The Joy of Love


Dance with 
the Joy
of Love.

Take Love’s hand,
it beckons to you,
accept Love’s 
gentle touch. 
Faith has brought you 
to this moment,
with wings to fly
now may you

May you soar 
with the angels,
it is time for you
to shine,
glorious is this 
that moves beyond 
all space and time.

With your heart
may you join,
in Love’s celebration 
of you,
let your mind rest,
precious One,
your heart leads you 
to the Truth of You.

May wonder and Joy 
lead you today,
rejoice in knowing 
this simple Truth – 
as you Trust in 
Love so deeply,
you unfold Love’s 
Joy in you!

A Joyful Flow


Does flow not
flourish in the
in the spaces
yet to Be,
flow is the movement,
carrying you,
to All possibility.

Flow is at your
very core,
and when you let it
out to play,
does it not dance
and sing along,
what Joy,
what Peace
will be revealed

Flow can also help
clear out,
what you resist,
what may block
remember blocks are
only pockets
of what is asking
for forgiveness too.

Join with Flow
throughout your day,
Trust helps create
this playful stage,
set expectation
to the side,
may Joy with Love
flow with you

This Light of Joy


Let Joy be the 
to all of your 
it is not about 
but where 
You Are Now,

Your perceptions
may get clouded,
swayed by what 
you may believe,
ask Joy to clear 
out this filter,
so you,
with Joy,
can truly see.

Joy is Love
forever dancing,
may you sense 
Joy’s lightness now,
open your heart 
and trust 
that Love will answer 
all of your questions

May the smile 
upon your lips,
usher in Joy
throughout this 
take Love’s hand 
as your dance 
may joyful Light 
show you the way!

The Rhythm of Love


Does not your heart
know the rhythm
of the Eternal beat
of Love,
As You Are infinitely 
are you not below 
as you are above?

Walk in rhythm,
believe and trust,
take in signs 
along the way,
those in spirit,
in tandem with you,
are part of your 

May instinct guide you,
intuition speaks,
listen with your heart,
your soul,
may earth’s ancient,
grounding rhythm,
help you align,
trust and then 

Part of Love’s Team,
may you walk 
of your place 
in All That Is,
follow your heart,
guided so gently,
in Joy and wonder,
You Are All of This!

One With Love


Here I Am,
your soul says
and This is True 
for the Whole of
the perceived walls
you think you see,
dissolve when you blend
into the One of You.

As you clear out,
releasing what has 
weighed you down 
upon your way,
cleansing is simply 
returning to Who You Are,

This Presence 
is not elusive,
you need not jump 
through hoops 
to see,
your soul,
connected to 
the angels,
wishes for you 
to know Joy,
Love and Peace.

Here I Am,
This is Love’s 
let this knowing 
fill all space,
align with This 
throughout your Being,
being One with Love
is Love’s experience,

An Opening for Love

20180413 XPicture

04/22/22  – from 4/13/18

In the absence of
or strife,
is there not more
to bring Joy in
your life?
With Peace surrounding
does ego not look
to see where to
fill in
where you may have
old patterns,
that now feel
out of date,
are you not ready
to spring forward
with the space
you have made?

It may feel
quite different,
having a lightness
in your step,
old patterns may
not want you
to open all doors
quite yet –
but with Gratitude
for all experiences,
does not Peace ensue
when you know –
you are far more
than what your
human perspective
may believe –
You Are Love,
You Are Loved,
so why not let
that Love flow?

Let Love fill up
all spaces
where ego once
you need not have fear
looking over your shoulder
so near,
with Love as your guide,
with Joy in your heart,
can you not get used
to this way of Be-ing,
is it not a new start?

Choose Love.
Be Love.
Believe the Love
That You Are.
In every space
you can open –
you will always
find Love.

Your Loving Purpose


Is not Peace
the acceptance 
of Love?

Breathe Love in,
be enveloped 
in Peace,
your healing function 
is returning to 

Is not Joy
the expression 
of Love?

Experience Joy 
Gratitude leads
the way,
Joy is your soul 
reminding you – 
This Is Love.

Is not Humility 
knowing fully
You Are Love?

Be Love,
Be authentic,
Be Love’s purpose 
in your way,
allow Love’s experience –
You As Love!

Loved You Are


Loved You Are.

Your soul knows 
This Truth about 
invite your body 
to receive,
this loving gift 
has not an ending –
Loved You Are.

As your awareness 
opens to this,
might you release 
judgments tightly
sense your Peace 
soaring in this freedom –
as Loved You Are.

You wish for healing
but precious child,
in This Truth,
whole and healed 
You Are,
Be This Presence,
return to Joy – 
so Loved You Are.

Release what does 
not match This Truth,
with Grace,
may you now 
truly see,
Love’s Light illuminates 
your knowing –
Loved You Are.

Love’s Innocence


Believe in your 
embrace what you are
made of,
believe and know
this Truth,
the Essence of You
is wholly Love.

Ego wishes to keep
making up rules 
that are not true,
there is no-thing
that you can do 
that would keep Love
away from you.

O Child of Love,
be like the child,
that is open to 
Joy and wonder,
with Love may you
discover a miracle
that forgiveness 
may uncover.

You Are Love’s innocence,
You Are This Truth,
let go of what 
may weigh on you,
your True Essence 
is light and free,
Love’s innocence flows
always through You!

A Willing Journey


Seeing Love in 
is this not a reflection
of You?
You may travel 
many roads,
but do they not 
lead right back 
to you?

You may dismiss 
or not believe
that All Love 
is Who You Are,
as Love you see it
when you know it,
shining brightly as
Love’s star.

This Love is You
Precious One,
You Are wholly 
All of This,
the separateness 
that has you 
is not your Truth,
it is a myth.

Though whilst experiencing
human form,
may you open and
in this being-ness,
Be of service,
a demonstration 
of knowing-ness 
beyond belief.

You need do 
let Love lead,
seeing with your
heart and soul,
journey with your
with Joy step through 
Love’s open doors!