s promise,
receive and know
This Love is You.


20200818 XPicture


The sun rises. . .
in your perception,
though does the sun
not ever set?
Yes, rays of sun
bring hope to day,
but you as Light
never forget.

You are eternally
a new day dawning,
the Light of Love
showing you the way,
as Love’s creation
may you shine brightly,
creating this moment
with Love, always.

Be graced with Love
as you receive,
what you so lovingly
give as You,
let this Light of Love
with eternal Peace,
gently surround
and cradle you.

This Light of One

20200816 XPicture


There are nights when
it is cloudy,
a layer that covers
the brightest stars,
but when it clears,
is there not clarity,
and stars shine always
where they are.

The same with sun,
when days are foggy,
enveloped by misty
sun continues to radiate
always, present
and always with you.

There are days when
life feels heavy,
with layers that make
it hard to see,
like sun, the stars,
you do shine brightly,
even as sometimes
it is hard to believe.

Your fellow lights
see your spark shining,
are you not all part of
this collective glow,
All Light is Here
and always near,
shining above
as well as below.

The trees join in
as the earth breathes,
take in the Breath
of Life itself,
You Are a part of
this Web of Life,
your Light illuminates
your sacred Self.

Love is constant,
be days cloudy
or kissed by sun,
precious child,
You Are Beloved,
You Are This Light,
shining the Light
of One.

This Dance

20200809 XPicture


Might you accept
Love’s hand before
that invites you
to This Dance,
a Dance of Life,
This Dance of
might you accept
and take a chance?

You may not know
which way to turn,
or what steps next
to take,
is there not wonder
in this learning,
as you allow Love
to show the way?

A new dance you
may learn,
but Love is always
Here with you,
hand in hand
you dance together,
let Love lead,
Love will see you

This Dance of Love
is ever-lasting
and when you find
it hard to move,
let Love lift you
with gentle Grace,
Love will always
carry you.

Trust the music of
This Dance,
its rhythm beats
within your heart,
as you accept
the Hand of Love,
know All Is Well
as the Love You Are!


20200805 XPicture


As a brand new day
unfolds before you,
is this not an
example of creation
Yes, inspiration,
but sense the wonder
that fills the air.

A blank slate
may invite
your mind to
what might you
create to fill
it up,
might you draw,
paint or write
this word –
what is creation,
it is always

Is not creation
the intersection,
the relationship
of you with
as you exist
is it not
One Love
that expresses

Lean into the
the magical
though the
One of You
knows This Truth,
as a Holy,
creative Be-ing,
rejoice in the
creation of
Love as You!


20200804 XPicture


May sweet angels
whisper softly,
may fierce angels
lift you up,
may you believe
in angelic connections,
there are infinite layers
to the Power of Love.

Love’s pure white Light
is ever-present,
might it appear to you
in various ways,
it runs through you,
surrounding always,
it may place signs
upon your way.

You are an intersection
of the earth
that meets the sky
and far beyond,
welcome angel’s
sacred breath,
that breathes through
Here you belong.

May you sense your
brilliant white Light,
may you feel the
beat of angel wings,
may you be lifted
by this Knowing of Love,
One with Love’s melody
that your heart sings.