Wings of Love

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A bird glides
in the air –
does it not
look like magic,
do you not long
to do the same –
to feel as if
floating on the air,
able to turn and soar,
into whatever direction
you wish to fly,
does not flying
give you a sense
of freedom –
is it of movement,
or the freedom
to move effortlessly
where you wish
to go?

But is there not
more that goes on,
with currents that lift
this winged marvel,
does bird not know
how to flow
with the air,
letting it lift,
as bird makes
only slight adjustments
to continue gliding –
until it is time
to use wings
that help bird
continue to fly?

And though you do not
have wings that fly,
do you not sense
a flow that guides you –
are there not times
when you can glide,
as the Flow of Love
lifts you up –
then are there not times
when you need
to reposition,
to make adjustments,
to find this flow?

Can you not visualize flying
like the bird –
with wings outstretched,
or by your side –
do you not have
beautiful Wings of Love
ready to lift you,
to help you fly?

You believe
that wings are magic,
do you not watch
birds and butterflies,
they know how to
catch the current,
when to use their wings,
and when to glide.

There is a Flow of Love
that surrounds you,
ready to lift you,
to help you glide –
when you are
ready to spread your
Wings of Love,
will Love not lift you,
so you may fly?

Can you flow in
the Current of Love,
it may feel effortless,
it may be hard –
but you have
all you need,
to navigate,
to be a part of
this unseen flow –
can you not adjust,
letting love reposition you,
to glide in this
Stream of Love?

Spread your
Wings of Love –
can you not sense
the Power That
You Are –
the Power that
helps you to let go,
to feel the Strength
within you take
You to where
You Are One
with Love?

Flow with Love.
Glide with Love.
Fly with Love.

A World of One

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You may ask,
why does it take
hardship and pain
for help to come,
or why does
an event of nature
open up more
giving hearts –
than when life
circumstances deal
an equally
devastating blow?

Do not forces of nature
strip away
beliefs and judgement –
do you not think,
if this could happen there,
could it not happen
anywhere –
when the cause
of a situation
is not judged
to be anyone’s “fault”,
are there not
more helpful hands
that are willing to
look past
predetermined thoughts?

With calamities of nature,
in the chaos,
in the strife,
in the vulnerability
that follows,
is there not help
that rushes in?
Why does it take
a stripping down
to one’s core,
to what is left –
for many others
to reach out,
to pick you up,
to lend a hand?

Even when a storm
is not raging,
when there are
peaceful skies above –
is there not a
fellow being
who at their core
is simply Love –
is there not help
that is needed,
a helping hand,
a supportive hug?

Can you see
who is hurting,
checking on what
might they need –
it may be material,
it may be understanding,
to look at Them
and past
what you see,
do not wait
for nature’s forces
to help you see
you All Are One –
can you be a
Force of Love,
for any neighbor
that you have,
on this World of One?

There is Strength
in vulnerability,
is this not when Courage
can shine through,
with Love can you help
your fellow being
That Is You –
you may look different,
you may not share
the same beliefs
and have different views,
but at your core –
do you not realize
you are he
and she is You?

Reach out.
Send Love.
Be Love.
Be You.

See You in All.
Help You.
With Love.

Life-line of Love



When there is darkness,
does not Courage
help you find
your innate Strength,
to keep you going,
to keep you looking
for the Light –
even if the Light
sometimes feels
like a single beam
that touches your heart,
with a Life-line of Love?

Is it not this
connecting you
to loved ones,
that you now sense
in your heart –
is it not this Love
that brings you
Hope and Faith
that you are
not alone?

How can you
not be connected
when a
Life-line of Love
connects you to
Who You Are –
not only the story
here on earth –
do you not imagine
if you could follow
this Life-line,
that you would see
and understand
that you are part
of All That Is –
connected to
and held in this
womb of Love
and support?

Your Life-line of Love
can never be broken,
even when there are times
you feel cut-off,
or sometimes drifting,
you need not wait
to find
the pot of gold
at the end of the
rainbow –
Here Is Love,
with You now,
always connected,
You Are –
how can you
not be connected
to the Source
of Who You Are?

Is it not when
you pull so hard
on your Life-line
of Love,
that you understand
it has all the
Strength you need?

With Courage and Strength,
can you turn to
to illuminate
and see that
You Are Light
and You Are Love,
as you now see
that it is You
on the other end
of your Life-line
of Love?

All together.
All One.
Always connected.
Always Loved.
You Are
so very, very

Catharsis of Love

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When clouds are
dark and heavy
and begin to block
your view,
do they not
then release –
sheets of rain
pouring down,
is there then
not a clearing
of the skies
as light returns,
with a lightness
in the air,
does it not
lighten up
your mood?

After this catharsis
of the air
being cleansed,
do not birds return
with vigor
as they flit
and fly about –
the sun beams
break through
mistiness that
water brings –
do you not
feel lifted up
to see the sun
shining again?

What is a cathartic
that can lift
you up –
it may be crying,
it may be laughter,
is it not something
that bursts through –
like a rain cloud
that cannot hold on
to the rain any more –
does it not
feel good
to release
what you no longer
need to hold?

Might you find
beams of Joy
in any moment
big or small,
when something
touches your heart,
might it burst open,
allowing you
to let go of
what you hold
and what builds up –
does not release
let the Catharsis
of Love begin?

How can you lighten
up your load –
when feeling heaviness,
how might you
let go –
does not light
pour in
following a darkened storm,
is that not often
the most beautiful
time of day?

There is always Light,
yes, sometimes blocked
by the clouds –
but is not the sun
always waiting
to appear –
as the Light
within You
is always ready
to shine through
whatever passes by,
whatever blocks
your view –
is not the view
even brighter
when your Light
comes shining through?

Can you let
the Light of Love
break through
any clouds
that surround you?
Be it laugher
or through tears,
when you touch
your heart –
does it not
beam with the
Essence of Love
That Is You –
breaking through
all barriers
with the Light
and Love
of You?

You Are Light.
You Are Love.
Lifted in Love
You Are –
a Beautiful Light.

Shine through.
Shine on.
Shine Your Love.

I Am

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The mind is
a powerful
communicator –
giving you
and thoughts –
it plans
your day,
it keeps
you safe,
but does
it not also
worry and doubt
and sometimes
not see
that You Are Love?

There is no
turning off
the mind –
but is it
not ready
to receive
new direction,
new programming –
do you not
speak a language
that the mind
can receive –
when you tell it
“I Am Love?”

Is there not
a flicker
of understanding,
a familiarity
that seeps in –
the mind may
think the “I”
means separation,
but does not
“I Am”
encompass All?

Does not “I Am Joy”
remind you of
letting go
to reach your
joyful self –
your mind
can visualize
times when you
have had fun,
but does not Joy
touch you
deep inside –
when you say,
“I Am Joy?”

Does not “I Am Strength”
make you stand up tall,
feeling your innate Courage
that comes with Strength –
it is not to overpower,
it is your essence within,
can you not
sense your magnificence
when you say,
“I Am Strength?”

Does not “I Am Gratitude”
bring you right
to your heart –
is that not where
this Journey begins –
when your mind
gets too loud,
when it brings
static to your
can you begin
with Gratitude –
reminding your mind
that You Are
centered at
the heart –
as you speak
from your Soul –
“I Am Gratitude.”

Remind the mind
of Who You Are.
Use words
that the mind
can understand.
There is no
need to cajole,
no reasoning
to give,
there is only Truth –
and it is –
You Are Love
I Am That.

I Am All.
I Am One.

I Am Love.

Answer of Love

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You may ask –
Why is there fear,
why pain,
why hurt?

Yes, you have
these experiences
in this world –
and are they all
not a way
to experience
and know
what is Strength,
what is Courage,
what is Joy,
what is Love?

Are there not times
when the absence
of Joy
lets you know
when Joy
rushes in –
you then say,
“I know Joy” –
is it not
the knowingness
that you wish
to experience
here on earth?

And is it not
when you look fear
in the eye –
that you experience
the Strength
and Courage
That You Are –
yes, you would prefer
not to know fear,
but does that
not give you
the opportunity
to see the Strength
that resides
within You?

And as the healing
Balm of Love
heals all pain,
all hurt,
do you not find
so many ways
to experience
And as you
look for healing –
do you not pass
the healing on,
is there not a
a sharing
of healing Love?

Yes, this world
has its share
of fear,
of pain
and hurt –
but does it
not give you
the opportunity
to feel the Light
that shines in You –
to know the Love
That You Are –
does not the healing
Balm of Love
rush in,
when there is
something that is
asking to be healed?

There is no need
to experience
fear and pain
to Be
the Strength,
the Courage,
the Joy,
the Love
That You Are –
but yes,
there are times
when you ask
“Who am I?”

And in that question,
in the journey,
in the healing
that you seek –
does it not
always lead you
to Love,
lead you to You?

You Are the answer.
You Are the healing.
You Are Always Love.

Sail With Love

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A small boat
on the ocean
may be rocked
back and forth,
as the waters
get rough –
do you not
feel the turbulence,
do you not feel
each wave
as it splashes
against this boat
upon the sea?

Now imagine
a large ship,
sure and steady
in the ocean –
does not the bow
cut through
even choppy waters –
would these
same waves
not fall away
from this ship,
might you as
a passenger
not be aware
that there is
rough water
on the sea?

Yes, there are times
when you may
feel tossed about –
like the smaller boat
upon the sea,
feeling each wave,
each swell,
that threatens
to overturn
your vessel –
are there not times
when you feel small
upon this vast
Sea of Life?

But now close your eyes
and imagine
your vessel
is able to expand
to its natural state –
as deep and wide
as it needs to be,
to be secure,
able to weather
any storm
that may come up,
that may try
to toss you around
on this Sea of Life?

Yes, there may
be storms
that come up,
when you need to
take shelter,
to ride out the storm –
but as You Are
a Vessel of Love –
do you not have Strength
in your bow
and with Courage
may you raise
your sails
to catch the wind –
are you not One
with earth and sky
as you move forward
in this Sea of Life?

Expand your vessel
to its natural
State of Love.
You Are meant to sail
on the Sea of Life.
Navigate your course
with Strength,
with Courage,
to find Peace.

May Love
be your beacon
and your safe harbor
on whatever
seas you sail.
You are safe
and you are loved.
Sail with Love.