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A swimmer cuts
through the water,
it may look streamline
and smooth,
but legs propel
by kicking,
hands are reaching,
pushing through.

A skater glides across
the ice,
appearing effortlessly
to flow,
but there is friction
where the blades
meet the ice
to make them go.

Where your ego
meets your soul,
as human, resistance
you may feel,
but does not the
let you know,
what has come up
for you to heal?

And like the swimmer
or the skater,
do you not become
smoother as you
as one with what
surrounds you,
with the Force of Love
always inside?

As human,
you propel,
as life stretches out
in its linear way,
receive these gifts
of friction,
as they flow through you
along your way.

And as always,
Here You Are,
the one that is
gliding above –
the One who sees
All of You,
flowing effortlessly
with Love.

Stepping Out

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Step outside your
comfort zone,
is that not stepping
outside your mind –
you may be used
to what contains you,
but might you be open
to move the lines?

Let Joy be your
allow yourself to be
nudged or pushed,
fear or worry may
remind you,
you are bumping up
against what you

Flex your spiritual
know that growth
helps you to see,
when you move beyond
perceived limitations,
outside of your box,
are you not set free?

Let Love remind you
of your Strength,
and with Gratitude
for the Whole of You,
continually meet your
Limitless Soul,
who loves to play
and dance
with you!

Beautiful Light

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A single candle
burns so bright,
even in darkness
it lights up the
let the flame
inside of you,
continue glowing
and as it grows,
does Light not
find other Lights
and now how bright
does your beautiful
Light shine?

Be your Light,
let it burn,
let it glow,
does it not generate
the energy
that is always
within your soul?

What lights you up,
what help you rise,
what puts you in
the flow,
what opens your eyes –
does it not begin
when you see,
and Be,
the Beautiful Light
that shines in thee?

A single candle
or fire roar,
it matters not
the size or more,
Be You,
Beautiful Light,
Light the way,
your Light is
a beacon
shining bright,
with all your Love,
be it day or night.

Shine on,
Beautiful Light,
share your Love,
shine your Light.

A Step of Love

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No matter what you
are feeling,
at any time as
the day unfolds,
Love is Who You Are,
Love beckons you –
to step into Love.

This glorious choice
is always Here for you,
in an instant
do you not realize
it is not far for you
to take that leap,
as you step into Love.

Let your awareness
remind you that
with every step you
already Are,
you cannot walk
without Love by
your side,
You Are every
step of Love.

Be Strength,
Be Courage
when you need
to Be,
Be your authentic self
sharing Love beautifully,
each breath,
each step,
brings you closer
to thee,
You Are always Home,
with every Step of Love.

Enfolding Love

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Relax into Love,
let It enfold you
in its arms,
this may be a familiar
when you have felt this
healing balm,
there are myriad ways
to sense this,
it may come from
around you,
but may you begin,
to relax into Love –
inside out
instead of
outside in.

Lean into Love
and see how it
begins with you,
there may be a wall
or two
that you realize
you need no longer
does not unfolding
of barriers present,
help you see what
has been Here
all along,
relax into Love
and feel your Joy
with Strength
and Calm.

Relax into Love,
let it enfold you
in its arms,
Be Here with Love,
Be present –
You Are One
with this
healing balm.

This Love

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Make room in your
for your heart to expand
in every space,
you need not “try”
to make this happen,
it is as normal
as your breath.

Your mind has many ways
that it wants you
to listen,
but when you quiet
do you not feel,
understanding comes
from Love,
listen and receive Truth
from your heart’s will.

So loosen your grip
on perceived control,
tap into intelligence
that is Here with you –
This Love that is your
very soul,
is holding your hand
as life you walk through.

You can decide in
any moment,
to free up this space
for you to see,
beyond all perceived
space and time,
You Are This Love
You Are Free!