Guiding Love

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Is not walking down
a mountain,
often easier than
climbing up,
when you are
at the base,
at the bottom,
is it sometimes hard
to see the top,
might your view be
by rocks and boulders
in your way,
is it not sometimes
hard to navigate,
do you not work
to find a way?

But if you are on top
of the mountain,
looking out at all
to see,
from this perspective,
can you not determine
which route you can
take with ease,
is there less effort
when not working
so hard,
as in scrambling to the top,
might you stay
and enjoy this perspective,
once you arrive
and finally stop?

As you are above
can you not still see
do not both vantage points
you see,
from the top,
is it not easier
to see all that
you can Be,
from the bottom looking up,
the view may be clouded
and hard to find,
but from atop
your highest perspective,
can you not see All
perfectly fine?

Can you imagine
the top of a mountain,
when you need space
to see a different view,
do you not change your
when you zoom out
to take a look at you,
from this vantage point
might you see
a better route for you
to take,
can you help the one
that is climbing,
helping out with
the next move
you may make?

You need not work
so hard,
can you find a way
to move with ease?
Can you follow the path
within your heart,
is this not the one
with the expansive view?
Can you not see
oh so clearly,
when you see with the
Eyes of You –
from the top of the
as you look out from above –
do you not recognize
the beauty,
the Magnificence of Love?

As above,
so below.
You Are All
that you wish to see.
Let Love be your Guide.
and Believe.

Being Strength

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How does Strength feel?

Is it not assured
as it is firm,
but it need not be grandiose,
is Strength not quiet
in its energy,
but does it not permeate
like metal that gives
an object structure,
steely in its persistence,
is it not Strength
that keeps you standing,
when you may buckle
or sometimes fall,
is it not strength
that helps you up,
to keep you walking
through it all?

Does Strength not keep
momentum going,
when you are not sure
what may happen next –
is there not resolve
when Strength is behind you,
coursing through you,
cheering you on,
when you look with
some amazement
at how you got from
there to here,
what is the essence
that moved you forward,
is it not Strength
that is always there?

Call upon your Strength
and Courage,
they are ready at
the fore,
does fear not give you
to feel Strength
at your core,
with Love at your center,
with Strength opening
all closed doors,
can you not sense
what you are made of –
You Are Strength
and You Are Love.

With Humility,
with Gratitude,
let your Strength
see you through.
You have all
you need
within you –
Trust in Love
as Love Is You.

Bask in Love

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Bask in Love.

As Love is in every
can you wrap yourself
in it,
like a favorite blanket
that is soft
and worn from the Love
it has held within it,
are you not comforted
and warm –
bask in Love.

As You Are Love’s
once the doors of
Love open,
does your heart
not keep it flowing,
what to do with
all this Love –
do you not sense that
you must share it,
send Love.

Does Love not Light up
all connections
that you may know –
some you may not,
are you not part
of a greater grid,
does Love not help
connect the dots,
once Love is spilling
out of you
as you bask
in its loving glow,
you need not know
where to send it –
just Be Love
and let it go.

As all turn up
Loving Lights,
can you not feel
Love’s energy,
as You Are part
of a connected web,
do you not feel Love
that is shared,
when you bask in
the Light of Love,
are you not One
with the Light of All –
Be Love.

Sense Love.
Be Love.
Light up the grid
with Love,
as you sit with
and bask in Love.

Believe To Know

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Believe to Know.

And yes, could you
not turn that around,
to make it then –
Know to Believe?

If knowing is where
your soul hangs out,
is belief not when
your human side says,
“let’s go there!’
“Let’s take the plunge,” and
“let’s take the leap!”
Is not belief
the willingness,
to entertain possibilities
that just might happen,
can you not visualize
your soul
extending a hand,
rejoicing when
you step through belief,
to the space where you
finally Know?

And does not belief
continue to expand,
as the knowingness
within you
gently prods you here
or pushes you there,
is this not where
the learning is –
this exchange between
knowing and belief,
are they not like
the “chicken and the egg”,
when all are part of a circle,
a widening sphere,
do you not then realize
you are All the spaces
from here to there –
can you see how your
belief leads you to
what you already know?

Do you not feel
the lift,
does not your soul
when you believe,
when you understand,
is it not Trust
that is the bridge
to Knowing,
with belief do you not
wish to go There,
and then Know
You Are
already Here?

Trust, Believe and Know,
You Are All
that you seek.
Believe to Know
and Know to Believe.

And what is there
to know?
Love Is All
there is.
You Are That.
You Are Love.

A Gift of Time

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The gift of time.

Is time not a construct
that at times
seems to impose
a false sense
of purpose,
“did you make it
in time,”
“was there time left,”
“do you have enough

And what would
having enough time
give to you,
what would you do
than you normally would –
does not the gift of time
take you to the present,
to the now,
if time stretched out
before you,
do you not begin
to think how
you could fill time,
you could pass time,
but what is here
right now –
is not Now
the perfect time
to Be you
right now?

Is not time
tied in to many
of the beliefs
that you have,
you can go back
to the past,
and re-live moments
in time,
you may worry
about a future
that you know time
will bring,
but what is real,
is that not now,
in this moment
that transcends time –
is not the gift
that time can give you
is when there is
no time?

When you let go of
what time it is,
is that not when
you are in the flow,
when you lose
track of time,
is this not when
you sometimes know –
you are not linear,
with a beginning,
with what you think
might be an end,
as you are an
eternal Be-ing,
you do not need time
to tell you when –
for every moment
at all times,
You Are always,
always Love.

The gift of time
is in this moment,
in the presence
of You.
You Are the present.
You Are the Gift.
You Are Love
and Love Is You.

A Knowing Soul

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Your soul knows.

The human mind
wants to understand,
does it not wrestle
with information that
in your mind,
for you to sort
and work through –
this belief or that
which you thought
was true,
but even as you
what you take in –
your soul knows.

What guides you to
what you are ready
to learn,
it may look like
then move you to
is not Truth
often beyond belief,
as you loosen the human
and let them go,
is not what remains
the Love that you seek –
your soul knows.

Is not the knowing
a familiar pull,
what you might call
a “gut instinct”
or a tug at your heart,
your mind has been
in charge
of saying yes or no,
can you change the
very questions
that you might ask,
what moves you beyond
what you think
you might know –
your soul knows.

Is there not clarity
with an uncluttered mind,
do you not wish for
to cut through the fog,
what Light might you
to show you the way,
it is not from another,
does it not come from
does not Love generate
all the Light that
you need,
to take you where
you wish to go,
are you not already there,
is not Love
your Home,
how do you get there –
your soul knows.

As you move beyond
belief –
welcome Home to You,
knowing You Are Love.

Remember Love



Remember to heal.

And we do not mean
that one needs to
remember events,
the drama,
any trauma,
you need not re-live,
but can you remember
that as You Are
so very loved,
as you remember
Who You Are,
can you remember –
to heal?

Is not remembering,
recalling something
that has already happened,
that has taken place,
something you had
in your possession,
that might have slipped
your mind,
but with intention
and extra focus,
can you not re-member
and bring back to your
that You Are Love –
and as Love heals All,
then in that remembering,
does not Love heal,
yes, remember –
to heal.

As your awareness shifts
from looking for,
to looking from within,
from this Place of Love,
does not the healing begin,
for as you know
yourself as Love,
do not the cracks
of separation,
begin to heal –
does not the healing balm
of Love
surround and soothe,
the parts of you
that can forget,
when you remember Love,
when you remember –
to heal?

Remember –
Who You Are.
Remember –
You Are Love.
Remember, dear ones,
that You Are Loved.
And as you remember
in times when you forget,
healing comes –
when you remember

A Taste of Love

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Like when cooking
a favorite dish,
separate ingredients
you begin to mix,
some put a pinch of that
a splash of this,
some measure out
to be exact,
do you not then
stir it all together,
flavors mingling,
needing time,
does not this all
then combine,
to create something

You cannot wait
to try this dish,
but does not patience
go with this,
the flavors may need time
to marinate
or it may need extra time
to bake,
even letting it stand
when cooking is done,
may add to what the flavors
can become,
there may be many steps,
but can you enjoy each step
as it happens next,
is something good
not worth the wait?

is this not like
learning something new,
do you not need time
to integrate,
to introduce the old
to the new,
combining this,
bringing in that,
letting it all simmer
to create a new
one that you may not
have tried before,
might you give it time
to settle in,
to let the flavors
marinate and blend?

Might you be surprised
with what you create,
it may be different than
what you anticipate,
can you bring Joy
to this process,
being present
with every step,
is there not learning
in how you proceed
as much as what you
finish with?

For when you create
your perfect dish,
is there not another
on your list,
enjoy and savor every
delicious bite,
can you feel the wonder
with every step,
as you create with your
“secret” ingredient,
as you add Love
to it All?

Play with the many
Flavors of Love,
be patient as
you mix it up,
do not some things
that you create,
need extra time
to bake,
savor each moment,
enjoy the process,
is not preparing
part of the Joy,
as you create with the
ingredients of Love?

Savor every
step of Love
as you


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Please enjoy this post from over a year ago as I am traveling early today!



And is there
not a peacefulness
to these words –
stopping time,
knowing that
there is enough,
with no need
to search for
the missing parts –
if All is
Whole and

And is it not
hard to feel Whole –
when bits and
pieces of you
get jumbled about
as you experience
and take on
various roles
in this
School of Life?

And when you
the loss of a
loved one
in this world –
do you not
feel as if
there is a
part of you missing –
as were there
not pieces
that fit together
to make you
whole and

And if you
were completely
made up of
this world’s
bits and pieces –
yes, it would
be quite a puzzle –
to keep together all
of the parts
that you think
make up you.

May we remind you –
there are no
missing pieces
to You.

You Are
in the
Love That You Are –
as are all
of your loved ones
who reside in
One Heart,
One Love.

You Are.




Is not knowledge
what you gather
so that your mind
can expand and grow –
is it not so you
may integrate
what your soul
already knows?
What leads you
to the learning
at the perfect time
for you to hear
the answers to
your questions,
are not the answers
always there?

When you are ready
to receive,
does not all
make perfect sense,
your mind may struggle
to keep up,
but does not your soul
know what is true?
With surrender,
with Faith and Trust,
can you let your heart
lead the way,
does not your belief
become knowing,
when you know
that Love Is You?

Your soul already
know this,
but do not All heal
when you do –
when you see that
Love surrounds you,
when you know
You Are Love, too –
you are always part
of the magic,
of the Life Force
that breathes You,
step aside for a moment
from the human
that you have come
to know,
sense the knowing,
feel the power,
of your magnificent

Keep gathering,
keep learning
the knowledge
that helps you grow.
Yes, expand
from belief to knowing,
when you listen with
your Soul.