A Forever Truth

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No matter what changes
around you,
be it body, time
or place,
You as Spirit
is your constant,
always safe.

Ego feeds off
of fear,
it pushes back
against your sense
of Peace,
ego wishes to write
your story,
making up drama,
pay attention to

In this life of
here or there,
the you as human
may feel quite small,
but as Love is
your Life Force,
as You expanded,
are You not All?

Surrender wholly to your
True Nature,
you know this
it is always Here,
it is the you
that transcends time,
that exists between
the here and there.

With no beginning
and with no end,
expand, release
to see This Truth,
allow Love to tell you
a Love story,
the forever Truth
of Love as You!


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The sun rises. . .
in your perception,
though does the sun
not ever set?
Yes, rays of sun
bring hope to day,
but you as Light
never forget.

You are eternally
a new day dawning,
the Light of Love
showing you the way,
as Love’s creation
may you shine brightly,
creating this moment
with Love, always.

Be graced with Love
as you receive,
what you so lovingly
give as You,
let this Light of Love
with eternal Peace,
gently surround
and cradle you.

All That You Know

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What do you hold
on to?
What is tightly in
your grasp?
Do you think without this
you would fold,
that without it
you would not

Dear one, you are
a masterful creator,
maybe creating a
story told,
but you are beyond
this printed page,
with no need for
the story to control.

You question what
goes on around you,
yes, you question
what lies within,
if there is a question
you can let it go,
until Peace and Love
are what you sense,

You may be surprised
there are always choices,
until you arrive
at what stays the same,
Love is truly the
only answer,
to all questions
on this earthly plane.

You may still question
your thoughts, beliefs,
looking for the answers
that help you let go,
but the Truth is
in your heart,
Love is truly All
That You Know!

You, Created

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Look beyond your feet
as your foundation,
with arms stretched up
look beyond the sky,
your limitlessness
is your True Nature,
your human-ness may
always ask why.

Peace is knowing
you are anchored,
supported always by
This Truth,
Strength and Courage
shine their Lights,
from the brightest stars
that celebrate your

Yes, you may walk here
with gravity,
the laws of earth
appear dense and
but as Love is You,
created –
You Are connected
always with Love,

Breathe in This Breath,
your I Am presence,
exhale Gratitude
both near and far,
You Are supported,
Loved and cherished,
This Truth of Love
is the Love You Are!


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Even as change
happens around
you as You
remains unchanged.

Yes, you sense
growth and evolution
on the linear path
you walk,
as you experience
time and space,
it may be a challenge
to understand it all.

You identify
with situations
or in relationships
you make,
but it is in your
with Love,
that your experiences
you create.

As Love has no
as it is the
ultimate Truth,
the changeless part
of You,
is simply Love
through and

So step into any
let relationship
bring experience
to you,
what is constant,
ever-lasting –
Love Is Here
Here Are You!

The Strength of You

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Let Love hold you
very gently,
let Love melt
the walls you
Here with Love
you are protected,
there is no hole
that Love can’t

When you reach
for external promise,
yes, there are times
it may come back
but at your Source
Love is never-ending,
no matter the story
you signed up to be.

Finding You need
not be a struggle,
though you sense
your Courage and
you need not fight
an internal battle,
it is only a reaction
of what you think.

The Strength of You
is Love’s pure knowing,
as you stand tall
as the Love You Are,
you are surrounded
by This Love,
you shine as bright
as the brightest

Your heart already
leads the way,
your intuition
knows this is True,
yes, embrace your
Strength and Courage
and believe This
that flows always
through you!

A Collective of Love

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Ego loves a collective
where thoughts are
drawn together,
human traits.

But as ego is not
the only way
to perceive a
point of view,
might you join
the Collective of
realizing This
is truly You.

Yes, at times
when there is a
when you release
runaway thoughts,
ego loves to
fill this up,
so you do not
what you

But as You Are
a sacred Be-ing,
part of a collective
you may not see,
might you sense
Peace within this
encouraging you
to simply Be.

Take a purposeful
into this Collective of
you reside here
Be as below
as You Are above.

Love brings clarity
to your mind,
as you experience
through your heart,
You Are a Collective
of Love,
for simply Love
is Who You Are!


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Sense your resistance
be it big or small,
does Love not bring
down any wall,
Here is healing,
Here is Grace,
is it not all
Here with Love?

It matters not
if you believe
it’s true,
this Spark of Love
glows in the core
of You,
feel this comfort,
feel this Peace,
does the Heart of You
not feel with Love?

Where you constrict,
may you now expand,
when your mind says
respond with yes,
I can!
You Are this Courage,
You Are this Strength,
Love is Home with You,
always Here With Love.

This Knowing

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Remind your mind
what you remember,
when in doubt,
know your heart
find the balance
between thought
and knowing,
open your heart,
breathe in this

Truth need not be
so hard to grasp,
you need not
hold it
for fear it
Truth is Love’s
most precious
it is in This
beyond your

“Then I must seek
this precious Truth”,
you say from
mind that knows
it not,
Truth is Love
that breathes
you life,
that continues on
when breath
does not.

You know this Truth
that You Are Love,
mind wishes
to believe this
simple Truth,
tune into
the rhythm of
your heart,
This Love
Is You!