Clearly Love

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The soul knows.

Step back when
you wish to see
more clearly,
when too close,
is it not hard
to see,
you may think
that you are lost,
but might you
view things
from a higher
vantage point,
might all not
come into view,
you as human
may not know,
but your soul
is always here
for You.

You wish for
answers to questions,
a happy ending
or two,
is not every step
upon your journey
an experience for
Love to come
shining through,
when you least
expect it,
do you not marvel
at what Love
can show you
you are able to
the gifts that Love
magically brings in?

Set expectations
to the side,
they may come from
a limiting view,
Love sees the
bigger picture,
might you have
that Love has you –
an outcome that
you wish for
may or may not
be the point
to see –
that Love is always
your soul knows
will always

Loving Gratitude

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To get back to the heart
of any matter,
might you travel
with Gratitude,
is this not the perfect
travel companion,
one that will listen
and balance you.

When you wish to
return to You,
ready to surrender
to your loving Truth,
might you remember
You Are Love,
when you make room
for loving

Being grateful is
a beginning,
a way to shift
your focus some,
counting your blessings
can lift you up,
as you look for the
good that your way
has come,
but can you expand
your Gratitude,
to include what you
may not wish to be,
to then realize
that Gratitude,
is a state of Be-ing
through Eternity?

Look through the eyes
of your Pure Be-ing,
there is Gratitude
everywhere you turn,
it is not something
you need to summon,
it resides in your heart,
something you need not
bring Gratitude into
remembering this
in your human form,
you will be Gratitude
and you were Gratitude
before you were born.

Let Gratitude
tune you into Love,
Let Love turn up
Gratitude within.
Be Gratitude
in any moment,
Love always travels
where Gratitude
has been.

With Grace and Ease

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Ease into what
what invites,
what you move
try on some
different things,
when you see
from a different
might you see
what makes your
soul sing?

Change it up,
change your routine,
change your mind –
let your soul,
show you the direction
to go,
try not to label
good or bad,
simply adjust
to what feels best,
acting upon what
your still, small voice

Do not think of
as road blocks,
might they show you
there is another
way around,
and upon this way,
might you then see
something new
to set you free,
a new perspective,
a new way
for you to Be?

There is Grace
even when you
have fallen,
there is ease,
when you find
your way back up,
your soul knows
your Divine Plan,
so simply Be You
again and again,
loving each moment
with Humility
and Gratitude.

With Grace and Ease,
then Strength and Courage
when those you need,
know throughout it all –
There Is Love.

Perfectly Human

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Is laughter not
a letting go?

When you need
to disengage
from the day to day,
when taking yourself
too seriously
keeps you attached
to the fray,
can you not find
be it silly
or part of play,
to help you surrender,
let go,
letting laughter
have its way?

If not a laugh,
it may be tears,
they too can
stop you in your
but releasing is
a balm,
that can bring your
focus back,
demonstrating you are
to feel,
to Be,
in this present moment
fully human,
but not just
a part of

Let laughter or
open you up
when your mind begins
to numb,
or your heart
feels closed,
or you are ready
for some fun,
it can be exhausting,
being human,
sometimes you feel
you need a break,
can you let laughter
or tears flow,
separate or together,
for your sake?

Let go,
let it Be,
let yourself
off the hook –
succumb to
Be-ing You,
perfectly human,
yet always wrapped,
in your Magnificent

In the Service of Love

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Be of service, today.

Lend a hand,
lend an ear,
have no agenda,
see what comes up
to show you –
how can you Be
of service today?

You may serve
the needs of another,
you may even
serve you,
is not Be-ing
of service,
asking Love,
what would Love do –
can you not Be
as you are doing,
when Love is
lovingly showing you,
how can you Be
of service today?

With Humility,
with a humble heart,
with no strings attached,
or expectations parked,
can you Be
with Gratitude,
a Servant of Love
by Be-ing You –
when you serve Love,
are you not serving You –
Be of service today.

It may be to look
in someone’s eyes,
to see their soul,
beyond their mind,
you may follow a nudge,
hear your inner voice,
when given options,
what would be Love’s
when you give Love
the go-ahead to lead,
are you not Be-ing in
the Service
of Love?

With Gratitude
and Humility,
let Love flow between
these parts of you
to see,
do you not serve Love
when you simply Be –
Be-ing Love,


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There is purpose
in any and all things,
when the purpose
Is Love.

Whatever the work
you do,
or situation you
find yourself in,
might it not
be purposeful,
when the purpose
Is Love?

And in any relationship –
it may be smooth,
or get under your skin,
you need not change
the other person,
but might it help you
to find the purpose
of Love?

And though you
may not know why,
(yes, you have questions
in all you do) –
might any question
have an answer,
when the purpose
Is Love?

Whether you do things
on purpose,
or react to what
life can give,
can you let Love
guide you back
to center,
as you find
your purpose
Is Love?

Be purposeful,
Be present,
Be at Peace
with Who You Are.
Let your heart
tune into your
your Soul’s purpose
Is Love.

Magnificent Light

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Step into your
and feel the
Power of Love,
you need not fear
or hold back,
this powerful force
within you,
it is not destructive
in its energy,
does it not lift hearts
to find a way,
is not the Power of Love
what you feel when
comes out to play?

Is there not a focus
with this excitement,
does not Love get
your attention
so you will believe,
that what you dream
or wish to dream of,
will then align
with Love’s Strength,
there is a gathering of
loving energy
that organically builds
within you –
and when you align
with Love,
is there not anything
you cannot do?

There is no need to
be wary of this power,
it fuels the energy
you may need,
when this power
comes from Love,
are you not strong enough
to simply Be?
To Be of service,
to Be Love,
to Be Strength
in your Humility –
is it not the Magic
of Love,
that helps you Be
all that you
can Be?

Be powerful
with Love.
Be a force
that shines
so bright.
Let Love show you,
let Love guide you,
shine your loving,
beautiful Light!