A Beautiful Light


Your Light exists
for you to shine,
clear Vision helps 
you to see,
no matter the world 
around you,
Love is Here
inviting you
to Be.

Might you let go 
of expectation,
of what you think 
needs to happen here,
is there not Peace 
in the surrender of 
knowing Love always 
is Everywhere.

Yes, you may stand up 
for what you believe in,
but always seek the 
Truth in your soul,
be anchored in deeper 
not tossed about 
by waves crashing 
on the shore.

Look for the Light 
in your sisters and 
You Are One Light 
that forever shines,
Here Is Love 
that passes all 
shine on with Grace,
Love’s Beautiful Light!

All You Know


You are created,
You Are Creation,
you are creating,

You are Loved,
You Are Love,
you are all aspects 
of Love,

Your mind is quick 
to place judgments,
perceived on others, 
reflecting back to 
as Creator,
as Love,
release all burdens,
see the Truth of

Forgive ye child 
of Love,
you have not
left your 
sacred Home.

In this perfect,
eternal moment,
let Peace
and Love be All
you know. 

As Love Eternal,
no time can 
hold you,
release all 
past and what 
may come.

As Creation,
As Love,
As Forgiveness,
Welcome Home!

A Loving Answer


From the human perspective
you may ask why,
wishing to understand 
the cause, effect,
is it not tempting 
to look back,
in order to predict 
what has not happened

Here is a simpler,
natural process,
though it may not 
make complete sense
to you,
accept, allow this 
present moment,
let Love’s forgiveness 
wash over you.

With no judgment,
guilt or blame,
Love flows freely
without, within,
there is release 
in this surrender – 
Love assures 
there is nothing 
to forgive.

Soak up now 
this loving promise,
sense your heart 
complete and whole,
here is the answer 
you have been asking,
You Are Loved so!

Love’s Vessel


You are a clear
and flowing vessel,
much like water –
does Love not flow
through You?
You are an instrument
that communicates
with All Love
that surrounds you.

See your self
in nature’s beauty,
see All of Love
in All you see,
your body aligns
with All of Love,
as you tune in
Love waits patiently.

Surrendering to this
Flow of Love
is setting aside
your fear and doubts,
let your Self speak
with Love’s clear Voice,
this is your True Nature
that is You throughout.

There is no need
to control
what your limited mind
cannot clearly see,
step into Love’s
eternal flow,
as Love’s sacred vessel,
You Are Free!

A Graceful Strength

20200721 XPicture


Allow your power
to remind you,
you are stronger
than you think,
Strength and Courage
always are with you,
in a sacred balance
with Humility.

You are of the
grounded so deeply,
you are beyond
the stars that shine
oh so high,
you are in each drop
of a summer rainfall,
you are every cloud
that graces a
blue sky.

You are connected
to all that lovingly
surrounds you,
indeed This Love
is Who You Are,
let Love open your
doubting eyes,
to see the Truth
of the Love You Are.

You are your
greatest teacher,
hand in hand
as student, too,
Be centered in
this knowing,
Strength and
reside in You!

Each Sacred Breath

20200610 XPicture


Let your eyes
be opened,
ask to see
a different
see what fear
has closed off,
with open heart,
let Love lead
the way.

Let Love’s Light
illuminate so you
may see what
is patterned
within you,
what needs
what asks
for Love,
dear one,
Love is always
Here with

May you see
in all directions,
your True Vision
knows This Truth,
extend your heart
to brothers and
as sacred Love,
All Are You.

May your eyes
see with your
may your heart
guide your way,
Be Love’s prayer
upon each sacred
You Are so Loved,
all ways,

Gentle and Kind

20200424 XPicture


Be kind,
be gentle
with yourself,
the body’s
Love flows
your every cell,
is this Flow of Love
not an infinite

Be aware of judgment
that you place on
yes, you may push
much for you
to do,
you need not play
an adversarial role,
embracing all parts
of you,
makes up the Whole.

Dear one,
breathe deep
this cleansing air,
ask and receive
All Love that is
always Here,
is it not as Humility
that you embody
lead with your Heart
and not what you
may think.

Be kind,
be gentle,
align with your
You Are One
with Love
All Is Well.

Peaceful and Still

20200410 XPicture


Though winds of change
may swirl around you,
are you not One
and the same,
you may create
different scenarios,
but your Essence
of Love
remains unchanged.

Your human will
is strong and
and serves you well
in a changing world,
but in the changeless
eternal Reality,
do you not hear
Love’s constant

Peaceful and still
describe Love’s
though Strength
and Courage are
to be found Here,
may Humility provide
the foundation,
for you to stand
with Love Everywhere.

May you be the calm
within the storm,
does not the Center
of You remain unmoved,
anchor to your
soul awareness,
as you ride out
wherever your experience
takes you.

No-thing can change
the changeless,
may you know
without a doubt,
You Are the constant
beat of Love,
You Are Peace
and still,


20200305 XPicture


Love is the blue sky,
when clouds are gray,
Love is the sunrise,
You Are its ray.

In every moment,
in every face,
Here is an experience
of Love,
even in time
and space.

Seasons come and
weather changes fast,
you may feel pushed
and pulled,
as time goes flying

Surrender to what
you know,
what is always constant,
You Are always Holy Love,
Love is the change-less

Love is every star
that shines,
all shining in
the heart of You,
your Light shines beyond
all time,
as Love is Here and
Love Is You!