A Force of Love


What moves you?

What helps you rise

another day,

what bubbles up

inside that wishes

to play,

there is a life force

that you are

aware of –

does not your Strength

come from this

Force of Love?

It matters not

how much sleep

you get,

when Love moves

through you,

You Are a powerful


your self may not


how very powerful

you are,

is this not when

you remember the

Truth of

Who You Are?

Do not dim

or hide the Light

in You,

let it flow naturally

to Be in All

you do,

when you lead

with Love,

is it not with ease

that you accept

the Truth –

Love is the Force

that lights you up

and flows through


Let Love move you

through this blessed


let Joy show you

how to laugh

and play,

your life force

is One that helps

you discover –

you share this Love

with all of your

sisters and your



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Be kind.
Be loving.
Be compassionate.
Be strong.

Be generous.
Be Trust.
Be Home,
where you
always belong.

Be You.
Be amazing.
Be All
That You Are.

Be Joy.
Be Peace.
Be the Light
from all the stars.

Be Love,
Dear One,
and in this
may you see. . .

Love Is
Who You Are.
With Gratitude,
simply Be.

A State of Joy

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Are Love and Joy
not joined together,
are they not hard to
tell apart,
does one not compliment
the other,
does one not join in
when the other

You may sometimes
feel not as joyful,
in your human,
earthly suit,
but when you connect
to Who You Are,
does Joy not wish
you to play with

A State of Joy
need not be dependent
upon what you perceive
as good or great,
is Joy not within your
Truth of Be-ing,
residing in your natural,
loving state?

When you realize Joy
is not dependent,
upon external forces
that may be hard
to see,
are you not tickled,
are you not joyful,
that Joy is with You
for eternity?

You may feel Joy
around your passion,
might you explore
how Joy gives you
a lift –
there is no end
to Love and Joy,
as they play together,
You Are All
of This!

Align With Love

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When you wish to
find Truth,
that is not
colored by
when you wish
to see the Light –
align with Love.

When fear or doubt
try to hide,
the spark that
builds within,
how can you
not shine
your Light –
when you
align with Love?

Make it a mantra,
a choice you make,
in any moment
on any day,
does not each moment
shine brighter
when you say –
I Am
I align with Love.

Is there not Joy,
is there not
do you not feel
you have been
set free,
be free to Be
Who You Are,
truly –
You Are Here
as you
align with Love!


20190310 XPicture


When a child runs with Joy
to a playground,
are there not
many ways to
the child may be drawn to
or slides or climbing,
some things may
be new on
any particular day.

Might the child
try them all,
some may come
some need more
but in the state
of play and Joy,
is not practice
something you
don’t mind?

Might you view life
sometimes like a
are you not drawn
to try things out,
might you bring
your playful energy
to stretch beyond
what you typically
are about.

When you play
with something new,
is it not the experience
that you seek,
might you let go of
certain outcomes
and let your child within
have a peek.

With Joy might
you let go
and with Love
to guide your way,
what new things
in this life’s playground,
might you be willing
to try today?

Let Joy show what
delights you,
let Love light the way,
let your playful energy
draw you to
what you wish to
play today!

Love’s Song

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Listen to the music
that plays within
your heart,
when the chords
combine together,
when the harmonizing
the tune itself
does not matter,
it is the feeling
that you get,
it is Love that
sings a song,
that lifts you up
through All of

Sense the rhythm
of the beat,
that only you may
sometimes hear,
you may move to
the beat of a different
is not each experience
unique Here –
but when the notes
all run together,
is there not
One Song
that rises up,
is it not Love
that makes the music,
that brings you
that lifts you up?

Listen to the music,
that makes you
that makes you
life beats a steady
though you may skip a beat
once in awhile,
but Love’s music
plays for you,
at all times,
in many ways,
why don’t you
sing or dance
to the Song
that Love plays?

Listen to the music
that plays within
your heart,
let Love lift you,
shine your Light,
sing your song
as the Love
You Are!


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Soak up the Love,
make every moment
what you give
do you not
is this not what
Love is all about?
Immerse yourself
in what your heart
is giving freely,
always, to you –
then share this Love
and soak it up,
partaking of this
loving soup.

When you hum
at this vibration,
might you open
up even more
to the song that
Love is singing,
with notes you
may not have heard
you need not learn
the music,
you know it all
within your heart,
trust your voice
will harmonize
with every note
from the start.

Soak up the Love,
it is never far away,
with Joy,
can you not invite
your heart to come out
and play,
begin with Gratitude
to break down
any walls
you thought kept you
let the waves of Love
surround you
and lift you up
with Love and

Soak it up,
immerse yourself,
pamper you today –
expand each moment
to a way of life,
You Are Love
in every way.