A Force of Love


What moves you?

What helps you rise

another day,

what bubbles up

inside that wishes

to play,

there is a life force

that you are

aware of –

does not your Strength

come from this

Force of Love?

It matters not

how much sleep

you get,

when Love moves

through you,

You Are a powerful


your self may not


how very powerful

you are,

is this not when

you remember the

Truth of

Who You Are?

Do not dim

or hide the Light

in You,

let it flow naturally

to Be in All

you do,

when you lead

with Love,

is it not with ease

that you accept

the Truth –

Love is the Force

that lights you up

and flows through


Let Love move you

through this blessed


let Joy show you

how to laugh

and play,

your life force

is One that helps

you discover –

you share this Love

with all of your

sisters and your



20190406 XPicture


What a gift,
is it not time,
now that you see
what is in your mind,
human patterns
you have come to
are they not
for your soul
to grow,
no need to fight,
simply understand,
have they not been
part of your
soul’s plan?

With Strength and
plus Humility,
do you not experience
for You and All
to see,
when you surrender
to All That Is
is there not Peace,
that you have been
dreaming of,
when you wake up
from this patterned
do you not see
is the Source of

And the miracle
that you hope
to find,
has it not been
within You,
all of this time –
ask for help,
guidance on where
to turn –
Divine Source
is always with you
as you learn,
to go within
when you feel
you are cradled
in the Arms of Love,
in All moments,

With Gratitude,
accept all of
your gifts,
let Love lead,
let Love guide,
You Are All
of This.

Forever Found

20190331 XPicture


Return to Love.

As life takes you
on a journey,
some steps planned,
some are a surprise,
are you not always
on a path of
to see anew
with fresh,
loving eyes?

With this awareness
do you not see
a cycle,
two steps out
then walking always
back to you,
this Dance of Life
is often full
of surprises,
but do they not all
lead to a
Return to You?

You may at times,
think you have lost
your way,
but with Love are
you not
Forever Found,
go within to
your heart
to hear its rhythm,
Love is always
and will always Be
your favorite song.

Be brave,
Be strong,
Be courageous –
embrace All
that life has to
when there are times
that you think you
are separate,
know Love is in
every moment
that you live.

And when you know
Who You Are,
do you not sense this –
you have never lost
or part of You,
no matter what
path you walk,
do you not discover,
a Return to Love
is always a
Return to You.


20190327 XPicture


Claim your innate
it is the Power of
let Love help you
truly see,
you are all
that you
dream of.

Welcome each
that helps you
to seek this
You Are Love,
You Are Peace,
and it All
resides in You.

See Love in all
you do,
notice Love in
others, too,
are they not simply
a mirror,
that is placed
in front of you?

With clarity might
you see
the roles you play
so you may know,
You Are Love
and so very Loved,
claim this Truth
as it is so.

Claim your innate
it is the Power
of Love –
claim it so
you may
live it,
choose Love in
every possibility.


20190325 XPicture


Trust spirit.
Trust you.

You may be
the last to
see it,
as you doubt
this can be true,
but your heart
knows the Truth
behind it –
trust spirit,
trust you.

You are spirit
while in your body,
you are spirit
when life is
Love abounds
before and after –
trust spirit,
trust you.

Let spirit guide
gently reminding
you to treat
you with loving
let Love surround you
with loving comfort –
trust spirit,
trust love.

Be patient,
knowing there is
is Love not the
in all you do,
in any moment,
Here Is Love –
trust Love
Love Is You.


Moon by Keith


Shine on
with your
is it not the
Power of Love?

There may be times
when you do not
all of the power
that You Are –
you may try
to dim it,
cover its brightness,
hiding your own
shining star.

You may not believe
with your own
how bright does
not shine through you,
but your heart will
recognize it,
you cannot hide
from your
powerful Truth.

The superpower of
is available to All,
it is Who You Are,
you may wish to
feel special
and think that it
is only you so far,
but is that not the
when you understand
and believe –
that everyone Is this
superpower –
the Power of Love,

Your Light of Love
is always there,
waiting for you
to flex and see –
shine on with
your superpower –
Be the Light
and as Love,


Photo courtesy of Keith Noyes


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Living your story,
you may have built
walls to keep
you safe,
but are you not seeking,
finding ways,
to let Love in?

When you shed
protective layers,
is it not Love
then that you see,
looking back at you
in the mirror,
is not Love
in thee?

And when you rise
above your story,
catching glimpses
from your soul,
in an instant
you are not separate,
do you not feel
complete and

With Gratitude in
your heart,
and a touch of
to remind you,
You Are Strength,
You Are Courage,
All of Love
resides in You.

Rise and Shine

20190317 XPicture


The earth is forgiving,
following winter,
does spring not grow?
You understand
nature’s cycles,
even as you wish
for no more snow,
your relationship
with earth,
can teach you much
about yourself,
and with a teacher
such as Nature,
might you marvel
at the earth’s wealth?

When fields are barren,
trees are bare,
do you not see
what is at their
there is beauty when
you look
and really see the
forest floor,
and do you not
and cheer on,
each growing sprout
of green that finds
the warmth of the sun,
that brings new hope,
and invites all
to rise and shine.

Do you not understand
new growth is something
that you do,
you have cycles,
there is change,
are you not morphing
always into something
like nature,
might you be patient,
as each season of
you unfolds,
sometimes reflective,
diving deep,
at times playful
or very bold.

Might you,
be forgiving,
as the earth has
shown you how,
there is hope,
always new beginnings,
as spring is wishing
to show you now –
reach for the sun,
soak up the Light,
let it activate each
cell in you –
follow the Light,
this Light of Love
is shining brightly
always for You.


20190311 XPicture


Does not your soul
work together,
with your body
and your mind,
are you not shifting,
yes and changing
all the time,
you may feel
out of sync,
during times of
internal growth,
but when pieces
click together,
do you not rejoice
with renewed

There may always
be challenges,
things that push
and pull you
if it is comfort
that you seek,
only know it may
not last for long,
so buckle up,
enjoy the ride,
there is a balance
that you will find,
when your soul
dances with you,
integrating with
your body
and your mind.

Be patient,
Be brave,
Be authentic
with Who You Are,
Be compassionate,
Be kind,
embrace You
for the Love
You Are.

Life is an interesting
that you travel
with parts of you,
and when you
and work together,
is it not the
that lifts and supports

Your soul rejoices
when you see the
Truth of
Who You Are,
when all parts of You
work together,
you shine so brightly
as the
Love You Are!


20190308 XPicture


Love is omnipotent,
Love transcends,
as Love is Everywhere,
it never ends,
you can trust Love,
again and again –
There Is Love.

Yes, Trust and
Faith go
hand in hand,
with surrender
you begin to
believe in Love and
take its loving
hand –
There Is Love.

Love is not “there”,
it is All within
Love is not something
that you need
to do,
you understand Love
because Love Is
You –
Here Is Love.

Love is Peace,
Love is comfort,
let Love be a
blanket that
tucks around you,
let Love lift you
with Strength
you never knew –
You Are Here
Here Is Love.