Enfolding Love

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Relax into Love,
let It enfold you
in its arms,
this may be a familiar
when you have felt this
healing balm,
there are myriad ways
to sense this,
it may come from
around you,
but may you begin,
to relax into Love –
inside out
instead of
outside in.

Lean into Love
and see how it
begins with you,
there may be a wall
or two
that you realize
you need no longer
does not unfolding
of barriers present,
help you see what
has been Here
all along,
relax into Love
and feel your Joy
with Strength
and Calm.

Relax into Love,
let it enfold you
in its arms,
Be Here with Love,
Be present –
You Are One
with this
healing balm.


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Be grateful
for every opportunity
that comes to you
so you may see,
when fear arises
do you not have tools
to move beyond it

With Humility,
might you serve
beyond yourself
for the greater good,
with Joy do you not
the Love you give
is what you are

There are cycles
that keep spiraling,
letting you experience
it all,
you can create a
different outcome
when you choose
a different route
to walk.

With Gratitude
in your heart,
embracing what shows
up for you each day,
Humility and
will always show
you a loving way.

Have Faith that Love
is always with you,
with Grace
does not Love show
you the way,
you have all the answers
you are seeking,
you have all the Strength
within you always.

Strength, Love and Joy

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Start from scratch,
clean the slate,
what do you wish
to create today?

There may be discomfort
to start anew,
but does it not
open up
all possibilities
to You?

Are you not innately
a creative Be-ing,
able to create,
adapt, adjust
to most anything?

You may dismantle
so that you may see,
how all parts fit together,

But as the Whole,
can you now let go,
of what you think
may be saying “no”?

Let Love and Joy
build the power within
so you may see the
that you have always
believed in.

You may have used
to get beyond your
as Strength is your
you have felt it through
your tears.

Strength, Love
and Joy
are always with you,
trust in You,
does not a path
always appear?

Walk with Love
on every journey
that you take,
you are held with
in every moment
you create.


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What if,
you are,

Yes, there is always
opening doors,
in the linear,
there is perception
of where you have
and where you are –
there may be angst
not knowing the
but we are here
to tell you now –
now in this
very present,
You Are Love,
you are enough.

You may have thoughts
about “enough-ness”,
you may question
as you compare,
you may not believe
that in this moment,
you have all
that you truly
might you look
at exploration,
at experiences
that help you grow,
as not a judgment on
where you are,
that you are lacking
or do not know.

What if
You Are,
All You Are?

Might you embrace
your inner knowing,
that All of Love
resides in you,
you may need
to hug your
inner child,
to remind this
little one,
You Are Love, too,
yes, keep evolving,
keep creating,
continue finding out
what brings you Joy,
but always remember
that Joy Is You,
and never something
that you must “do”.

You Are All,
know this
to be True –
embrace this Love
All Love Is You.


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Be open to new
create yourself
anew each day,
you have choices,
you are Strength
and Courage,
and with Joy
do you not know
how to laugh
and play?

You are a mixture of
infinite combinations,
with new ingredients
you may not yet
have tried,
mix something new
into what you
are creating,
if you do not like it
you can start over
and choose again.

With many layers
life can be so
very serious,
you may feel
not knowing what
next to do,
but with a heart
full of Love
are you not fearless,
when you embrace
the infinite aspects
of You?

Be open to all
of your directions,
no matter what path
you travel
you will find,
there is purpose,
There Is Love
at every turn,
You Are Loved,
Beautiful Light,
You Are Divine!

Love, Peace and Joy

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Is busy not only
a state of mind?

Yes, there may be
when your time
is filled,
but you need not
have your mind
focus on how
busy you are.

Might you expand
your awareness
of the space
in between,
are there not pockets
of time
that remain to be
might you shift
your focus
on not what you
need to do,
but to find Peace in
the space that
is always You?


You see it is easy
to switch your
for Peace always
resides within you,
let Joy sprinkle
its magic
on whatever comes
your way,
are Peace and Joy
not always with you,
throughout your day?


In all you do
and the space
is there not always
Love flowing
within whatever you
do today,
Love is always
with you,
around you,
Love Is You –
invite Love,
Peace and Joy,
to walk beside you,


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Look beyond
your usual focus,
let you imagination
out for a spin,
what do you wish
to create in this
do not endless
possibilities exist?

You may believe
it is “just” your
you may have been told
not to reach for
the stars,
but the Power that
creates light in
the sky,
is the very Power
That You Are.

Let your imagination
out to play,
is this not the
creative master
in you,
do not children help
lead the way,
demonstrating how
to create with Joy
and laughter, too?

Imagine –
with Love
and Joy,
do you not feel
the shift in you,
create from this
powerful place,
as you infuse Love
in everything
you do.

Play in your imagination,
you may be surprised
at what you find,
when you play in the
energy of creation,
you may find You
beyond space and time.

Look beyond your
usual focus,
let your heart
with Love
lead the way,
with Joy,
let your child out
to dance with
imagine and create
with Love today.