Wholly Loved


There is time,
precious child,
Love as Eternity 
is always with you,
you may perceive 
some jagged edges,
that you wish for 
Love to smooth.

Beyond time,
you are as perfect
as the Peace you 
sometimes feel,
the road you travel 
in this experience,
may bring to you
some things to heal.

And is not healing 
the remembrance,
the letting go of what 
is not true,
free yourself 
from these falsehoods,
that ego has made up
for you.

Utilize time in 
this experience,
to meet again 
all parts of you,
enfold the you
past or present,
as you allow Love 
to pour through.

In this moment,
know This Love,
let Love lift the world’s
heavy veil,
Here You Are,
precious child,
You Are wholly Loved
All Is Well!

Love’s Adventure


Fly with me,
your loved ones 
above the earth,
beyond the sky,
the stars,
we always are 
as close as 
your breath is 
where we are.

Do we not share 
all worlds together,
Love has no boundaries 
or limits Here,
you need not worry 
you are on this earth,
our souls are connected 
and always near.

With Love as our 
joint purpose,
may we explore 
together always,
sharing Love’s gift 
of eternal connection,
upon this adventure,
Love Lights the way!

This Sweet Release


You may have a 
particular place 
for each puzzle piece
to go,
but might you focus 
not on the finish 
and instead be part 
of the flow.

have faith 
in your decisions,
when they come up 
to be made,
but what may appear 
to be unsettled,
may be waiting for 
a different way.

This a balance 
as your ego mind
wishes to know 
all now,
but when something 
feels forced,
might you release 
the need to ask

There is a question 
that your soul 
awaits for when 
you let go to say,
this is not working,
help me please,
to see all of this 
a different way.

Call this surrender, 
this sweet release,
you need not understand
how it works,
this is not failure
or giving up,
this connects you to 
all possibility of You.

This faith in Love,
this trust in You
grows ever stronger 
when you see –
you never walk
You Are One 
with Love,

A Loving Embrace


Embrace you.

Love wraps its arms 
around you, gently,
helping you to 
as Love’s expression
you are perfect,
You Are Whole,
you need not wait. 

Love sees you
in your wholeness,
courageous, too,
see yourself through 
loving eyes
and embrace this 
amazing You.

With loving patience 
and reassurance,
your soul eternally 
shows you This Truth,
take Love’s hand
always walking beside
whole and complete,
This Love 
is You!

A Grateful Release


You Are limitless
and eternal,
you are beyond
a limited thought,
yes, your body may be
a catalyst,
to help you remember 
what you forgot.

Yes, listen to your 
but explore deeper 
than what you think,
what is the 
programming that runs 
without thought and 
rules everything?

You have a master switch
that has the power to change 
what no longer serves,
might you dive deep 
into your center 
to bring to Light 
beliefs you have heard.

With Love at the helm,
let Love transform 
what are false beliefs,
give Gratitude to 
your body, 
the earth – 
for being a platform
for this release.

Healing is the realization 
that there is no-thing 
for you to heal,
Love waits always with 
open arms,
ready to surround what
you wish to reveal.

You are with this body 
upon this earth,
as ego wishes for you 
to sleep,
let Love awaken you 
from your slumber,
You Are This Love,
forever healed 
and free!

Strong and Centered


At the core of 
any dis-comfort,
is this not where 
fear lives?
You may call it 
different names,
describing where 
ego likes to live.

Fear separates 
into “us or them,”
“they or we” are lines 
that are drawn,
fear and ego breed 
am I not right 
if you are wrong?

These are the layers 
of the story,
yes this world gives 
you much to think 
but on your journey
to find Peace,
might you travel 
within than search

As all is energy,
you may feel swayed
and tossed around,
bring your attention 
back to your center,
your Foundation of Love
is sturdy and sound.

Join with Love 
at your center,
you are merged as 
One bright Light,
Here at Home is your 
You Are One with 
All fellow Lights.

From this perspective 
of Unity,
Love is the foundation 
you stand upon,
Be at Peace 
in your wholeness,
strong and centered,
All as One!

One Constant


Transition or change
may bring foreboding,
ego does not like 
the unknown,
Love reminds you 
that All is Light,
and you never, ever
walk alone.

With seasonal change,
you may sense wistfulness,
letting go of what you
are used to,
but does not the next 
usher in its beauty,
life is a rhythm of cycles,
as you are, too.

You are a wave 
in the Ocean of Love,
your experiences may 
be an ebb or flow,
as you are never 
separated from Source,
Love is with you 
anywhere you go.

You may be affected 
by earthly cycles,
but One Constant 
is your Truth,
Light and Love 
are your eternal 
the Ocean of Love
wholly flows 
through you!

From Friction to Freedom


Do not take friction 
it may be showing you 
another way to 
an experience 
may be smooth 
or rough,
if something doesn’t fit,
what else might 
there be?

In life’s experiences 
you are quick to 
why is this happening 
to me,
does this not bring up 
old paradigms,
are not punishment and guilt
asking to be freed?

In any moment 
ask Love to unwind,
any past beliefs 
that are tied 
in knots,
you need not analyze 
the how or why –
only now remember 
what you forgot.

Let Love remind beyond
cause and effect,
your Wholeness is 
Eternal and already 
when friction finds you
in this earthly life,
readjust and remember
Love is You,
my dear!



Peace may be a 
foreign feeling
to the human side 
of you,
do you not wait for
“what is next,”
ready to defend 
or protect you?

You may think 
you are not 
to have Peace 
with Grace 
fill you,
but we remind 
this is your Essence,
your natural state,
your soul as 

Your ego waits 
outside this door,
“you may need me,”
it implores,
but as you choose Love
in each moment,
is Peace not what 
you have been 
looking for?

Peace is your soul’s
blessed with ease,
accept what is 
your birthright,
Peace becomes you 
and sets you free!

Fiercely, Wholly Love


In the safety 
of Love’s Arms,
what comes up 
to see and feel?
There is no-thing
to be ashamed of,
there is no-thing 
for you to heal.

Is not healing 
your awareness
that all transpires 
for you to see –
the parts you think 
are separated,
are Wholly Love,
fitting perfectly.

Set your sights 
on your True 
gather all of you 
into Love’s fold,
see and feel 
with Love so 
that your heart 
feels it may 

Love is Strength,
your heart is 
Gratitude is the 
sacred glue,
joining All of
You together,
see, feel,
behold the 
Whole of You!