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Joy is Love
spirit free.

Joy is with you
every moment,
though human
may make it hard
to see.

Joy can mingle
with your feelings,
though Joy permeates
All of You,
when you open to
your True Nature,
does Joy not
dance and sing
with you?

You may think that
Joy is fleeting,
as human experience
has taught you to,
but behold the
Power of Joy,
your superpower
is the Joy of

A Celebration

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Some days are set
with fanfare and
but is not each
day an invitation,
to celebrate

Why not wake up
every morning,
with heart full
of Gratitude,
knowing Love has
for you a present,
the presence of Love
as the Eternal You.

Yes, celebrate your
but know each moment
holds the gift of Truth,
You Are always Loved
beyond measure,
Love celebrates the
magnificence of You!

Yellow Brick Road

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Follow the yellow brick road.

What journeys you may
there is much fun along
the way,
yes, you may walk
through some shadows,
but remember Love always
Lights the way.

Toss all doubt into
the wind,
be free of worry –
it is a heavy load,
let us walk together,
side by side,
upon the eternal
yellow brick road.

Every One of You
has their own experience,
it may seem unique
to the separate you,
but shared throughout
is the lifting up
of what keeps you
from seeing You.

Rejoice today in
endless wonder,
behold what magic
may unfold,
all possibility
is Who You Are,
or soar
on the yellow brick road!

A Pearl of Love

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Is not Love’s Light
always shining,
yes, sometimes doubt
can obscure,
set aside your human
might you be creating
Love’s perfect pearl?

At times you may feel
some discomfort,
as you stretch beyond
your comfort zone,
Love’s Light illuminates
the way,
with Faith you know
that Here is Home.

Your soul rejoices always
when you invite
your soul to play,
when you step aside
do you not align with
the Whole of You
in Love’s glorious way?

You may think it is
a leap of Faith,
but you are already
where you wish to
Be –
allow growth to
delight you with
Where You Are,
aligned with Love,
with Joy,
set free!

With Ease

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You wish to dot
all “i”s and cross
all “t”s,
how might you
flow with grace
and ease?

At the level of
so much detail,
it may indeed
fill up the mind,
but as your Mind
is limitless,
might you be surprised
at what you find?

May what you need
arrive effortlessly,
even beyond what
you may have thought,
may what you list
be resolved,
maybe differently
than what was

You may think you
know the answers,
given ample
time and space,
but as you are
an infinite Be-ing,
might there be another
creative way?

Play with balance,
invite Joy, explore,
allow all aspects
of You to help,
loosen your grip
on expected outcomes,
might you delight
that All Is Well?

Invite the Whole
of You to dance with
what shows up
for you today,
change your perspective
on what is “work”,
let go and let Love
show you how to


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You may feel limited
in form,
but are you not
limitless and free,
might imagination
be the magic carpet,
that takes you anywhere
you wish to Be?

This is not a flight
of fancy,
does not your soul
know how to
let your soul
on wings of Love,
demonstrate to you,
you are so much more.

Instead of perceiving
is this not a time
to open doors,
reprogram how you
used to do things,
outside of your box,
may you then soar!

You are the master
of your experience,
what do you wish
to create today,
your soul is a willing
explore together
and be open to play.

Your eyes may see
a certain picture,
but your Vision knows
so much more,
be open to all
possibility –
body, mind
and soul,
as Joy,

A Common Connection

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Let Love be the
common language
that all aspects of
you understands,
does Love not smooth
out any disruption,
does Love not connect
any perceived
loose ends?

You may think you
have many hats
you wear,
but are not all
your experience
of Love,
Love is the foundation
of all expression,
even when a part
of you feels
stuck in the mud.

Let Love flow throughout
your experiences,
let Love be the common
connecting thread,
Love is the super-
conducting platform,
that helps you untangle
all of the wiring in
your head.

Integration is a
simple surrender,
allowing Love to do
what Love does best,
with Gratitude,
Joy and wonder,
answer Love’s
with a resounding

Let Go to You

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Let go –
to You.

You hang on to
your identity,
your beliefs that
you have woven
though amazing,
this is not your
truest nature,
why not
let go –
to You.

You need not
reach for the
or depend on
another to
show you what
to do,
why not open
the curtain that
may hide you
and joyously
let go –
to You.

Yes, Faith may
help you with
your willingness
to open up
to your greater
all that you seek
is hiding in plain sight,
with eyes wide open,
let go –
to You.

You may wish
to Trust before
you try this,
but You Are already
what your soul knows –
your heart,
your soul,
Love always holds you,
and with
let go –
to You!

The Little Self That Could

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You do not need
to convince
your self
of any thing,
for is it not
your self
who pushes back
on so many things?

From your perspective
of Higher Self,
yes, you see that
this is True,
your self has created
many stories,
to convince itself
that they are true.

So instead of trying
says the little self
that could,
would you,
could you
Love me anyway,
no matter what I
think I should?

Please remember,
little self,
you are All This
that I see,
We are in This Love
I Am You
You Are Me.

Let Us play and
dance together,
let Us dry each
other’s tears,
let Us hug when
we need comfort,
let Us choose Love
over imagined fear.

Little self,
I honor you,
for all experiences
We get to do,
you help Us grow
to Be This Truth,
You Are Love
I Am You!