Gift of Love



A day of love.

Is there not
a conscious effort –
a conscious awareness
to celebrate love,
to share love,
to extend love
on this day
that is set aside
for love?

And yes,
there are many
on this “Day of Love” –
as are there not
on what to give,
or to receive
that symbolize
the Gift of Love?

And as this
Day of Love
is often focused
on those who
have expressed
love for another,
may not this
Day of Love
bring forth the memory
of a loved one
that is no longer
physically there?

But is not any day
that brings love into
the conscious awareness
of a collective of minds –
is there not then
a collective consciousness
that together brings back
a focus on Love?

And as love seeps
into the conscious awareness –
for there to be
a conscious effort
to celebrate,
and extend love –
can not this single
Day of Love
be carried forward
as hearts are opened
in this loving space?

And can you imagine
if everyday
were a Day of Love
and the Gift of Love
that is shared by All
is the awareness of
the Love That Is You?

Would not everyone
give and receive
the perfect Gift of Love?

As You Are
a Gift of Love –
may you celebrate,
and extend
this Love –
so that others
may see their
Gift of Love
reflected back to them.

Make everyday
a Day of Love.
Each day,
gift yourself
with the awareness that
as You Are Love –
You Are Loved.

The Gift of Love
Is You.

Something New



Try something new.

There are opportunities
that present themselves
to you in
a variety of ways –
some you see
and let them pass,
some may be
on the periphery,
you sense them there,
but you have
not been able
to see them fully
enough to realize –
that you may try something new.

And these opportunities,
the experiences,
that you
“try on for size?”
Some will be
a perfect fit
while others do not
feel quite right –
but do they often
not lead to
yet another opportunity
to try something new?

And as new growth
can sometimes
go through
an awkward stage –
as you stir things up
to see what settles
back into place,
and maybe with
a perfect fit –
are you not usually
grateful that you
took the leap
to try something new?

Can you play with this,
bringing a child’s perspective
to this “dressing up”
or playing “make-believe” –
not afraid to explore
as each opportunity
beckons you
to try something new?

Stretch yourself.
Embrace change.
With Joy in your heart,
play with the
ever-evolving opportunities
that allow you
to express the
Love That You Are.

Take each opportunity
to Believe and Be
a new Expression of Love.


Flight of Joy



Free yourself.

Do you not look
at a bird in flight –
with apparent ease –
so free,
so light,
in the flow
of the air,
making minor adjustments
to stay in this flow –
do you not see
in this bird in flight?

And as you wish
to be free yourself –
might you
wish to capture
what you see
in the bird –
is it not Joy
that must be present
in this state of flight –
for has not your heart
leapt with Joy
as you watch
the freedom
of the bird?

And in your search
to capture joy –
might you have tried
a variety of things
that promised you joy
if you only had it
in your possession?

And as you wish
to free yourself,
as you attempt to fly –
do you not feel
the heaviness of
what may be
tying you down,
making it hard
to let go and fly?

Free yourself.

Is there not a
freeing energy
to Joy?

And you can never
capture Joy –
for is Joy
not already
Who You Are?

Is not Joy the
“wind beneath your wings?”

What makes you soar,
with apparent ease?
Can you release
your burdens
and cut the ties
that may weigh you down,
obscuring the Joy
that is ready
to lift you up?

Fly in the
freeing energy
of Joy –
do you not see
in this Flight of Joy?

And as you experience
the essence of
the Joy That You Are –
do you not see
that you have had
the wings to fly
all along?

Free yourself.
Be Joy.




The full moon
complete and whole,
shines brightly
through the
darkened sky.
Its glow
burns through
a filmy haze
that mirrors
and reflects
its energy,
its light –
making it appear
even larger
as it stretches
to lighten
the sky.

And even if
shadows flicker
over the moon,
temporarily eclipsing
a piece,
or portion,
is the moon
not still full,
and whole?

No matter what phase
the moon is in –
or what atmospheric system
or celestial event occurs
that may change the
perspective of the
moon to the earth –
is not the moon,
at its core,
always full,
and whole?

Yes, You Are Love
at your very core,
always You –
complete and whole –
but are there not times
when you may
feel distorted
based on events
that you experience
in your life?

Do not shadows flicker,
temporarily dimming –
eclipsing a portion
of your light –
is this not an opportunity
for you to shine
through a filmy haze
that actually mirrors
and reflects
your energy,
your light –
making your light
even brighter
as it stretches
to lighten
the dark?

And no matter
what phase of life
that you are in –
any pressure you feel
or events that occur –
as You Are Love
at your very core,
are you not
always full,
and whole?

Be the Light
that always
burns within
your soul –
eclipsing the dark
with Light.

Shine brightly.

Always Love



“Whenever you need me –
I’ll be there . . .
I’ll be around.”

And these words
from a song
hold a promise
that cannot be broken;
are not your
loved ones in Spirit
always there,
always around,
in your thoughts,
in your heart –
a part of your
collective consciousness?

And though you
feel the separation,
the change in
your physical world –
are you not
always connected,
always joined,
by the Love
that you share?

And if you cannot be
truly separated –
does that not
call into question,
how could you
ever be separate
from Love?

And if you cannot
be separate from Love,
do you begin to realize
that You Are Love
and can never be
separate from
All That Is?

And as All There Is –
Is Love,
is it not this Love
that surrounds you,
is within you,
that is Who You Are –
is this not the space,
the place,
where you and
your loved ones
are always together?

“I’ll be there . . .
I’ll be around.”

Do you see
that your loved ones
cannot Be
anywhere but in this
place and space
where Love Is Everlasting,
where Love cannot end –
as there is
no end to Love?

All That Is –
Is Love.
And You Are That.

Always there.
Always around.

Power of Yes



The Power of Yes.

Does not the
Power of Yes
propel you,
create a boost,
a push,
to get you
outside of your
comfort zone –
where growth
and change occur?

As a child,
was this not
referred to as
“growing pains?”
As yes, you may have
some discomfort
with moving in
directions not yet
completely known
or with experiences
that challenge
you to grow.

And as your
body reacts to this
move to Possibility,
this not yet chartered territory –
you may interpret this
as trepidation,
or fear –
but is not your body,
sensing a new situation,
only being on alert –
and knowing that
a new experience
is coming –
might it be getting ready
for whatever lies ahead?

Is it not your mind,
your thoughts,
that enjoy the
status quo –
lulling you into thinking
that change or growth
is too uncomfortable,
for you to push
yourself into
something new?

The Power of Yes.
And when opportunity
knocks at your door,
you may not know
all that is
on the other side –
but does not being in
the Power of Yes,
the Energy of Yes –
give you the Strength,
the Courage,
to see what is
on the other side –
moving you forward
to explore?

And is not
All That Is
a part of every
experience –
with every door
you open wide,
are you not always
met with Love –
in or out of
your comfort zone –
for is not all growth
a chance for you
to experience Love
in a limitless
number of ways?

The Power of Yes
is the Power of Love –
propelling you
to experience
Who You Are.

And Who Are You?
In All Ways,
You Are Always




Is not patience
a state
of be-ing
present in
the moment?

No, it is
not standing still
or even waiting
for an expectation
or outcome to happen.

You cannot help
but move forward
in the linear world
you are in –
but as you are
there is a motion
to evolution,
to change
that will always happen
and do you
not wish for
patience when
there is somewhere
or some state
you would rather be?

But is there not
an innate state
of unfolding,
of evolving,
that provides you
with opportunities
to continue to grow?

Is this not like
a bulb that
lies dormant in
the ground –
until the right conditions
come together
and to signal –
yes, now is the time –
there are nutrients
and light,
the environment
is ready
to support
the change,
the growth
of this bulb.

And this bulb
does not need
patience –
it knows how
to respond
when the right
conditions are present –
does it not
excel at
being a bulb?

Until it is not –
as it unfurls
and unfolds –
is it not
transformed into
another beautiful state
of be-ing?

Is patience
not a reminder
to be present
in each moment –
open to signals
and to signs,
that the right conditions
are present,
coming together,
to signal –
yes, now is the time –
each moment of now
is the perfect
moment to Be.

And like the bulb,
do you not possess
an innate state
of unfolding
and evolving,
always providing you
with opportunities
to grow?

Let Patience
remind you
that All Is Well.

You Are always
in the perfect state
of Now.

You Are Love.
You Are Perfect.