Learning to Fly

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Let go.

This may appear
to be a paradox,
but yet as human
and soul,
do you not prepare
for the ego
and with soul’s nudges,
let go?

You all have
inherent gifts,
that rise up to
be seen and
might you develop
your innate treasures,
not unlike a
baby bird?

A baby bird
develops feathers
while it is nested
high and dry,
receiving gifts,
building strength
and nourishment,
waiting for when
the time is

And when it is
to try wings out,
yes, bird might be
but is it not
its innate purpose
to spread its wings
and leave the

Once you recognize
your purpose,
it may be one
or maybe a few,
deep within you is
a calling
that rises up when
you hear You,
when your heart
fills with Joy,
when you cannot
not answer back –
you know then you
are ready
to spread your wings,
knowing Love has
your back.

Let go.
Repeat this often
as you live –
two sides of You
working together,
to create,
to Be
a loving Gift.

Align With Light

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Align with Light –
wherever it may
soak it up when
it is plentiful,
then Be the
when it does
not show,
yes, there may be
gloomy days
when clouds and fog
seem to close in,
but you always have
Light with you,
find the spark
that glows within.

Align with Light
and all of the promise
that it brings,
you feel hope,
you feel delight,
with Light does
not your heart
this is a song
that you can play,
whenever your heart
is open wide –
align with Light
and know that Love,
is always
by your side.

Align with Light,
let it light up
the Joy
inside of you,
remember You Are
not only in summer,
but winter, too –
you are a generator
of Love,
Peace and Joy
will follow suit –
align with Light,
with Who You Are,
shining bright
in the Light of


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When young,
you may have needed
training wheels,
when you first learned
how to ride a bike,
but without knowing,
was it not you
that was riding it –
so when taken off,
were you not ready
for flight?

Your mind may think,
or convince you,
you are not ready,
for opportunities
that may come your
but like the bike,
are you not already
you only need to
get your mind
on board
to play.

It may be hard
to let go of
what you think,
that keeps you upright,
safe and secure,
but that first time
when you rode
by yourself,
did you not feel
that you could
take on the world?

Believe in you,
when you are flying,
or have fallen,
all are steps
that lead you
to You –
freedom comes
when you embrace
Who You Are,
let go and fly
on your journey,
in your Truth.

Believing Joy

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Believe in Joy.

Does not a child
in any moment,
find where Joy
loves to play?
Is there not,
within You,
a loving Force
that finds a way,
to let Joy bubble
up to see,
what might delight you
or laugh uproariously –
can you give in
to your true Essence,
and let Joy
come out to

It need not be
from your surroundings,
it may make no
to your adult mind,
but what tickles
your fancy,
what makes you laugh
every time,
Joy may be an
appreciative gesture,
a perfect cup
of your favorite tea,
is it not when your
is full of wonder –
that you allow Joy
with you to Be?

Believe in Joy,
even on days
when it is hard
to sense,
be open to the
that Joy is with you
in any moment,
and when your heart
is full
as the moon that
shines above,
with Gratitude,
invite Joy to play,
with delight
and wonder,
Joy is Love.


20181222 XPicture


Sit by the fire,
feel the warmth
surround your
but are you
not mesmerized
by the fire’s
welcome glow,
is it not the Light
you are drawn to,
be it decorated
or stars at night,
does not a season
make an entrance
with a moon that is
full and bright?

When you think things
are the darkest,
is there not a
flicker of Light,
does not hope
and Love,
lighten your heart
at any time,
what brings Joy
to your heart,
what makes you smile
and light up your
can not laughter,
and Love,
bring you Peace
in any place?

You may be trying out
new traditions,
you may be pondering
Who You Are,
like the seasons,
you are always changing,
yet you are as constant
as the stars,
find yourself in
every flicker
of the Light
that shines in
turn it up,
let yourself see,
your Glow of Love,
the Magnificent You.


20181209 XPicture


What excites you?
What makes you
want to run out
and play?
As a child,
were there not many
that made you feel
this way?
It may be something
that is significant,
or snow falling on
a peaceful morn,
but do you not
know what brings
you Joy –
on this journey
since you were

Make sure there
is play
in everything
you do,
Do not let your
serious side
fill up the space
that Joy carves
out for you –
let laughter bubble
it is an elixir
that heals all
delight in what
feels playful,
are you not You
when Joy prevails?

When Love and Joy
fill your heart,
you need not
want for anything
more –
This Is Love,
This Is You,
and You Are
so very, very

Embracing Change

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It is human
to fight change,
ego loves the
status quo,
thinking you are
safe when
staying the same,
ego is cautious
and loves saying
is there not a
quiet voice,
that gets louder
when it begins
to sing,
and when you listen
with your heart,
is it not Joy
that bubbles up

Might you have
that Love will lead
that you will be
able to figure out,
any twists or turns
that you may fear
will turn you
inside out,
are you not a
different person,
than you were
a moment ago –
in every present
are you not
and do you not

Embrace the changing
it is part of the
human course,
though your surroundings
may feel different,
know You Are always
connected to Source,
have Faith that you
will figure out
whatever needs
to be done,
you are always
supported with Love,
never alone,
always part of

Trust in You –
have Faith in
Who and Where
You Are.
You Are Love
shine brightly
Beautiful Star!