20191228 XPicture

12/26/21 from 12/28/19

Be You
in this moment,
You are Love
in this moment
let Joy,
let Peace,
bubble up inside,
though you may
sometimes wonder

Does your innate
sometimes raise
you up,
do you not surprise
yourself with
Joy, Peace
and Strength
are your companions,
as they reside
as the Love
in You.

Do not judge you,
in this moment,
You Are your
brother and
sister, too,
all experiencing
how to navigate
a path,
yes, that always leads
back to you.

With Joy,
with Peace,
may you discard
what may obstruct
this loving Truth,
with Strength
and Gratitude
may you accept,
that You Are Blessed,
as Love Is You.

Know Peace

20181225 XPicture

12/25/21 from 12/25/18

Be Love
Know Peace.

With eyes of Love
do you not see,
listen with your
do you not hear,
and with All
of your Be-ing,
might you sense
what is in the air?

Love is gracious,
Love is kind,
Love connects All
beyond space and
let your heart,
with Love,
gently remind –
Be Love
Know Peace.

You Are precious,
You Are treasured,
You Are Loved
beyond any measure,
soak it up,
receiving Love
with Gratitude –
Be Love
Know Peace.

A Beacon of Hope


The sun rises each day 
to greet you,
bringing Light,
a beacon of Hope,
Love is the Light 
that glows eternal,
this your soul 
forever knows.

On a clear day
or one of fog,
in dark of night, 
Love forever shines,
be lifted by the 
break of morning,
Be at Peace as 
Love’s eternal Light.

You Are the wonder 
of the dawn,
You Are the Light 
that forever shines,
the angels sing 
their heavenly song,
recognizing Love’s 
Eternal Light.

The sun rises each day
to greet you,
each breath is Love 
flowing through you,
as One with Love 
upon this day,
You Are Love’s blessing
as Love is You.

A Perfect Pace

20181210 XPicture

12/16/21 from 12/10/18

You need not go
fast or slow,
will Love not
move at the
perfect pace?
Since there is
no finish line
in life –
might you understand,
it is not a

Yes, there are shifts
and surges
that feel like
speeding up,
but it is not
about how
fast you go –
is it not more
about the depth,
the breadth
of the Love Force,
that helps you
upon this path,
to evolve
and to grow?

So enjoy and
as your life
to unfold,
and with each
loving experience,
might it direct
you ever deeper,
to the depths
of your soul?

Let Love gently
guide you,
or push you out of
your comfort zone,
remember you
are always
is not Love
with you
anywhere you

No matter the
speed you are
it is not a
race from here
to there –
You Are perfect
in this present moment,
Love Is always
with You,



You are not 
above, below,
you are neither 
left or right,
even in the world 
of space and time,
you are centered,
You Are Light.

No-thing can take away
your Peace,
it is the Essence 
of your Soul,
do you not delight 
when you get glimpses,
when the fog recedes,
when you truly know.

It may not make 
sense to “spend 
more time”,
in this familiar 
awakened state,
as a body in 
this world,
it is a challenge 
to stay awake.

My dear,
Eternal is not 
it is the infinite 
State of You,
You Are eternally 
created from 
there is no-thing
that you need do.

You are eternally
This Presence,
build your awareness,
know This Peace,
Here You Are,
shining brightly,
You Are Love,



You Are All 
that you seek.

Welcome Home,
beloved child,
see your Self 
as the Love 
You Are,
as you drop your
false beliefs,
you see you need 
not travel far.

Healing is Love
and forgiveness,
All Are One
One is You,
soak up the Peace
in this revelation,
may Love reveal 
the Whole of You.

Your soul aligns
with Love’s true
may it flow,
aligning you,
you find comfort 
in this awareness,
All That you seek
is Home with You.

Welcome Home,
Love says,
rest your weary 
body Here,
Love rejuvenates 
you wholly,
Holy Love 
is You,
my dear.

A Sprinkle of Wonder


The world may distract 
seasonal events come 
and go,
at times your mind 
is full of detail,
seemingly disrupting 
your Love’s flow.

My dear,
there is no-thing
that can prevent 
This Love to flow 
through you,
why not add the 
wonder of Love 
to every list,
in all you do?

In this world Love 
can be do-ing,
even as Be-ing may 
bring you Peace,
Be Love in this 
and let all judgment
be released.

Add Love to every 
task or detail 
you are attending 
even when the mind 
is distracted,
Love flows through 
the Whole of You.

Let your heart guide 
and remind you,
all experiences flow
through You,
with your soul 
in joyful expression,
sprinkle Love 
in all you do!

The Greatest Gift


Love is the greatest gift,
may you receive
with Gratitude,
in this flow,
your self,
this Love is You!

See Love in every One
you meet,
your Lights will 
show the way,
celebrate All 
in this One Love,
Be Love’s vessel,
every day.

Be lifted in Joy,
Be this blessing 
of Peace,
with Humility,
receive This Truth – 
your angels,
your guides,
with loved ones 
by your side,
honor this Love 
of You!

Flying With Faith


let go of 
what you hold,
is this not when 
Trust finds a way,
it may look different
to you,
release the future,
Be with today.

Let Faith restore
your sense of 
does Love not walk
with you every step,
may All unfold 
with Love as 
releasing what has 
not happened 

Breathe through tightness
and constriction,
the body communicates 
with you,
thank ego for bringing 
up this chance
for you to breathe 
Love’s healing through.

There is clarity 
in simplicity,
take a deep dive 
to this Truth,
let Faith and Trust
help you to fly,
so light,
with ease,
This Love 
of You!