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Joy is Love
spirit free.

Joy is with you
every moment,
though human
may make it hard
to see.

Joy can mingle
with your feelings,
though Joy permeates
All of You,
when you open to
your True Nature,
does Joy not
dance and sing
with you?

You may think that
Joy is fleeting,
as human experience
has taught you to,
but behold the
Power of Joy,
your superpower
is the Joy of


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A sunny day,
a rainy day,
a clear day,
a foggy day,
no matter how
a day appears,
is it not part of
what you create?

Is not a day
one of rebirth,
following the slumber
of your mind,
do you not arise
as pure potential,
in this dream
of space and time?

You need not
or walk,
or run very fast –
it is not a place
that is the goal,
a day awaits
for you to embrace,
your experience
as an eternal soul.

A day,
an hour,
this moment
now –
are you not a
creative spark?
In this place,
this time,
expanding beyond
your mind,
arise as the
Love You Are!


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In a world that may
seem senseless,
it is with your senses
much filters through,
you may taste
the richest flavors,
you may turn away
from what repels

You may look for
but all may change
in an instant now,
what may be a
an anchor,
for you to sense
comfort somehow.

Let Love lift you
from the boat,
that may be tossed
about by waves,
allow Love to
remind you,
You Are this Love
and Peace always.

Yes, use your senses
to take in,
the experiences
that you have here,
but you are anchored
in the depths of Love,
that is limitless

Let your breath
realign you
to what is constant
and True,
your touchstone
of Love
is alway present,
the Presence of Love
is wholly You!

Yellow Brick Road

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Follow the yellow brick road.

What journeys you may
there is much fun along
the way,
yes, you may walk
through some shadows,
but remember Love always
Lights the way.

Toss all doubt into
the wind,
be free of worry –
it is a heavy load,
let us walk together,
side by side,
upon the eternal
yellow brick road.

Every One of You
has their own experience,
it may seem unique
to the separate you,
but shared throughout
is the lifting up
of what keeps you
from seeing You.

Rejoice today in
endless wonder,
behold what magic
may unfold,
all possibility
is Who You Are,
or soar
on the yellow brick road!

Your Story of Love

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Be a story of Love.

Do you not love
to be read to,
children love a story read
again and again,
a shared experience
or adventure new,
as each page turns,
what will happen next?

You may at times
wish for a different
you may worry you
do not know what
the future brings,
but as each page
gives you opportunity,
might you Be You now
and Be a story of Love.

You are the author
and the illustrator,
so step in fully
to what you think of,
upon this new page
as day wakes up ready,
make every story of You
Be a story of Love.

Allow Love

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Allow Love.

You need not go
to extreme measures
to weave intricate
Love is intact,
so strong,
so sure,
beyond all doubt,
allow Love.

The human story
may set up mazes,
you may think
you have lost
your way,
no matter where
you are in space,
with any question,
allow Love.

Be a conduit,
a vessel,
a beacon of Light
if it is hard to see,
you need not know
the hows or why(s),
step lovingly aside,
allow Love.

Let Love flow through
you as it touches
hearts that remember
and know This Truth,
Love is Everywhere
and All Are
of This,
in Gratitude,
allow Love.

Strength and Peace

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Sense your Strength,
with each loving step,
you need not walk
Love is your every

Your foundation is
even as You Are
in This Balance
is Truth,
Love walks with you
with every step.

Let Love show you
doors to open,
let Love shine on
different ways,
let Light illuminate
the path,
that you may take
upon this day.

You Are Peace
always deep within
trust your Self
to accept
This Truth –
Love is your touchstone,
constant and steady,
as the Strength of Love,
Peace Be with You.

A Pearl of Love

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Is not Love’s Light
always shining,
yes, sometimes doubt
can obscure,
set aside your human
might you be creating
Love’s perfect pearl?

At times you may feel
some discomfort,
as you stretch beyond
your comfort zone,
Love’s Light illuminates
the way,
with Faith you know
that Here is Home.

Your soul rejoices always
when you invite
your soul to play,
when you step aside
do you not align with
the Whole of You
in Love’s glorious way?

You may think it is
a leap of Faith,
but you are already
where you wish to
Be –
allow growth to
delight you with
Where You Are,
aligned with Love,
with Joy,
set free!

Gentle and Kind

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Be kind,
be gentle
with yourself,
the body’s
Love flows
your every cell,
is this Flow of Love
not an infinite

Be aware of judgment
that you place on
yes, you may push
much for you
to do,
you need not play
an adversarial role,
embracing all parts
of you,
makes up the Whole.

Dear one,
breathe deep
this cleansing air,
ask and receive
All Love that is
always Here,
is it not as Humility
that you embody
lead with your Heart
and not what you
may think.

Be kind,
be gentle,
align with your
You Are One
with Love
All Is Well.

A Time of Transformation

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Clear out the clutter
that builds up
over time,
clear out the cobwebs
that take up space
in your mind.

There is transformation
in this time of
seasonal change,
with many things
tossed upside down,
is there not an urge
to rearrange?

This need not be
perceived as
though ego loves
to keep a score,
might you find
comfort in
as your mind
wishes to know

Always beneath
what you may see,
Love is the soil
you stand upon,
rich in its life-giving
are you not nurtured
as you grow strong?

Many seeds are
being planted,
others are pushing
through the dirt,
Love is the water
and Light of sun,
Love is each petal
that unfurls.

Be You in this time
of transformation,
the Heart of You
knows Here is Peace,
Love is the constant
unchanging Force,
embrace this flow,
know You Are Free!