Trust Love

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Trust Love.

Might you extract yourself
from the tangled webs
of why or where
you feel you may
be led,
is not each step
of the journey
as important
as the next –
Trust Love.

You may not like
every bump in the
you have preferences,
but does not your
story told
allow you to discover
the Strength to
Be bold,
to Be You –
Trust Love.

Things may look
than the way you
had planned,
but might you
be surprised
at where you
does Love not nudge
to say,
yes, I can –
Trust You,
Trust Love.

You have inner Strength,
Courage and Grace,
you are part of the
shining your Light
every place,
yes, you may have
some doubts,
but are you not
always amazed,
when you let go –
Trust Love.

Begin Today

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For 12/27/18 –┬áNote: Will have no wifi or cell service this morning. Here is a post from 1 year ago!


Start now.
Begin today.

You are a creative
magnificent force,
when you get out
of your own way,
can you step into
the magic
that electrifies
your soul,
from the smallest
to the biggest –
which thought
might you wish
to manifest,
be it a perfect cup of tea,
a walk outside
or just to breathe,
or creating space
for inner Joy
to think where
it wants to play –
start now.
Begin today.

Each of you
has a magnificent force
of Love that flows
through you,
is that not where
the energy lies,
what ignites the spark
inside of You,
what do you love,
what makes you play,
what makes time
slip away,
even with a task
or a list of chores,
can you find Love
in all that, too –
can you feel momentum
as you listen to
your heart –
start now.
Begin today.

Can you tap into
the Flow
and sense what brings
a smile to you,
what gesture,
what word,
puts you in sync
with your heart,
what action might
you take,
to Be Love
in your own way –
start now.
Begin today.

You Are a creative
Magnificent Force,
as you create from
Who You Are.
Shine your Light
with all you see.
Start now.
Begin today.

Let Love Lead

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Let Love lead.

Do you not hear Love
whispering in your
when something flows,
is that not your cue
that Love is Here –
is not the Peace
from resonance,
telling you
it is clear,
are you not in sync
when you
let Love lead?

You may not know
where Love may
take you,
but can you see –
a loving Journey
may not be a path
from A to Z,
it may be hard
to trust,
to change
and to believe –
you will always
find Love
when you
let Love lead.

Your body will let
you know,
if you feel
or out of the
let Love’s vibration
give you the key,
to resonate,
to be in harmony,
when you sense Peace
is that not where
you wish to Be –
trust Love
and allow yourself
to let Love lead.

Love is not
outside of You,
you need not
wait for
something new –
Love Is Here
as Love Is You.

Let Love
lead the way
to You.

I Can!

Friends Playing on the Beach


You may think that
you cannot,
but is there not energy
in “I Can?”

Does not “I Can”
live in the Flow of
that lifts you up
in your Stream of
this flow may show you
a different way,
or route
to move ahead –
do not some of your
“I can’t”s
come from a rigid
might you adjust,
might you be open
to all possible ways,
to live in Love’s Flow,
in the vibration
of “I Can?”

Yes, it is human
to examine,
what may go right,
what may go wrong,
but should that close off your
when you are wanting
to sing Love’s song,
create with Love,
be of service to Love,
may Love show you,
a way to express,
the potential that
bubbles within you –
that wants to shout,
“I Can!”

“I Can” moves you forward,
“I Can” is full of hope.
Beyond Hope is Belief,
then take another step forward
and come to Know –
do not measure what
you “can do”
only in human terms
in daily life,
to your soul,
“I Can”
is I Am Love
and I Am Life.

You Can.
You Are –
right here,
right now.
Remember and return
to what you know –
“I Can do it”
“I Am Love!”

Rhythm of Love




This is the
you experience
in this world,
your lungs expand
to bring in air
then contract
to release –
and does the
heart not beat
to this rhythm –

This rhythm
that beats
and breathes
life into you –
are you not
used to this
this movement
of expanding
and contracting –
is the body
not an amazing
that plays the
beat of life?

In the duality
of this world
what expands
can contract,
but is not
your soul,
your consciousness,
able to expand
and evolve?

Yes your body
beats with
the incredible
rhythm of life
so you may
the ebb and flow,
so you may expand
and contract –
as you experience
the beauty
and the challenges
of this world.

But your soul
knows no contraction –
are you not
programmed to expand?
Your human mind
can only touch
the edges of
this awareness,
but is there
not a knowing
in your heart?

Yes the heart
that pumps,
that beats to
a rhythm,
that brings
life to the body –
is there not also
a Force of Life
that breathes
life into You –
that only knows
expansion –
is there no room
for contraction
when You Are

There is the
Rhythm of Love
that beats
within your soul –
is this not
the vibration
that you listen for,
that you feel
within your Be-ing –
it may spiral
as it moves,
but this is not
contraction –
are you not
ever expanding,
ever evolving
as your soul

Feel the beat
of your heart,
knowing there
is more that
beats within You –
may you dance
with the beat,
the Rhythm of Love.





Is there not
a stage of “in-between”
when you move
from one thing
to the next.
Yes, there is
a part of
letting go
of where you were
as you transition
to create
something new –
and in that unfoldment
are there not moments
of uncomfortableness,
the in-between
of creation happening?

And is not
transition unsettling,
as you are used
to the “old”
and not yet
sure of the “new?”

And as with the
concept of Time –
you can look
at the past,
the future not yet here,
as you visualize
what you think
will be,
should be,
as you are
not yet on the
other side of change,
is that not where
uncomfortableness lives?

Is not expectation –
what you think
an outcome
should be –
while it is a motivating force
to help you move forward
with any transition,
if the end result
is not yet in place,
is that not
the in-between space
that can make you feel
out of place?

As you stir things up,
as you deconstruct
to create anew,
yes, there is uncomfortableness
in the in-between,
but as you transition
from here to there,
from old to new –
can you let it unfold,
can you be
right where you are –
the perfect place
to Be?

Is not every moment
a moment from
here to there?

Some change occurs
in the blink of an eye,
some change happens
over time.
Can you be present
Where You Are –
are you not always
if you look back
or ahead at what might be?


Be patient.
Be present.
Be in the
perfect place
of Where You Are.
Be here.
Be there.
Be Everywhere.
And through it all –
Be Love.

Upgrade To Love



Upgrade available.

Do you not see
these prompts
on your technology –
inviting you,
encouraging you,
requesting you
to upgrade,
changes that are
available to enhance
the performance
of an operating system?

And are there
not many instances
that occur throughout
your day that are
opportunities to
and tinker with your
operating system –
the driver of your
experience here
on earth?

And as no operating system
is without bugs
that need fixes,
updates –
you are used to
needing to perform
periodic maintenance,
are you not?

But are there not times
when your operating system
is ready for
a major upgrade
that is ready to be installed,
needing you to reboot –
as you take all of the
knowledge that you
have absorbed –
and are now ready
to integrate it fully?

Or has your current
operating system
gone through
a major event
that has jumbled up
the coding and function –
and is in need
of a clean re-install
to refresh and renew –
so you may operate
in a smoother way?

Upgrade available.

Do you not at times
hesitate to
press this button
to make the choice,
to move ahead,
as you are used to
and are comfortable with
the current operating system
of you –
that you are familiar with,
knowing all of the
functions – even it
some do not operate
as well anymore?

But are you not
pleasantly surprised –
even giddy –
when you make the choice
to upgrade,
reboot –
and see the changes
that make things easier –
are there not
new functions
that make you wonder
how you ever lived
with them?

You know in your heart
when an upgrade is available.
You know within
when there are choices to make.
The support is there
always inside of you.

Download the Software of Love
from Spirit –
but remember as
You Are
All That Is –
an upgrade to Love
is always available.

Operate the System of Love
That You Are.
with Love.

Don’t Wait – Create



Don’t wait
for others to lead.
Step into your power,
turn up your light –
let the Light of Love
show you the way.

How to?
What should?
Which way?
Turn your questions
inward –
let the Light of Love
show you the way.

Retrain yourself,
break open a new way –
do not wait for
the answers,
you may not ask
the right questions –
let the Light of Love
show you the way.

Your mind will want
to figure it all out.
But you may not be aware
of all that is possible.
Are you ready to Be
all Possibilities of You?
Let the Light of Love
show you the way.

You want to fit in,
you want to do things
But is there not
a new paradigm
that is focused
on creating?
Let the Light of Love
show you the way.

As you create
something new –
what do you add to
the pot,
as you are mixing it up?
Try a new recipe
and as you move forward –
let the Light of Love
show you the way.

Don’t wait
for others to lead.
Check in with
the guidance
that is there
when you listen,
as you turn up
the Light and Love
That You Are.

Let the Light of All Love
show You the way.

Momentum of Love



“Keep the ball rolling.”
There is movement
in the energy,
in the flow.

But when momentum,
inertia –
appear to slow down
to a crawl,
almost stopping –
do you not wonder
if all is standing still?

And how do you measure
movement –
might these be
external markers
that you see?

Is not inertia
a pulsing –
the energy that
you feel
with every beat
of your heart –
is it not your heart
that ticks the rhythm
to momentum,
the Flow of Energy
that you seek –
the Flow of Love
that beckons you
to come along?

And as you tap
into Love –
the driving Force of
Who You Are –
is there not Love
in every motion
that you make?

Love Is –
the driving Force of You –
to be in the Flow of Love
is to simply Be.

Be Love.
Express Love.
Move with the Love
that moves through You.

First blog post

I have received inspired messages since the fall of 2015. By spring of 2016, the writings and messages began to expand into flowing prose and poetry that appeared to be Universal messages for all. Whenever I sat to receive, the messages always were there. This has happened almost daily and I have been encouraged by those who read these messages to share them with a wider audience.

This “You Are Love Now” blog will begin with the messages that were written beginning January 1, 2017. I will post them in the order they came in to the present time; then will continue to post them on the days they are received.

I hope you enjoy and resonate with these loving messages!