Anchored With Love


Let Love be your anchor,
when you feel yourself
wherever you are 
upon the ocean,
you belong as 
All of This.

You do not need 
a map to guide you,
your destination 
is always near,
look no further
than your heart,
all that you need 
resides right Here.

You may relish 
quiet moments,
you may wish at times
to pause ashore,
but deeper waters may 
invite you
to find your flow 
so you may soar. 

Let Love be your anchor,
you are You
no matter where,
You Are whole 
as Love’s sweet promise –
eternally with you
and Everywhere!

A Beautiful Find


Find something beautiful 

Perception may judge 
without merit,
beliefs may get in 
the way,
take another look 
around you,
find something beautiful

What comes alive in
your sweet gaze,
what is waiting 
to be seen,
a different angle 
may help you find
something beautiful

Be aware of your power,
to see the beauty that 
emanates from you,
allow Love to find 
you, too,
Be all that is beautiful 

On your journey as 
a seeker,
delight in this exercise 
of Faith, 
behold the Love that 
surrounds you,
All is beautiful 

Always, Home


Honor your feelings 
on this path you walk,
Be the observer from 
your perspective above,
you as human are
a perfect blend,
is this not your experience 
as a Be-ing of Love?

Yes, welcome change 
even as you grieve,
what may feel like loss
may be what you believe,
as you are a Creator 
with the Power of One,
no-thing Real you 
have created
can truly be undone.

Share All you Love
as a Gift of You,
extend this freely,
Love flows right back
to you,
there is no-thing temporary 
when it is infused with Love,
You Are This Truth 
of All That Is, above.

Love walks with you
wherever you may 
dear Child of Love,
You Are always Home!

A Promise of Comfort


Precious one 
in need of 
let Love wipe your
weary brow,
angelic arms are 
here to hold you,
let Peace soothe you
in this now.

Take this moment 
to remember,
upon your breath
is a promise made,
your Light shines 
beyond the eternal,
your Strength pushes
all fears away.

You are Loved 
as you are sacred,
may Love remind you
of This Truth,
you accompany 
the angels,
Love is at Home 
in the Soul of You!

Love’s Treasure


How does change look?
Have you made your 
mind up – 
about change?

And with the made-up 
what closed doors 
have you left behind?

Remember you create 
from your heart,
not your mind,
and as Creation 
is all around you,
what new treasure 
may you find?

And do not get distracted
with buried treasure 
that seems lost,
True Treasure is in
your heart,
always available,
and without cost.

Look for the Treasure 
of Love,
on any path that 
you make take,
the path may meander,
the journey of your story
nudges you awake.

Be the Treasure that 
you seek,
under rock or 
above sky so blue,
create with the 
Love in your heart,
the Truth of Love,
is the Treasure of You!

This Flow


Where there is constriction 
is there not fear,
what do you wish 
to open wide,
release your foot 
upon the brake,
stand in your Truth,
no need to hide.

It may take a 
leap of faith,
to turn the spigot 
from off to on,
is not This Flow
waiting for you,
with Joy,
Love says, “dear,
come along!”

You may have thought 
you could not keep up,
or that you may 
slip and fall,
it is all part of
finding your balance,
fine-tuning your vibration
to hear it all.

This Flow of Love 
courses right through
you need not do 
a single thing,
accept, allow
this natural flow,
to open you up
to hear your soul 

A Precious Present


Patience is the way 
of flower,
before each pedal 
gently unfolds,
do not roots spread 
out below it,
getting stronger, 
taking hold.

There is a rhythm 
to each season,
you need not speed 
transition up,
yes, the hope of what
lies before you,
may make you wish 
future hurries up.

Take a lesson from 
precious flower,
it is perfection from 
seed to bloom,
its journey is a cycle 
of growth,
each step as important 
as it is new.

Allow your journey 
to unfold,
you are perfection 
at every phase,
behold You in this 
precious present,
a creation of Love 
in every way!

A Body of Love


Listen to your body,
what does it have 
to say?
You may feel at times
as if body is wishing 
to be obeyed.

As all is a wider extension
of you that is part 
of this world,
is body not checking in 
so that with Love,
may it be reassured?

Let go of the cycle 
of cause, effect,
there is no blame 
to be handed out,
body is simply another 
for you to shower Love
within, without.

Recognize relationship 
with your body,
extend This Love 
as you give and 
let Love’s reassurance 
help you to know,
in the Whole of You,
may you believe!

Love’s Sweet Wish


All is energy around you,
yes you may feel 
these subtle shifts,
know that Love is 
your foundation,
steady, strong,
you are All of This.

Your footing may sometimes
feel unsteady,
but in remembering 
do you not know,
you have the power 
to shift to Peace,
with ease and Grace,
you are All of This.

Be aware of the gyrations
that your mind sometimes 
puts you through,
beyond these thoughts 
is Love reassuring,
Gratitude reminds,
you are All of This.

Let what is not You 
to pass through you,
as you are perfectly 
Love’s sweet wish,
welcome Peace in 
your soul’s knowing,
All is Well,
as You Are 
All of This.

Finding Your Way


Look for Love.
Find Peace.

Your body is a barometer
of sorts,
your soul has an 
amazing GPS,
in life sometimes 
you lose your way,
look for Love,
find Peace.

You may blink for 
an instant,
then see that fear 
has a grip on you,
you have the power 
to transform, 
look for Love,
find Peace.

Where there is Love 
is there not Light,
both work in tandem
to show you Truth,
swim in this mystical,
eternal stream,
Be as Love,
Here is Peace.

Embrace your body
it looks for comfort,
is there not comfort 
when Love is Here,
Be You in sync with 
your True Nature,
always Love,
Being Peace.

There is one question
to be answered,
ask, “where is Love?”
in any moment now,
is not your soul
aligned with This – 
You Are Love,
welcome Peace.