Be Your Self


Be yourself
as your Self.

This need not 
be hard,
it is as simple
as breath flowing
shine your Light 
that sparks within,
Be your Self,
Be You.

You may feel vulnerable 
from ego’s story,
listen to the Truth 
Love speaks to you,
stand in your power
as Love’s creation,
Be your Self,
Be You.

Love is not small 
nor grandiose,
Love is at Peace
in Eternal Truth,
you are Love’s Essence
wholly experienced,
as your Self,
Love Is You.



Sense the Love 
from your soul 
reassuring you 
that All Is Well.

Is not alignment 
when parts of you
as one Divine Whole 
begin to gel?

The path stretches 
out before you,
though you have travelled 
this road before.

You are at the 
perfect intersection
of heart, mind and soul 
and so much more.

Your Team,
your guides,
the angels 
walk with you 
wherever you go.

Dear loved ones 
support, encourage,
believing in you 
and what you know.

Sense the Love 
as your soul rejoicing
in what you wholly 
are made of.

Your purpose is 
you discovering,
the answer,
the Truth 
is always Love!

Wholly New


Create something new 
and fresh today.

Begin by letting go 
of what you think
you know.

To hear the still,
small voice inside,
unhook from what 
takes you for a ride,
listen to something
new and fresh today.

Refrain from asking for
an answer today.

Let inspiration find 
its way in work 
or play.

Surrendering to 
“I don’t know”
opens you up to 
spirit’s flow,
You Are creation,
wholly new 
as Love always!

One Voice


Be in prayer 
with Love.
And is not prayer 
the giving, 
of what You Are 
made of?

Prayer is the language 
your soul speaks,
prayer is the intention
that sets you free,
Be in prayer 
with Love.

Prayer anoits you 
wholly with Grace.
Prayer is your link 
to knowing beyond 
time and space.
Blessed One,
You Are 
as Love
in prayer. 

prayer is your guiding
speak Love’s 
One Voice,
in prayer.

A Service to Love


Like hand in glove,
Be of service
to Love.

What flows,
what fits,
what chooses you
or you drawn to it,
Be of service 
to Love.

It may be a 
full career,
or a single experience 
that draws you 
Be of service 
to Love.

Answer the call,
your soul to you,
together what might 
you and your Team
Be of service 
to Love.

With Grace and ease,
Love is this flow,
bringing to you
what you need to 
your soul rejoices
with Spirit above –
in Gratitude 
of your service 
to Love.

Ask Love


Reach deep,
ask Love.

The hand of Love is 
always with you,
as you need,
with surrender 
to propel you,
reach deep,
ask Love.

What does another 
need today,
to ease worry or
to lift the clouds,
let Love’s Light 
shine brightly through
reach deep,
ask Love.

What does your self 
wish to behold,
Love’s Peace is Here,
ready to unfold,
beyond reaction,
creating anew,
reach deep,
ask Love.

Let this day 
be a teacher to 
as sure as the sky
above clouds is blue,
Love speaks softly
always to you – 
deep within,
answer with Love.

Be Amazing

For 5/27/21 – a message from 2019


Rise up to any challenge,
is that not an opportunity
to grow,
when you are comfortable
do you not gravitate
to what you already know?

Think of the push and pull
of growth
as loving hands
reaching out to you,
will they not lift
you up
and help you see
another side of you?

Be willing to stretch yourself,
it may be a little,
it may be a lot,
but do you not often
surprise yourself –
it may not be as
hard as you thought.

And if you travel
in a direction,
that you wish to change
partway through,
you can alter your course
to realign with what
speaks to you.

With Gratitude and
might you let a challenge
help you to see,
you are always creating
with Love that
lovingly pushes you
to Be Amazing!



Are you not aware 
when you are pushing,
trying so hard to make 
things fit,
moving backwards,
is it not hard 
to find the flow 
in this?

Might you set aside 
your figuring
on how to get to 
perceived goals,
check in with heart
and soul to connect 
with what you Love 
and what you know.

Let resistance be an
that may open another 
this need not mean 
you give all up,
but might you be open
to this or that.

Keep your eyes upon 
the prize,
this may not be what 
you think it is,
let Love be the plan 
you follow,
is not Love always 
where you live?

Love is the flow 
of a deep river,
Love is the knowing 
without doubt,
keep diving into
Love’s deeper water,
Love is what All 
is All about!



A chapter never 
is there not more 
of a story to tell?
You may mark changes
and transitions,
but your soul 
is always well.

Yes, inspiration 
leads to creation,
and as your spirit 
is an endless well,
a fountain of Love 
will never run dry,
as you allow growth 
and new ideas 
to gel.

You do create in 
life and form,
what might your offerings
be an expression of –
with Humility and Grace 
let Love well up,
Be inspired,
creating always
as Love!