Flight of Joy



Free yourself.

Do you not look
at a bird in flight –
with apparent ease –
so free,
so light,
in the flow
of the air,
making minor adjustments
to stay in this flow –
do you not see
in this bird in flight?

And as you wish
to be free yourself –
might you
wish to capture
what you see
in the bird –
is it not Joy
that must be present
in this state of flight –
for has not your heart
leapt with Joy
as you watch
the freedom
of the bird?

And in your search
to capture joy –
might you have tried
a variety of things
that promised you joy
if you only had it
in your possession?

And as you wish
to free yourself,
as you attempt to fly –
do you not feel
the heaviness of
what may be
tying you down,
making it hard
to let go and fly?

Free yourself.

Is there not a
freeing energy
to Joy?

And you can never
capture Joy –
for is Joy
not already
Who You Are?

Is not Joy the
“wind beneath your wings?”

What makes you soar,
with apparent ease?
Can you release
your burdens
and cut the ties
that may weigh you down,
obscuring the Joy
that is ready
to lift you up?

Fly in the
freeing energy
of Joy –
do you not see
in this Flight of Joy?

And as you experience
the essence of
the Joy That You Are –
do you not see
that you have had
the wings to fly
all along?

Free yourself.
Be Joy.




The full moon
complete and whole,
shines brightly
through the
darkened sky.
Its glow
burns through
a filmy haze
that mirrors
and reflects
its energy,
its light –
making it appear
even larger
as it stretches
to lighten
the sky.

And even if
shadows flicker
over the moon,
temporarily eclipsing
a piece,
or portion,
is the moon
not still full,
and whole?

No matter what phase
the moon is in –
or what atmospheric system
or celestial event occurs
that may change the
perspective of the
moon to the earth –
is not the moon,
at its core,
always full,
and whole?

Yes, You Are Love
at your very core,
always You –
complete and whole –
but are there not times
when you may
feel distorted
based on events
that you experience
in your life?

Do not shadows flicker,
temporarily dimming –
eclipsing a portion
of your light –
is this not an opportunity
for you to shine
through a filmy haze
that actually mirrors
and reflects
your energy,
your light –
making your light
even brighter
as it stretches
to lighten
the dark?

And no matter
what phase of life
that you are in –
any pressure you feel
or events that occur –
as You Are Love
at your very core,
are you not
always full,
and whole?

Be the Light
that always
burns within
your soul –
eclipsing the dark
with Light.

Shine brightly.




Is not patience
a state
of be-ing
present in
the moment?

No, it is
not standing still
or even waiting
for an expectation
or outcome to happen.

You cannot help
but move forward
in the linear world
you are in –
but as you are
there is a motion
to evolution,
to change
that will always happen
and do you
not wish for
patience when
there is somewhere
or some state
you would rather be?

But is there not
an innate state
of unfolding,
of evolving,
that provides you
with opportunities
to continue to grow?

Is this not like
a bulb that
lies dormant in
the ground –
until the right conditions
come together
and to signal –
yes, now is the time –
there are nutrients
and light,
the environment
is ready
to support
the change,
the growth
of this bulb.

And this bulb
does not need
patience –
it knows how
to respond
when the right
conditions are present –
does it not
excel at
being a bulb?

Until it is not –
as it unfurls
and unfolds –
is it not
transformed into
another beautiful state
of be-ing?

Is patience
not a reminder
to be present
in each moment –
open to signals
and to signs,
that the right conditions
are present,
coming together,
to signal –
yes, now is the time –
each moment of now
is the perfect
moment to Be.

And like the bulb,
do you not possess
an innate state
of unfolding
and evolving,
always providing you
with opportunities
to grow?

Let Patience
remind you
that All Is Well.

You Are always
in the perfect state
of Now.

You Are Love.
You Are Perfect.

Element of Love



A fish is equipped
to pull oxygen
out of water –
allowing it to
live in a different
element of earth.
And is fish not
at home in
the water –
gliding through water
in a most graceful way?

But if fish
finds itself
out of water
on a bank –
it does not have
the ability
to maneuver –
and is that not
where the phrase
“like a fish out of water”
came to be?

And do you not say
when someone is
doing what they love –
“she is really in her element” –
is that not
like the fish
when it slips back
into the water –
able to breathe
and to glide
once again?

Can you learn
a lesson from fish –
finding what element
you thrive in,
a place where
effortlessly you glide,
in a most graceful way,
breathing in what sustains you,
as your surroundings
all support you –
no longer swimming upstream
or struggling to find
where you can be
in the flow?

Yes, and you can sense
when you are
“in your element” –
as you feel
the grace and ease
of the energy
around you –
and do you not
have all the elements
you need within?

When your energy
is connected to this
Flow of Love –
are you not lifted up,
and fully supported –
able to swim in the
Stream of All That Is?

With grace,
with ease.
May you live,
and Be
an Element of Love.

Garden of Your Soul



A spindly bush
has limbs
and branches
that begin
to grow haphazardly,
with some
limbs not getting
enough light
so it may grow
and flourish.

And do you not
with gentle care
look at the bush
with an objective eye
and with love
begin to prune
away what no longer
serves the bush –
cutting away the
limbs that do not
bring nourishment
or add to the health
of this plant –
letting the limbs
be absorbed back to
the earth?

And is it not
amazing to see
when growth returns
to the place you cut –
is there not usually
a multitude of
fresh new starts,
that emerge from
a single limb,
filling out the bush
as it flourishes and grows?

And do you not
with gentle love,
look within
with an objective eye –
and with Love
begin to prune away
what no longer
serves your spirit –
letting what does not
bring nourishment
and light
to your soul
fall away to be
absorbed back to
the earth?

And is it not
amazing to see
new growth begin
where now there is
room and space
for Love and Light
to nourish the growth
and to see what
shape it takes?

Tend to the
Garden of your Soul
with loving hands
as you pull away
what you may have
outgrown –
as you make room
for what Love continues
to create within You.

Flourish in the
Love That You Are.

Comfort Signs



A storm brews.

Are there not
atmospheric pressures
building –
putting conditions
into place,
for warm air
to intersect with cold
causing temperatures
to plummet –
the wind increases
adding pressure
to the already
unstable atmosphere –
bringing moisture
to the air.

And when the build-up
reaches a tipping point
and clouds are ready
to burst –
does not the steady rain
bring water that is
needed on the earth –
the rhythmic sound
even brings comfort
when you listen
to the rain,
but did there not
have to be conditions
present for the
rain to fall?

And once the storm is over
is there not a
clearing calm?
As you emerge from
your place of shelter
and smell the cleansing air,
do you not marvel
when you see blue sky
as the covering
of clouds recede
allowing in a ray
of sunlight?

And is this not an opportunity –
with the sun reflecting on
the remnants of the moisture,
the storm that now is gone –
is this not when
you may see
a rainbow form above –
arching over the
once-explosive atmosphere –
All Is Calm,
All Is Well.

Can you be the Beam of Light
that shines through the clouds?
Can you be the calm
and after a storm?
Can you be a sign of comfort
that can be seen
both far and wide?

Can you Be a Messenger of Love?
All Is Calm.
All Is Well.
All Is Love.

You Are.
All Are

Balance of Life



Black and white.
Light and dark.
Up and down.
And does not
the yin yang symbol
represent the balance
of duality
that exists in this life?

Are there not
highs and lows
like a pendulum swing
that moves to and fro,
back and forth –
and the farther it swings
do you not feel
the balance getting smaller?

And does not nature
provide some models
of how to balance
the extremes that
are thrown in its way?

You visualize the tree –
a universal symbol of nature –
with its roots far below,
anchoring the tree
into mother earth,
the limbs reaching high
up to the sky, the sun –
to bring life to the tree.
And the sturdy trunk –
the bridge between
limb and root –
does not the trunk
connect the opposite
parts of the tree –
providing the balance
for the tree to stand –
able to sway when
the strong winds blow,
being flexible,
yet holding its ground?

As the extremes of life,
like strong winds that blow,
seek to lash out
and move you off
your place of center,
your balance of peace –
can you sense your roots
far down into the ground –
your limbs reach up,
getting light from above
and you are supported
from your trunk-
the balance that holds
you steady and strong,
being flexible,
yet holding your ground.

And does not duality
show you where
the balance is –
as you find your center
in the black and white,
light and dark,
up and down
world you live in?

As the yin yang symbol
the coming together
of the opposites –
are you not a perfect
mixture of
human and soul –
finding your center,
the trunk of your tree –
as you become the
Balance of Life?

You Are.

Apples and Oranges



Comparing apples
to oranges.

Yes, this is a
sentiment that says
you cannot compare
two unique fruits
that express themselves
very differently –
and if you like both,
does each not provide
an enjoyable experience?
Or – one may be your favorite,
and with the qualities
of the other –
you would rather not partake?

You are aware of the
differences between
these two fruits –
yet they share
a category of food –
both coming from a tree
that bears fruit,
two trees that grow
in soil,
needing water and sun
to produce these beautiful fruits.

And now do you not
look at these two
differing fruits –
both sharing the experience
of the life of a tree –
having more in common
from their roots
than the ending
expression of fruit?

And in your life –
you do not dwell
on the differences
between an apple
and an orange –
do you not accept
each of these
for what they are?

And as You Are
an expression of
All That Is –
is your expression
not unique to
Who You Are
here on earth-
but when you go back
to your roots
do you not see
you all are rooted
in Love –
are you not nourished
by the same life-giving Source
as your fellow be-ings?

Would you like it
if the only fruit
that you could enjoy
was an apple or an orange,
with no variation –
is it not more enjoyable
to partake in the
abundance of fruit?

As you honor the differences
of these Expressions of Life –
can you see that you All
are Expressions of Love
at your very core?

Celebrate the
and similarities
of You
of Life
of Love.

All Love.
All One.

Magnificent Waterfall



A waterfall.

Do you not think
of a waterfall
as a separate entity
from the usual water
that you experience?

Is not a waterfall
an expression
of the magnificence
and beauty that
water IS –
when there is
a collective power
that directs the water
to Be
a waterfall?

Water can lie
quietly in a pool
of collecting water
until it gathers
so much water
that it spills over
higher rocks –
you may think
of water falling –
but is it not
its journey down
to reunite with other water?

Yes, water will evaporate,
to return to the sky –
but as particles of water
always Are –
is not rain an expression
of water falling down
and is this not familiar –
gathering again
above the rocks –
ready to flow out
into the air –
stepping into the power
of this beautiful waterfall –
that is a constant
expression of All That is?

And when you
look at the waterfall –
you do not think of
drops of water,
constantly moving
in and out
of this Expression of Magnificence –
the waterfall Is That.

And as it is an expression
of All That Is –
and You Are That –
do you see You Are
a collection
of perfect particles –
stepping into the power
of a beautiful creation
that is a constant expression
of All That Is?

And can you look
at your reflection
in a mirror or
in the water – to see
this Expression of Magnificence –
can you sense the
power and beauty
That You Are?

Gather You.
Be You.
You Are the
Expression of All That Is.

Cosmic Dance



There is a cosmic dance
between earth and sky –
a state of constant change,

Even as the spinning
of the earth
is imperceptible
to your awareness –
there goes night
and here comes day.
Days with the sun
arriving sooner,
lasting longer;
night when the moon
shines brighter
when it is closer
to your vantage point
as you are on
this earth.

And yes,
with time and space –
there is a linear path
you travel
to mark the space
and time
of your experience
here on earth –
but are you not influenced
by the ebb and flow
around you –
the shifting
and the cycling
of entities
you are part of –
even if you do not
give them thought?

Are you not a part
of the bigger picture –
connected to this
cosmic dance,
in a state of
constant change –
cycling –
and even as your change
may be imperceptible
at times,
does not your Awareness
when you elevate
your view to
All That Is?

And your Awareness
struggles to explain
all it Knows –
for is not Love a
greater Force
than what can be seen?

As you move along
with the dance
of earth and sky –
is not Love the music
that makes it all
“go ’round?”

Dance with Love.
Change with Love.
Be Aware of Love.

Love Is.
You Are.