Your True Nature


You have a natural way 
to reset,
to return to balance,
return to Peace,
let your breath be 
your director,
surrender wholly to
This State of Peace.

With intention,
redirect your focus,
if something knocks 
you out of sync,
your True Nature is 
steady, stable,
connected to Love,
forever linked.

With your breath 
you realign
to what vibrates at 
the core of You,
let your heart,
with its natural rhythm,
sing Love’s Eternal 
song to you!



A little willingness
does not take effort,
do you not wish to 
feel more Peace?
Does not willingness 
create an opening,
allowing You to 
flow with ease.

Ego is not a fan 
of willingness,
not wanting you 
to try something new,
ego turns on your 
if you cannot 
picture it,
how could this you 

A little willingness
is your nod 
to knowing there is 
so much more,
your soul, spirt,
loved ones and
are Here to help 
you climb aboard.

Your willingness is
your boarding pass,
to journeys filled 
with possibility,
Be present in moments
of your creation,
Trust and willingness
help you to know
Love’s Peace.

Love’s Tenderness


Receive Love’s tenderness,
Love assures they 
have not gone,
your loved one is 
always with you,
in times of struggle,
other times in fun.

May you experience 
in linear time 
and eternally,
may you sense 
your loved one 
with you,
you walking on earth,
them flying free.

awaken to their 
yes they are always 
in your heart,
you may sense beyond 
your vision,
their shining Light
of a thousand stars.

The human heart 
may feel in tatters,
but You Are Strength
at your core,
your tender heart 
hears this call,
and rises up,
ready to soar.

Believe the knowing 
in your heart,
beyond wishful thinking 
is This Truth –
your loved ones are 
always by your side,
eternally Here,
forever with you!

Being Helpful


Be rooted,
Be you grounded,
as you extend your
hand of Love,
take good care
of your self
to Be Strength below
as You Are above.

Ask the angels,
always with you,
to assist you 
when you believe,
in another who has
lost their footing,
remind them 
All have the Strength
of Tree.

All of You 
All of This,
Be the remembrance 
for one who may 
not see,
soul to soul,
All do remember,
Be helpful,
Be Strength 
and as This Love,

Forever Here


Let Love Be 
the power that 
lifts you,
reminding you 
that you have 
your soul soars in
This remembrance,
Love is a part 
of Everything.

Before your first breath 
Love sustains you,
after your last breath 
Love is Here,
may you celebrate 
the wonder of 
your Eternal Nature,

This force moves with
your every breath,
it is the solace 
that you seek,
when you need Strength,
Courage or Joy,
Love responds with 
what you may need.

With Love,
dispel what ego 
tells you,
Love is the Truth 
of You, my dear,
listen to Love’s Peace,
calm and soothing,
always loving,
forever Here!

Love’s Foundation


May Love Be your 
the base you build 
securely on,
may each layer 
of your life,
be reassured 
to carry on.

You Are rooted 
in this Truth,
may you sense
This rising Peace,
there are no hoops
you must jump through,
may you walk with 
Grace and ease.

May each step 
upon your journey,
unfold with the timing
that it needs,
you may not know 
the how or why,
but with Love’s Grace 
may you receive.

May your roots give 
you steady comfort,
as you reach above 
the stars,
Love is Here through 
every experience,
to remind you 
Who You Are!

The Nature of Love


Be grounded to the 
earth you walk on,
though your roots
go beyond this plane,
like ancient trees that 
imbue wisdom,
is not your vibration 
one and the same?

Your reach to sky 
is infinite,
you are limitless 
this way,
do you not look with 
knowing at birds 
that soar effortlessly 
in amazing ways?

You may breathe in 
the air of earth,
but You Are breathed by
what you may not see,
Be One with nature 
that speaks to you,
your Nature of Love 
is You,
flowing and free!

A Constant Creator


Things may return
“back to normal”,
but what does normal 
really mean?
As you are constantly 
what do your experiences 
in life bring?

Might You as Love 
be an alchemist,
with Faith and Trust 
prime ingredients,
sprinkle some Gratitude
in this soup,
so you may see your
Truth in All of This.

Yes, there are times 
when you need to 
catch your breath 
and get back on track,
but know that Love 
has never wavered,
and with Love’s Strength
you come roaring back.

As you are a constant
what does Love wish to 
create today?
Ask Love and then 
receive the answer,
Love eternally shows 
you the way!

Love’s Strength


Is there not a shift 
in your perspective,
sensing the expanse 
that surrender brings,
this is not giving in
as ego would like 
for you to believe.

When you set up 
winners or losers,
are there not sides 
separated and drawn,
there must be struggle 
to determine,
what is right or
who is wrong.

There is always another 
that invites you 
to shift and see,
leave the fighting 
to the ego,
as you surrender 
to Love,
to Peace.

This does not mean
you do not care –
no, dear it is the 
when you look with
the Eyes of Love,
your healing heart
flows to All of This.

The you that thinks 
you are alone
may feel there is 
not much you can do,
Love’s Power flows 
throughout your Be-ing,
surrender to Love’s 
Strength in You.


A Loving Alignment


As the rain is beautifully 
is not Love’s flow 
clearing too,
what edges might need
loving smoothing,
what no longer 
aligns with you?

As you shift with 
growth much like 
the early shoots
that arise in spring,
you may feel tender,
but You Are Strength,
a creative force,
letting your heart

Life may bring to 
the surface,
what you may choose 
or what you might 
choosing Love is 
the simple answer
in a complex world 
of opposing things.

Love is the clearing,
gentle flow,
that is accessible 
always to you,
the sun and blue sky 
are always Here,
even as dark clouds 
obscure your view.

On a brand new day 
You Are the Light 
you seek to find,
arise from Love’s 
gentle clearing,
forever Loved,
eternally aligned!