Momentum of Love



“Keep the ball rolling.”
There is movement
in the energy,
in the flow.

But when momentum,
inertia –
appear to slow down
to a crawl,
almost stopping –
do you not wonder
if all is standing still?

And how do you measure
movement –
might these be
external markers
that you see?

Is not inertia
a pulsing –
the energy that
you feel
with every beat
of your heart –
is it not your heart
that ticks the rhythm
to momentum,
the Flow of Energy
that you seek –
the Flow of Love
that beckons you
to come along?

And as you tap
into Love –
the driving Force of
Who You Are –
is there not Love
in every motion
that you make?

Love Is –
the driving Force of You –
to be in the Flow of Love
is to simply Be.

Be Love.
Express Love.
Move with the Love
that moves through You.

First blog post

I have received inspired messages since the fall of 2015. By spring of 2016, the writings and messages began to expand into flowing prose and poetry that appeared to be Universal messages for all. Whenever I sat to receive, the messages always were there. This has happened almost daily and I have been encouraged by those who read these messages to share them with a wider audience.

This “You Are Love Now” blog will begin with the messages that were written beginning January 1, 2017. I will post them in the order they came in to the present time; then will continue to post them on the days they are received.

I hope you enjoy and resonate with these loving messages!