Love is your anchor,
it is your touchstone,
Love grounds you 
if you feel adrift,
the world around you
may seem chaotic,
but Love as Peace 
is your innate Gift.

Yes, you as human 
may bounce on waves,
as these experiences 
roll on through,
but You as Soul 
have an inner guidance,
that re-adjusts 
and re-calibrates

Your ego wishes for you
to stay small,
turning up its noise 
to drown Love out,
but at your center 
Love is not deterred,
its power is stronger 
than any fear or doubt.

What feels upside down
will turn right side up,
hand over any tumult
to Love’s healing grace,
You Are centered
always connected,
forever Loved 
and cherished, 
dear one,

Love’s Grace


Love reminds 
when you have 
even in a moment 
of pain or regret,
there is no-thing 
that Love cannot
Love adds to 
and never 

Each discovery 
you make with 
does it not emanate 
from You,
do you not rejoice 
in the realization – 
your heart,
your soul,
is where Love
loves to come 

Extend Love when
looking in the
what might Love 
bring today to
honor you?
Allow Love’s Grace 
to surround 
and soothe –
forever as Love 
is the Truth
of You!

Love’s Pause


Clear out the 
sink down to 
where Love 
simply rests.

Do you not sigh 
with relief,
good or
bad or

Simply Be 
with Love 
this moment,
a production 
you need not

Holding Love’s hand,
take a simple 
rest assured,
Love shows you
the way.

Take a breath,
rest in Love’s
the noise of 
the world 
slips away.

Here is Peace
in the quiet,
rest my child
with Love today.

The Resonance of Love


Your energy is like 
a chord,
notes that together 
are full and rich,
at times there may
be some vibrations
that sound discordant
or a note that’s missed.

You are a natural 
tuning fork,
you need no technology
to re-align,
at your center is 
your pure tone,
begin right Here,
harmony falls 
in line.

Some days your experience 
will be upbeat,
another time you may
be pensive, yet calm,
no matter how the
chords may change,
are they not all part 
of your Love Song?

The vibration of Love 
is constantly creating,
what song do you wish
to play today?
Tune into your Essence,
Love resonates Here,
in perfect harmony,
You Are Love, always!

True Peace


Behold the force of 
mother nature,
at times quite bold 
and then at peace,
this ebb and flow 
is of the world,
the human journey is 
both struggle and ease.

At the center,
at your core,
your soul is the
balance that 
you seek,
yes, it may help 
with external shifts,
but its still waters run 
oh so deep.

No matter what the world
or weather may toss 
about your way,
always flowing deep 
within you,
your eternal soul is 
True Peace, always.

Behold the force 
of Love, incarnate,
tap into the Strength 
of what breathes you,
Here is Peace,
Here is Home,
All is Well,
This Love is You!

A Prayer of Peace


Serve with care
your prayers 
of Peace, 
prayers of healing,
prayers of Love,
does not One Prayer 
service the All,
as Love is what 
All are made of?

You may wish for 
certain outcomes,
struggles to end,
disasters to cease,
meet your brothers
and sisters in prayer,
holding space,
souls knowing Peace.

Be of service 
to Love now,
pause a moment,
join with Me,
Love’s True Reality
are these sacred 
souls uniting,
Be-ing Peace.



Reacquaint you
with You.

You may think an
introduction is 
but is this not a 
remembrance of 
what you know,
set aside what you 
no longer need,
tune into your
eternal and patient 

Your perspective 
draws your attention,
might you view now 
from inside out,
external static can 
distort the signal,
tune into the quiet 
to release what is 

Yes, reacquaint you
with You,
at times you forget 
what you are made 
remembering is 
returning Home,
welcome to your 
Light of 
Eternal Love!



Be effortless.

It may appear 
to take some effort,
to release what 
ties you down,
the ego would have 
you struggle,
and use distraction
to spin you around.

But know Love’s flow 
is always accessible,
it is the rhythm of 
your soul,
when you sync with 
this awareness,
is not your heart 
ready to soar?

Let your soul
lead this dance,
have faith the steps
will come to you,
do you not sense 
this lighter energy,
as Love,
your Truth 
is lifting you?

Be effortless,
Be Love’s release,
allow Love’s current
to flow through you,
behold this moment,
This is Forever,
You Are This Love,
This Love is You!