Love Is


Be in this moment,
there is no-thing 
you need “to be.”

Love is your 
natural state,
let all else 
fall away 
from You.

Love is your 
Guiding Light,
with no resistance,
Love is You.

Love is your 
True Purpose,
if you feel lost,
Love always 
finds you.

Love Is –
is All That Is.
You Are This,
blessed Love 
is You.

Your Superpower


As Love is your 
might you lead with 
Love in charge?
Your mind is drawn
to human drama,
but this is not truly 
Who You Are.

Love can untangle 
quick reactions,
as your awareness 
of Truth grows,
do you not sense 
familiar chaos
slip away as 
Peace unfolds?

Peace may not be 
in your external,
the world is not 
a place of calm,
but Peace is Here 
as Love’s sweet promise,
reassuring you with 
its soothing balm.

Yes, the human part 
of you
is more resilient than 
you think,
and with Love as 
your foundation,
be courageous with
each step that you take.

Love is your superpower,
Love can transmute 
every thing,
may your thoughts hear
Love’s sweet music,
and with Joy may 
your soul sing!

A Promise of Comfort


Precious one 
in need of 
let Love wipe your
weary brow,
angelic arms are 
here to hold you,
let Peace soothe you
in this now.

Take this moment 
to remember,
upon your breath
is a promise made,
your Light shines 
beyond the eternal,
your Strength pushes
all fears away.

You are Loved 
as you are sacred,
may Love remind you
of This Truth,
you accompany 
the angels,
Love is at Home 
in the Soul of You!

Love’s Sweet Wish


All is energy around you,
yes you may feel 
these subtle shifts,
know that Love is 
your foundation,
steady, strong,
you are All of This.

Your footing may sometimes
feel unsteady,
but in remembering 
do you not know,
you have the power 
to shift to Peace,
with ease and Grace,
you are All of This.

Be aware of the gyrations
that your mind sometimes 
puts you through,
beyond these thoughts 
is Love reassuring,
Gratitude reminds,
you are All of This.

Let what is not You 
to pass through you,
as you are perfectly 
Love’s sweet wish,
welcome Peace in 
your soul’s knowing,
All is Well,
as You Are 
All of This.

Finding Your Way


Look for Love.
Find Peace.

Your body is a barometer
of sorts,
your soul has an 
amazing GPS,
in life sometimes 
you lose your way,
look for Love,
find Peace.

You may blink for 
an instant,
then see that fear 
has a grip on you,
you have the power 
to transform, 
look for Love,
find Peace.

Where there is Love 
is there not Light,
both work in tandem
to show you Truth,
swim in this mystical,
eternal stream,
Be as Love,
Here is Peace.

Embrace your body
it looks for comfort,
is there not comfort 
when Love is Here,
Be You in sync with 
your True Nature,
always Love,
Being Peace.

There is one question
to be answered,
ask, “where is Love?”
in any moment now,
is not your soul
aligned with This – 
You Are Love,
welcome Peace. 

Beyond Need


You need not ask,
simply hand things over,
you need not work 
so hard or fight,
you are this current
of Love that is You,
in linear terms –
through the day or night.

You need not wait 
for Love’s sweet blessing,
you are blessed
allow Love to smooth 
out any friction,
let Love show the Peace
that is You,

Love need not ride
in upon a horse 
to save you,
Love is the Strength 
and Courage 
of your soul,
as you release outcomes
and expectations,
may you move beyond 
perceiving to what 
you know.

Ask Love to walk with 
you upon this journey,
though separateness 
is only in your mind,
You always know the 
way to your sweet Home,
with Wings of Love,
my dear,
you can fly!

A Loving Order


Your mind,
your surroundings,
may become cluttered,
yes, you may ask to 
clear this, please,
but no matter what 
form may hinder,
does not your soul 
move about with 

You may get mired 
in the details,
yes, there are plans to 
work out in life,
but you need not plan 
out every moment,
might new possibilities 
bring new Light?

You are co-creating 
in each moment,
so do not set in stone
what “needs” to be,
might you walk with ease
into new surroundings,
you and your soul 
walking confidently.

Your human story 
may seek an order,
but sometimes timing
is not in linear form,
trust in the still, small
voice within you,
your soul whispers 
this Truth – 
you are already Home!


The Whole of You


Peace be with you, Love.
Love, be with you Peace.
Enfold all parts of you
into the Whole you 
wish to be.

Experiences may feel 
like chapters,
in the book you 
write of Life,
might you lovingly 
turn the pages,
as time appears to 
fly quickly by.

You are You with 
all of your history,
yes, your perspective 
does certainly change,
does this not give you
beyond perspective 
You Are the same.

Gather up what you 
have written 
at any moment 
in time or space,
bring it lovingly 
to your heart,
honor all experience 
past or today.

Peace is You as Love,
Love as You,
brings with it, Peace –
each part of you rejoices,
as Wholly Love 
is You, eternally.

Breathe As Is


Breathe as is.

When frustration 
is the emotion,
when you feel you
pushing back,
ask for release 
from the struggle – 
breathe as is.

When you experience 
deja vu,
when a situation 
is on repeat,
might Love show you
a different way – 
breathe as is.

Might you play the hand 
you are dealt,
you are creative and
imaginative, too,
is Love not a Wild Card
you hold – 
breathe as is.

You are aligned with
your True Nature
as you return to the 
present This,
follow the path 
of your sacred breath,
as Love – 
breathe as is.

A Road to Peace


You need not construct 
the road to Peace,
Peace resides always 
in you.

You may experience
obstacles, bumps,
the road of Life 
is far from smooth,
but throughout each 
and every endeavor,
is not Peace available
to you?

Acceptance and allowance
may grate upon 
your ego, true –
but does this not reveal
where friction lives,
inviting Love to
gently smooth?

Ask to see things from 
a different perspective,
your Higher Self has 
an infinite view,
this road to Peace
is yours to follow – 
always bringing you
back Home to You.