Connect and sense 
the vibration of 

Love permeates 
all experience,
as You Are Love,
is this not True?
With awakened eyes,
see Love’s blessings,
that continually 
surround you.

A miracle rock that
is heaven-sent,
rainbows that bridge 
the earth and sky,
is Love not seen in 
messenger clouds,
you do not even 
have to try.

As Love’s True blessing 
is You, created,
you are tuned to 
receive Love’s gifts,
sharing the Joy
is exponential,
You Are a wave 
in All of This.

Healing of One 
is healing for All,
this journey cannot
be experienced alone,
You All are wholly 
Love’s vibration,
dear precious children,
You All are Home!

Here, Now


Be Here now.

Might you let 
each moment 
like the first drops
of a summer’s rain,
is there not sweet 
before a deluge 
cleanses the air?

Be Here now,
let wonder 
and Joy
come out to play,
set an intention 
from your heart,
where may I connect 
with Love today?

Be Here with You
and All You Are 
experiencing This,
may you unwrap
each and every moment,
like a beautiful,
loving gift.

Be Here at Home,
may you sense 
All Love that 
surrounds you,
bask in this 
loving moment,
Love rejoices
in all moments
as You!

Your Forever Breath


What is deeper than
your thought,
more still than 
your mind?

Stay Here for 
an instant,
this present moment 
is beyond time.

become aware
of thoughts 
and where they 
do come from.

Know no analysis 
is needed,
when your mind is 
filled with Love!

Some thoughts 
take you on a
away from your
peaceful Home.

From these thoughts,
turn away,
and sink back in 
to what you know.

Be curious,
Be open,
invite Love to 
show you how.

Love is joyfully 
always with you,
breathe in forever – 
Love Is You, 

This Wave of Love


Step into this 
Wave of Love,
let it lift 
you up,
the Whole of You 
resonates with 
All of This,
it is what 
you are 
made of.

Your soul delights 
when you ride
this wave,
it is your natural 
choose Love again,
let go,
dive in,
you need not think 
or wait.

Your heart is fluent 
in this Language 
of Love,
let it be 
what speaks today,
join the joyous 
invite others 
to sing along,
Love shows 
you All 
the way.

Be One with this 
Wave of Love
let it build 
the day,
the Whole of 
fills with 
Be Joy,
as Love,

All Is Possible


Let Love lift you 
with its Strength,
Love is the wind 
beneath your wings,
potentiality becomes 
All is Possible 
is what Love 

Ask and yes,
ye shall receive,
but are you not 
discovering you 
already have,
peeling the heavier 
layers off 
allows you to step 
joyfully upon
your path. 

Ask Love to help you
see This Truth,
in asking,
do you not surrender 
where Love is dancing
with Peace and Joy,
and always dear one,
dancing with You!



Look with the open eyes
of a child,
what does your soul 
wish to see?
Does not This Moment 
of Love appear,
when all else but Love 
is released?

Let the innocence of
your heart receive
and bask in This Love 
for you,
Joy bubbles up and out,
your soul rejoices 
in This Love so True.

Be like a child 
with Love today,
see with the eyes
of your soul,
play and dance,
see the Joy in All – 
share This Love,
You Are All 
loved so!

Together As Love


Let’s work together as Love.

Are you not part of a 
loving Team,
connected to angels, guides,
loved ones unseen,
are you not powerful as 
Love’s Life Force –
let’s work together 
as Love.

You need not do life
on your own,
You Are with your Team 
and always Home,
combining forces as 
soul to soul – 
let’s work together 
as Love.

Let Joy replace work 
as you feel this flow,
release any outcomes 
that you wish to know,
You and Me and We 
are a Force of One –
let us play together as 
a Force of Love.

Connect your heart,
your soul to Love’s 
eternal bond,
Home is Where You Are 
and always belong,
take Love’s hand and 
sense your eternal Team,
we always are together 
through the Grace of Love.



Begin a new page.
Be the canvas Love 
paints upon.

Yes, you may feel 
like restoration
or remodeling is 
but do you not 
feel shiny and new, 
when you truly 
feel inspired?

You need not always 
start over,
you may weave through
the fabric of you,
All of creation 
is original,
is it not Love 
that always shines 

Focus not on the 
perceived outcomes,
surprise yourself with 
what Love may show,
Be the vessel for 
Be the expression 
of Love’s eternal flow.

And in this Flow of Love,
may you rejoice in 
what you see,
Love expresses itself
everywhere you look,
Love invites as Joy,
come create with Me!

A Chorus of Love


Gratitude is your 
heart singing,
can you hear its
simple song?
It requires no formal
at any point 
you can sing along.

Here is Joy, 
do you remember –
sometimes you need 
a gentle nudge,
Gratitude and Joy can 
transform anything 
that may feel like 
too much.

At times you may feel
you have lost your 
but your heart always 
carries this tune,
let Gratitude pick up
the beat,
inviting Joy to 
join in, too. 

Here is Peace as 
your soul singing,
grateful for All 
that you do,
with angels adding 
sweet harmony,
sing with the chorus 
of Love as You!

An Invitation


Invite Love,
your spirit,
to all you do.

A dish you wash,
a dog you walk,
be it work or play,
invite Love today.

A minute task,
bigger picture plans,
reaching out to a friend,
invite Love to sit in.

May short moments 
of bliss,
expand, extend
to All of This,
may Love be what 
you see,
when your spirit
may Be.

Answer Love’s invitation,
it is simple and True,
You Are Love’s sweet blessing,
the loving spirit of You!