Where Gratitude Lives

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When day begins
to fall asleep,
as you look out at
the darkening blue sky,
what are the spaces
between the branches
of budding trees,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

As Spring wakes up
to put on its show,
with the waves of green
you have come to know
so well,
does the Universe
not feel so close,
so real,
is this not where
Gratitude lives?

A new day dawns,
a gift to All,
what will you see
between the spaces
of thought –
as you sense
all space is
filled with Love,
breathe in
where Gratitude lives!


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* I am traveling early today. . . here is a message from April 2016


A hint of green.
The promise of new growth emerging,
as a tiny leaf peeks out
from a dormant branch.

New growth

Without question these leaves
know what to do.
Without doubt,

You look around and see the greening,
as it works its way up the mountain,
with the perfect timing of spring.
New growth,

Your journey can feel like
this budding leaf,
peering out,
testing the waters,
making sure that
all is right
and okay.

But the leaf does not question
to keep growing or not.
The leaf knows what to do,
without doubt,
without question,

Your soul here and now –
is unfolding like the leaf,
peeking out
from this physical body.

Your soul is

Shedding these dense layers
you have wrapped around
without question,
without doubt,

Let your love and beauty unfurl.
There is no question
to the perfection
of You.

It is the perfect timing
of You.

A Filter of Love

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Let Love be
your filter –
does Love not
When you tune
into Love’s
does not the
Miracle of Love
work through

Does Love not have
the power
to transform,
any energy
that does not
feel good to
you need not
find this Love
does not Divine Love
always flow
through You?

Let Love be
your filter,
have faith and
trust in
the Love
That Is You,
like a cleansing
in the springtime,
might you let Love
wash over
and rejuvenate

With no judgment
and with so much
ask Love to
transmute what
no longer serves,
is Spring not
the perfect reminder,
that with Love
new growth
is ready to

Let Love be
your filter,
create and change
with the Love
That Is You,
You Are a powerful
let Love be
the Truth
that flows
so lovingly
through You.

Rise and Shine

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The earth is forgiving,
following winter,
does spring not grow?
You understand
nature’s cycles,
even as you wish
for no more snow,
your relationship
with earth,
can teach you much
about yourself,
and with a teacher
such as Nature,
might you marvel
at the earth’s wealth?

When fields are barren,
trees are bare,
do you not see
what is at their
there is beauty when
you look
and really see the
forest floor,
and do you not
and cheer on,
each growing sprout
of green that finds
the warmth of the sun,
that brings new hope,
and invites all
to rise and shine.

Do you not understand
new growth is something
that you do,
you have cycles,
there is change,
are you not morphing
always into something
like nature,
might you be patient,
as each season of
you unfolds,
sometimes reflective,
diving deep,
at times playful
or very bold.

Might you,
be forgiving,
as the earth has
shown you how,
there is hope,
always new beginnings,
as spring is wishing
to show you now –
reach for the sun,
soak up the Light,
let it activate each
cell in you –
follow the Light,
this Light of Love
is shining brightly
always for You.




When building
is there not attention placed
on the foundation
as you begin,
does any s
tructure need
solid footing,
so what you add next
is solid within,
think of a tree trunk
that is sturdy,
no matter how strong
the wind –
with grounding and
with a solid foundation,
is that not what steadies
every limb?

You may feel
“out on a limb”,
when you are trying
something new,
when you stretch yourself
to experience
an expansive you,
know that like the
sturdy tree,
that has its roots
deep in the dirt,
are you not grounded
in your foundation,
even as you reach
beyond the earth?

For every limb or
that reaches up
to the sun,
the trunk of the tree
provides the foundation
for every new bud,
let new growth
build upon you,
you are anchored
at your core,
you are balanced
as human and soul,
expanding always
and opening doors.

Sturdy is your foundation,
supported by the
Love of All That Is,
let your reach
be never-ending,
as you expand
to All of This.


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Can you see the Light?
In the darkness of
is that not when
a Light is bright –
illuminating a path
for you to see?

And when you follow
the Light,
there may be rocks
that you must climb,
but it does not
take much Light
for you to see.

Be it sun or
be it moon,
the Light you see
is a reflection
of You,
your Love can be a
spark of Eternal Truth,
when you shine
your Light
for All to see.

Can you Be the Light?
Where there is darkness
might you shine
so bright,
your Light illuminates
your way back
Home to You.

Learning to Fly

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Let go.

This may appear
to be a paradox,
but yet as human
and soul,
do you not prepare
for the ego
and with soul’s nudges,
let go?

You all have
inherent gifts,
that rise up to
be seen and
might you develop
your innate treasures,
not unlike a
baby bird?

A baby bird
develops feathers
while it is nested
high and dry,
receiving gifts,
building strength
and nourishment,
waiting for when
the time is

And when it is
to try wings out,
yes, bird might be
but is it not
its innate purpose
to spread its wings
and leave the

Once you recognize
your purpose,
it may be one
or maybe a few,
deep within you is
a calling
that rises up when
you hear You,
when your heart
fills with Joy,
when you cannot
not answer back –
you know then you
are ready
to spread your wings,
knowing Love has
your back.

Let go.
Repeat this often
as you live –
two sides of You
working together,
to create,
to Be
a loving Gift.